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DYM Chapter 320

Although others did not see clearly how Tanjiao came over, Ye Mo could see clearly that he slid over from outside the courtyard. This kind of kung fu was somewhat like Ye Mo’s imperial wind technique in the early stage of Qi training, but it was still a bit inferior to the imperial wind technique.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, he had wanted to ask this old man where he lived, but he had never expected him to come to his door of his own accord.

Just before Ye Mo could speak, once again a man came in abruptly, wearing a grey blouse and looking to be in his fifties.

This man in grey stopped Tam Jiao as soon as he entered, “Old Tam, the matter of the Hopeful School is between you and Ye Mo, you should not wreak havoc on Ye Mo’s family. I know Gong Zizhi is your friend, but if you just want to find trouble, you can only find trouble with Ye Mo, it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

“Brother Qingfeng, are you going to stop me too?” Tanjiao frowned.

The man in grey sighed and said, “I’m not trying to stop you, but for your own good. Ye Mo is only in his twenties, and he can already kill seven people from the Hop School, even including Gong Zizhi. People say that one should not bully the youth, can you not know that he will not be able to advance to Xiantian in the future? Ye Mo is also considered Fei Xue’s instructor and is technically on the same front as us, why do you have to be so desperate? Now that the Ye family is in trouble, the two of us are helping the Ye family as a matter of course, and I think Ye Mo will definitely be sympathetic if he knows. Even if we don’t help, we can’t help someone to kill Ye Mo’s brother and sister.”

Tanjiao smiled coldly, “Unfortunately, he won’t have a chance because I’m about to kill him.”

It was only at this time that the man in grey noticed that Tam Horn was looking at Ye Mo with killing intent in his eyes, and he immediately understood that the person in front of him was Ye Mo, and that Ye Mo had returned.

“You are Ye Mo?” The man in grey asked with some surprise as he looked at Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s reputation was well known and this was the first time he had seen this young man.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Not bad, I am Ye Mo.”

The man in grey showed a hint of regret in his eyes as he realised that even he couldn’t tell what Ye Mo’s cultivation level was, and that Ye Mo’s expression was calm and unhurried. If Tan Jiao had not advanced to Xiantian, he could still stop him, but now he was not even a match for Tan Jiao, how could he stop him?

“I have no way to speak for you after you killed someone from the Hopeful School, but I’ll try to persuade Old Tam not to touch your brother and sister. Alas ……” Luan Qingfeng sighed, what are you doing back? If you didn’t come back, I would still have something to say and push everything on your head, but once you came back, I really can’t speak well ah.

Ye Mo gave a faint smile to Luan Qingfeng, “In any case, I still thank senior for his good intentions. But this old thing ……”

After saying that Ye Mo pointed at the Tam Corner and cursed coldly, “Old thing, I Ye Mo didn’t dip you or mess with you, why do you have to make a move on me? What makes you want to touch my brother and sister? Do you just think your cultivation level is higher than others? Shameless thing.”

“It’s over.” Han Zaixin secretly sighed in his heart, young people just don’t know how to advance or retreat, since Elder Feng came to plead for you, if you say something soft, maybe Elder Tan will really not bother with you, but once this old thing and shamelessness came out, Han Zaixin immediately knew it was over.

Luan Qingfeng opened his mouth and wanted to say something but didn’t, he had finally seen the arrogance of Ye Mo in Tan Jiao’s mouth. He actually pointed at the innate expert and called him an old thing, there was no such way to seek death. Even if the chief came over, Tam Jiao would have to kill this Ye Mo in front of him.

“Little beast looking for death ……” Tam Jiao’s face turned blue with anger, and without thinking, he raised his palm and slapped at Ye Mo.

It was clear that he was still several meters away from Ye Mo, but when he raised his hand, the slap had already reached Ye Mo’s eyes. Luan Qingfeng just couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to, and since Ye Mo had taken the initiative to scold Tanjiao, he couldn’t stop it either. The young man’s temper was too big, and it was only right to teach him a lesson.

“Boom ……” Ye Mo surprisingly did not even move, almost the same hand as Tan Jiao raised his hand also raised his hand, and even took a step forward, and when his fist and palm struck each other, a loud sound like a tyre bursting was made.

Teng, teng, teng ……

Tanjiao withdrew several meters away and did not stop until he reached the entrance of the meeting room, then looked at Ye Mo in shock at his fiery palm as if it was about to break. A slap under his innate cultivation was surprisingly blocked by Ye Mo not to mention that he even suffered a little loss, could it be that Ye Mo was also an innate? If Ye Mo was an Innate, and he had offended such a young Innate, Tanjiao immediately trembled in his heart, he even felt an absurd panic.

However, he quickly calmed down, that blow he had just made was a hasty move, he didn’t even try his best, it was normal for him to suffer a small loss, but that was very amazing. This showed that Ye Mo’s cultivation level would not be lower than Qingfeng’s, maybe even above him. To say that Ye Mo was an innate expert at such a young age, he really could not believe it.

Not only was Tan Jiao surprised, even Luan Qingfeng’s mouth was open in surprise and he couldn’t believe it was true. Tan Jiao was an Innate expert, and Ye Mo had even knocked him back, how was this possible? To say that Ye Mo was already an Innate at this age, he also absolutely did not believe it.

Although Han Zaixin’s cultivation level was low, he could still tell who had the upper hand in that blow just now, and he was immediately surprised in his heart, Ye Mo was too much out of his expectation.

Ye Mo was secretly surprised in his heart, of course he would not think that his true qi was much deeper than Tan Jiao’s hou. Although his true qi was a little deeper than Tan Jiao’s, it was not as different as the difference shown in this exchange just now.

Just now, Tan Jiao had only struck in haste, while he had used the advantage of his location to give him a downward spiral. Although he could not see Tan Jiao’s cultivation level very clearly, he knew immediately from this encounter that Tan Jiao was already a Xiantian cultivator. I didn’t expect this old man to have broken through to Innate.

However, Ye Mo did not care, although Tan Jiao was an Innate, his internal qi was still inferior to his own true essence. If he waited until his own realm was completely consolidated, Tan Jiao’s internal qi would not be enough at all. Besides, even in his current situation, it would be extremely simple to kill Tan Jiao.

This was the difference between a cultivator and a martial artist, the gap became bigger the later he got.

“I didn’t expect you to have cultivated to the level of half-step Xiantian, I, Tan Jiao, have underestimated you, but even if you have cultivated to half-step Xiantian, you won’t be able to be imposing in front of me.” When Tam Horn finished speaking, he wiped at his waist and a long whip of only one meter appeared in his hand.

Ye Mo had seen many long whip experts, but this was the first time he had seen such a short whip as the one used by Tan Jiao.

Ye Mo sneered as he glanced at Tam Horn, “In my eyes, to kill you is simply like killing a chicken, why should I think highly of myself.”

Having said that, Ye Mo also shook his head in his heart, he thought he was great just because he had cultivated to Innate on Earth, if he was in the cultivation world, such Innate experts would be completely destroyed by a single spell from others, without even having to make a second strike.

Sitting in a well and watching the sky, and being arrogant at night, perhaps that means the current Innate experts on Earth.

“Ye Mo, you’re actually a half-step Innate expert?” Han Zaixin asked out trembling, in his heart Ye Mo was far more important than Tanjiao. If Ye Mo could cultivate to the point of resisting the Hidden Sect, he would no longer need to be so respectful to those in the Hidden Sect like his grandson. He was certain that Ye Mo was not from the Hidden Sect, or even just a disciple of one of the reclusive experts.

Although Tanjiao and Luan Qingfeng were still polite to him, he knew that in their hearts, the Hidden Sect was just as important. If the state were to destroy the Hidden Sect, perhaps they would be able to turn against it. Luan Qingfeng was a better person, always looking at the bigger picture and even valuing the interests of the country more than the Hidden Sect. But Tanjiao is different, in his eyes are all equal, and even sometimes handle things with a serious air of jianghu.

Luan Qingfeng was also ji looking at Ye Mo, if Ye Mo was really a half-step Xiantian, that would make him too happy. He was different from Tanjiao, his country was too much more important than the Hidden Sect in his heart.

“Hmph, even if you are an Innate then so what? As long as I pester you, the people of the Hopeful School will still destroy your Ye family.” Tanjiao snorted coldly, clearly dissatisfied with the fact that he had just been knocked back by Ye Mo.

Luan Qingfeng suddenly interjected, “Old Tam, Ye Mo is now at the same height as us, we can’t let the people from the Hop School make a move on the Ye family.”

Tan Jiao was uncomfortable in his heart, but his words were stopped by Ye Mo, “The Hop School? Just now I have already killed four Earth Levels, and when Yanjing is over, the Hop School will disappear forever into history. There will never be the word Hop School again.”

“You’ve killed another member of the Hop School?” Tan Jiao’s eyes glazed over and he took a few steps forward to make his move.

“Old Tan, wait, even if you want to do it, you can’t do it here, once you do it here, the noise is too big and it goes against the meaning of my Hidden School’s seclusion.” Luan Qingfeng hastily stopped the angry Tan Jiao, but his heart was in shock, if what Ye Mo said was true and he had just easily killed four earth level martial artists, then it was himself who was no match for him. If he was only half-step Xiantian, it would be difficult for him to do so, the only possibility was that Ye Mo was also a Xiantian expert.

How terrifying would it be for two Xiantian masters to fight in the middle of a downtown?

“Good, if you have the guts, go to Emery Mountain, I will wait for you there.” When Tan Jiao finished speaking, he turned around and left, his figure quickly disappearing into the Ye family compound. He also knew that making a move in the Ye family compound would make too much noise.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he knew about Emery Mountain, about sixty miles south of Yanjing, it was completely a rocky beach, surrounded by cemeteries and rarely visited by people. He took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and handed it to Ye Ling, “Ye Ling, you give this pill to Zifeng and take it, I will be back soon.”

After saying this Ye Mo turned around and in just a few steps had already stepped out of the Ye family’s compound, it was only when Ye Ling behind him reacted that he hurriedly called out, “Brother, be careful.”

When Luan Qingfeng saw Tanjiao and Ye Mo who had already gone out, he immediately thought nothing of it and also followed them out. Ye Mo was so young and had such a cultivation level, he couldn’t let anything happen to Ye Mo.

A hint of surprise flashed in Han Zaixin’s eyes and he immediately said, “Zhang Stubborn, drive immediately and we will go there together.”

By the time Ye Bei Rong reacted, he and Ye Ling were the only two people left in the Ye Family’s meeting hall.