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DYM Chapter 321

Zhang Stubborn and Han Zaixin had just walked out of the Ye family compound at a brisk pace when they found Ye Mo standing at the entrance waiting for them.

“Brother Ye Mo, you haven’t left? Are you coming with us in the car, or?” Zhang Stubborn asked with some surprise as he looked at Ye Mo who was standing in front of him. Deep down in his heart, he did not want Ye Mo to go and compete with Tan Jiao, because Tan Lao had probably broken through to Xiantian, which was a legendary realm. And even if Ye Mo was powerful, there was no way he could have advanced to Xiantian at that age.

But he couldn’t say such things, as a martial artist, if he was challenged by someone if he didn’t dare to answer, it would be difficult for him to continue to progress. Moreover, he knew something about Ye Mo’s temperament.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Brother Zhang, let me help you look at your injuries. Just now, I was so eager to kill that old thing that I forgot about Brother Zhang’s injuries.”

After saying that, Ye Mo grabbed Zhang Stubborn’s wrist and under the operation of his true qi, in less than ten minutes, the originally slight internal injuries in Zhang Stubborn’s body had disappeared without a trace.

“How could it really be internal qi healing? What kind of cultivation level do you have, Ye Mo?” Zhang Stubborn looked at Ye Mo in amazement, and Han Zaixin, who was next to him, also looked at Ye Mo in amazement after hearing Zhang Stubborn’s words. I heard that an Innate could heal injuries with internal qi, could it be that Ye Mo was really an Innate already?

“I don’t know what cultivation level it equates to now, but when I kill that old pipsqueak Tanjiao, we’ll catch up when I return, Elder Han, and Zhang Stubborn thank you all for this time.” Ye Mo really didn’t know what cultivation level he was equivalent to now, but he was really thankful for Zhang Stubborn’s help, although Zhang Stubborn’s cultivation level was too low and he didn’t help much, but he could stand up to him, Ye Mo had already accepted his favor.

The actual fact is that I didn’t help much either, but Old Man Tam is really too powerful. Sigh ……” He thought of how his decades of cultivation were like child’s play compared to Tan Jiao, and was a little disappointed in his heart.

Ye Mo smiled lightly: ”That little bit of his cultivation is nothing, believe in yourself, you will soon be able to surpa*s him. Wait for me to come back, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Mo turned around and left, a few steps ahead and turned a corner before he had disappeared again.


Ye Mo bid farewell to Zhang Stubborn and Han Zaixin, immediately stealthily stepped onto his flying sword, and a few minutes later, he was already standing on top of Steely Mountain.

Ten minutes later, Tanjiao’s figure appeared on Mount Emery. He looked back and saw that it was empty behind him, then he just sneered, “I purposely walked slower, I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone until now, saying you innate is an overestimation ……”

But Tanjiao did not finish these words, his voice stopped abruptly as if he was a duck whose neck was suddenly snapped, because he saw Ye Mo standing on top of the steelyard mountain staring coldly at him. It was obvious that he had been here for quite some time.

“You ……” Tanjiao stared at Ye Mo frozen in place, his confidence that was bursting just a moment ago actually faltered as a slight chill ran down his back. After he had advanced to Xiantian, his confidence was high deep inside and he always had a feeling of standing at the top, a feeling that made him unable to accept a junior’s provocation. So for Ye Mo’s provocation, deep inside he was extremely furious.

But now he didn’t even know when Ye Mo had arrived, knowing that he was walking the nearest section of the road, yet he didn’t see Ye Mo pa*sing by him. Even if Ye Mo was in a car, it would only be at this speed, and it was not a good drive from Yanjing to Emery Mountain.

“When did you get here?” Tanjiao asked feebly, his voice a little dry. He was suddenly wondering if he had done the right thing.

Ye Mo laughed coldly, “You’re the one with a lot of nonsense, if you want to do it, hurry up.”

Tam Jiao threw away the question of how Ye Mo came over and once again drew his long whip, “So what if you are faster than me, today I will show you what a real martial artist is.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Tan Jiao’s long whip was already wrapping around Ye Mo with a trail like a ripple.

Ye Mo stared at Tan Jiao’s long whip, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but secretly praise, although Tan Jiao was in a hostile state with him, this old man’s whip technique was really not bragging. The most powerful whip master he had seen before Tan Jiao was Daoist Idle, but compared to Tan Jiao, Daoist Idle’s whip was nothing more than a child’s plaything.

Immediately after Tam Kok’s long whip smashed out, it transformed into a ripple, almost insubstantial, and no traces of axe chiselling could be seen. Not even the sound of wind was brought up, but that seeping killing intent was already sweeping in.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, if he was still at the third level of Qi cultivation now, even if he was already at the peak, if he met this Tanjiao, he would only be able to flee as far away as possible. An innate expert is not even a little bit stronger than an earth level martial artist, this difference is even greater than the difference between earth level and xuan level.

Ye Mo was sure that if he hadn’t advanced to the fourth level of Qi cultivation this time was much stronger than the fourth level of Qi cultivation he once had, he really wouldn’t have been able to helpless the Tanjiao in front of him, even with a flying sword.

But now, in Ye Mo’s eyes, Tam Jiao was at best only making him a little more troublesome.

With a flash of purple light, Tam Horn’s long whip was already blocked by Ye Mo’s flying sword, which made an unpleasant grinding sound as it clashed with the long whip. The long whip, which had already transformed into a ripple-like shape, immediately became solid.

With a ‘buzzing’ sound, Tam Kok’s long whip was knocked away by the flying sword, and Tam Kok himself retreated several steps. Tanjiao was appalled in his heart, his Shadowless Whip had never been able to only dodge, no one could know where the actual whip was when his Shadowless Whip came out, but the Ye Mo in front of him not only knew, but also knocked his whip far away from him. It even shook his hand with a vague pain.

Tam Kok stared at the long whip in his hand a little dazed, and soon he found something even more unbelievable, his long whip was actually full of openings.

His own whip was damaged, and Tam Kok stared at the whip in his hand in almost disbelief. This whip was made from an extremely rare ore, which he himself did not even know what kind of ore it was. The whip had a tendon of a real deep-sea jiao snake inside, which was heard to transform into a dragon in some years.

He loved the whip like his life depended on it, but he didn’t expect that after only one round, his whip would be bruised everywhere by Ye Mo’s sword, although the marks were not deep, it was enough to cause him pain.

Suddenly Tanjiao once again remembered a terrible thing, just now Ye Mo did not seem to grab his sword with his hand, could it be that he could imperialize his sword? This was something from the legends, could Ye Mo also be able to do that?

But soon the hatred of the long whip being wounded made him stop thinking about anything else, he raised his head to stare at Ye Mo with indignation in his eyes, how dare he hurt his own scarless whip.

Ye Mo’s face was expressionless as he looked coldly at Tan Jiao, but his mind was on top of Tan Jiao’s whip. He was sure that the material used for that whip was an extremely high quality material, and with his true essence plus his flying sword, he was able to not even cut this long whip, but only chopped a few shallow marks on it.

Ye Mo sneered and once again sacrificed his flying sword, the speed of the flying sword was more than twice as fast as when he was at the third level of Qi training.

Tanjiao only just saw a flash of purple, the purple was already coming straight for his throat. Ye Mo could really kill with his sword, he had actually reached this level.

Tanjiao didn’t dare to think about anything else at all, the long whip in his hand had already struck out quickly, and the flying sword once again made a series of clashing sounds. And he himself was knocked backwards one after another by Ye Mo’s flying sword.

However, Ye Mo’s flying sword was as if it was alive, and surprisingly, it cut towards Tan Jiao’s neck again at an incredible angle, surprisingly wanting to lord his head over him.

In a state of shock and anger, Tan Jiao no longer dared to be pa*sive and pa*sive, if this continued, sooner or later he would be lorded over or stabbed by the flying sword. He actually leapt up in place, not even bothering about the flying sword, but smashing down on Ye Mo with a whip right on his head. He actually fought with the idea of dying with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and flew up as if he was a shadow, and in an instant, he had appeared dozens of metres away. His flying sword brought out a spray of blood mist, spun around and hovered above Ye Mo’s head.

With a “boom”, Tanjiao’s whip smashed into the place where Ye Mo had just stood, and the short one-metre whip unexpectedly smashed a gully two to three feet long and almost three metres deep. However, his abdomen had already been cut with a deep blood mark by Ye Mo’s flying sword. If he hadn’t leapt a little high just now, Ye Mo’s sword would have already opened him up.

Playing rough? Ye Mo once again sneered as the flying sword suspended above his head seemed to grow larger while smashing towards Tam Horn with a sound that tore through the air.

When Tan Jiao saw the huge purple smash coming, his heart sank to the bottom of the sea. Only then did he realise that just now was not Ye Mo’s full strength, this Ye Mo was just a little too fearful. Not only was he not a match for him, but he was also far away from him.

But no matter what Tam Jiao thought, Ye Mo’s flying sword had already slashed down like a huge door slab. Tam Jiao gathered his whole body’s internal qi and raised his long whip to smash at the purple ma*s in the same way.

“Boom ……”

“Boom ……”

Tam Jiao’s shadowless whip was directly cut off, while his body was sent flying more than ten feet away by the huge explosion and debris, and the place where he was standing just now had been smashed by Ye Mo’s flying sword into a deep trench five or six feet long.

Tanjiao fell far away and fell on top of the debris spitting out blood non-stop, if it wasn’t for his Shadowless Whip blocking Ye Mo’s sword just now, he would have been a corpse by now.

Ye Mo waved his hand and the flying sword fell into his hand. He coldly glanced at Tanjiao and slowly walked over, already knowing in his heart that although the innate expert was good, he was currently not a match for him. However, he also knew that this Tam Jiao should not be considered powerful among the Innate experts, maybe he had only recently advanced to the next level.

Looking at Ye Mo who was slowly walking towards him, Tan Jiao’s heart was ashen, he did not expect that his Innate cultivation was not a match for Ye Mo. Although his Innate had not yet been fully consolidated, his cultivation had reached his level and he already had a powerful confidence that in his eyes others were all ants. It was only now that he realized who was the molehill.