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DYM Chapter 322

Tanjiao, who thought he could easily kill Ye Mo, could not yet believe at this moment that he had been defeated, and that it was a complete defeat, and he even felt that Ye Mo had not yet used his full strength. What kind of cultivation level did Ye Mo have? How could he even be able to control a sword?

He didn’t expect that he had just stood at the top of this world and was about to be killed by someone, a young man like him. He remembered Luan Qingfeng’s words, “Don’t bully the youth’. Now he didn’t even need to bully, he had already surpa*sed himself. If he was given some more time, no one from the Inner Hidden Sect would be his opponent, I guess.

“Please have mercy under the sword ……” A grey figure had already stopped in front of Tanjiao extremely fast, surprisingly it was Luan Qingfeng. Although he was stopping Ye Mo, his heart was shocked. He did not expect that Tan Jiao was not a match for Ye Mo, and even in a short period of time the two had already split up, he did not even see the fight, thanks to which he wanted to come over and ask Old Tan to spare Ye Mo once. Now it wasn’t a matter of asking Old Tam to spare Ye Mo, it was a matter of asking Ye Mo to spare Old Tam.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Senior Luan, do you think I will spare him? I would spare his life if he dared to kill my younger brother and sister? Surnamed Tan, today is your luck, I will only kill you, if I come back a little late and you move Ye Ling and Zi Feng, I will raze the place to the ground from where you came from.”

Tanjiao hit a ji spirit, he definitely wouldn’t think that Ye Mo was lying at this point, Ye Mo was really capable of this. If he died himself, so be it, if he provoked Ye Mo to go and wipe out his division, he, Tam Jiao, would be the sinner of his division for a thousand years.

“Ye Mo, for the sake of me and Old Han, please spare Old Tam. Over the years, Old Tam has done a lot for the country, no merit but also hard work.” Luan Qingfeng, however, knew that he could never let Ye Mo kill Tan Jiao, once he did, then the conflict between the Hidden Sect and the country would be irreconcilable, after all, Old Tan was killed in the ‘Heavenly Group’ and the person who killed him was also the instructor of the ‘Flying Snow’.

Furthermore, Tam Kok had advanced to Xiantian, which was a remarkable thing for the country and the Hidden Sect. It would simply be a shame and a great loss if a Xiantian master was killed like that.

Tanjiao was silent, and he already regretted it in his heart. He and Gong Zizhi were close friends, and back then Song Yuanyi had given him a strange ore to refine into a Shadowless Whip. So he owed Song Yanyi a favour. Coupled with the fact that he had advanced to Xiantian, his inner pride had skyrocketed extremely, and he even considered all those who had not advanced to Xiantian to be inadequate existences, and the human lives of ordinary people were really not in his mind.

However, today he finally knew that the Innate was only like this, in Ye Mo’s eyes, he could still be killed at any time. At this moment, the extreme pride that he had just advanced to the Xiantian level had disappeared without a trace, and his thinking had once again returned to rationality. At least he could already think of how he could have been killed by Ye Mo if the people from the Hop School had not taken the initiative to grab the ‘Scarlet Coral’ in Ye Mo’s hand?

Just because before this Ye Mo was just an ant in his eyes, how could he be qualified to think carefully about who was right and who was wrong?

Ye Mo shook his head, “Sorry, senior Luan, please move aside, I will definitely kill this person.”

Luan Qingfeng suddenly took a step up and said, “If you want to kill Old Tam, please kill me along with him. If you let Old Tam pa*s this time, I, Luan Qingfeng, am willing to swear to the heavens that as long as I am in Yanjing for one day, I will keep the Ye family free from worry.”

Ye Mo’s heart was moved, he could not stay in Yanjing all the time, although he could have destroyed the Hopewell School, but there were many people in the Hidden Sect, who knew if there were others who held grudges against him? If something happened to Ye Ling and Zi Feng while he was not in Yanjing, it would be too late for him to regret. Besides, even if he had taken revenge afterwards, what would happen? Could he still get back what he had lost?

But for him not to kill Tanjiao, he was really not willing to do so. Although he knew that his sword qi had invaded Tan Jiao’s dantian, leaving him without an inch of progress, he was still a Xiantian master, and he did not feel comfortable leaving such a person in Yanjing.

Tanjiao was really unwilling to die like this, he had just advanced to Xiantian and hadn’t even tasted the pleasure of Xiantian and the subtle changes after Xiantian, and he was going to die here.

Now that Luan Qingfeng had said something, Ye Mo seemed to have some hesitation, and some hope rose in his heart.

“Old Tam, you and Ye Mo just misunderstood, you were reckless in this incident, take the initiative to apologize.” Luan Qingfeng saw Ye Mo’s hesitation, he also knew Ye Mo’s scruples, Ye Mo had offended many people, if he was out there, he was indeed worried about the people at home.

Tanjiao’s heart was crossed, he knew this was his only chance, he could no longer care about that old face and immediately said, “I, Tanjiao, swear that if I still have my life today, I swear that I will not let anyone from the Hidden Sect do anything wrong in Yanjing, I also stick to Qingfeng’s idea, if I violate this oath, heaven and earth will be destroyed.”

Ye Mo laughed coldly, this old thing had to love face to make an oath. Instead of directly saying to protect the Ye family, he preferred to say to defend Yanjing, and support Qingfeng.

However, Ye Mo did not bother to point him out, because he did have scruples in his heart, it was easy for him to kill Tanjiao now. But once he killed Tan Jiao, Luan Qingfeng would definitely have a pimple in his heart, and if someone came to the Ye family to cause trouble again, he would definitely not stand up for himself. Although Zhang’s cultivation level was good, it was still too far from that of a real expert of the Hidden Sect.

And he himself could not stay by Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng’s side all the time, could he then send his younger siblings to the Hidden Sect? Never mind that this was simply unrealistic, even if it was realistic, since people in the Hidden Sect could find Yanjing, they could find the Jing Yi Sect. It was indeed more than worth it to try to kill Tanjiao in a moment of pleasure.

As soon as he thought of the Jing Yi Sect, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly remembered Tang Beiwei, and it looked like he would have to go and see this sister recently.

“Ye Mo, please trust me and Old Tam. I am sure that if you are not in Yanjing, as long as Old Tam and I are there, the Ye family will definitely be fine. There will definitely not be any more incidents of merging schools, and Old Tam is just overly excited because he has been in seclusion for too long, and when he comes out and hears that his old friend has been killed, his heart ji overly excited.” Luan Qingfeng of course also saw Ye Mo’s hesitation and immediately added.

Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at the corner of the pool, “Good, since senior Qingfeng spoke today, I will stop here. However, if my younger brother and sister have a shortcoming, don’t blame me, Ye Mo, for being ungracious.”

Although it was comfortable in his heart to kill Tanjiao now, Ye Mo could not base this pleasure on the danger of his younger brother and sister. Having two such strong hands sitting in Yanjing was much better than him being constantly worried. Moreover, Tanjiao had already been hit by his sword qi, he would not be able to dissolve it for him, his cultivation would only go down, not up.

After Ye Mo finished speaking, he turned around and took a step out, surprisingly disappearing without a trace. Of course he had deliberately shown his hand so that Luan Qingfeng and Tanjiao would not dare to go back on their words. He also knew that this hand was not worth anything when put through, it was just a stealth spell after which he stepped onto his flying sword and left.

Luan Qingfeng and Tanjiao stared blankly at the place where Ye Mo had disappeared, their mouths open, unable to utter a word for half a day.

“Could it be that he has already surpa*sed the Innate? I’ve never heard of such means in ancient martial arts, it’s too ……” Luan Qingfeng said in awe for a long time, he couldn’t find the words to describe Ye Mo’s movements.

Tanjiao also looked at the place where Ye Mo disappeared in a daze, he now fully understood that Ye Mo did not bring out his full strength when he fought with him. And together with the shadow of Ye Mo’s departure, he was even more convinced that Ye Mo had already surpa*sed the Innate Heaven, could that be an existence among legends?

“Old Tam, let’s go back and talk about it. Ye Mo, it’s definitely not simple.” Luan Qingfeng said with a sigh.

“Old Tam, Old Feng, you are here, has Ye Mo not come yet?” Although Han Zai Xin was of high status, he couldn’t be less polite when facing Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng, he and Zhang Stubborn had only just arrived by car.

Luan Qingfeng smiled bitterly and said, “Ye Mo came and has now left.”

Only then did Han Zaixin see the two extremely deep gullies on the ground, and guessed that the two had already moved on. I didn’t expect that he had already left.”

“What? You said that Ye Mo delayed for ten minutes to help Zhang Stubborn with his injuries before he came?” Tanjiao asked out in surprise.

Han Zai Xin nodded, “Yes, he came after helping Zhang Stubborn with his internal injuries, he just didn’t expect me to ask Zhang Stubborn to drive over immediately, but he still didn’t arrive in time, fortunately nothing happened, otherwise it would have been a great loss.”

No one knew what Han Zaixin was talking about, and no one cared, but Tan Jiao was even more shocked in his heart. Ye Mo came ten minutes after him and arrived here before him, what did this mean? He and Ye Mo are not on top of each other in terms of either cultivation or speed.


“Brother, you’re back?” Ye Ling had just walked to the compound when she saw Ye Mo walking into the courtyard and immediately ran over and let out a long sigh of relief. She had heard from her grandfather that the person who had asked her brother Ye Mo out was likely to be the legendary ‘Heavenly Group’, so she had been worried and had not been relieved until she saw Ye Mo return now.

Ye Mo patted Ye Ling comfortingly and said, “Go and see Zifeng.”

Ye Zifeng had taken the pills Ye Ling gave him and was obviously recovering quickly, and he was happy to see Ye Mo in his heart. There were many things about Ye Mo that he had heard Ye Ling say.

Ye Mo helped Ye Zifeng check the broken leg bone again with his True Qi, and with the medicinal effects of the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. It was just that because Ye Zifeng was not an internal qi practitioner, it would still take a week to heal.