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DYM Chapter 332

When she thought about the fact that she had indeed stayed in the same room with Ye Mo last night, and now that Eldest Sister asked about it, her face immediately squirmed a bit, and she even had a hot feeling. Originally, she herself had never thought that there was anything wrong with staying in the same room with Ye Mo, and Ye Mo had not said anything about it. It was just that now that Senior Sister asked about it, she felt as if there was really something wrong with it.

At a glance, Luo Yue knew that if she hadn’t met up with Luo Hustle in time, Luo Hustle** would only be a matter of days. Although she did not like Ye Mo in her heart, she admired Ye Mo’s tactics very much, it was only a matter of time before even Lu Hustle was dead to him. She was sure that Lok Hustle knew Ye Mo only after he had moved to his new residence.

When Lok Hustle looked at Senior Sister’s face, she knew that she had misunderstood her once again and could only say, “Eldest Sister, let’s talk about this later, Brother Ye is still waiting for me over there, let’s go there first.”

“Lok Hustle, tell senior sister, if you don’t meet me, where are you planning to go?” Lok Yue asked with a serious face.

Luo Hustle peeked at her serious-faced senior sister and said with some lack of heart, “Originally, big brother Ye was going to Ninghai, I planned to accompany him, then, then ……”

After thinking for half a day, Lok Hustle still didn’t say then accompany Ye Mo to go to the Hopping School to kill someone, this to say, maybe senior sister will immediately get mad.

“Well, there is no need to go anywhere now, since we have met now, you will go back with me immediately.” Lok Yue said dryly.

“But, but ……” Lok Hustle hesitated for half a day, looked back at Ye Mo in the distance, and continued, “But Senior Sister, I already promised Big Brother Ye, I said to accompany him… …”

Lok Yue immediately interrupted Lok Hustle, “No, Lok Hustle, you must go back with me. So many things have happened this time out, and Lu Fei has already gotten involved with that Qi Yulin, if something happens to you again, what will Master do?”

Lok Hustle said with some pity, “Eldest Sister, Big Brother Ye was cheated by someone once and he lost his love. If I renege on what I promised him again, he will be cheated again …… so, so ……”

“You still say you’re not in love, what does it matter to you if he’s fallen out of love? Need you to comfort him? In time you’ll replace the woman who cheated him right. Don’t so so anything won’t work, we have to go back. And it’s not just about him and you, it’s also about the Sutra. Do you know how important the Sutra of Our Law is to our sect? Now that the book has been recovered and lost, we have to rush back immediately to spread the news back before more people know about it.” Lok Yue said with some seriousness.

“Eldest Sister, are you ready to go back now?” When Lok Hustle saw Eldest Sister talking about the division, she didn’t dare to say anything more.

Seeing Luo Yue nod her head and say yes, Luo Hustle fell silent. Only after a while did she lower her head and say in a low voice, “Then, Eldest Sister, I will go and say hello to Big Brother Ye.”

“Mm, you go quickly, I’ll go buy the tickets.” After saying that, Lu Yue also headed to the ticket window.

Ye Mo saw these two sisters muttering for twenty to thirty minutes before Lok Hustle came over, and probably guessed something.

“Big brother Ye ……” Lu Hustle came over and called out with some difficulty, she didn’t know how to talk to Ye Mo, she had said that she would do whatever Ye Mo did, and this time she was going to go back on her word in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo immediately understood what was wrong with her and immediately laughed, “Is it that your Eldest Sister wants you to go back?”

“Mm, but I already promised big brother Ye that I would accompany you to the Hopeful School.” Lok Hustle said somewhat apologetically.

Ye Mo waved his hand and immediately said, “Then hurry up and go back, it’s not like you don’t know what I can do, we’ll see each other later when it’s fate.”

“But, but ……” Lok Hustle said several buts without any content, she genuinely wanted to spend time with Ye Mo walking around. Apart from the fact that she might never get out again once she went back, there was also the fact that she felt comfortable with Ye Mo, and that anything she wanted to do was done when she wanted to do it, for example, she had been looking for the “Our Root Scripture” for two years, and Ye Mo helped her out as soon as he arrived.

Ye Mo felt Lok Hustle’s attachment to him, he thought of Ye Ling and Tang Beiwei, and subconsciously reached out and rubbed Lok Hustle’s head. Lu Hustle’s face turned a little red, she couldn’t expect Ye Mo to make this move, but she didn’t move, her heart was actually a little joyful.

“Don’t but, go back with Eldest Sister. Your Eldest Sister has done a good job, the matter of the Our Luo Sutra is probably very important to your sect, go back and cultivate well.” Ye Mo also somewhat liked this intelligent and very simple Lok Hustle.

Thinking about the way she climbed up to the ninth floor alone in a nervous state to catch a ghost, and the kind of expression she had when she handed herself the ‘Qi Return Pill’ in fear. Even the way she said she promised herself and then closed her eyes and also jumped down the stairs after her, her heart was surprisingly a little disappointed.

“Brother Ye, do you think I can see you again?” When Lok Hustle saw Ye Mo’s despondent look, she suddenly remembered seeing Ye Mo’s despondent expression last night and seemed a bit apologetic in her heart. He was almost about to say, “Why don’t I stay and go with you? Although she knew that if she and big brother Ye parted this time, she would never see each other again, she still couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Mo came back to his senses and his expression returned to natural as he took out the last ‘Accompanying Qi Pill’ and dozens of fireball talismans and handed them to Lok Hustle, saying, “This is no longer of much use to me, so you can keep it for advancing to the Earth level. And these talismans, I made them, when you meet an opponent, just smash them over and say the word ‘Pro’.”

Lok Hustle took these things that Ye Mo handed to her and said somewhat breathlessly, “Brother Ye, I can’t take this elixir, it’s too expensive.”

“Take it, I can always refine it when I want it, it doesn’t matter if we can meet later, if I’m done with my business, maybe I’ll make a trip in. Your Eldest Sister is already here, I’m leaving.” Ye Mo turned around and left after saying that, he knew that Lok Hustle’s Eldest Sister might be a little suspicious, so he didn’t want to see her either.

Lok Hustle suddenly called out, “Brother Ye, wait.”

Lok Hustle carefully took out a small jade bottle from her bosom and handed it to Ye Mo, “Big Brother Ye, there are only three ‘Qi Return Pills’ in here, so you can keep them.”

Ye Mo took the jade bottle, it was because of this ‘Qi Return Pill’ that he really got to know Lu Hustle and had the chance to cross paths with her.

As she watched Ye Mo disappear from sight, Lu Hustle felt a sense of melancholy for the first time, with an unspeakable feeling of difficulty and loss in her heart. She knew that Ye Mo could not enter the small world at all.

“Lok Hustle, do you like him?” Lu Yue asked as she stood next to Lu Hustle and looked at Ye Mo’s disappearing back.

Luo Hustle suddenly woke up and hurriedly put the things in her hands into her chest pocket, then said with a red face, “Senior sister, what are you talking nonsense about? Big brother Ye has someone he likes, and, and I’m a monk ……”

After a while, it seemed to be asking senior sister, but also seemed to be muttering to himself, “Can we still meet?”

Lok Yue smiled faintly, “Lok Hustle, you gave away your most precious ‘Qi Return Pill’, and you still say you don’t like it? Perhaps the most precious thing isn’t the ‘Qi Return Pill’ right, it should be that jade bottle, you even gave it away.”

“Senior sister, you, you saw it?” Lok Hustle blushed slightly, but more than that, it was a feeling of lingering and sadness.

Lok Yue sighed and said, “Let’s go Lok Hustle, we are not from the same world as him. You’re right, we won’t see each other again. Even if he is from the Outer Hidden Sect, we won’t see each other again in the future, so don’t think about some things, thinking too much will hurt your mind as well as your body. Also, the things he gave you, when you go back you should not let Master see them, Master will be disappointed if he sees them.”

“Mm, I know, senior sister ……,” Lok Hustle lowered her head, her voice so thin that she couldn’t even hear herself clearly.

She knew that Ye Mo just couldn’t enter the small world even if he knew the entrance, even if he was capable of it. And once she went in, she would never be able to come out again. Even if she could come out again, it would be fifty years later. Fifty years, how old could a person live for fifty years?

A roar sounded, and a cream-coloured airliner rushed diagonally into the blue sky before her eyes and soon disappeared into the white clouds. The tears fell onto the polished marble floor, splashing a trail of broken plum blossoms, only for the trail to disappear without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Lok Yue let out another sigh and took Lok Hustle’s hand and said, “You and him are like the tear marks of your tears falling on the floor, they will soon disappear, let’s go, Lok Hustle.”


Ye Mo watched as Lok Hustle and her senior sister stepped onto the plane and made sure that no expert was following before he turned around and left Chunan Airport.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo appeared in Ninghai. He put away his flying sword, hailed a taxi and returned to the small courtyard that Ning Qingxue had bought.

Standing at the entrance of the courtyard, Ye Mo surprisingly felt a hint of emptiness. His divine sense immediately scanned that Xu Wei was no longer there, had Xu Wei moved out? Xu Wei’s room was empty, her clothes and daily necessities were all gone, it looked like she had really moved away.

Ye Mo was a little lost in thought as he pushed open the courtyard door and walked in. There were a lot of fallen leaves inside the courtyard, obviously no one had cleaned it for a long time. The only ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ on the flower bed was barely alive, but the dry leaves showed that it hadn’t been taken care of for a long time either.

Ye Mo walked silently to the side of the flower bed and gently touched the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ with his hand, the gra*s seemed to feel something in general, as if it was slightly more energetic.

Ye Mo took out a bottle of water and poured it around the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, the water soon seeped into the flower bed, while the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was still shriveled up.

At this moment, however, a voice came from outside the courtyard, “Who’s back, can I come in?”

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out and thought with some surprise, how did she come over? And how could it be such a coincidence that she came over just as she returned?