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DYM Chapter 333

Ye Mo, who was originally sitting on the e side of the flower bed, only stood up by the ta*sel at this time and looked at the woman who pushed open the courtyard door and asked, “Jing Wen, why have you come over? I’ve just returned too.”

Su Jingwen, who was slightly more haggard than a year ago, found that the one inside the courtyard was actually Ye Mo, and immediately showed a surprised expression, “Ye Mo, it’s actually you? I thought it was Xu Wei who had returned.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Jingwen, it’s been a long time, so you don’t seem to be doing very well lately. By the way, has Xu Wei moved out?”

When Su Jingwen heard the first half of Ye Mo’s sentence, her face instantly turned gloomy, but when she heard Ye Mo ask about Xu Wei’s whereabouts, she immediately turned her face and replied, “Yes, it’s been a long time since Xu Wei left, and every time I pa*s by here, I always think that you or Light Snow will come back. Today I saw that the courtyard door seemed to be open, so I came over to ask, I didn’t expect you to really come back, I thought I was dreaming.”

Hearing about Light Snow, Ye Mo’s expression also immediately became gloomy for a moment before he asked, “Jing Wen, have you …… seen Light Snow since then? Did she ever come here?”

Although he knew that Ning Qingxue shouldn’t come here, Ye Mo still couldn’t help but ask the question. The reason he returned to Ninghai instead of going to Xuanjiang first was that deep down he was expecting that Qingxue had returned. But the truth was that Light Snow had not returned, and the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ that she had taken care of, had all died.

Su Jingwen’s eyes similarly flashed with a faintly detectable trace of disappointment, just now when Ye Mo said that she didn’t seem to be having a very good time recently, she competed in her heart with some joy of being cared for. It was only when Ye Mo turned his eyes to ask about Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue that it seemed she was just coming over to deliver the news.

However, Su Jingwen quickly put herself in the right frame of mind, she and Ye Mo were originally just ordinary friends, and Ye Mo had also saved her mother and her life, so it could be said that Ye Mo had a life-saving debt to both her and her mother.

Now that Ye Mo asked about Ning Qingxue, Su Jingwen immediately replied although she was a bit gloomy: “After Qingxue was injured last time in Ninghai Pedestrian Street, she went back to Yuzhou and hasn’t come back since. Mumei told me that Light Snow seemed to have lost part of her memory, but Light Snow’s mother didn’t want her to remember what she had lost again, so, so …….”

Although Su Jingwen didn’t say what the reason was, Ye Mo had already guessed the abyss. It should be that Ning Qingxue’s mother was afraid that after Su Jingwen and Ning Qingxue met, it would remind Qingxue of what happened in Ninghai, so her mother took the initiative to refuse all the people Ning Qingxue was familiar with in Ninghai to visit her.

Su Jingwen was not ignorant of Ning Qingxue’s affairs, as Li Mumei had told her. It should be that Ning Qingxue had forgotten anything about the time she had been with Ye Mo after what happened last time. Seeing Ye Mo’s very disappointed eyes, Su Jingwen sighed in her heart. The student who was once in his own eyes had now turned into a mature man, or a man who was troubled by love.

The moment Su Jingwen saw Ye Mo’s lost eyes, a feeling rose in her heart that Ning Qingxue’s love for Ye Mo was not as deep as she thought, if it was really that deep, she would not have forgotten all the things she had done with Ye Mo even if she had lost her memory. Even a little impression should have been there.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that Su Jingwen had arrived until now, he hadn’t even asked Su Jingan what was going on, after all, he was considered half a landlord here, so that would be too rude.

Thinking of this Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Jingwen, I just came back, the house is a bit messy, do you have something to ask me?”

“Oh, Ye Mo, are you free now?” Su Jingwen came back to her senses and hurriedly asked.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, I’m free.”

Su Jingwen immediately said, “I want to invite you to a meal, is that okay?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Of course you can, if I didn’t have little money on me, I should be the one to treat you this time, you already treated me once.”

Su Jingwen’s face immediately cheered up, “Let’s go, my car is right outside.”

When Ye Mo heard Su Jingwen’s words, he immediately understood that Su Jingwen should not be pa*sing by, but came here specifically to mouth this was definitely not her first time either, maybe once a day was a possibility.

Su Jingwen’s car had a faint fragrance inside, somewhat similar to the fragrance of her body, so it was evident that she liked this fragrance very much.

As soon as Ye Mo got into the car and closed the door, Su Jingwen turned back and asked, “Ye Mo, how about we still go to ‘West Lake Home,’?”

Ye Mo immediately remembered the elegant and plump Sister Fang, and the dishes that were all the same price on every plate, and once again remembered the first time he and Su Jingwen had dinner.

“Hmm, I really like the tea made by Sister Fang, let’s go there.” Ye Mo nodded his head in agreement.

Su Jingwen had just started the car up and hadn’t gone very far when her mobile phone rang, Su Jingwen picked it up and looked at the call on it, frowning and hanging it up again.

However, her action was obviously a bit futile as her phone rang again. Ye Mo however interjected, “Jingwen, let’s change seats, you sit here with me, I’ll drive.” Sell hmm.” Su Jingwen stopped the car and crossed wedges with Ye Mo for a seat mouth Su Jingwen’s soft and plump buttocks pa*sed in front of Ye Mo, causing Ye Mo to almost react again, fortunately for a very short time.

Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed, he found that he did not have the kind of restraint he thought he had about this kind of thing mouth he even remembered again the white furrow on Ning Qingxue’s chest when he was under the cliff in Shennongjia.

Ye Mo shook his head, put these messy things aside and concentrated on driving.

Although she pretended to be innocent, Su Jingwen’s already blushing face showed that she wasn’t really innocent. She hadn’t thought that not only had she let Ye Mo sit in her car, she had also let him eat a little bit of tofu just now.

Putting these things aside, Su Jingwen picked up the phone: “Cousin, are you looking for me for something? Oh ……, I’m out with friends now, I don’t have time to go over, go over yourself”, …, late, on, sorry, I don’t have time tonight either, cousin, I’ll hang up… ”

Look at Su Jingwen wasted the phone, Ye Mo did not ask her again what mouth if Su Jingwen has something, she will take the initiative to say, since not say, he did not need to take the initiative to ask.

The car fell silent for a while, as if sensing the dullness, Su Jingwen suddenly said, “Ye Mo, you are the master who sold me the talisman, right? Thank you for burning you and saving my mother and me.”

Ye Mo also guessed that Su Jingwen should have recognized him and nodded without denying it.

Although she knew that Ye Mo was the one who sold her the talisman, but now that Ye Mo admitted it to her face, Su Jingwen was still excited, “It’s really you, thank you, Ye Mo, and Gown Tao you the bracelet you gave me last time.”

Only then did Ye Mo realize that the bracelet that Su Jingwen was wearing on her wrist was very roughly made and only had two jade beads on it, last time Ye Mo saw that Ning Qingxue also had three jade beads, so it should be a gift from Su Jingwen. Then Ye Mo remembered the bracelet he had asked Qingxue to bring over last time and asked out loud, “Jingwen, last time I asked Qingxue to bring you a string of necklaces, why aren’t you wearing it on your hand?”

Ye Mo wondered because the string of bracelets he brought over later was much higher grade than this one, so how come Su Jingwen wore the poor one and put the good one away? Su Jingwen hesitated for a moment and then said, “Ah, I somewhat like this one, is that one a gift from you? I’ll go back and wear it on my other hand.”

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t say anything else, which string Su Jingwen liked was her own business.

“Did you live in Ninghai when you came back?” Su Jingwen saw that Ye Mo always seemed to have a heart of grace and took the initiative to ask out loud.

She knew Ye Mo must not have heard the meaning of her sentence just now en, just that she Ye did not want to explain.

“No, I’m looking for a friend to ask where Qi Yang Mountain is, I’m just pa*sing by in the way to Ninghai.” Ye Mo told the truth, although he had come to Ninghai not to pa*s by in pa*sing, he had come to see if Ning Qingxue had been here.

“Qi Yang Mountain?” Su Jingwen repeated a little strangely.

Seeing Su Jingwen’s expression and tone seemed a little strange, Ye Mo immediately spoke out and asked, “Jingwen, have you heard of Qi Yang Mountain?”

Su Jingwen hurriedly shook her head and said, “No, I don’t know about Qiyang Mountain, but I saw a set of pictures on the internet last week, when someone went to Kunlun Mountain for a trip, they picked up a dark sign with traditional Chinese characters on it, and among them were the words ‘Qiyang,'”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched and he quickly asked, “Just these two characters?”

Su Jingwen shook her head and replied, “No, on one of the sides were the four characters ‘Qi Yang Shadow Cliff,’ and on the other side was ‘Hop Liu Qian He”

It turned out to be in the area of the Kunlun Mountains, so it looked like we still had to ask Zhang Zhihui. Seeing that ‘West Lake Home, was about to arrive, Ye Mo suddenly turned his car around and followed a black Audi. He surprisingly felt his divine sense mark again on a robust young man in the Audi. This mark was still the one he made on top of the compulsion, that compulsion was on Chen Qing, so he didn’t expect to sense it again so soon.

Su Jingwen hurriedly said, “Ye Mo” West Lake family, not this direction.”

Only then did Ye Mo remember that Su Jingwen was still in the car, and said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, Jingwen, I saw a very important person just now, I forgot that this was your car mouth Why don’t I get off first, and after I finish this business, I’ll come back to treat you to dinner.”

Although Su Jingwen was a little unhappy, she said, “Why do you have to get out of the car? Can’t I go with you?”

“Fine, but this is purely a personal matter for me, I am afraid of the effect it will have on you.” As Ye Mo spoke, he had already noticed that the car was parked in front of a leisure and entertainment bar called ‘Flavour Fairy,’.

Because generally when one enters a leisure and entertainment bar to do something, everyone has a number in mind and very few people actually go for a drink, that’s why Ye Mo had some scruples about bringing Su Jingwen with him.