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DYM Chapter 334

“Wait, Ye Mo, everyone who goes in here, I see that they all need a membership card, how can we get in without one now.” Su Jingwen was attentive, she followed Ye Mo just to the entrance and noticed that everyone who entered this ‘Flavor Immortal’ had a membership card.

Ye Mo turned back and smiled and said, “It’s alright, I have it here.” After saying that, he didn’t know where he had fished out a membership card that was the same as the one used by the person in front of him.

Su Jingwen surprisingly changed her face, as if she thought of something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything, she just nodded her head.

As expected when Ye Mo took out his membership card, the person at the door did not stop him, but directly bent down and guided the two inside.

“Just room 207 is fine.” Ye Mo’s divine sense had long since discovered that the person he was looking for had already entered room 205, and had even brought two women in, while 207 and 205 were next door, still empty.

When the two entered the room, Ye Mo sent away the waiter who followed him in, and put up a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Seeing Ye Mo close the door to the room, Su Jingwen’s heart inexplicably beat faster, what people who generally came in here were doing, Su Jingwen certainly knew. Even she had just heard a vague moaning sound at the door of one of the rooms, didn’t Ye Mo say he was following someone? How come he had brought himself here?

Moreover, the room was overflowing with ambiguous aura, even with Ye Mo, it made Su Jingwen a little uneasy on the edge of her seat.

Ye Mo closed the door to the room and his divine sense immediately swept across the room, only that he couldn’t hear the sound. He was about to bring the sound inside the room when he turned around and saw a somewhat nervous Su Jingwen, and immediately understood why Su Jingwen was so nervous.

It was just that if he entered the room alone and just closed the door behind him someone would definitely suspect, and if he got someone unfamiliar to come in, what he was about to do, he couldn’t let anyone know. Thinking of this, Ye Mo once again apologized and said to Su Jingwen, “Sorry, Jingwen, I’m a bit aggravated with you today, it’s just that this guy I’m going to follow today is very important to me, so I need to know exactly what a few of them are coming to Ninghai to do.”

Su Jingwen’s expression soothed a bit, stroked her hair and smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t have anything to do anyway ……” After a long hesitation, she asked as if she had made up her mind, “Ye Mo, did you used to come here?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment and immediately replied, “No, it’s my first time here today too, why?”

Su Jingwen’s eyes lit up and she immediately asked, “But how come you have this vip entry card? I didn’t see you go through it?”

Ye Mo suddenly understood what Su Jingwen meant, Su Jingwen must be a bit uncomfortable with this kind of place and thought that she was equally a bit uncomfortable when she came in so often, after all, she was still her friend. Ye Mo then smiled and said, “When we came in just now, didn’t two people happen to go out, this card was on the one who brushed against me, I borrowed it in pa*sing to use it.”

So that was the case, Su Jingwen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but then she was a little appalled in her heart, Ye Mo had just come over with her without a little pause, he could actually take someone else’s VIP card over, this was simply too unbelievable. It was just a brush, how short a time was this brush? It was simply just a breath.

However, thinking of Ye Mo’s status as a master, it immediately became clear in his heart. The slightest hint of discomfort deep inside disappeared without a trace, except that she immediately thought of how often Ye Mo entered this place, so why should she be unhappy?

When Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo again, Ye Mo was already standing at the corner of the wall, holding a short knife in his hand, which pierced into the wall as if it was cutting tofu. Only a few moments later, the sound of voices from across the room came through.

It was not the normal sound of talking, but rather the sound of two men and two women in the middle of a fierce physical battle. Intense gasps and moans came through, and Su Jingwen’s face turned red as she listened, and even her neck turned pink. She glanced at Ye Mo and saw that Ye Mo was listening intently without seemingly being affected in the slightest, and her heart trembled, did Ye Mo like to hear such moans?

However, when she looked at Ye Mo’s serious expression, she knew that Ye Mo must not be enjoying listening to such sounds, he must have something else going on.

Ye Mo was indeed paying attention to the two men who had just entered, and one of them definitely had a compulsion that he had placed a divine sense mark on. But Ye Mo also didn’t understand how these two men were looking for women as soon as they came in. And without saying anything, they were still doing it so vigorously. If the divine sense he had placed was not still on one of them, he would have thought he was following the wrong one.

Sure enough a few minutes later, the two men finished fighting and immediately got up and sent the two women away before getting dressed and getting a few bottles of beer and starting to drink heavily.

Ye Mo suddenly smelled a faint fragrance, and only then did he remember Su Jingwen. Thinking about the sound just now, he suddenly had some apologies, he should have been later in getting this place through to let the sound come through.

“I’m sorry, Jingwen, I just… I didn’t think of it for a moment just now.” Ye Mo said awkwardly.

Su Jingwen turned red and glared at Ye Mo, her eyes flowing, surprisingly she did not say it was not related, it looked like she was really a bit angry.

Seeing Ye Mo’s increasingly embarra*sed look, Su Jingwen narrowed her gaze before saying, “Just this once, it won’t happen again, next time I will definitely not forgive you.”

Only then did Ye Mo let out a sigh of relief, next time he definitely won’t be with you, this time it was just a coincidence.

“I know you definitely don’t want to hear that, what exactly do you want to hear?” Su Jingwen came up to Ye Mo’s side, making Ye Mo think of her soft buttocks in the car, plus the scene he saw with his divine sense just now, his heart couldn’t help but stir.

Seemingly sensing Ye Mo’s unusual gaze and the heat from his body, Su Jingwen immediately gave Ye Mo a white glance, “No nonsense, if you want to think about nonsense, you should think about your family’s Light Snow, not on me.”

Hearing light snow, Ye Mo’s heart was cold, the hot feeling he had just now immediately disappeared without a trace, even his eyes were dull.

Su Jingwen regretted it when she finished speaking, why did she mention Ning Qingxue? It was really a case of which pot to mention. The change in Ye Mo’s eyes and the change in his expression could not escape Su Jingwen’s careful observation, she found that Ye Mo had become calm and indifferent, and the fiery and different look in his eyes just now disappeared without a trace.

“Sorry ah, I didn’t mean to.” Su Jingwen was becoming a little more regretful in her heart for what she had just said, and once again squeezed to Ye Mo’s side.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “It’s no matter, I was a bit lost in thought just now, thank you for reminding me.”

Although Ye Mo had regained his composure, but Su Jingwen squeezed to Ye Mo’s side, feeling the masculine and fresh aura emanating from Ye Mo’s body, surprisingly, she was a little lost as Ye Mo was just now, she had forgotten that she was getting closer and closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo glanced at Su Jingwen, knowing that she should be somewhat apologetic for what she had just said, but at this point, he didn’t care much anymore.

Of the two people opposite, one of them was a one-eyed dragon, and although his two eyes looked normal, Ye Mo’s divine sense could tell that one of this man’s eyes was lustreless with just a sweep.

Apart from this one-eyed dragon, the other was an incredibly fit young man, who Ye Mo estimated to be quite a bit taller than himself, even more than one meter nine. And the marker compulsion he made his divine sense with was on this youth’s body.

“Han-chan, are you better now?” The one-eyed dragon looked at the robust youth and said in a somewhat flat tone.

This robust youth nodded, “Yes, Ninth Uncle. I feel a lot more relaxed now, and that feeling of fear and worry is gone.”

The one-eyed dragon smiled lightly, “When I first killed someone, I was even worse than you. At first, it was a senior with the red character of the earth who took me to a woman to relax, and then whenever I had killed someone, I needed to find a woman to relax. You’re killing for the first time now, you’ll get used to it later. You’ve only just joined the organisation and you’ve been promoted to the human yellow character, which means the top thinks highly of you.”

Han-chan hmmed and continued to ask, “Ninth Uncle, you said that the senior with the Earth Red character who used to lead you, is he now a Heaven character?”

One-eyed Dragon shook his head, “After he rose to the Earth Purple Character, he was never heard from again, I heard that his last mission was in Africa, and I haven’t heard from him since that time.”

“Is it possible that that senior has washed his hands and lived in seclusion, so that he can choose his own life when he reaches the Heavenly Character.” Han said with some longing.

One-eyed Dragon, however, waved his hand and said, “We’ll talk about that later when we get back, for now let’s discuss our next target. There are just the two of us here in Ninghai this time, if we do well, I might get a level up, and you might get more than two.”

Han nodded and stopped talking, instead focusing on listening to One-Eyed Dragon’s instructions.

The one-eyed dragon took out a map, “We have already visited the small courtyard where Ye Mo lives, and there is no one living in it now. However, there are many more people in Ninghai who are familiar with Ye Mo, there is a teacher at Ninghai University called Yun Bing, I heard that she has a good relationship with Ye Mo, she takes a child with her, these two are one of our targets tonight. There is also a woman called Su Jingwen who is also close to Ye Mo, this is our target number two for tonight.”

However, Han Chai nodded and said, “I now understand the horror of offending our ‘Earth Furies’, this person Ye Mo doesn’t know what kind of person he is, he dares to go against the ‘Earth Furies’.” After saying this, Han-chan however shook his head again.

One-eyed Dragon however said seriously, “Han-chan from now on don’t mind those things, our mission is to kill, whoever the top tells us to kill, we will kill. Don’t say you care about anything else, don’t even mention it, understand?”