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DYM Chapter 335

Su Jingwen was frozen and had even forgotten that she was all leaning on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Su Jingwen somewhat apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, Jingwen, I should be the one who got you into trouble this time, these people all have a big grudge against me. And these people are a bunch of mad dogs, whoever offends them, they want to cut off the gra*s. It’s just that I didn’t expect that they wouldn’t even spare the friends I know.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Su Jingwen came to her senses, she didn’t expect that she would be dragged into this even if she was just an ordinary friend with Ye Mo, if she was a friend who was a bit closer to Ye Mo, what would be the blow?

“Ye Mo, your family in Yanjing, and Light Palace ……” Although Su Jingwen did not finish her words, Ye Mo knew what she meant, she was worried about others.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “They don’t stand a chance, at the latest tonight, I will uproot this organization.

Looking at Ye Mo’s smile with killing intent, Su Jingwen’s heart trembled, she had never seen such a side of Ye Mo before. Perhaps she didn’t understand what kind of person Ye Mo was. All this time, she had seen just one aspect of Ye Mo.

“I’m fine, you don’t need to worry, what should we do now?” Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo with some worry, although she didn’t know what One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai were, she knew from what they said that it was an extremely powerful organisation.

Ye Mo stood up, “Let’s go, let’s go next door and talk.”

Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo with a surprised look, “Go to them now?”

“Yes, go over there now, I’m going to find them to cooperate.” Ye Mo nodded and said.

“But, they are all killers, how can they possibly work with us?” Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo with some confusion, the two people next door knew they were vicious just by listening to their tone of voice, so how could they cooperate with Ye Mo?

“They will.” After saying this Ye Mo stood up and led Su Jingwen to open the door of the private room.

“Jingwen, how come you are here? You ……” At the same time as Ye Mo opened the door of the room, the door of the compartment opposite Jin opened at the same time, a handsome young man walked out with a woman with a slight flush on her face, the moment he saw Su Jingwen, he was nothing but shocked or shocked.

Su Jingwen also froze, and only after a moment did she call out, “Cousin Yuyi Zeng? How come it’s you?”

The handsome young man on the other side could hardly believe his eyes, after a long time, he seemed to have reacted, his face immediately turned iron blue, stretched out his finger and pointed at Su Jingwen and said, “Jingwen, you actually came here to have a room with a man, do you still want to have shame? You, you ……”

Su Jingwen did not expect her cousin, who had always been gentle and affectionate to her, to become so hideous, and to point her nose at her and call her shameless. For a time Su Jingwen’s face turned as white as her anger, she said with some anger, “Xie Yeweng, what do I have to do with you for coming here? What am I to you? Aren’t you here with someone to get a room all the same? Who are you to say anything about me?”

“You ……” Xie Yeweng was in a rage, thinking that the woman he had been thinking about for years had been slept with by someone else, and that anger made him unable to control himself anymore.

“I’m a man, what’s wrong with some socializing? It’s just an occasion, how dare you be so shameless as to sleep with someone here.” In his heart, Su Jingwen should be his, no one else could touch her. But now, he hadn’t even touched her, but someone else had slept with her first.

Su Jingwen’s face turned white as she stared at Xie Yeweng who had lost his mind, and it took her a long time to calm down the stifling anger in her heart. She suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around Ye Mo and pressed herself against him, saying to Xie Yuzheng in a flat tone, “Xie Yuzheng, I didn’t say anything about you when you were entertaining or whatever, you are you and I am me, do I have anything to do with you? Why should you care about me? It’s none of your business if I go to a room with someone I like. I just like Ye Mo, so what?”

Su Jingwen was soft on the outside but tough on the inside, usually very nice to talk to, but once she was P*ssed off, she wouldn’t care about anyone or anything at all. Besides, to Su Jingwen, Xie Yuzheng was just too much today, what did she need him to interfere in her life?

“Good, good, I thought how busy you were, saying that you had something with your friend, is this the thing? Shameless woman, is that what you want, can’t you talk to me? Could it be that I will not satisfy you ……” Xie Yuyi contended jealousy almost to frenzy, even did not even finish a sentence, then walked forward a few steps to Su Jingwen is a slap over.

The first time I saw a cousin of mine, I was so happy to see him.

When Ye Mo heard that it was his cousin, he was not jacked up, but now that Xie Yuzheng was actually going to hit someone, he did not want to continue watching.

Before Xie Yuzheng’s palm could touch Su Jingwen, Ye Mo already grabbed Xie Yuzheng’s wrist, and at the same time raised his hand to slap him several times, and then he kicked him again.

Xie Yuzheng was hit by several slaps from Ye Mo, his mouth was full of blood and he spat out several teeth, while he was kicked into the room again by Ye Mo, and the sound of him falling to the ground could be heard from outside.

When the woman who was accompanying Xie Yuzheng saw this, she immediately let out a shriek and rushed into the room to check on Xie Yuzheng’s condition.

Su Jingwen was so angry with Xie Yeweng that her body trembled and her face turned white, and she could not utter a word for a long time. Ye Mo transported some true qi into Su Jingwen’s body to help her calm down the stuffy qi inside her body.

“I’m sorry, Ye Mo, I’m not feeling too well, I have to go back for a trip.” Su Jingwen said as she calmed down and looked at Ye Mo with some apology.

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “It’s alright, go back, I’ll be fine here. It’s my fault for dragging you into today’s incident, don’t say sorry.

Su Jingwen suddenly looked up at Ye Mo, as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she said nothing, but turned around and walked out.

Ye Mo’s divine sense kept seeing Su Jingwen get into the car and drive away before he shook his head helplessly. That cousin of Su Jingwen’s was just a bit too f*cked up.

But then Ye Mo put these thoughts aside and walked to the next room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it, no service needed here.” A distinctive raspy voice of the one-eyed dragon came from inside.

Ye Mo suddenly pushed the door open and looked at the already dazed One-Eyed Dragon and Han-chan and said indifferently, “You don’t need service, but I do.”

“Who are you? How did this door open?” One-eyed Dragon stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, he had clearly unlocked the door and he didn’t know in the slightest how the others had opened it. But that sense of crisis of a long-time killer immediately came flooding back, and a dark pistol appeared in his hand in the blink of an eye.

Han Chai stared at Ye Mo with the same vigilance, and a foot-long three-pronged spike appeared in his hand at the same time.

Ye Mo didn’t seem to see the two men’s actions in the slightest, and didn’t even look at the gun in One-Eyed Dragon’s hand, instead he walked over and sat down by himself.

Only after sitting down did Ye Mo faintly glanced at One-Eyed Dragon, “Your name is Ninth Uncle, right, I came here today to save your life, but if you don’t listen, I don’t mind sending you to your death.”

“Seeking death.” A stern look flashed in One-Eyed Dragon’s eyes as he lifted his pistol and instantly had fired a shot at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand as well and almost at the same time as the one-eyed dragon fired, he stretched out two fingers and clamped a bullet, his expression became cold and icy, “If you dare to shoot a second bullet, I don’t mind embedding this casing into your eyebrow.

“You, you actually caught the bullet with your fingers?” One-eyed Dragon’s tone became trembling, and even his hands began to tremble.

He had heard of some ancient martial arts masters who had cultivated to a certain level and could even catch bullets with their bare hands. But he and this young man were so close to each other, even only a few metres away, and he not only caught his own bullet, but also with two fingers, even an ancient martial arts expert would find it hard to do that, right? Was he still a human being?

Ye Mo’s fingers flicked slightly, and the bullet just now flew past the one-eyed dragon’s ear and shot into the wall behind the one-eyed dragon, disappearing.

As the one-eyed dragon was even more horrified, Ye Mo’s cold voice came to his ears, “It’s just a matter of a finger if I want to kill you, if you still want to live, I suggest you don’t move again. My patience is not that good, and I won’t forgive you the second time.”

“Clink,” the pistol in Cyclops’ hand fell to the ground, and he surprisingly lost his fighting spirit. He was an a*sa*sin, he had seen nothing, he had seen nothing that could make him lose his will to fight, but this young man in front of him made him tremble in a way that he could not overcome.

He had a gut feeling that any of his own tricks were just for show in front of this man, and that taking them out would be the time for him to die. What kind of person was this, and when had he offended such a person?

Han Chai was also looking at Ye Mo with an astonished and uncertain face, the three-pronged thorn in his hand was dropping down as it were. Ye Mo’s two fingers caught the bullet, making him too shocked, was this something that people did?

“Senior …… you, you ……” The one-eyed dragon already felt that this person was somewhat familiar, it seemed to be somewhat similar to that Ye Mo, he had seen Ye Mo’s photo. But this kind of thing was too shocking, he couldn’t believe it.

If Ye Mo was such a terrifying person, wouldn’t it be an act of seeking death to come and a*sa*sinate someone who was related to Ye Mo himself?

“My name is Ye Mo, and I am the person you want to kill.” Ye Mo smiled indifferently, his tone was extremely flat.

The three-pronged thorn in Han Chai’s hand hung down helplessly, if this terrifying man in front of them was Ye Mo, they had no hope of surviving today.