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DYM Chapter 336

The one-eyed dragon suddenly gritted his teeth, the man in front of him was really Ye Mo, he didn’t expect to be such a powerful being, if Ye Mo wanted to kill him and Han-chan, it was that they couldn’t escape with their lives even if they tried their best. However, he had a ray of hope in his heart that Ye Mo was not trying to kill them, but was looking for them to talk about half, otherwise, with his means, he would have killed himself and Han-chan long ago.

“Senior Ye, I know the difference between us and you is too great, in your eyes, Han-chan and I might not even be considered an ant. If you have any orders, just say so, if you want us to betray the ‘Earth Furies, just kill me.” The one-eyed dragon’s teeth gritted, no matter what, it was! Death, might as well be dry.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “You don’t dare to betray the ‘Earth Furies'” It’s just that your family or the compulsions make you afraid.”

The one-eyed dragon looked at Ye Mo with a look of disbelief for a long time before he panted, “How do you know that we have compulsions in our bodies?”

Compulsions were a way for the ‘Earth Fury, organization to control their men, One-Eyed Dragon had seen with his own eyes a ‘Earth Fury, a*sa*sin who had been captured back because he betrayed the organization, and then the compulsions ate his flesh. For three days and three nights, when all the flesh on that a*sa*sin’s body was about to be eaten by the parasites, that a*sa*sin was still wailing and surprisingly did not die.

From then on, he had a thought in his heart that no matter what, he could not betray the organization.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Let me not talk about the compulsion in your body, what I want to talk to you about is, do you know what your final destination is?”

Han Chai glanced at the one-eyed dragon and suddenly interjected, “As long as we have advanced to the Heavenly Word Killer, we will be free. So, my goal is the Heavenly Character.”

Ye Mo laughed and immediately said icily once again, “Let’s not talk about whether or not you can survive to become a Heavenly Character Killer, even if you do, your fate will come to an end. You should have a compulsion king, right? He controls you all with a kind of compulsion. This kind of compulsion will actively devour the life and essence blood of the killed when you kill them, and then warm them up inside you.”

“Which is what?” He shivered at Ye Mo’s words, but the one-eyed dragon still said defiantly.

Ye Mo shook his head, “Not how, it’s just that after you have advanced to Heavenly Character Slayer, the compulsion inside you will have matured, and one of its last big meals will be the essence blood and vitality inside you. Of course, after eating your essence blood, it has also completed its mission and can be taken by your head, the compulsion king, to cultivate evil kung fu.”

“You’re talking nonsense”…” the one-eyed dragon’s tone trembled as he even knew in his heart that Ye Mo wasn’t talking nonsense, what he said was true.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “You know in your heart whether I am talking nonsense or not. You tell me, have you really seen the Heavenly Character Killer? You definitely can’t see it because the Heavenly Character Killer has been practiced, it’s as simple as that.”

“Are you saying that the more medals I have, the closer I am to death?” Han Chai also asked tremblingly, he subconsciously felt that what Ye Mo was saying was true, and very true.

“What do you think?” Ye Mo didn’t explain any further, but asked rhetorically if it meant anything.

It was only after a long time that the one-eyed dragon sighed, “Actually, I have long suspected this matter, why is there not a single Heavenly Character Killer? If they really want to retire, then they should let all the a*sa*sins know, after all, they have a head start, right?

But I have never heard of a retired Heavenly Character Killer, and now after hearing senior’s words, I have guessed that senior’s words are true.”

“Ninth Uncle, this, this, ……” Han Chai also looked at One-Eyed Dragon with a shocked expression, unable to speak for a long time.

A moment of silence pa*sed before One-Eyed Dragon raised his head to look at Ye Mo and said, “Senior Ye, I know it’s as easy as pie for you to kill me, I don’t know why you didn’t kill me and told me the truth. I am grateful to you, but I can’t betray the organization, if you want to do it, just give me a dry run, I am grateful to Yang Jiu.”

Ye Mo said flatly, “If I wanted to kill you, you would have been a corpse a long time ago, there would be no need to waste Jing so much”

“But I said that we can’t betray the organisation.” The one-eyed dragon struggled to say.

“Is it because of the compulsion inside you?” Ye Mo looked at One-Eyed Dragon.

One-eyed Dragon put his heart on the line and immediately stood up and said, “That’s right, it’s because of the compulsion inside your body, senior you haven’t come into contact with this compulsion and don’t know its horror, I would rather die immediately than betray.”

“What if I can take out the compulsion in your body?” Ye Mo still said indifferently.

“What? Senior Ye, you, you can really take out the compulsions inside our bodies?” The one-eyed dragon looked at Ye Mo with a shocked face and immediately said again after saying these words, “Senior Ye, if you can really take out the compulsion insects inside me, I, I, this rotten life of Yang Jiu is yours.”

After saying this, One-Eyed Dragon knelt down on one knee, his expression not only sincere but also resolute. Han looked at the one-eyed dragon for a moment, although he was stout-looking, he was not a fool and knew that if he did not take a stand at this time, he was bound to die. He knew that if he didn’t take a stand at this point, he would be dead. And he didn’t feel any sense of belonging to the ‘Earth Furies’ who were already not kind to him, so he thought.

“Who were the people you killed before?” Ye Mo stared at the one-eyed dragon and said.

“It was an Australian businessman, he was in Ninghai ……” The one-eyed dragon’s words were not said yet, but were already interrupted by Ye Mo, the latter words were no longer of interest to him.

After interrupting the one-eyed dragon’s words, Ye Mo grabbed Han Chai’s arm, reached out and with a stroke, a yellow compulsion had appeared in his hand. Now that he was in the middle stage of Qi training, it was too easy for him to take out a compulsion.

One-eyed Dragon and Han Chai stared at the compulsion in Ye Mo’s hand in shock, they didn’t expect such a horrible thing to be in Ye Mo’s hand, it was simply taken out in a matter of moments. This kind of person, and the organisation still wanted to kill him. But immediately the one-eyed dragon’s heart burst with joy, the more powerful Ye Mo was, the happier he was.

Ye Mo cupped the compulsion in his hand and said indifferently, “This compulsion was originally taken out of Chen Qing’s body and released, along with the markings I made, where do you think you can escape to?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the cold sweat on One-Eyed Dragon’s back brushed off, so the others had arranged it a long time ago, just waiting for the people of ‘Earth Fury, to take the bait, ridiculous that they still planned to come and kill Ye Mo’s people.

Although the compulsions inside the one-eyed dragon were slightly more troublesome, it still only took Ye Mo less than thirty seconds to remove the compulsions from the one-eyed dragon’s body.

Seeing Ye Mo put the two compulsions he took out into two jade boxes and then received them somewhere, One-Eyed Dragon felt his scalp tingling. This Ye Mo was so scary, this was the only feeling in his heart.

“How many of you came to Ninghai in total?” Ye Mo took out the compulsion before he asked in a voice.

One-eyed Dragon immediately replied respectfully, “Senior Ye, there are a total of three people who came to Ninghai this time, besides Han-chan and I there is another person, but he is waiting for news from us, ready to go to Yanjing together after we finish our mission.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “You guys now make a vow not to betray me.” Although One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai said that they were loyal to themselves, this was done under the threat of their lives after all. Ye Mo could not fully trust these two yet, so the oath was necessary.

Others could treat the oath as a joke in the face of it, but Ye Mo could make the oath come true.

When the two swore, Ye Mo quickly took a drop of essence blood from their eyebrows, and then made two separate forbidden systems to punch into their eyebrows. If they were cultivators, they could quickly refine themselves in the face of such a forbidden system. However, One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai were both ordinary people, and it was absolutely impossible for them to refine such a forbidden system.

Although they saw Ye Mo’s movements, One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai did not dare to move at all.

Only after the two of them had made their oaths and made the ban themselves did Ye Mo say, “Now you will immediately go and find that companion of yours.”

“Senior, is it better to bring him here so that senior can lift the compulsion?” Han Chai immediately said.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Relieving the compulsions, do you think I am an internationalist? Leading the way is enough for just the two of you, as for that person, you go and kill him now, the sooner the better, I don’t want to wait for a long time. But you must use this talisman, when you see him, throw it over immediately and say the word ‘Pro,'”

The reason why Ye Mo gave a fireball talisman to the two was because he knew that if he didn’t use the talisman to kill someone, then that companion of their companion’s compulsion would escape. Once the companions escaped, the one behind the ‘Earth Fury, the Companions King would soon know about it. Of course, there was another reason to deter the two men.

Han Chai was about to say something else, but One-Eyed Dragon immediately replied, “Yes senior, we will go there right away.”

One-eyed Dragon was however secretly shocked and scared in his heart, if Ye Mo had chosen the other one first, then the two of them would have been finished by now, it was then that he realized Ye Mo’s decisive killing. Moreover, he also knew why Ye Mo had asked him and Han Chai to kill, this was the cast-off.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and stopped talking, he waited for One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai to leave and immediately swept his divine sense to Xie Yuzheng, this guy had been kicked and slapped a few times by Ye Mo and now he was still staying inside the room without leaving. However, from his constant phone calls, he knew that this guy should have gone to call someone. Ye Mo smiled coldly, if Xie Yuzheng didn’t do anything, forget it, if he still dared to do it, don’t blame him for being ungracious.

At this moment, Xie Yuzheng was furious, since he was a child, he was the proud son of the sky, when had he ever suffered such a loss.

Although Su Jingwen had never agreed to Xie’s marriage proposal, in Xie’s eyes, no one else could touch Su Jingwen. But now the woman he loved had been slept with, not to mention that she had also slapped him in the face and even knocked off several teeth one after another.

If he could bear this anger, he wouldn’t be Xie Yeweng, so he had to make Ye Mo look good and let this guy who had beaten him know what kind of people he couldn’t offend. As for Su Jingwen, she was now a broken shoe, but having betrayed him, Xie Yeweng, he would definitely not let her go either.