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DYM Chapter 337

Ye Mo retracted his divine sense, he really didn’t put an eye on this Xie Yeweng who kept typing distilled words. He was waiting for One-Eyed Dragon and Han Chai, if this One-Eyed Dragon couldn’t do the task he explained, there was no use in keeping it.

One-eyed Dragon didn’t take long to go out, and an hour later, he had already returned to Ye Mo’s room with Han Chai again. Only the expression he looked at Ye Mo changed to one of even greater awe, Ye Mo knew that it should be his own fireball talisman that had shocked him.

”Senior Ye, the mission has been completed.” The one-eyed dragon’s expression changed to one of awe and caution.

Ye Mo nodded and said, ‘Good, now you will draw me the diagram of the lair.”

‘Yes.” The one-eyed dragon, that is, sat down and took out white paper and a pen to quickly spend a rough sketch.

Ye Mo took the drawing and looked at it, it was indeed different from the one given by Chen Qing last time, it looked like the ‘Earth Fury,’s lair should not be the place these two drew, but these two places were definitely two nests.

Seeing Ye Mo staring at this drawing and frowning, the one-eyed dragon immediately said: ‘Senior Ye “Earth Fury, the a*sa*sins who carry out missions in the field will report on their missions every day, if at night there is still someone who has not reported back on the situation, then the people behind will already know that something has happened to the a*sa*sins. If we go to Hong Kong at this time, by the time senior arrives, that person should be long gone.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly “I’m sure he hasn’t left by the time I arrive, you don’t have to worry about that, just that I now have a task to give to you two people if you do a good job, you don’t need to call me senior in the future, just go straight to my company and do your job mouth if you can’t do a good job, extra words, I won’t say anything.”

‘Yes, senior, Sheep Nine and Han Chai will definitely complete their tasks.” One-eyed Dragon immediately heard Ye Mo’s words and his heart was just happy. He was already an elite character, how could he not know that Ye Mo had some scruples about the two of them. Now what Ye Mo said was that if they completed this task well, they could go to Ye Mo’s company stating that they would truly be seen by Ye Mo as one of his own.

Not to mention anything else, with Ye Mo’s kind of terrifying body skills, they also felt that following Ye Mo wouldn’t be too bad mouth and they wouldn’t have to worry about the compulsions.

”Good.” Ye Mo said with a clap of his hands, ”There is a guy called Xie Yuzheng on the opposite side of Jin, because he wanted to make a move on one of my friends, so this guy was beaten up by me just now mouth but I have something to do tonight, I can’t play with him, you two entertain him well mouth I reckon this guy went to call someone if they go too far, it’s kill me and I’ll cover for you. ”

Yang Jiu immediately said loudly, ‘Senior don’t worry about this kind of jumping clown, I will definitely destroy it with the flip of a hand.” He was worried that Ye Mo looked down on his skills, because since Ye Mo came in, they had almost no room to resist mouth if Ye Mo looked down on his skills, he would definitely not hand him too big things in the future mouth so he must show show his true skills to show his true skills mouth to show Ye Mo that other than him, Ye Mo, others were just a plate of vegetables in his eyes of the Earth Word Killer.

”Good, I might be back tomorrow, as for how you guys are doing, I’ll see to it.

That friend of mine is called Su Jingwen, it was originally the population you guys were going to kill Well, I’ll leave first.” Ye Mo turned around and went out of the private room after he finished speaking and immediately disappeared without a trace.

Looking at Ye Mo’s disappearing back, Yang Jiu wiped the sweat from his forehead and panted, the pressure Ye Mo gave him was too much, especially Ye Mo’s last words, which almost made him fall to his knees, they were still here to kill Su Jingwen.

”Ninth uncle, this senior Ye Mo is just too powerful, I’ve never seen a population more powerful than him and that fire ornamental talisman is simply, simply…” Han Zai simply half a day, but he didn’t simply come out with anything.

I have traveled far and wide, and have experienced countless dangers, and have seen many ruthless people. Even ancient martial cultivators I’ve seen, and I’ve even personally killed a Yellow ranked martial artist yet there’s never been one that compares to this Ye Mo.”

‘Jiuzi…’ Han Chai looked at Yang Jiu hesitantly.

Sheep Nine interrupted Han Chai and continued, ‘Han Chai this can also be seen as an opportunity for us, Senior Ye Mo is definitely one of the most powerful figures I have ever seen mouth if he can really take out the Compulsion King, we will sell this life to him and not get any more thoughts in the future. Only by following a strong person can we become strong as well Mouth he is definitely not an ordinary person.”

Thinking about the fireball talisman that Ye Mo gave him, Yang Jiu’s heart palpitated mouth There were many rare things in this world, but he had never seen a paper talisman that could turn a big living person into flying ashes in the blink of an eye, it was simply too much beyond his own thinking.

”Uncle Nine, so we now door” Han Chai looked at the serious Yang Jiu and also felt that this was not a bad thing, maybe it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The first thing that we need to do is to make sure that we are not going to make a mistake in this mission. ”

‘Yes, Ninth Uncle, I’ll listen to you.” Han Chai was not a stupid person, stupid people could not enter the ‘Earth Fury’ he obviously knew the importance of this mission as well.

Yang Jiu nodded and said, ‘If we succeed this time, we can follow senior Ye Mo, if we fail, we only have a si path to mouth so, even if we are si, we can’t let this mission fail.”

”Ninth Uncle, I think we might as well go in first and put that surname Xie straight like this.” After saying that Han Chai made a pose to chop his head off.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see him. Once we are wanted by the police, this Xie and his party will be able to kill Su Jingwen, what about Su Jingwen? Our goal is mainly to protect Su Jingwen, not to kill this Xie Yuxiangkou Besides, if we want to kill, we can’t let anyone know about it.”

Half an hour later, Yang Jiu and Han Zai followed Xie Yuxiang out of the ‘Taste Fairy’. They could never have imagined that two hours ago, they were planning to kill Su Jingwen, but two hours later, they were already bodyguards protecting Su Jingwen, life’s encounters were so magical.

Ye Mo found Su Jingwen sitting dumbly in a coffee shop. He didn’t know what Su Jingwen had in mind for Xie Yijian, so he didn’t go up to disturb her.

In Ye Mo’s heart, Su Jingwen had always been just a friend of his, and a friend that he could get to know, he didn’t think too much about it. As for what Su Jingwen said at the entrance of that box, he completely took it as her angry words.

But he felt that Su Jingwen did not have the slightest interest in that Xie’s cousin. Su Jingwen’s character was not the gentle and good talker she appeared to be, she had a kind of stubbornness in her heart, if it was something she was sure of, no matter how you talked about it, she would stick to her own opinion and she was quite opinionated, that Xie was too subjective, it was hard for Su Jingwen to like such a person.

Ye Mo walked to Su Jingwen’s car, opened her car door and put a few Fire Zizi talismans on her seat.

Only then did he leave quietly. Although he believed in Yang Jiu’s words, he could not trust anything completely, and he still left Su Jingwen with a means to protect herself.

If Su Jingwen was hurt because of what he had done, he would not be able to forgive himself.

Su Jingwen sighed and walked out of the coffee shop. She didn’t know why she said that kind of thing, not because of her cousin Xie Yeweng, but she was afraid that if Ye Mo heard her words he would look down on her Su Jingwen, and another thing was that if Ye Mo heard her cousin’s words, would he misunderstand her mouth but she couldn’t take the initiative to explain this kind of thing to Ye Mo, which made it very difficult for her.

Although her cousin’s attitude and vicious words had hurt her, that was not the main thing. If she had been a bit apologetic about her cousin’s rejection, she was now completely unapologetic. She couldn’t even believe that the person she met today was the gentle and elegant cousin.

Su Jingwen opened the car door and was a bit distracted. At this moment, she actually wanted to go to Ye Mo again, but she didn’t have the courage, the first time could be described as a chance encounter, what else could she say the second time?

Well, Su Jingwen looked dumbly at the five fire ornamental talismans on the seat, and her heart suddenly warmed a little. Ye Mo, who had come, just saw himself in the coffee shop and was a bit distracted, so he didn’t go in, but he still cared for himself and left five Fire Zizi talismans behind. He was afraid that his cousin would think badly of her.

Although she knew that her cousin would not do anything too much to her, Su Jingwen still clutched the Fire Zizi talisman tightly and was grateful to Ye Mo in her heart.

‘Selling talismans, those who are evil, vegetative, and physically ill my talismans work in one and are completely cured in two…'” Su Jingwen’s ears seemed to hear the scene of the first time she met Ye Mo again, it was that ‘Clear God talisman that saved her mother, and now remembering it was surprisingly a little heartwarming.

”At that time, he must have called it that way on purpose…” Su Jingwen muttered once, already understanding that at that time, Ye Mo must have heard her words long ago, which was why he deliberately called out that way to suck her over.

Ye Mo stepped onto his flying sword and was already flying to Hong Kong like a shooting star.

”The Earth Fury, this organization is a bit too vicious, at every turn, killing people and even sitting on the mouth of this organization, one minute not to destroy, Ye Mo’s heart will not be comfortable for one minute.

The distance was a bit far, his cultivation level was still a bit low after all, Ye Mo found a place without people and landed his flying sword, he was going to take a short rest, then release the compulsions and follow them to find my ‘Earth Fury, the compulsion king.