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DYM Chapter 338

When it was just dark, Ye Mo’s true essence had recovered again. Ye Mo took out the yellow-coloured compulsion and threw it out. The yellow-coloured compulsion turned into a yellow light and pa*sed away in a flash. Ye Mo followed just as fast, and just a few minutes later, the yellow-coloured compulsion flew into an open mansion.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept over, while he leapt over after it.

The compulsion insect landed in the hands of a man dressed in green, who looked to be only in his forties, his face was incomparably gloomy, without the slightest expression. However, his cultivation level seemed to Ye Mo to be not much lower than Tan Jiao’s, and even surpa*sed the late Earth level, and was already an expert at the peak of the Earth level.

It was surprising that there were such experts hiding in the city, and that they had been cultivating for such a short period of time. Ye Mo was sure that this man had cultivated for no more than thirty years, and that he could cultivate to his level within thirty years, so it was evident that this man not only had excellent qualifications, but his cultivation method must also be extraordinary.

Of course Ye Mo knew the difficulty of ancient martial arts cultivation, he had read about ancient martial arts cultivation methods, and many of the methods used to open up the meridians were very dreary, and compared to the cultivation techniques, they were just rubbish. Even for Ye Mo himself to cultivate ancient martial arts, it would be difficult to cultivate to the earth level without 50 to 60 years, and these 50 to 60 years would also require the cooperation of medicinal herbs.

The man in green was in his forties and had already cultivated to half-step Xiantian, so it was not the technique he was using that was unbelievable, but the method he was using to cultivate. I don’t know how many essence-rich companions this guy had refined to reach this point today.

The man in green cupped the yellow-coloured compulsion insect that Ye Mo had released in his hand, and his face became more and more iron blue. He really did not expect this host of his compulsion to be killed twice in a row, and the compulsion to fly back twice.

“Who is it? Who the hell is it? How dare you kill my compulsion host several times. If the old man doesn’t bruise you to death, he will have presumed to cultivate for thirty years. Shasan, come here.” The man in green finished in a furious voice, but he could not hold back the anger inside him and smashed the table in front of him with a slap.

A man in black flashed out from the side, walked up to this man in green and knelt down on one knee and said, “Compulsion King, Shakuzan is at your command.”

The man in blue’s fierce and gloomy face had eased up, and he said in a cold tone, “I put this parasite on a man called Han Chai only a few days ago, and since the parasite is here, it means that this Han Chai is already dead. Han Chai was ordered by me to kill Ye Mo’s family, and since Han Chai si here, it means that he is also related to this Ye. You immediately inform Shakichi to ask about Yang Jiu, then tell him to mobilize all the ‘Earth Furies’ manpower he can, and kill the Ye family in Yanjing without leaving anyone who knows Ye Mo.”

“Yes,” Shakusan immediately replied dryly.

The man in green laughed coldly and looked at the parasite in his hand, “Today I, Ren Kill, will show you the consequences of offending me and the price you pay for killing my parasite.”

“Wait.” The man in green called out to Material Three who was about to walk out, then said, “After you destroy the Ye family, keep the women that Ye Mo knows and bring None to Chun’an, I want to personally go to Chun’an and insult him myself.”

After he finished speaking the man in green had blue veins on his face, since he started out, no one dared to mess with him only he went to kill others when did it become the turn of others to kill his people. Today, he was killed by a young man in his twenties, and he could not bear it any longer.

As soon as he reached the door again, he was kicked back by a big foot and took dozens of steps backwards, stumbling into the body of the man in green, spurting out a dozen mouthfuls of blood and dying. A parasite flew out and landed in the man in green’s hand.

The man in blue’s eyes immediately contracted, with one kick he had kicked the expert he had trained, Shak San si, this man was an absolutely terrifying existence.

He lifted his head and saw Ye Mo who walked in at the doorway in a breezy manner. Ye Mo’s expression was indifferent as he walked in as if he was skewering the door. It seemed that the kick just now was not from him, but from Shak San himself who accidentally fell backwards.

“Who are you?” Although Ye Mo’s photo had to be known to everyone who went to kill Ye Mo, the man in green had never seen Ye Mo’s photo, he didn’t know him at all. And from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t care to know Ye Mo either.

Although he didn’t know Ye Mo, from the fact that Ye Mo had kicked si three with one kick, he knew that this young man was definitely an existence that was a threat to him, although it wasn’t as good as him, the difference shouldn’t be too far.

This kind of person, he was not willing to mess with Fang Dun, if he really messed up, but it would not do him any good. Thinking of this, the man in green said, “I have no enmity with you, why do you come to my door to cause trouble? And you killed my disciples? Am I, Ren Kill, still afraid of you?”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Who am I? No grudge or hatred? I am the same Ye Mo that you were just about to exterminate so people who are related to me, do you think we have any grudges?”

“You are Ye Mo?” The man in green changed his face from gloomy to table shocked, he knew that Ye Mo had a good cultivation level and had a few killing moves. But at most, it was only equivalent to Xuan level cultivation, so it was not even on his mind.

As for the fact that Ye Mo had killed many people from the Hopeful School, it had not yet reached him. But when he saw Ye Mo today, he found that he couldn’t even spy out what level of Ye Mo’s cultivation was anymore. Moreover, how Ye Mo had entered his house just now, he surprisingly didn’t have the slightest idea.

Besides, this place was only known to his inner circle, no one knew that he, Ren killed, lived here, so how did Ye Mo find it?

Ren Killing’s heart sank, he killed by any means necessary and was vengeful, and at every turn, he dragged many innocent people into it. But he also had his own measure, which was that the people he wanted to kill were those who did not pose any threat to him, and once they did, even if they endured, he did not take the initiative to provoke them until he had the strength to do so, and then uproot them.

But there were too few people in this world who were a threat to him, and as soon as he heard Ye Mo’s age, he knew that Ye Mo was absolutely no threat to him. But now when he saw Ye Mo, he realised that he was wrong, very wrong.

Not only was Ye Mo a threat to him, but he was also an existence no less than him, and such a person was not someone he would want to mess with. If he had known that Ye Mo was this kind of person with a terrifying cultivation level, he would not have interfered in Ye Mo’s affairs, let alone trying to kill everyone around him.

Ren Kill’s sixth sense was strong, and although he thought that Ye Mo was no match for him, he did not want to take any chances, as long as he was given three more years, he would be able to advance to the Ascendant level. As long as he advanced to Xiantian, Ye Mo was an existence that could be killed at any time in his eyes.

Two more black-clothed men hurriedly walked in, dressed like the Shak San who had just been kicked si by Ye Mo. These two men in black walked up to Ren killed and immediately knelt down and said, “King Compa*s, just now we got the news that Lu Min has si in Ninghai, and the whereabouts of Yang Jiu and Han Zai are unknown.”

“You killed all my people in Ninghai? You were still in Chun’an in the morning, how could you have gone to Ninghai to kill people? And how could you possibly appear here?” Ren Kill’s eyes had turned fierce, although he somewhat did not want to continue with Ye Mo after seeing his methods, but the fact that Ye Mo had even killed his companions made him furious. He had forgotten what the a*sa*sins he had sent to Ninghai were for.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, raised his hand and sent two wind blades, the two men in black who were kneeling on the ground were killed by Ye Mo just as quickly, and the two companions flew out quickly and landed in Ren Kill’s hand.

“You,”.” Ren Kill was so angry that he could no longer hold back his inner rage, his two hands raised and dozens of various coloured rays of light had shot straight at Ye Mo’s.

How dare he try to use the companions against him, Ye Mo sneered, then he struck a true qi vortex, all the companions were all caught by Ye Mo’s true qi vortex, none of these companions had the chance to spill out after being caught by the true qi vortex, before they were burned cleanly by the fire ball Ye Mo struck.

A fishy stench came to their noses, and in the blink of an eye, they were turned into dots of flying ash that fell everywhere.

Ren Kill stared at the flying ashes all over the ground with a shocked face, he was dumbstruck. His compulsions could not have been dealt with so easily, even if someone could have dealt with them. In less than three minutes, his companions, which had been cultivated for several years, had been wiped out.

In an instant, Ren killed knew that Ye Mo was not so different from him, but he was so different from Ye Mo that even he was unable to deal a blow in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo was an innate expert, even though he didn’t want to admit it, he was sure that Ye Mo was an innate expert, if he wasn’t an innate expert, he definitely couldn’t have killed his parasite so simply and swiftly, and entered his house without him knowing.

“I am no match for you.” The companions were all killed by Ye Mo, blood spilled out of the corner of Ren Kill’s mouth, although these companions were sucking other people’s essence and vitality to survive, but after all, they were raised by him, so many of them were killed at once, his mind was affected.

Ye Mo slowly took a few steps forward and said indifferently, “Of course you are not my opponent, there is no need for you to remind me of that.”

“Before I si, can you tell me how you found me here?” An eager hope appeared in Ren Kill’s eyes.

Of course Ye Mo knew that Ren Kill couldn’t just resign himself to his fate, but he wasn’t afraid at all that he could jump to the sky, in his own eyes, this Ren Kill was at best similar to Tan Jiao. Even if he didn’t have a compulsion, Tam Jiao could kill this man in seconds.

“That yellow non-coloured compulsion insect of yours is the one I caught, I released it, so of course I can bring me here.” Ye Mo said indifferently, and after he finished speaking, he raised his hand and sent a wind blade.

Ren Kill looked dumbfounded at an arm that was cut down by Ye Mo without a sound, he didn’t even feel any pain, he couldn’t figure out that someone could track the compulsion insect, what kind of speed did it take?

However, when his arm was chopped off by Ye Mo, he immediately reacted and raised his hand and struck out with a dark-coloured light, after this light struck out, Ren killed immediately fell back several metres and hit a wall, which unexpectedly collapsed completely in the middle of this impact.