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DYM Chapter 344

The night was as quiet as water, and Jing Xian stood alone outside one of the highest Taoist temples of the Jing Yi Sect, staring at the boundless starry sky in a bit of a daze. Ever since the Jing Yi Sect was handed over to her by her master, it had been deteriorating. It had even been under the control of her younger sister Jing Xi for several years, and if Ye Mo had not come to break the deadlock, the deadlock would still be going on.

Countless times, she wanted to warn Jing Xi not to go too far and to put the sect first. But she was unable to say it, let alone do it. Because Jing Xi was his sister, and had seen what she had done with him with her own eyes.

Although Jing Xi did not know that the man was her brother, her brother had made himself promise to look after Jing Xi before he died. But she still didn’t do it, she could hold herself back from doing it, but she couldn’t stop Ye Mo from doing it.

She had thought that Ye Mo would not be a match for Jing Xi, and in the end she stepped in to persuade him, but she did not expect things to turn quickly, and Jing Xi was actually killed by Ye Mo. She felt sorry for him and failed to do what she promised.

After Jing Xi’s death, she let go of these thoughts and wanted to focus on reviving the Jing Yi Clan, but she didn’t expect that Dim Cang would come to her door again. Jing Xian sighed, perhaps she really wasn’t fit to be the Sect Leader.

A purple ray of light pa*sed by not far away, but Jing Xian was frozen in a flash. She rubbed her eyes and thought she had misread it. But after a closer look, she realised that she was not mistaken, it was real, the purple mane was indeed a wide flying sword, and standing on top of the flying sword were Ye Mo and his sister Tang Beiwei.

“He can actually fly on a sword? Innate? Or beyond the Innate?” Jing Xian was dumbstruck. She finally understood how Ye Mo had come over, but she was even more confused, could this world really have such a thing? This was completely beyond the realm of ancient martial arts.

Even for Innate experts, she had never heard of one who could fly on a sword. It was said that back then, the Dharma Elder, who had cultivated the ancient martial arts to the innate level, crossed the river with a reed, and even then, it was not possible to fly on a sword.

“Brother, do you think I can do the same in the future?” Tang Beiwei stood on top of the flying sword, already completely lost in the endless night sky. Her low mood had become a little more cheerful because Ye Mo had taken her flying.

“Yes.” Ye Mo nodded his head without hesitation and said.


Ye Mo was arranged to stay in the room where the original Luo Ying lived, which was what he wanted, he liked the place where Luo Ying used to live, it could give him too many memories.

When he got up the next day, Ye Mo felt that the way Jing Xian looked at him seemed a little off, but he didn’t take it to heart.

Ye Mo gave Tang Beiwei his own piece of ‘Purple Heart Vine’ to cultivate as well, and carefully taught Tang Beiwei cultivation, as well as how to nurture the ‘Purple Heart Vine’, while writing a set of ancient martial cultivation techniques for Tang Beiwei. During this period, apart from Jing Xian who occasionally came to talk with Ye Mo, very few people came over.

Three days pa*sed in a flash, and the people from Point Cang appeared on time outside the courtyard gate where they entered the Jing Yi Sect. There were five of them this time, and apart from one of them being at the middle Xuan level, the rest of them had the lowest cultivation level at the middle Earth level.

It was just that these five were unable to enter inside the Jing Yi Sect, but were stopped outside the courtyard gate by a young man.

“I, the Point Cang Sect, have come to the Jing Yi Sect to place a bride price, who are you that you dare to stand in the way?” The man at the head of the group was in his fifties, with a sturdy build and a sharp-looking moon white blouse.

“I’m Tang Beiwei’s brother, and I don’t agree about my sister’s marriage, so you can go. I’m stopping here to keep the dogs out, so as not to bite people indiscriminately.” Ye Mo smiled lightly and his tone was harsh.

The white-clothed man at the head of the group heard the first half of Ye Mo’s sentence, and before his face had fully risen, he was angered by the latter sentence. His Point Cang Sect was ranked sixth in the Outer Hidden Sect and was one of the Six Great Hidden Sects, this young man who didn’t know the heights of heaven and earth dared to be so rampant as to call his elders of Point Cang dogs.

“How dare you, since when did it become your turn to decide on the affairs of my Point Cang. You just disagree? What kind of a person are you? Not to mention that our young master has his eyes on your sister, even if he has his eyes on your old mother, you still have to agree.” The man in white next to the man with the lowest cultivation level immediately said in a stern voice, with disdain in his eyes.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold as he took a step forward, and a wind blade split out. The man in white reacted quickly and saw Ye Mo coming, not waiting for Ye Mo to get close to the Xuan level martial artist, he struck out with a punch.

Ye Mo sneered, and after the wind blade was struck, he also struck out with a fist at the same time. The man in white felt a sharp pain coming from him, and he took several steps backwards, his arm still had a huge pain coming from it.

“Poof” a stream of blood spurted out as high as it could, the Xuan level martial artist who was screaming just now was cut in half by a wind blade from Ye Mo, starting from the top of his head.

The blood and internal organs fell to the ground, matching with the two halves of the still writhing corpse, looking weird and horrible. For a moment, the rest of the people present were in a daze.

“b*****d looking for death, daring to kill a member of my Pointing Cang Sect.” The two middle-aged men next to this retreating man in white reacted, then without hesitation, they rushed towards Ye Mo, one kicking at Ye Mo’s knees and the other at Ye Mo’s dantian. It was obvious that these two men wanted to kick Ye Mo’s legs off and then kneel down in front of this leader man. Then they would waste Ye Mo’s cultivation and then slowly torture him.

In their view, although Ye Mo had killed their companion, it was a case of Ye Mo striking an attack, and that companion was still at the lowest mid Xuan level cultivation. So they were confident in their strike and could definitely make Ye Mo kneel down with two kicks and lose all his cultivation.

However, the white clothed man at the head of this group had a shocked look on his face, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so young and cultivated to such a great level. But even so, it was still not in his eyes. Although that punch was powerful, it was only at an early Earth level cultivation.

Now that he saw his two companions kicking at Ye Mo, who seemed to have used his old moves, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, even if Ye Mo was more powerful, he would not be able to dodge these two strikes. No matter what kind of person Ye Mo was to Tang Beiwei, he could not be arrogant in front of the Point Cang Clan, killing someone from Point Cang would only lead to death. Not to mention the brother of a concubine of the young master, even if it was the father of that concubine, there would be death and no life.

It was just that if he knew that just now Ye Mo hadn’t used even a tenth of his strength in that punch, he didn’t know what he should think. Ye Mo had used almost ninety percent of his strength to cleave out that wind blade because of his anger at that Xuan level martial artist’s arrogance, and had only used one layer of strength to throw a punch.

Seeing the two kicks coming, Ye Mo knew that they were a bit lightly defeated, but even if they were lightly defeated again, he would not show mercy because of it, and swept out with one kick at the same time. Not to mention that he and the Point Cang had long been feuding and had just killed a man. Even if he did not have a grudge, he would not let go of the fact that Cang had messed with Luo Ying and his sister’s head.

“Ka-ching” two crisp sounds came as the legs of the two men who kicked at Ye Mo made the sound of breaking.

By the time the man in charge realised that the last two to break their legs were from his own side, the young man who had kicked out after him had the upper hand. Ye Mo had already raised his foot again and struck twice.

The two figures were sent flying by Ye Mo’s kicks, spilling two canopies of blood into the sky and falling into the distant cliff, not even coming close to grunting.

Two more Earth Grade martial artists had died, plus the one that Ye Mo had just killed, three of the five of them had already died. The remaining two stared dumbfounded at the cliff in the distance, and it took them a long time to wake up.

“How dare you kill my people from Point Cang, little beast, you seek death ……” The martial artist next to the man in white who did not make a move let out a hiss and was about to pounce on Ye Mo.

The man in white pulled the martial artist beside him in time, “Zhong Dan, don’t be impulsive.” Although his two companions had not used their full strength just now, he had already seen that Ye Mo was unfathomable, definitely not an ordinary Earth level cultivator, or at least Zhong Dan was definitely not his opponent, as his hand was still vaguely painful even now.

The martial artist called Zhong Dan had come back to his senses by now, and he immediately understood that if he had just rushed up, he would still end up being kicked off the cliff. Although he did not lunge up again, the anger in his two eyes was already about to burn, and one of the people who had just died was his brother Zhong Ding.

“No matter what your friend is, but to kill without asking, is that what your master taught you? And where do you leave me, Dot Cang, by doing this? Do you think you alone can stand up to the whole of me? I am Hu Nuo Ping, if there is no explanation for what happened today, I will fight you to the end even if I die.” The man in white said in a cold voice, if he was not concerned that he was not a match for Ye Mo, he would have charged up.

Ye Mo disdainfully glanced at the white-clothed man and said coldly, “You’re right, I have no intention of letting this whatever point of yours go either. Cut the crap, lead the way in front, I’ll go to your sect.”

“You dare to go to my point?” Hu Nuoping seemed to be confirming Ye Mo’s words. He didn’t expect that Ye Mo, who had killed so many people in Point Cang, would dare to say that he would go to Point Cang with him. He was just thinking about how he should send the message back and ask for help.

Ye Mo laughed, “Is your Point Cang a dragon’s den that I can’t go there? Since you dare to hit on my sister, don’t blame me for hitting on you.”

Hu Nuoping coldly glanced at Ye Mo, although he was sure that Ye Mo’s cultivation level was similar to his, he was not sure if he was Ye Mo’s opponent, so he had been hesitant to make a move. Now since Ye Mo was going to go to Point Cang, it would be best, since Ye Mo had cultivated to a level comparable to him at such a young age, it was evident that this man must have secrets in his body.

Instead of killing Ye Mo here, it would be better to bring him back and dispose of him, thinking of this, Hu Nuoping sneered and turned back to the Jing Yi Sect and called out, “Jing Xian, I will come back again from the Point Cang.”

Ye Mo suddenly said in a cold voice, “Old thing, if you don’t leave again, you don’t have to leave, I can kill you right now.”