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DYM Chapter 345

“Brother, you have to be careful.” Tang Beiwei held back her bloody nausea and came in front of Ye Mo, although she wanted to go with him, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to help, or even help backwards if she went.

Jing Xian stopped the disciples of the Jing Yi Sect who were about to go forward, ever since she saw Ye Mo could fly on his sword a few days ago, she knew that Ye Mo’s cultivation was already far beyond their reach. She hid this in her heart, knowing how much of a stir this kind of thing would cause once word got out.

“Beiwei, wait for me here, I’ll be back in a while.” Ye Mo comforted Tang Beiwei before he followed the two of them, Hu Nuoping, out of the Jing Yi Sect.

While listening to Ye Mo’s words, Hu Nuo Ping was laughing coldly in his heart, killing my disciples from Point Cang and still wanting to come back, is a dream.

Ye Mo followed the two disciples of Point Cang to the cliff platform where they entered the Jing Yi Sect, before he realised how they had come over. Surprisingly, it was a balloon device, only this device was fitted with an engine, and a propeller.

To be precise, it was a simple helicopter.

Entering this simple helicopter, Ye Mo sneered in his heart, it looked like this Hidden Sect was not hidden, even this kind of device was available, it was not out of line with this era. Zhong Dan stared at Ye Mo with anger in his eyes, but he did not dare to make a move, so he could only start the balloon helicopter. If he could beat Ye Mo, a hundred of them would have been killed by him.

After the balloon helicopter was launched, it soon burrowed into the air of the cloudy and foggy Immeasurable Mountain and disappeared between the mountains. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, but he could only see a white foggy mountain range, with no sense of direction at all.

Hu Nuo Ping stared coldly at Ye Mo, not saying a word, in his eyes, Ye Mo was already a dead man who just needed to die in the dotted canopy. The simple balloon helicopter traveled through the white fog for over an hour before landing on a platform with mountains all around, only here there was a small brick temple.

Standing on this platform, there was white fog on all sides and no buildings could be seen, so I didn’t even know if this was in the limitless mountain or not. Ye Mo praised in his heart, there are too many places in the Chinese rivers and mountains that are hard to reach, just see if you can find them. Zhong Dan stepped out of the balloon helicopter and stared at Ye Mo and said in a cold voice, “When you die, I will go down the mountain to comfort all your family members, I guarantee that they are all happy happy happy wanting to die, and every female in your Ye family will be proud of me.”

Ye Mo turned around and looked at Zhong Dan and said indifferently, “Unfortunately, you don’t have any chance.” After saying that, he raised his hand and sent a wind blade. Zhong Dan, who was just staring at Ye Mo and hated him to die immediately, suddenly split in half and fell down with shock and resignation in both eyes.

“You, how dare you come to the foot of my Point Cang Sect’s mountain and kill someone.” Hu Nuoping was looking at Ye Mo like he wanted to eat someone but he didn’t dare to make a move, only his heart was even more shocked and his tone even trembled a little. Originally, he thought that Ye Mo’s killing was just a quick knife, and even this quick knife was so fast that he didn’t even notice it at that time.

But now he saw clearly that Ye Mo’s killing was not a quick knife at all, but a stroke with his hand. His face was as ugly as if he was dead. If this Tang Beiwei’s brother was really so terrifying, how much would it cost to kill him even for the Point Cang Sect? He dared not think of flying

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Hu Nuoping if you keep nagging and don’t lead the way in front I’ll even kill you, my patience is very limited now.”

Hu Nuo Ping winced and suddenly turned around and left, he didn’t dare to offend Ye Mo again, although it was only a short time, he already knew what kind of person Ye Mo was, this was simply a demon. If it was said that Point Cang was arrogant and domineering, but in front of him, Point Cang was simply an old lady who ate fasting rice.

Ye Mo saw Hu Nuo Ping no longer speak turned to lead the way before he followed, waved his hand is two fireballs, will this small temple and that balloon helicopter into a ball of flame.

Hu Nuo Ping looked back at the two flames, the corners of his mouth twitched a few times, but did not speak but accelerated his walking speed.

Ye Mo followed Hu Nuo Ping through two tens of metres of iron ropes, and also around a few paths between the cliffs before arriving at an ancient and elegant building complex. In front of this complex, there was a mountain staircase that was over fifty metres in height. After walking these steps, a stone monument several metres high spanned in front of him, and on top of the stone monument were written two big words with a dragon flying and a phoenix, ‘Point Cang’.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, both the aura and environment of the Point Cang Sect were far stronger than the Jing Yi Sect. Just by virtue of this group of elegant and ancient buildings, it was far from that small courtyard of the Jing Yi Sect.

“Elder Hu ……” Just as Hu Nuoping walked up to the stone monument, a disciple on guard took the initiative to come forward and greet him.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through, if he hadn’t come here personally, he really wouldn’t have dared to imagine that there was such a fairy-like place in this hidden part of the mountains. However, there didn’t seem to be many disciples from these hidden sects, such as the likes of Point Cang, and Ye Mo only saw a hundred or so people.

Hu Nuo Ping walked to the place of the big bell outside the hall, and suddenly sprinted a few steps to the bottom of the bell, grabbed the rope, and kept tapping on the bell. “Dang…dang…” A sharp and muddy sound was heard all over the cliffs of Dou Cang. Of course, Ye Mo knew what Hu Nuoping meant and just coldly watched his actions, not stopping in the slightest.

“What do you want, Hu Nuoping?” An old man with white hair rushed out from inside the main hall and pointed at Hu Nuoping, angrily scolding him.

Before Hu Nuo Ping could say anything, dozens of people came out of the hall in quick succession. Some of them were even injured, but Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept at least five seriously injured people lying inside the hall. But these dozens of people were obviously still carrying hostility towards each other and were divided into two sides.

“Brother Hu’er, what is the meaning of you ringing the alarm bell of Point Cang for no reason? Could it be that there are still people who want to destroy my Point Cang?” Another old man stepped out, his face still unpleasant.

Hu Nuoping didn’t expect that the people of Dim Cang had already gathered here, but he didn’t have the heart to think about it, and immediately stepped forward and bent down to salute the middle-aged man in the middle, then pointed at Ye Mo and said, “Sect Master, this person has killed several of my brothers and teachers of Dim Cang, and even followed them all the way to my Dim Cang Sect to exterminate my Dim Cang. Please, Sect Master, order this person to be killed on the spot.”

Hearing Hu Nuoping’s words, without the Sect Master ordering, the dozens of disciples of the Point Cang above the square already surrounded Ye Mo in the middle. The disciples who were still somewhat hostile to each other had even placed their hostility on Ye Mo’s body.

The middle-aged man who was called Sect Master stared at Ye Mo for a long time before he said, “Elder Hu, the only one of the Point Cang disciples who went to Jing Yi Sect with you that I saw was you, are you saying that this is the person who joined forces with Jing Yi Sect and killed all the Point Cang disciples who went with you to welcome the bride?”

“Yes, Sect Master. This man called himself Tang Beiwei’s brother, and we didn’t even enter the Jing Yi Sect before he killed three of us, and when we came back Zhong Dan was killed by him again, and he burned the ‘Temple of Point Cang’ at the foot of our mountain before he came in.” Hu Nuoping said as he gritted his teeth and stared at Ye Mo. In his haste and anger, he hadn’t even heard the sect master’s words clearly. However, he couldn’t blame the Sect Master of the Point Cang, to say that Ye Mo had killed several Earth Grade martial artists even at such a young age, he wouldn’t believe it either.

At this moment, without waiting for the Sect Master to say anything, a bearded man already drew his long sword and charged at Ye Mo, in his opinion, Ye Mo was so young and had no ability to kill several of the people of Dou Cang, he must have used some kind of scheme.

“The bearded man’s long sword was already blocked by someone, and the person who blocked him was a middle-aged man who used a sword.

“This man has killed so many of my disciples, do you want to help an outsider?” The bearded man chided angrily.

The middle-aged man called Wang Xianling said unhurriedly, “Senior Brother Bianfeng, this man killed my disciples of Ducang, death is definitely death, but before that, I still wonder if I should ask between, why did he kill my disciples of Ducang. If it wasn’t for Bian Chao’s domineering ways, how would he have killed my disciple?”

Seeing Wang Xianling blocking Bian Feng, this middle-aged Sect Master’s face showed anger, “Wang Xianling, do you want to help the outsider who killed my disciple of Dim Cang?”

“Sect Master Bian, this person who killed my disciples of Dim Cang will be killed for any reason. But if Bian Chao hadn’t caused the incident, how could he kill my Cang of Light disciples? And how could my disciples of Ignatius travel to the Jing Yi Sect? Besides, if this man could kill my disciples from Dim Cang, he must have had the help of the Jing Yi Sect. If it wasn’t for Bian Chao, how would the Jing Yi Sect have crossed paths with my Dim Cang?

Although Master Hu brought this person back to be sentenced, I still hope that Master Bian Chao can treat him equally. Punish Bian Chao severely and give up the position of Sect Master. Otherwise, if we mess with the Jing Yi Sect this time, I can care less, but what if we mess with one of the Six Great Hidden Sects next time?” This was the old man who had just berated Hu Nuoping.

His view was the same as that middle-aged Sect Master’s, that the reason why Ye Mo had killed several people from the Point Cang must have had the help of the Jing Yi Sect. But it was obvious that he didn’t see the Jing Yi Sect in his eyes either.

Ye Mo had already understood at this point, daring to say that this old thing thought of himself as Hu Nuoping’s capture. Moreover, when he and Hu Nuoping had come together, this point of Cang still seemed to be in internal turmoil, ah.

The old man’s side seemed to have some friction with the side of the Sect Master and should have been fighting for the position of Sect Master when he and Hu Nuo Ping finally came in and interrupted it.

Hu Nuoping opened his mouth with the intention of explaining that there was no help from the Jing Yi Sect, but now he could also see that Dou Cang was in internal turmoil.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, “Shut up all of you and hand over Bian Chao, before I go on a killing spree, but I will chop off this scum’s limbs first, lest I run so far and the pig I want to kill has not yet been seen.”

With a furious shout from Ye Mo, the entire square fell silent and almost all of the people stared at Ye Mo. What made this young man so arrogant? Facing almost all of the people of the Pointing Cang Sect and still daring to be so arrogant, this man was tired of living, right?