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DYM Chapter 346

“You seek death.” A young man, who was less than thirty years old, suddenly rushed out, and the long knife in his hand was about to slash at Ye Mo. Only his strike was stopped by Hu Nuo Ping next to him, while others didn’t know Ye Mo’s power, Hu Nuo Ping knew it all too well.

Ye Mo took a look at the angry young man and suddenly took out a long knife exactly the same as the one he was holding and said, “These two long knives are surprisingly the same, it looks like you are that Bian Chao. It’s just that your skills are far worse than your brother Bian Po’s, still at Xuan level cultivation even now.”

“My brother was killed by you?” Bian Chao looked at the long knife in Ye Mo’s hand with a vengeance, “Hu Nuoping, put me down, I will kill this b*****d myself.

“You killed my son Bianpo?” At this moment, the sect master in the middle, his eyes had gone cold, as if they were like a cold mango that he could not wait to pierce Ye Mo immediately. However, deep inside him, he actually developed a slight scorn for Ye Mo. This man was so young, and he could even tell Chao’er’s cultivation level, so he could see that he was definitely not a simple person.

Ye Mo played with the long knife in his hand, “Not bad, he tried to kill me on the slope of the Shen Nong border, but I ended up killing him. A few days ago I went to visit my sister, but then I heard that there was another beast called Bian Chao in your Point Cang, but he wanted to hit my sister, so I had to reluctantly make a trip, which of course means killing this beast as well.”

“How dare you, cut off his limbs for me.” The Border Sect Master of Dim Cang could no longer contain his inner rage.

Before Hu Nuoping could speak, two Xuan-level men and one Earth-level man pounced on Ye Mo. It was already too late for Hu Nuoping to stop them, as the long blade in Ye Mo’s hand had already turned into a blade mane and rolled the three men who had lunged over together. A mere early Earth level man, plus two mid Xuan level men, did not pose the slightest threat to Ye Mo.

Almost after the flash of the blade light, there were already three more corpses on the ground, while Ye Mo stood not far away with his long blade indifferently.

If no one knew how powerful Ye Mo was just now, now in a few breaths of time, Ye Mo had already killed three people, which was already enough to shock everyone present.

Silence, for a while the square fell into silence once again.

“Listen to the order of the disciples of Point Cang, kill him for me immediately.” Sect Master Bian was the first to react and immediately bellowed. He looked at Ye Mo’s sweeping eyes and surprisingly felt a chill, no longer able to know whether it was fear or anger inside.

Instantly, more than thirty of the ancient martial disciples of Point Cang swarmed forward and dozens of various weapons were greeted at Ye Mo’s body.

Sect Leader Bian looked at the old man who did not move next to him, and the twenty disciples behind him who also did not move said in a cold voice, “Elder Liu, why don’t you move when a great enemy is at hand?”

The old man laughed coldly, “Bian Shuai Hai, you are no longer worthy of being the sect master. You have taught your son poorly and caused such a great disaster for my Point Cang, and you even asked me to help the enemy. It is enough that you condone your son’s snatching of worldly women, but you have even extended your hand to the Jing Yi Sect, causing others to kill you. Why should you ask us to wipe your own son’s a*s for him when he has caused trouble?”

Bian Shuai Hai laughed harshly, “Liu Ru Shan, don’t be disgusting here. Would you be noble enough to say that I am aiding and abetting the enemy? Who was it that killed fifty-six people in a row in Yanjing more than twenty years ago? And who was it that chased others for thirty thousand miles for a ‘Spirit Washing Flower’? Now you want my position as Sect Leader? Don’t dream, Liu Rushan. Even if your people don’t make a move, could it be that I can’t kill a mere brute?”

“Is that so? Then you’ll see.” Liu Ru Shan laughed coldly.

When Bian Shuai Hai surrounded Ye Mo with his own men, he no longer had Ye Mo in his sights, with more than thirty men surrounding Ye Mo, and even five earth level martial artists, even if Ye Mo had uncanny means, he would definitely die.

However, when Bian Shuanhai looked back now, he was like falling into a cave of ice. There were less than half of the thirty or so disciples from the Point Cang who had surrounded Ye Mo, and there were limbs and broken arms everywhere.

“Hu Nuo Ping, immediately set up the ‘Seven Killing Formation'” When Bian Shuan Hai saw the tragic situation in front of him, he didn’t even have time to pull out his weapon, he flew into the battle circle with his bare hands and fists, gathered his whole body’s internal qi and punched out at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo immediately sensed the powerful killing machine of Bian Shuai Hai, and the unrelenting aura. Ye Mo sneered in his heart, want to kill me with one punch? Immediately, he also leapt up and struck out with a punch at the same time.

“Boom” a muffled sound was heard as the two fists met. Bian Shuaihai was knocked several metres away and was stopped by Hu Nuo Ping. Bian Shuaihai was horrified and immediately knew that just this punch had completely broken his arm.

The long knife in Ye Mo’s hand brought away a spray of blood as several more Xuan level martial artists fell to the ground. Bian Shuanhai held back the pain and shock and led Hu Nuo Ping and the remaining five men to surround Ye Mo in a group.

He could not be any worse than him, he was at the peak of the Earth level, but he did not expect that he could not even block one punch from this young man. If he had killed Bian Shuanghai, it would have been just as easy to kill the twenty or so people he had.

Not only Liu Rushan, but also the twenty or so people behind Liu Rushan, they all stared at Ye Mo like they had seen a ghost, the shock caused by Ye Mo’s decisive killing was just a little too strong for them.

“Who the hell are you?” Bian Shuanghai stared coldly at Ye Mo, not even glancing at Bian Chao who had already had his limbs cut off next to him.

Ye Mo looked at the seven people surrounding his position, which should be a formation of some sort, but he didn’t care in the slightest. Instead, he slowly took out his flying sword and said indifferently, “I, Ye Mo, have come to Dim Cang today to collect a debt.”

“What? You are Ye Mo?” Not only was Bian Shuanghai stunned, but Liu Rushan was equally appalled. They were not the Jing Yi Clan, and they knew too much more about Ye Mo’s killing spree than the Jing Yi Clan. The Hop School was destroyed by Ye Mo’s hands, and they heard that Ye Mo was looking for the Hop School’s lair, and the Hop School had supposedly closed its mountain gate because of this.

Bian Shuai Hai reacted quickly and immediately knew how terrifying Ye Mo was, he looked at Liu Rushan for help, but Liu Rushan avoided his gaze. Bian Shuai Hai held back his inner resentment and anger and said to Ye Mo, “Since you are Ye Mo and a famous person, why do you have to cross me, Dou Cang? When did I, Dim Cang, ever offend you, Ye Mo, if you want to stand up for the Jing Yi Clan just say so, and I, Dim Cang, will not fail to buy your face.

This was a clear sign of weakness, but no one laughed at him, Ye Mo was too terrifying, and looking at Ye Mo, he didn’t seem to have fully exerted himself just now, what would it be like once he did?

Ye Mo didn’t reply to Bian Shuanghai’s words, instead he walked up to Bian Chao and lifted his foot and stepped on him, “Luo Ying is my wife and Tang Beiwei is my sister. This scum from your Point Cang, how dare you go up to the Jing Yi Sect to claim Yuan Yuan Su and Bei Wei, do you think I will come and destroy you Point Cang? I, Ye Mo, act just don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you, since you want to mess with me, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

After saying that, Ye Mo’s foot used a strong force, and Bian Chao didn’t even have time to grunt, he was just trampled to death by Ye Mo’s foot.

“Surnamed Ye, today either you die or I die.” When Bian Shuai Hai saw Bian Chao being stomped to death in front of his eyes, he could no longer contain his anger, even if he was not Ye Mo’s opponent, he still wanted to kill him.

As Bian Shuai Hai rushed up, Hu Nuo Ping and the other five simultaneously attacked Ye Mo from different angles.

Although the seven of them struck at Ye Mo from different angles, the final point of attack was surprisingly the same place. With the full force of the six Earth Grade martial artists and one peak Xuan Grade martial artist, Ye Mo unexpectedly found himself nowhere to dodge, no matter which side he dodged to, he would face the full force of the remaining six, and also face a frontal attack from one person in the direction he was dodging.

There was nowhere for Ye Mo to escape other than a hard fight, even if he had to fly up, he would still have to dodge this strike.

Ye Mo drank and gathered his true essence while striking out with a fist.

“Boom” there was a loud sound, and the seven men of Bian Shuang Hai were sent flying by Ye Mo, but these seven men quickly gathered again, all obviously not seriously injured, while Ye Mo spurted out a mouthful of blood and agreed to be knocked back. In his heart, he was secretly shocked, this formation of whatever this seven people had gathered was too powerful, and there was a Xuan level one dragging his feet in the middle of this, if this person hadn’t dragged his feet, this one would have made him eat his words.

Ye Mo spurted out blood and immediately knew he was injured, he couldn’t dodge, the only thing he could do was to fly, Ye Mo immediately leapt up.

In the middle, the place where several people had just exchanged punches had been hit with a deep crater several meters square, even the marble paved on the square had been shattered, which showed the power of the blow just now.

When the seven people of Bian Shuai Hai saw Ye Mo being sent flying, they all had a look of joy on their faces, because this formation had a dead end, which was the air. No matter what expert, even an Innate expert, as long as he or she was sent leaping up into the air by the bi, that person was already half dead.

The seven of them once again took up their positions, gathered their internal qi and aimed at the open space in the middle, and once again punched out with all their might.

As Ye Mo leapt up, he knew that he had underestimated the heroes of the world. If he could not fly with his sword, then today would be the day he would be buried.

With Ye Mo’s vision, of course he could see what the most powerful backhand of these seven people was, their front punch was to create momentum, and the back strike was the one that would kill. If this formation was left to the seven late earth level martial artists to cāo control, even with his current cultivation level, he would not be able to leap up into the air and would have to wait for the second punch to be struck and killed.

It was a pity that there was still a Xuan-rank martial artist in the middle of this. What was even more of a pity was that Ye Mo could still fly by chance and did not have to fall at all.

Liu Rushan was also looking at the eight people fighting with a strange expression on his face, his idea was that it was best for both sides to die together and for Ye Mo to kill Bian Shuanghai. Unfortunately, now it looked like Ye Mo was bound to die. But this was good, after all, Ye Mo had already killed most of Bian Shuai Hai’s men, and the remaining few were no longer enough to worry about.