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DYM Chapter 347

Ye Mo was forced into the air by the ‘Point Cang Seven Kill Formation’, that was a certain death, as long as he fell down, it was the same as a death sentence. Not to mention that now Ye Mo was already injured, even if Ye Mo fell into the ‘Point Cang Seven Kill Formation’ from the air with his body intact, it would still be a death sentence.

“Boom ……” The second strike of the ‘Point Cang Seven Kill Formation’ presided over by Bian Shuai Hai had completely blasted together, and the sky was filled with earth and stones flying up. However, the hearts of Bian Shuaihai and Hu Nuoping immediately sank, there seemed to be no shadow of Ye Mo in that strike just now.

This was unbelievable to them, not to mention that Ye Mo had not yet entered Xiantian, even if he was a Xiantian expert, it was impossible for him to stay in the air until he had not fallen down after their punch had been struck. Even if they were high in lightness, it was impossible for them to avoid this blow under the internal qi sweep of the ‘Point Cang Seven Kill Formation’ experts, and they could not dodge it even if they wanted to.

But the truth was that they seemed to have missed the strike.

“Retreat ……” Bian Shuanghai reacted quickly and immediately knew that this blow would be a big deal if the blow was empty. He didn’t know what method Ye Mo had used to stay in the air, but as long as he did, the next seven of them would be dead. If Ye Mo attacked, even the simplest killing move would damage them considerably.

Although Bian Shuai Hai was the first to react, he still seemed to be a little too slow as a huge sword that was like a door panel swept down, bringing up a cold and chilling wind that swept the seven of them together.

“No ……” Bian Shuaihai could no longer restrain his inner panic and gathered his whole body’s internal qi and backed away rapidly.

“Boom ……” A sword light flashed, the huge square of the Point Cang Sect was cut by this sword into a deep gorge of more than ten meters, except for the temporary escape of Bian Shuai Hai, none of the other six survived, all were killed.

As blood continued to flow from the corners of his mouth, Bian Shuai Hai stood in a daze, staring blankly at the place where he had just stood, which had been turned into a deep ravine. He couldn’t say a word now, Ye Mo’s power and terror was completely beyond his comprehension, where was this a human being?

He, Dim Cang, had actually offended such a ruthless person, and he had even let someone kill him at his door. If the Point Cang were to be exterminated because of this, he, Bian Shuanghai, would be the sinner of the Point Cang. Although he and Liu Rushan were at odds and fighting for power, this was all an internal matter of the Point Cang, whereas now Ye Mo was fully capable of killing all of the Point Cang.

At this moment, some regret rose in his heart, he should not have indulged his son, if it wasn’t for Bian Chao, Ye Mo wouldn’t have killed Point Cang. But now he could not even keep this point of the foundation of Point Cang, not to mention revenge. If he had known this, he might as well have given the position of Sect Leader to Liu Rushan. If he had known that Bian Chao would bring such a great disaster to Ducang, he would have killed Bian Chao with his sword long ago, but unfortunately, it was too late now.

Liu Rushan also looked dumbfounded at the deep ravine in front of him, he was also completely unable to understand. Just now he had clearly seen a large sword the size of a door slab fall, but in the blink of an eye the sword had disappeared.

Could it be his own illusion? Liu Rushan looked at the disciples behind him, and from the corners of their open mouths, he could tell that he had seen correctly, Ye Mo had indeed cut down a huge door slab sword just now, only that the sword quickly became nothing and finally disappeared.

At this moment, what was on his mind was no longer the fault of Bian Shuanghai, he only had deep annoyance that Bian Chao had caused such a big trouble for the point cang. If he had originally said that provoking Ye Mo was a great misfortune, he still had some intention to suppress Bian Shuaihai, but now, he knew that it was really a great misfortune. Because the matter had completely gone beyond his control, it was certain that after Bian Shuaihai’s death, it would be their turn.

Ye Mo put away his flying sword and slowly walked towards Bian Shuai Hai, this was someone he had to kill.

“Amitabha Buddha, since Master Ye has already killed the evil leader, why don’t you stop here? Such goodness!” An old, mellow voice rang out, and almost at the same time as this voice rang out, a monk whose face could not be seen suddenly appeared above the square in Point Cang.

Ye Mo was startled in his heart, his divine sense had been very concerned just now, but he hadn’t even noticed when this monk had arrived, there was such a powerful monk under the sky? Although his true essence was so consumed that it was now even less than half, this still gave Ye Mo a fright.

“Senior Wudao, please save me from the First Clan of Point Cang ……” After hearing this voice, not only Change Washing Sea, but also Liu Rushan fell to his knees and begged for help.

He was Wudao? Ye Mo carefully stared at the monk again and again, but still could not see any clues. However, he had heard of Monk Wudao, back when Zhang Zhihui had told him that there were no Innate Masters in this world, except for Wudao. However, he had heard that Wudao was only a half-step Xiantian, but now Ye Mo seemed that this Wudao was definitely not a half Xiantian, not only could he not see Wudao’s face, he could not even see Wudao’s cultivation.

At that moment, Ye Mo already knew that this Wudao’s skills were definitely above his, although he might not be able to kill him, he would definitely not be able to win in Wudao’s hands.

What to do? A nosy monk? Should we fight to find out?

No matter what, whether it was this old monk’s opponent or not, one had to fight to find out. Thinking of this, Ye Mo didn’t say anything and leapt up directly, the long knife in his hand was already heading straight for Bian Shuang Hai, he had calculated that this old monk was going to block.

No matter how strange the angle of Ye Mo’s blade was, it invariably collided with the old monk’s fist.

“If Ye Mo didn’t know that Monk Wudao was empty-handed, he would have thought that his opponent was a weapon clashing with him.

After several clashes, Ye Mo’s long sword was knocked away and he also retreated several steps directly before he looked at Monk Wudao and said coldly, “Monk, do you really want to interfere in the matter of Dim Cang?”

“Amitabha Buddha, the cultivation of the monk is so profound that the internal qi carried in the sword is already like substance, so it is clear that the monk is a person with great wisdom. It is only that Master Ye has too much killing energy, so it is best to enter the mountain with the old monk to dissolve the hostile energy.” Monk Wudao once again let out an Amitabha Buddha, as if it was only natural to do so.

Ye Mo was extremely angry and let out a cold laugh, “Monk, are you saying that you are going to arrest even me? Are you the police of the Pacific Ocean? The control is so wide, I will see how you will arrest me today.”

Monk Wudao suddenly stopped talking, but flew up and leaped up to directly stretch out his withered hand to grab at Ye Mo, Ye Mo didn’t say a word, gathered a true qi fire ball on top of his fist, and without letting up in the slightest, he just punched out at Wudao.

“Bang Bang ……” After several more impacts, true fire splashed everywhere, Wudao withdrew several meters away, staring at Ye Mo with a grave face. He had really been shaded by Ye Mo, who had attached the true fire to the top of his fist, causing him to suffer a big loss. However, Ye Mo didn’t have it much easier either, and similarly retreated nearly ten metres before stopping his form.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept over Wudao’s fist at the same time, but saw that Monk Wudao’s fist only had a slight black color, and his own true fire had not even the slightest effect on his fist.

So powerful, Ye Mo secretly marveled in his heart, it was the same cultivator who was at the fourth level of Qi cultivation that would not be as unaffected by a fireball as Wudao was. This monk was the number one expert he had met.

“Master Shi has a profound cultivation, does he really want to exterminate Dim Cang?” Wudao’s tone became low, and even the regular ‘Amitabha Buddha’ was omitted.

Liu Rushan was even more shocked when he saw that Monk Wudao could not help Ye Mo. Senior Wudao was recognized as the number one expert of the Outer Hidden Sect, and although the legend was that he was a half-step Xiantian, no one knew how high his cultivation level was.

If Ye Mo had defeated Monk Wudao, then what should they do? Thinking of this Liu Rushan once again felt a chill, he could see clearly how ruthless and decisive Ye Mo was in killing.

Liu Rushan did not hesitate anymore, he stood up and said to Ye Mo with a clasped fist, “Young Ye, Bian Chao was coddled by his father and acted excessively, now Young Ye has killed Bian Chao. Please ask Young Ye to stop here for the sake of Elder Wudao. I, Liu Rushan, swear once again that if Young Ye is willing to stop at this point, I, the Point Cang Clan, will definitely not hold any half-hearted grudge against Young Ye, and if I violate this oath, I will be executed by Heaven and Earth.”

“Good, in that case, today I will end this feud with the Point Cang for the sake of Senior Wudao. But I have to kill Bian Shuanghai.” Ye Mo said coldly, as for killing or not killing the rest, with Wudao stepping in, it would be a bit troublesome to kill again, besides he didn’t care about killing all of them, besides Wudao’s cultivation made Ye Mo raise some respect for him, and even changed his address a bit.

Wudao once again ‘Amitabha Buddha’ and then said, “Master Ye, you have killed too much, since the old monk is here, you cannot be allowed to continue killing any of them.”

“Is that so?” Ye Mo suddenly leapt up and headed surprisingly straight for the door of the point. Just as Wudao wondered what Ye Mo was going to do, a lavender light streaked across the long sky like a meteor, bringing up the head of Bian Shuanghai and disappearing.

Far below the stairs outside the Point Cang Gate, came Ye Mo’s voice, “Senior Wudao, for your sake today, I understand this with Point Cang. How about if it finds its way to my head again, don’t blame me, Ye Mo, for being ungracious.” As for going to dissolve the hostility with senior, I don’t have the interest for now.”

Wudao seemed not to have heard Ye Mo’s words, but murmured, “Surprisingly, it’s the Imperial Sword, the Imperial Sword, the legendary Imperial Sword ……”

Liu Rushan and the others were even more shocked as they stared at Bian Shuanghai who had already fallen to the ground and died, a chill ran down their backs, so that was just Ye Mo’s killer move. He was surprisingly powerful to this extent, but soon he felt grateful for his choice. If he hadn’t seen the opportunity quickly and had to borrow Senior Wudao’s momentum to continue dealing with Ye Mo, perhaps his head would have fallen to the ground by now.

“Amitabha Buddha.” Monk Wudao gave another Buddhist hymn and disappeared once again, even Liu Rushan did not know how Senior Wudao had gone.

Reacting, Liu Rushan wiped the sweat from his forehead and said solemnly, “From now on, Point Cang will be closed for five years, just like the Hopeful School, and from now on, Point Cang disciples are not allowed to mess with the children of the Ye family.”