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DYM Chapter 348

The still surviving disciples of Point Cang were like Liu Rushan, staring blankly at the unbearable scene above the square. They understood what Liu Rushan had done, if someone like Ye Mo dared to anger him again, it was certain that he would not hesitate to exterminate Dim Cang.

Moreover, the reason why he did not completely exterminate Point Cang today was not because of Ye Mo’s temporary kindness at all, but because of Senior Wudao’s intervention. It was because Ye Mo was not sure of winning against Senior Wudao, plus the poisonous oath that Liu Rushan had made that he stopped. If Senior Wudao had not come over, Ye Mo would have absolutely wiped out Point Cang completely. Even so, when Ye Mo was on his way out, he killed Bian Shuanghai before leaving.

Just from the fact that he killed Bian Shuanghai in front of Senior Gautama, it was clear that this person, Ye Mo, would never allow anyone to exist who was a threat to him? He knew that the grievance with Bian Shuai Hai could not be undone, so he very simply cut off the root.

And although Liu Rushan had taken a poisonous oath, it was only for Point Cang, if Ye Mo didn’t want to let Point Cang go and do it again, there was still nothing they could do. So he chose to close the mountain gate, which was the safest way to go, so no one thought that Liu Rushan had done wrong.

What’s more, it was not easy for a hidden sect to train a Xuan level martial artist, it took many years of sedimentation and someone with absolutely superior qualifications. And since Ye Mo had killed almost 70% of the good people of Dou Cang with this visit, Dou Cang could be said to have been crippled, and without even Ye Mo coming back, other small sects could have destroyed Dou Cang and occupied its dojo.

At this point, the point cang is like walking on thin ice and has to be careful.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. He was equally injured and had lost too much of his true essence. When he had exchanged a few moves with Wudao, he immediately knew that he was not yet a match for this monk, and he decisively chose to retreat.

According to his original intention he was indeed going to uproot the whole point and scour it, but since things had gone wrong in the middle, he would not come back a second time. He also knew that although he had scruples against Gautama, the same Monk Gautama had scruples against him, and although he was not yet a match for Monk Gautama, it was by no means possible for Gautama to take him away. What’s more, if they were to fight to the death, it was not yet known who would die.

When Ye Mo returned to the Jing Yi Sect, Tang Beiwei had been waiting for him for a long time, and only when she saw her brother return did Tang Beiwei put down her hanging heart. Although she knew that her brother was powerful, but he went to the Point Cang this time, ah, I heard from my master that the Point Cang was one of the six sects of the Hidden Sect, although it was the last one, but all six sects were not simple.

“Come on, let’s go back and talk about it. I’ll ask your master later to see if we can help pull that iron rope up again.” Ye Mo smiled and said to Tang Beiwei.

“No need, Master said that she can get that iron rope herself, and when needed, Master will go and pull it up herself.” Tang Beiwei, however, shook her head.

Ye Mo nodded, “Since that’s the case, then I won’t get it, I’ll refine a few magic weapons for you when I get back.”

To Ye Mo’s surprise, after Ye Mo returned from his trip to Dim Cang, Master Jing Xian didn’t ask much about anything, although she also came to Tang Beiwei’s residence often, she never asked Ye Mo what happened in Dim Cang.

If Jing Xian didn’t ask, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t take the initiative to talk about it, and he also stayed at the Jing Yi Sect. He usually went around to collect medicinal herbs, and spent the extra time cultivating the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’ and ‘Purple Heart Vine’ with his sister, and then instructing her in cultivation.

The days were spent in such an uneventful manner. Deep in the Immeasurable Mountains, which were not visited by people all year round, there were many precious medicinal herbs of all kinds. Two weeks later, Ye Mo finally gathered all the medicinal materials again and finished refining the last ‘Qi cultivation pills’, and at the same time, he again refined a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and a ‘Face Preservation Pill’.

Ye Mo failed in refining the first furnace of ‘Qi cultivation pills’, and the second furnace was completed with nine pills because of the Qi return pills from the falling clamour. Now that Ye Mo was at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, the third furnace of ‘Qi cultivation pills’ surprisingly became twelve pills, which made Ye Mo greatly rejoice.

After letting Tang Beiwei take one ‘Qi cultivation pill’ to advance to the second Qi cultivation layer, Ye Mo once again left two for her, telling her to take another one when she reached the peak of the second Qi cultivation layer.

Seemingly sensing that her brother was leaving, Tang Beiwei also lost her mind to cultivate and spent every day with Ye Mo. She wished that her brother would just stay here forever, but she also knew that this was simply unrealistic.

This day, Tang Beiwei came to Ye Mo’s residence early in the morning, but instead of seeing her brother, she saw a letter on top of the table. Tang Beiwei knew that her brother must have left, and although she knew that he would come back to see her later, her mood was inexplicably low. She picked up the letter and a short sword that her brother had made for her underneath it, and surprisingly had an urge to cry.

A sigh came from behind Tang Beiwei, who looked back and saw her master standing behind her looking at her. Tang Beiwei called out in a somewhat unhinged voice, “Master.”

Jing Xian walked in and stroked Tang Beiwei’s hair for a long time before saying, “Beiwei, your brother is not an ordinary person, and you know that your brother is not an ordinary person for you to stay here. I think that if you want to live a rich life, all you have to do is say the word and your brother is certainly able to help you.”

“Master, I don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, I like the peaceful and carefree life here.” Tang Beiwei immediately shook her head and said.

Jing Xian nodded slightly and said, “Therefore, you have to work hard on your cultivation and don’t let your brother down. I think he will come back to see you again, and maybe the next time your brother comes, he will take you away from here.”

Tang Beiwei shook her head without saying anything, if she wanted to leave, she could ask her brother to take her away this time, but she didn’t want to go back to the city to live that kind of life without her family. Although her brother had left, her own mother was still here.

And she knew that many of the things her brother did were things that ordinary people did not dare to imagine, so she could not go to the middle of the city to drag her brother down, while she stayed here, her brother had no worries. When she had the strength, she could go and help her brother.

In her eyes, there was no right or wrong, as long as it was done by her brother Ye Mo, it was all right. So she also never asked Ye Mo about things and never talked about those things.


Ye Mo didn’t greet Tang Beiwei when he left, he knew that this sister seemed to be a bit sentimental since she had met him. It was very different from the Tang Beiwei he had just met back then, when he had first met her, she was very opinionated and even a bit spirited.

Ye Mo also knew that this was because she had been living in discrimination and poverty from others, and if she hadn’t been stronger, she might have been swallowed by others long ago. When she was young, Tang Beiwei definitely didn’t enjoy that feeling of being pampered, or even she didn’t have a childhood at all. Therefore, she cared a lot about Ye Mo’s pampering.

It was only after she met Ye Mo that she got that feeling of being pampered by her relatives, and only then did she get to cherish that feeling. Tang Beiwei insisted on staying in the Jing Yi Sect, Ye Mo also guessed some of it, but he didn’t try to persuade her, when Tang Beiwei’s strength was strong, she would come out of her own accord.


When Ye Mo first arrived at the flowing snake, he could hardly believe his eyes.

The place was completely devoid of the hustle and bustle of a few months ago, and countless workers were busy inside the construction sites all around.

What is this again?

“Brother Ye ……” a surprised voice rang out as Fang Nan ran over in a hurry with a few of his juniors.

“Fang Nan, what the hell is going on here?” Ye Mo looked at Fang Nan who was red and glowing and asked with some confusion. Although he saw that Fang Nan was already a middle Yellow Grade martial artist, this was not what concerned him the most, what he was thinking was if all these workers were gathered by Fang Nan, how did he have so much start-up capital?

Fang Nan, however, said excitedly, “Brother Ye, your extermination of the Amphibian Sect is really a great pleasure, now this border area is all managed by my ‘Luo Yue Border Trading Company’ …… Brother Zang and Brother Xu are here. ”

Ye Mo but saw Zang Jia Yan and Xu Ping trotting over together. However, he found that Mo Hai was actually here as well, and at once he seemed to have some understanding.

“Master ……” Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen who got the news together both rushed over excitedly, it was the first time they had seen Ye Mo since he had left Luo Cang.

The first time since they left Luo Cang, they were excited to see him. “Let’s go, let’s go in first and then talk about it in detail” Ye Mo was very happy to see many friends and brothers.

A large room of people sat around each other, they had all gathered together because of Ye Mo, and now they were working towards a common goal.

“Where is Yang Jiu?” Ye Mo, however, noticed that Yang Jiu and Han Zai had not come over.

However, Zhai Jia Yan immediately said, “The two of them and a few others, Yu Miaotong and Yuan Meixiang, have gone to go through some customs formalities together. Jack has shipped a batch of pharmaceutical equipment in England and is in the process of declaring customs.”

Looking like Ye Mo with a puzzled face, Mo Hai immediately said, “Jack is the Englishman you met at sea last time, he is the head of the Asian region of British Peerless Pharmaceuticals. This time, after he knew that Luo Yue was the company of his predecessor, he took the initiative to request an investment in Luo Yue. It’s because he was originally one of the shareholders of Biao Rui.”

So it was him, and Ye Mo immediately remembered that Luoni who admired him so much.

However, Zhan Jia Yan went on to say, “Mr Ye, this time, our Luo Yue’s registration and the reconstruction of the Flowing Serpent was fortunate thanks to the Mo Hai brothers. Their Hong Kong Mo Group provided two hundred million dollars to get our company started, and they also brought Jack, one of the shareholders of British Peerless, to invest. It’s just that we don’t dare to say much about this shareholding issue, so we can only ask when you come back.”

Hearing Zang Jia Yan’s words, Mo Hai hurriedly said, “Senior Ye, the investment in Luo Yue is my uncle’s intention, and uncle does not need Luo Yue’s shares. Uncle said that we must give our full help in senior’s matter. As for Jack, he doesn’t need shares either, he just hopes that he can cooperate with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in the future.”

Ye Mo already had a plan in his heart, so he stopped talking about the shares, he also knew that he had saved Mo Kang’s life at the beginning, this time it was Mo Kang who wanted to repay the favour, but he would not treat Mo Kang badly either. It’s just that that Englishman Jack is very shrewd, he even thought of the future cooperation issue.

Ye Mo took out two ‘qi cultivation pills’ and handed them to Mo Hai, “These two pills are called ‘qi cultivation pills’, you help to auction them off, this kind of pills can allow martial artists below the earth level to advance one level.”

“Yes senior.” Mo Hai ji took the pills, although he didn’t know what Earth Grade was, he knew that it was the rank of Ancient Martial Arts, and the kind of pills could allow Ancient Martial Arts practitioners to advance to the next level, so it was evident that it must be something very heaven defying.

Xu Ping immediately said, “Third brother, this kind of elixir of yours is really too precious. I’m already at the middle Xuan level now, and I’m sure I’ll have to go up another level in half a year. I never dreamed of such a thing before.”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Second brother, in the future our company will still be famous worldwide, there will definitely be many small fry to cause trouble, so the more powerful your kung fu is, the better.”

“This is the kind of thing I, Xu Ping, like to do the most, third brother don’t worry about it, I’m sure our company’s technical information can’t even be seen by the ants outside.” Xu Ping immediately patted his chest and said.

Ye Mo looked at Yu Erhu and said, “Erhu, from now on, when I am not around, you will study ancient martial arts with Master Xu Ping, don’t pull down.”

“Yes, Master.” Yu Erhu hastily replied.

However, Zhan Jia Yan said with some difficulty, “Mr. Ye, I have seen the pills made by Erhu, they cannot be ma*s produced, although they are good, it is still a bit difficult to make them bigger. Besides that even if this secrecy measure is even stricter, those experts will buy our pills to go, they might analyze the ingredients.”

Ye Mo faintly smiled, “Brother Zang don’t worry, not only can our elixir be ma*s produced, but there is no way for others to imitate it.”

After saying that, Ye Mo turned to Mo Hai and said, “Mo Hai, when you go back, after auctioning off these two pills, help me purchase two hundred million jade stones, which are not required to be much better, as long as they are average.”

“Good, don’t worry senior, I’ll take care of this.” Mo Hai immediately stood up and promised, although he was shocked that Ye Mo wanted to purchase two hundred million jade stones at once, he didn’t ask anything.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “From now on, don’t call me senior, just call me by my name directly, if you don’t like to call me that, just call me like Brother Zang in general.”

After the two-hour meeting, Ye Mo knew that the two people in charge of Luo Yue Company were now Zang Jia Yan and Yu Miaotong. When Yu Miaotong returned, Ye Mo simply set the tone.

Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaotong were still in charge of the company’s production and sales, Yuan Meixiang and Lu Xiaozhen were temporarily in charge of the financial matters, while Xu Ping temporarily took Ye Mo’s place and signed off on the money draw and some major matters.

The company’s security measures are the top priority, with Fang Nan and Yang Jiu in charge, and major matters are coordinated by Xu Ping.


A month later, Mo Hai returned to Flowing Serpent again, and with him came Mo Kang. When he heard that Ye Mo was in Flowing Snake, Mo Kang came over personally. To Ye Mo, he admired him from the bottom of his heart.

After the two ‘Qi cultivation pills’ were released in Hong Kong, they were directly purchased by a Hong Kong family. A total of three hundred million dollars was auctioned off.

Ye Mo also secretly sighed in his heart that there was no more ‘Scarlet Coral’, if there was still ‘Scarlet Coral’, he would have even just refined this elixir to sell. However, this price was still wanting too much worse than the real Hidden Sect auction, if it was at the last Hidden Sect auction, this price might have doubled.

The 200 million jade stones purchased over were all arranged by Ye Mo around the pharmaceutical factory of the flowing snake. There were no spirit stones here, so Ye Mo could only settle for the second best and used jade stones to arrange a ‘spirit gathering formation’ around the pharmaceutical factory. Although the jade array was far inferior to the one set up with spirit stones, it could still produce spiritual qi.

The spiritual qi gathered every day could only be used to refine pills, but it was far from enough for cultivation. At the same time, Ye Mo added a few more spirit gathering formations on top of each machine that produced ‘Beauty Pills’, so that the quality could be guaranteed.

Ye Mo spent a month to modify the company’s upcoming elixir ‘Beauty Pill’ formula again and taught it to Yu Erhu. However, this ‘Beauty Pill’ could only be produced on specific occasions, because this kind of pills, must absorb spiritual energy to be made.

And the ‘Spirit Gathering Formation’ that Ye Mo had laid out met exactly this condition, but of course if in the real cultivation world, where there was spiritual energy everywhere, refining such low level pills would not require any spiritual energy formations at all, but not here.

The second dan pill that Ye Mo taught Erhu was instead the ‘Heart Nourishing Pill’, which could relieve various symptoms of fatigue and eliminate hidden health problems. For the rest of the pills, Ye Mo instead told Erhu to wait for these two pills to be successful before launching them one after another, it was not good to launch too many at once.

The main purpose of Ye Mo founding this Luo Yue Company was still to collect various spiritual herbs. These spiritual herbs he even drew into a graphic and gave it to Zang Jiayan, so that Zang Jiayan could give an account.

When all these things were accounted for, Ye Mo however left the Flowing Serpent. He knew that with the current conditions, it would be difficult for him to stay in one place to cultivate and continue to advance.

From then on, in order to find Luo Ying, he set out all over China with one person and one sword.