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DYM Chapter 349

In March, the gra*s grew and the birds flew.


It had been almost half a year since Ye Mo had left Flowing Serpent.


If there was one more biggest news within the international upper echelons and various high-ranking circles during these six months, it was the fate of the once arrogant and unbeatable international a*sa*sin group ‘Earth Fury’, which had offended a powerful figure, the powerful and prominent ‘Earth Fury’ had been scandalised overnight. The ‘Earth Fury’, which had offended a powerful man, was eradicated overnight. Meanwhile inside the major **** that still exist, this figure has been listed as a never-to-be-touched figure.


But the biggest and most alarming event in the Hidden Sect was not this, but the near extermination of the Point Cang Sect and the Harmony School. These two sects are still among the six great sects of the Hidden Sect, and because they provoked a young man, both sects were nearly eradicated by him.


The Hop School might have been wiped out by now if not for the timely return of the elders and the sect’s sealing of the mountain. And if it wasn’t for the new head of the sect, Liu Rushan, who saw the opportunity quickly, and the timely stopping of Elder Wudao, the Point Cang Sect might have been wiped out long ago. But that was it, these two great sects were greatly weakened and no longer had the same arrogance and untouchability that they had among the Six Great Hidden Sects.


Of course, the most widespread rumour in the underworld was the demise of the Amphibian Sect, as well as the contraction of Tie Jiang, and even the current dwindling of ‘Southern Youth’, all seemingly due to offending the same person.


All of these events seem to be connected to one person, some of whom some people know who that person is, but most of whom they don’t.


However, all of these are not matters of concern to the ordinary people, they are too far removed from the ordinary people who live in ordinary days. What they cared about was not these, but the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ company that had suddenly emerged recently.


Although the name of the company ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is strange, it is not a name that would cause much concern. What is most concerning is that this company has not yet launched its new products, and even before anyone knows exactly what ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is going to produce, there are already two super companies that want to cooperate with this company.


One is Hong Kong’s leading family company, the ‘Hong Kong Mok Group’, and the other is surprisingly a famous international pharmaceutical company, the ‘British Peerless Pharmaceuticals’.


Whether or not it was this company called ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ that came out to fool people, the launch of ‘Beauty Pill’, the first product of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, still stirred up a lot of controversy.


The instructions and advertisements for ‘Beauty Pill’ clearly state that ‘Beauty Pill’ can not only slow down the ageing process, but also remove spots and wrinkles on the face, make the skin fair, and even prolong life with long-term use. It can be said that all the descriptions on it point to the word ‘rejuvenation’ except for the fact that it does not explicitly say rejuvenation.


All sorts of comments came in, skeptical, abusive, angry, all voices pointed to the Drug Supervision Bureau. However, the Drug Supervision Bureau clearly stated that the listing of ‘Beauty Pill’ complied with the formalities and there was no insider information.


In spite of all the public pressure, the ‘Beauty Pill’ was still put on the counter of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ on the designated date, which made many people who were originally skeptical start to wonder. Some were even prepared to buy one to try, but were soon discouraged once again.


This was because the ‘Beauty Pill’ was sold at a surprisingly high price of 100,000 yuan a bottle, and there were only six pills in a bottle.


The price that Zhai Jia Yan and Yu Miaotong had set was after much deliberation “The effect of the Beauty Pill is undeniable, but of course this batch of refined ‘Beauty Pill’ and the ‘Beauty Pill’ that Ye Mo had refined back then The ‘beauty pills’ that were made in bulk were not the same as the ‘beauty pills’ that Ye Mo had made. The ‘Beauty Pill’ that Ye Mo had refined at the beginning could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece. That was because Ye Mo used true essence to refine it, and the herbs had to be a few more precious ones.


The current ‘Beauty Pill’ had to have a few less extremely precious herbs and was still refined in bulk, so it was not surprising that the price was lower.


Although the effect of the current bottle of six pills was still far less than the effect of one at the beginning, after all, the effect of the ‘Beauty Pill’ was still obvious, and as long as one bottle was consumed, it would definitely produce results.


Although the ‘Beauty Pill’ was talked about, no one went to buy it because no one believed it and the price was still so outrageous.


Yet at the distribution office in Guilin City, thirty bottles were sold in one go.


Xi Yuerong also did not expect that she could see ‘Beauty Pills’ in Guilin once again. Ever since the last time she happened to spend 200,000 on a ‘Beauty Pill’ at the Luo Cang magic weapon exchange, she had not encountered such ‘Beauty pills’. Although she went to Luo Cang several times afterwards, she still did not have any luck.


Although the fragrance of this pill was much different from the one she bought last time, the taste was similar. Xi Yuerong immediately judged that this ‘Beauty Pill’ was definitely from the same place as the one she had bought last time.


Since she had bought a ‘Beauty Pill’ last time and consumed it, not only had her face become radiant, but her skin had also become white. For a while, many people who knew her asked her where she bought the elixir, only when they went to Luo Cang again, Ye Mo had long since left.


So this time when she met the ‘Beauty Pill’ in Guilin, she didn’t hesitate to swipe all of her three million dollar card, and if she didn’t have enough money, she would have purchased more.


With the first person to eat a crab, and so many ‘beauty pills’ at once, there were gradually people buying them. Although they were sold in bottles, it was much better than the first few days when no bottle could be sold.


But this situation did not last long, after a week, almost all the shops selling ‘beauty pills’ were overcrowded. It was as if everyone had made an appointment, and in just one day, all the ‘Beauty Pills’ that had been stockpiled for over a week were sold out, and even a large number of orders were thrown at ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.


The ‘Beauty Pill’ was real, even more real than what the instructions said. This world really did have such heaven defying things, such heaven defying pills. Almost everyone who bought the ‘Beauty Pill’ first saw the business opportunity in it. Those who followed up and snapped it up were even the ones who knew that this current price would perhaps double several times in a month’s time.


In just a month’s time, all sorts of reports once again poured in, all talking about the unbelievable effects of the ‘Beauty Pill’. This new and expensive pill not only shocked the whole of China at every level, but also shocked the major international pharmaceutical companies, as well as the major companies with ties to medicinal herbs.


In an instant, everyone understood why the major international companies ‘British Biao Rui’ and ‘Hong Kong Mo’s Group’ wanted to cooperate with the ‘Luo Yue Group’. This kind of unbelievable company, if you can cooperate, it would be **not to cooperate.


But the next thing that disappointed all the companies that placed orders and were ready to cooperate with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ did not accept any orders or cooperation with any company, and even the ‘Beauty Pills’ that were offered were only available in designated areas. ‘, but also only at designated locations for sale.


There was an uproar, madness, the whole earth was made crazy by this ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, what kind of medicine had such an unbelievable effect? What company is as awesome as ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ that doesn’t accept orders! What’s more, the publisher of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ also indicated that they would continue to launch new products.


In a short period of time, the originally sparsely populated Flowing Serpent became lively and prosperous. However, the river snake itself is a place where two countries meet, it can be said to be a disputed territory, originally no one wanted to stay here because of the chaos and remoteness. But when the ‘beauty pills’ became popular, so did the place. The only thing is that the factory where the ‘Beauty Pill’ is produced has been strictly guarded and no one is allowed to approach.




The first thing you need to do is to get a bottle of Mao Tai and drink it yourself. He was Ye Mo, who had been searching outside for half a year. During this half year, Ye Mo had traveled to many places and even found a few hidden sects, but there was no news of Luo Ying.


Some places were difficult for other people, but for Ye Mo it was nothing, even if it was difficult, he could find it if he stepped on his flying sword.


This time when he pa*sed through Yuzhou, he thought of Light Snow and still couldn’t resist the longing deep inside him to come and see Ning Light Snow, wondering how Light Snow was doing lately. Although he knew it was not good, he had no way to resent Ning Qingxue, perhaps one day when she remembered what had happened between her and himself, she would suffer more than himself, so he had not bothered to hate her, he was waiting for her to remember what had happened before.


There were times when Ye Mo wanted to let go of these things, but it was fine if he didn’t think about it, but once he thought about it, or once he saw it, he couldn’t contain the thoughts inside him. This time, he pa*sed through Yuzhou, but he could not calmly pa*s by like this, but chose to stay, whether he could see Ning Qingxue or not, he wanted to go and see.


There is a kind of attachment, and since it is attached, he cannot part with it. There is a kind of longing that, since it is missed, is also just as unbreakable. Or there is a kind of person that he is attached to, that he misses, that he can no longer put aside. And he, Ye Mo, unfortunately happens to be this kind of person. He wants to be unattached, but he does not have the means to be that calm and indifferent. If he wasn’t this kind of person, he wouldn’t have spent more than a hundred days and nights outside looking for Luo Ying.




The 8th floor of Yuzhou Trade Yuan Building is where Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’ headquarters is located. At this time, in the 808 general manager’s room, Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’ general manager Ning Qingxue was listening to the report of the vice president Li Mumei, who was talking about the new drug ‘Nourishing Face Pill’ that has recently become a global hit.


“Mumei, you said that this ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is headquartered in Liu Shi? Didn’t you say that Flowing Snake is very chaotic?” Ning Qingxue asked with a frown after hearing Li Mumei’s words.