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DYM Chapter 350

“Light Snow, you’ve actually been to Flowing Serpent for a trip, just to hear that it’s not what it used to be, because of the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ company, it’s now very prosperous and lively. It’s said to be safer than some cities in the mainland, so there’s no more of that chaos.” Li Mumei said with a sigh.

She felt that Ning Qingxue was becoming more and more beautiful, but also more and more cold, just like a piece of ice. Auntie said for Light Snow not to remember things from the past, not knowing if that was right or wrong. But she has had the most contact with Light Snow, and she feels that Light Snow has become too much, rather than this, she would rather let Light Snow remember the original things.

But she didn’t dare to blatantly make her remember the original things, so she could only remind her occasionally in a subtle way. Otherwise, if Ning Qingxue’s mother found out, she would definitely be very unhappy.

As expected Ning Qingxue frowned again and pondered for a long time before saying, “Mumei, are you saying that my lost memories contain things about going to the flowing snake? Why would I want to go anywhere?”

Li Mumei nodded, “Yes, Qingxue. Although I don’t know why you’re going to the Flowing Serpent, I think it has something to do with him.”

Ning Qingxue’s eyebrows knitted again and she subconsciously touched the necklace at her ** mouth with her hand before she slowly said, “Mumei, last time Master Wuguang from Luohong Temple said that I might have consciously wrapped my soul around the memories I didn’t want to lose before I died, but the doctor’s judgement was that I had lost exactly one year’s worth of memories. And the doctor’s judgment of my lost memories was that it was related to the impact, but Master Gokwang’s words were somewhat nebulous or simply unrealistic, which is why I ……”

Although she knew that Ning Qingxue’s words were a little more in line with conventional reasoning, Li Mumei still wanted to tell Ning Qingxue her own judgment. Only she thought of Ning Qingxue’s mother’s words and resisted her impulse. Deep inside she was just as uncertain, she didn’t know if it was right to help Ning Qingxue remember the original events, Ning Qingxue almost died twice indeed because she was with Ye Mo, so she didn’t dare to say anything, who knew if there would be a third time for such things.

Moreover, Li Mumei had also secretly checked Ning Qingxue’s whereabouts within a year, not only did she go to the flowing snake alone, she had also been to the desert with Ji Wanqing, and even went to the Shennongjia alone. Although she did not know what had happened in between, she knew that Ning Qingxue’s visits to these places were all related to Ye Mo.

Moreover, the horrific incident of the sinkhole that happened in the Shennongjia at the beginning also seemed to coincide somewhat with the time when Ning Qingxue went there, and she didn’t know if Qingxue knew about these things at the beginning.

So only she knew that the memory Ning Qingxue had lost was not for one year, but all the memories of being with Ye Mo. This matched perfectly with what that Luohong Temple’s Monk Goguang had said, except that Master Goguang said that to wrap up the most precious memories before death, it was impossible for someone who was not a profound ancient martial arts practitioner to do so, and she was not sure if Light Snow had practiced it.

If it wasn’t within her memory that Ning Qingxue had never practiced any ancient martial arts, she really couldn’t help but tell Ning Qingxue. Furthermore, even if Ning Qingxue had cultivated ancient martial arts, according to Ning Qingxue’s age, she would not be able to cultivate into a profound ancient martial arts means within a short period of time.

“Mumei, let’s talk about the cooperation with Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, I heard that Luo Yue’s General Manager Zang is hard to talk to and has rejected too many famous companies, so I guess they can’t see our Flying Taro Pharmaceutical. I’m a bit tired today, I’ll go back first, let’s talk tomorrow.” After saying that Ning Qingxue stood up and held her chest, she felt some pain in her heart again, only that the hospital never checked out any problems.

“Qingxue, are you alright?” As soon as Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue’s movement, she knew that Ning Qingxue’s heart pain had flared up again.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, “I’m fine.”

As she watched Ning Qingxue and Xiao Yue leave together, Li Mumei had an unexplainable feeling that she didn’t know what she should do now.


After finishing up the day’s work, Li Mumei walked out of the Trade Yuan Building with a tired pace. She walked into the carport and drove out her Beetle, but saw a man standing on the far side of the path.

It was Ye Mo, Li Mu Mei recognised at first glance that the man was Ye Mo, he seemed to have lost some weight after not seeing him for a long time. But now he was standing next to the pathway without moving, like an ancient statue. His gaze was fixed on an office on the eighth floor. Li Mu Mei’s heart trembled, she knew that Ye Mo had come to see Qing Xue, but Qing Xue had already left work early.

He had really changed, compared to the uneducated outcast of the Ye family back then, today’s Ye Mo was surprisingly unrecognisable to Li Mu Mei, there was no way she could relate Ye Mo to the outcast back then. Perhaps Ye Mo had changed from the time she met him at Jing Wen’s birthday party back then.

Remembering Ning Qingxue’s cold and icy face, Li Mumei could no longer endure this torment of knowing, no, I have to tell Qingxue, I must tell her. If I don’t tell her, how many years from now, Qing Xue might hate me for the rest of her life.

Light Snow must have wrapped her memories before she died because she cared too much about Ye Mo, must have been unable to let go of Ye Mo’s memories, must have not wanted to forget Ye Mo, it was because she loved Ye Mo too much, but not because she didn’t care. Master Wuguang is right, this must be the case, although I still can’t understand why Light Snow knows ancient martial arts, but I can ask Ye Mo.

Thinking of this, Li Mumei immediately opened the car door, she was going to find Ye Mo. However, when she looked again at the spot where Ye Mo had just stood, it was empty, Ye Mo had long since disappeared.


Ye Mo came to the position below the window where he jumped down last time. He didn’t need to go up, he only needed to use his divine sense to sweep below to know that Ning Qingxue had already left, but he was dumbfounded and looked at the office where he left last time a bit dazed. Even if Ning Qingxue wasn’t in the office, what if she was? Could he still go and look for her?

Fate begins when it begins and ends when it ends. Ye Mo secretly sighed and turned around to leave.

When Li Mumei looked for Ye Mo again, Ye Mo had already left. Although Ye Mo had already left, Li Mu Mei had already made up her mind to tell Qing Xue everything she knew, even if Qing Xue didn’t care about those memories, even if her aunt would blame her, she would still say it.

Determined, Li Mu Mei no longer hesitated and drove straight to Qing Xue’s place.

When Li Mu Mei opened the door to Ning Xue’s room, Ning Qingxue was standing in front of the window, her hand holding her chest as she stared blankly at the forest of tall buildings in the distance. Li Mumei suddenly felt that Ning Qingxue’s dull eyes were so similar to Ye Mo’s. She even recalled the time when she was in Yan Mo’s house.

She even recalled the time when she and Ning Qingxue were standing on the roof of Ning’s Pharmaceuticals in Yanjing and she was talking to Ning Qingxue about Ye Mo in general, only at that time, her disgust towards Ye Mo was even greater than Ning Qingxue’s. But today, she suddenly felt that the scene was similar, and neither she nor Ning Qingxue were in the same state of mind as they were back then.

“Mu Mei, you’ve come over.” Said Ning Qingxue before turning around and helping Li Mumei pour a cup of water.

Li Mumei hesitated for a moment before biting her lip and saying, “Qingxue, I actually don’t know if I should tell you, if you really don’t want to know, I won’t say anything, if you want to know, I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Ning Qingxue sat down and also poured herself a cup of tea before she slowly said, “Is it about me and Ye Mo?”

“Mm.” Li Mumei nodded, “Although there is some distaste for Ye Mo within your memories, a lot of things happened in between. I, I don’t know if I should say it, and I don’t know if you will care.”

Ning Qingxue was silent for a long time before she said, “Actually, I don’t hate him, it’s just that I feel that it’s impossible for me and him, I know what Ye Mo meant when he came last time, but I won’t believe it. And I know people like Ye Mo very well, I wouldn’t like this kind of person either, although I don’t like him, but my mother hates him a lot. Last time even for my sake, my mum knelt down to him. I don’t want to see him and I don’t want to think about him. I’m me, he’s him, we don’t have any relationship.”

Li Mumei stared at Ning Qingxue for a long time before saying, “Qingxue, are you sure you really think this way? If you really think so, I won’t mention him again in the future, and I will forget all those things.”

“I ……” Ning Qingxue hesitated, her attitude was no longer as resolute as the first time, and she even wavered when Li Mu Mei said it a second time. Although she was sure she wouldn’t fall for someone like Ye Mo who was no one, she had a vague feeling that her heartache had something to do with Ye Mo.

Every time someone mentioned the name, or she occasionally thought of it, she had this heartache, and she even felt that the necklace had something to do with Ye Mo as well. This was because every time her heart ached, she would slowly disappear when she ran her hand over the necklace. Even just now, it was the same.

“Light Snow, you didn’t turn around just now, how did you know it was me coming and not Auntie?” Li Mumei suddenly thought of this matter, but did not continue with the matter of Ning Qingxue’s memory.

Ning Qingxue froze, yes, just now she seemed to say directly that Mumei, was really not turning around.

“And there were many times you didn’t even look up inside the office to know whether it was me or Xiao Yue who came in, although one can tell by one’s footsteps, there are times when the sound of footsteps is very soft you can also tell, so I doubt very much that you really did once study ancient martial arts.” Seeing Ning Qingxue’s astonished look, Li Mumei also said with some doubt.

Ning Qingxue let out a long breath and looked at Li Mumei and said, “Mumei, tell me about what happened between me and Ye Mo, I really can’t believe that there could be anything between me and him ……” After a long hesitation, Ning Qingxue said again. “Mumei, no matter what, don’t tell my mum about what we said today.”

Li Mumei nodded and said, “I know, in fact it’s just that if you don’t say anything, I won’t tell my aunt either.”