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DYM Chapter 351

Li Mumei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue had suddenly changed her mind, but she had wanted to tell Qingxue these things, and since Qingxue had changed her mind, she didn’t need to continue to pretend she didn’t know.

It was just that Li Mumei did not say anything directly, but asked, “Light Snow, if we were still in Yanjing now, if the Song family was still as strong as before, and that Song Shaowen of the Song family wanted to marry you by force, what should you do?”

“……” Ning Qingxue did not expect Li Mumei to say that, if that was really the case, she was really not sure what she should do. The Song family’s strength was not at all comparable to her Ning family, compared to the Song family, the Ning family was nothing. It could be said that if the Song family was the same as before, even if her family came to Yuzhou, they would still let her Ning family die without a burial place with just one word.

Ning Qingxue panted, although she did not answer Li Mumei’s words, she was still relieved, fortunately the Song family was finished. She was aware of Song Shaowen’s covetousness for her, and it was the greatest of fortunes that the Song family had fallen.

“It was because Song Shaowen wanted to force a betrothal with you in the first place, and in the end all of the Ning family agreed to it except for your parents who didn’t know. At that time, this matter was hidden from you and your parents, but your cousin Ning Yang came to tell you about it secretly, and I happened to be there.” Li Mumei said slowly.

“Ah …… there was even such a thing?” Ning Qingxue froze, although she knew that Song Shaowen of the Song family did not have good intentions towards her, but knew that to a big family like the Song family was a face-loving family, she had been engaged to Ye Mo of the Ye family, they should not interfere, but she did not expect that such a thing had really happened.

Li Mumei said to himself, “At that time, you were also at a loss, because all people knew that as long as the Song family proposed it, the Ning family could not refuse.”

Ning Qingxue fell silent, although she knew that she had not married Song Shaowen, and that something seemed to have happened to him afterwards, she was still a bit scared now that Li Mumei had said it.

“Later on, I proposed that you take the initiative to marry Ye Mo and even live with him to go, and at that time you agreed. It just so happened that at that time Ye Mo rented a house in Ninghai, so we went to Ninghai together.” Li Mumei continued.

Ning Qingxue said somewhat quietly to herself, “So that’s how I came into contact with him, but wouldn’t he then be subject to the Song family’s revenge?”

“Although at that time I was also afraid that Ye Mo would be retaliated by the Song family, I still advised you that the Song family would not do something so shameless.” Li Mumei said with a sigh, she did know that even if the Song family didn’t retaliate against Ye Mo, Song Shaowen of the Song family would still have to retaliate against Ye Mo, but this point she didn’t say at that time. She just didn’t know how Ye Mo was able to defuse the situation and how Song Shaowen was suddenly killed in a car crash.

Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue who was still in disbelief and said, “Later I took a few photos of you and Ye Mo together and posted them on some websites. Next, you and Ye Mo got a marriage license and then you lived with Ye Mo in the same house, as for what happened between you, I don’t know. But more than twenty days later, Song Shaowen was driving in the middle of the night and suddenly his car was wrecked.

I then went to Ninghai to pick you up, originally planning to let you go and divorce Ye Mo again, but then you saw a small medical box before you left. But when you opened the medical box, you immediately rushed into the room, then you closed the guys and I heard you crying inside, but I couldn’t call the door on you.”

Ning Qingxue looked at Li Mumei with a look of disbelief, “Why is that?”

Li Mumei shook her head, “I don’t know, but long after you opened the door to your room, you were holding that little box, and from that day on, that little box never left your sight. But after this you flatly vetoed the move to go and divorce Ye Mo, and stayed in Ninghai as well, and did not go to Yuzhou. When Auntie and Uncle came over together later, you were still unwilling to leave Ninghai.”

“You’re saying that I’m still Ye Mo’s legally recognised wife now?” Ning Qingxue was completely shocked, why was this? She had actually married someone else.

Li Mumei nodded and said, “Yes, according to this, you are indeed already Ye Mo’s wife.”

“Where is that little box?” Ning Qingxue asked as she came back to her senses and let go of the matter of her marriage. Since Li Mumei said that the little box had been in her arms all along, where was the little box now?

Instead, Li Mumei replied, “Ever since you were injured for the second time, that little box has stayed in Ninghai, and although you bought the courtyard that Ye Mo rented at first, you haven’t gone back since.”

“In Ninghai?” Ning Qingxue frowned and asked again, “What was the reason for my first injury and the second injury?”

Li Mumei, however, shook his head and said, “If you want to ask the exact reason, then you’ll have to ask Xu Wei, you were injured both times Xu Wei was by your side, she had originally been living in that small courtyard. Before you went there, she and Ye Mo were sharing a room.”

“Xu Wei?” Ning Qingxue tried to remember the name, but after thinking about it for a long time, it just didn’t come back to her.

When Li Mumei saw that Ning Qingxue really couldn’t remember, she had to say again, “Later on, after Song Shaowen died, the Song family chased after Ye Mo, and you even went to the Flowing Serpent to look for Ye Mo, and even went to the desert with Ji Wanqing. I also know that you even went to Shennongjia, but I don’t know if it was related to Ye Mo.”

“And who is Chi Wanqing?” Ning Qingxue found more and more strangers involved.

“She was originally in the army, then she was on a mission along the border and met Ye Mo. I reckon she should have liked Ye Mo too and wanted to go in search of him, not knowing how she met you. Then you went to the desert together in a group.” Li Mu Mei only knew a general idea about all this, but she couldn’t be sure.

Ning Qingxue, however, was even more puzzled, someone like Ye Mo still had people to like?

As if she could see Ning Qingxue’s doubts, Li Mumei said with a sigh of relief, “No matter what decision you will make, I feel much more comfortable after telling you these things, at least I have peace of mind, otherwise I always feel sorry for you. Light Snow, no matter what, I think what’s done is done. If you still want to retrieve those memories, you can go to Ninghai and look for Xu Wei and Su Jingwen, they both know something. If you’re not going to pursue it any further, don’t think about the rest of it.”

Ning Qingxue nodded and said, “Mu Mei, I know you won’t lie to me. I feel like I’m indifferent to feelings, and I think maybe there’s some truth in what Master Wukong said. Perhaps at the moment before I died, I really wrapped all my feelings in my soul and collected them in the deepest part of my soul, so now my feelings are very light. But anyway, I’ll make a trip to Ninghai, and maybe you’re right, there are things that need to be faced up to, whether they are or not.”

“No, Light Snow, it’s not that your feelings are wrapped up that makes you very indifferent. I know you, and there was a time when I even thought you were more emotionally rich and obsessive than anyone else. If you didn’t like someone, you were very indifferent. If you do fall in love with someone, he is everything to you and you would give anything for him, even your life. Perhaps you are the kind of person who is most affectionate, which is why Auntie doesn’t want you to remember that past.” Li Mumei, however, shook her head once again and said.

She knew Ning Qingxue, even better than Lan Taro. Ning Qingxue was the kind of person who was too stubborn, even if she didn’t like it, even if you were bitter and confessed, it would be the same for her. But once she has fallen in love with someone, she will not change for the rest of her life, life and death, without regret, even everything else is not in her consideration and so on. To put it nicely, she is a person of the utmost love, but to put it bluntly, she is a person of extreme character.

That was why she believed what Master Wuguang said, that Ning Qingxue was too much in love with Ye Mo, and that was why she wrapped up the little bits and pieces between herself and Ye Mo before she died. She wanted to be able to remember Ye Mo’s goodness after her reincarnation, even if it was just a little bit. Although Li Mumei didn’t know what exactly happened between her and Ye Mo, Li Mumei felt that Light Snow was this kind of person.

Hearing Li Mumei’s words, Ning Qingxue fell into silence, she felt that Li Mumei was right, she was indeed this kind of person. There was no love without a reason in this world, nor was there hate without a reason. If she really opposed divorcing Ye Mo against all odds at that time, and even kept Ning Hai’s place, then it said that something did once happen between her and Ye Mo. She remembered the last time Ye Mo vomited blood in her mother’s office, and if there was really nothing going on between Ye Mo and her, then why would he do that?

But even though all this sounded and analysed to be true, Ning Qingxue still couldn’t believe that she had some unspoken relationship with Ye Mo, or even that she would fall in love with him, which sounded somewhat impossible. She believed that she would go and use Ye Mo, and she also believed that she would go and marry Ye Mo, but this had nothing to do with love.

What’s more, it had only been less than a month, even if he, Ye Mo, was a love saint and wrote a hundred love letters to her, Ning Qingxue, every day, she wouldn’t have any feelings for this fop outcast, let alone fall in love with him.

“Mu Mei, thank you for telling me this, although I know you won’t lie to me, I will still go ask Xu Wei myself. Since Xu Wei and I have lived together for so long, I think she should know a bit more.” Ning Qingxue had already made up her mind that no matter if this was true or not, she was going to face it.

She hadn’t even thought that she was already Ye Mo’s wife, and if Mumei didn’t say anything about this matter today, she wouldn’t even know about it at all. So, when she investigated the matter clearly, that marriage still had to be divorced. But last time she had forced Ye Mo into such a situation, she also had a trace of remorse in her heart, whether she used Ye Mo or not, but nominally she was still Ye Mo’s wife.

Li Mumei’s face appeared happy as she hurriedly asked, “Then, Qingxue, are you going to Ninghai first, or are you going to Flowing Snake first?”