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DYM Chapter 352

Li Mumei’s face showed joy as he hurriedly asked, “Then, Qingxue, are you going to Ninghai first, or are you going to Flowing Serpent first?

“Let’s go to Flowing Snake first, but before we go there, I heard that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is going to release a very significant news today, we will go to the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ later to check it out, so we don’t miss anything. The ‘Beauty Pill’ is also very important to us at ‘Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’, now ‘Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’ sales continue to decline, if this continues ‘Feiyao Medicine’ will face great difficulties. Therefore, even if we cannot cooperate with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, we still have to research the formula of ‘Beauty Pill’ and strive to come up with our own product. I believe that there should be many people working on this matter already.” Ning Qingxue put her mind down and said somewhat cautiously.

Li Mumei immediately nodded and said, “Yes, it’s just that our technical strength is a bit weak, many pharmaceutical companies and research institutes are already working on the ‘Beauty Pill’, so we have to speed up. Wait, let me take a look at the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.”

“Ah ……” Li Mumei stared at the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and suddenly let out a shocked cry.

Ning Qingxue immediately asked nervously, “What’s going on?”

Now ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ was facing a great dilemma, there were no new products and the market competition for old products was too great, facing a state of no profit to speak of. Now investing to research and develop new drugs, the capital is too big and time is too tight, not to mention that the risk is also too big.

So the latest hot ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has become the straw that could potentially save ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, but both Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei, or anyone else for that matter, are well aware that if they think this way, so will other pharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, many globally renowned pharmaceutical companies seeking cooperation with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had been rejected, and their small-scale company, which was nowhere near those large international herbal companies, could only be said to have a very slim ray of hope. Although there was only a glimmer of hope, Li Mumei’s surprise still made her nervous.

If this ray of hope was taken up by another company, their ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ would be completely hopeless, so she couldn’t help but be nervous.

Li Mumei said nervously and shakily, “Light Snow” Luo Yue Pharmaceutical will hold a public bidding event in Yanjing in three days to seek a partner. The target is global pharmaceutical companies, but only if they meet the conditions of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.”

Ning Qingxue instantly asked, “What conditions are required, and what other restrictions are there?” After saying that, she had already moved to Li Mumei’s side to check.

However, Li Mumei said to herself, “The partners that Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is seeking this time are based on geography, one in Africa, one in Europe and America, and two in Asia. The pharmaceutical industry in Africa is not developed at all, how come there is also one, while the two developed continents in Europe and America have only one, strange.”

After reading the previous requirements, Li Mumei could not help but express his opinion.

But then Li Mumei’s and Ning Qingxue’s hearts sank. “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has only two partners in the whole of Asia this time. And among the pharmaceutical companies in Asia, it was not bad to be in the top two hundred, so the chances were very slim this time.

“What should we do? Light Snow, do we still have to go to Yanjing to bid?” Li Mumei asked, somewhat discouraged.

Ning Qingxue bit her lips, a determined look on her beautiful face, if they lost this opportunity, their ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ would definitely not last much longer. Father and mother had already spent nearly half a month in a pharmaceutical company in the United States for the sake of ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, but they were half-hearted and half-ignored, so it was obvious that it would be difficult to negotiate that business.

“Go, why not? Although our chances are slim, this is still an opportunity. If we lose this opportunity, our future prospects will be even slimmer. Perhaps, although we won’t be able to win the bid, we might be able to contact a company that wins the bid and do some downstream business as well.” Ning Qingxue said firmly.

Just as Ning Qingxue finished her words, the phone in the room rang. Ning Qingxue hurriedly picked up the phone, which was her mother calling back from the United States. However, she only said a few words inside the phone before hanging up the phone, her face looking a little sad.

“Qingxue, is it that Auntie’s negotiations in America are not very good?” As soon as Li Mu Mei looked at Ning Qingxue’s face, she knew the general situation, if things were good, Ning Qingxue shouldn’t be looking like this.

Ning Qingxue nodded grimly, “Yes, our company went to the negotiations in a grand manner, but they simply sent a random person to perfume us, my parents will be going directly to Yanjing in two days, let’s go to Yanjing to rendezvous for good.”

Li Mumei nodded, “Then I’ll go tomorrow and get the tender materials ready.” Ning Qingxue’s words made it clear that ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ could only seek opportunities from the top of ‘Luoyue Pharmaceutical”s bidding conference. Although she also knew that this chance was somewhat slim, she still chose to support Ning Qingxue.

“Mumei, accompany me for a walk.” Ning Qingxue stood up somewhat tiredly, she knew that ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ was named after her parents, not only was it her parents’ heart and soul, but it was also the source of all the family’s income.

The family is no longer part of the Ning family in Yanjing, but is independent and has invested all of their savings into ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’. Once ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’ has a problem, then the family will face the most basic problem of survival.

So after the recent ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’ saw a steady decline in sales and profits still plummeting, Ning Qingxue was also very worried.


Ye Mo listened to the ‘Beauty Pill’ being talked about all around, and almost all people were talking about the new company ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and his heart finally had some comfort. It looked like Zang Jia Yan and the others had managed Luo Yue well, at least for the time being it was a success. It was just that Ye Mo also knew that no matter which company was allowed to represent the ‘Beauty Pill’ it would also be successful.

Even if the ‘Beauty Pill’ converted from a cultivation elixir was not as effective as one hundred percent of the original, it was more than ten thousand times stronger than ordinary beauty care products.

Ye Mo, who originally wanted to stay in Yuzhou for one night, got the idea to go back to the Flowing Serpent. He wondered what happened to the medicinal herbs he had asked Zang Jia Yan and the others to collect.

Yuzhou was originally one of the big cities in China and was exceptionally prosperous. However, when Ye Mo stood on top of this busy street, he was a bit at a loss for a while. Not far away, there was a small nightclub, but it was full of lights and men and women were coming and going. In this red world, there are always people who use this to numb themselves, and there are also people who use this to seek survival.

Ye Mo shook his head and was just about to turn around and leave when a woman with a somewhat poor figure walked into the nightclub and happened to be swept by Ye Mo’s divine sense.

The moment he swept this woman, Ye Mo almost lost his concentration a little. Lok Hustle? However, Ye Mo knew in a blink of an eye that this could not be Lok Hustle, if it was Lok Hustle, she would never go in and out of nightclubs. Moreover, Lok Hustle was with her Eldest Sister and would not be here alone. Furthermore, Lok Hustle’s figure was many times better than this woman’s.

But why did it give him the feeling that this woman was Lok Hustle just now? Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately turned back. A very ordinary looking woman with a very average figure, but Ye Mo quickly saw that this woman had changed her face, and it seemed that he had seen her disguise somewhere.

After just a moment of thinking, Ye Mo knew who the woman in front of him was. She had the same aura as Lok Hustle and her elder sister, and she had recognized Lok Hustle’s elder sister at the airport because of her aura.

There was no one else here except Lok Hustle’s second senior sister, whose whereabouts were unknown. Her disguise was similar to that of Lok Hustle’s elder sister, and she also had an early Xuan level cultivation, so this woman was definitely Lok Hustle’s second senior sister.

Ye Mo had once told Lu Hustle that the one who had a*sa*sinated Lu Hustle and her Eldest Sister because of the Our Luo Sutra was most likely this Second Sister, and he had never expected to meet this woman in such a place.

Ye Mo could hardly believe it. Regardless of whether or not this woman had made a move against Lok Hustle and her Eldest Sister and had started a killing spree, it was too strange for him that a woman who cultivated such a noble technique would appear in such a place.

As for the feud between the three sisters of Lok Hustle, Ye Mo did not want to bother with it at all, it really had nothing to do with him. However, Ye Mo had a really good opinion of Lok Hustle, since he saw her second senior sister here, he might as well go and see what was going on. Since she had obtained the Luo Luo Sutra, why did she have to disguise herself to go in and out of such a place of prostitution? Besides, the “Luo Luo Sutra” was also a fallen clamour, and he would not be polite if he could snatch it down.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer hesitated and likewise followed towards the nightclub, while his divine sense locked onto the woman.


Li Mumei looked blankly at a nightclub not far ahead, she knew what this nightclub called ‘Yingge World’ was, to put it in a superior way, it was a place for white-collar leisure and entertainment. To put it more bluntly, it was a brothel. The reason why she was staring at this nightclub was because she had just seen Ye Mo walk into this nightclub.

Of course she knew that that person must be Ye Mo, a few hours ago, she had seen Ye Mo standing underneath the Trade Yuan Building and gawking. But it was only a few hours ago, and he had walked into a brothel, the difference between the two was too great.

Ning Qingxue looked along Li Mumei’s gaze, she happened to see Ye Mo disappearing inside the nightclub, frowned a little, looked at Li Mumei next to her and said, “Mumei, the one who went in just now should be Ye Mo, right?”