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DYM Chapter 353

Li Mumei nodded somewhat bitterly, “Yes, he is Ye Mo, I even saw him standing outside the Trade Yuan Building looking at your office when I was off duty, I just didn’t know he would come here a while later. I guess he was a bit lonely.”

After saying that Li Mumei saw that Ning Qingxue did not say anything, she had to hesitate and said again, “Qingxue, that you have seen Ye Mo, does Ning Hai still want to go over there? Or, shall we go to the nightclub now as well?”

Ning Qingxue nodded calmly, “Yes, I still have to go over there, I’ve thought about it, I do want to retrieve those memories, it just doesn’t have anything to do with him. As for going into the nightclub to have a look, there is no need, what does it matter to me if he goes into the nightclub or not?”

Ning Qingxue wasn’t lying, the feeling she had after seeing Ye Mo enter the nightclub was really calm because that was the kind of person Ye Mo was in her heart. The only strange thing was that within her impression, it seemed like Ye Mo shouldn’t enter this, it had nothing to do with character, but because of something else.

However, although she didn’t care, once she thought that she was still his nominal wife now, she no longer had the heart en to continue walking, but said to Li Mu Mu, “Mu Mei, I’m a bit tired, let’s go back.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense was all focused on the woman who entered the nightclub, not paying any attention to Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei.

When he walked into the nightclub, Ye Mo found a seat by the side and sat down. Just as he sat down, a scantily clad lady immediately walked over, although her looks were not bad, under Ye Mo’s divine sense her face was full of all kinds of powder piled up.

“First get me a beer, I will call you when I need something else, don’t come over and disturb me now, one more word and I will leave immediately.” Before this young lady could speak, Ye Mo took out a few hundred yuan and threw it to her, taking the initiative to gag her.

The young lady who was about to speak hastily swallowed what she was going to say hurriedly collected the money on the table and brought over a gla*s of beer.

After sending the lady away, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, hitting that very few people had come to drink and eat, or rather no one was really here to drink and eat.

Almost all of them came for one purpose. Inside the private rooms from the second and fourth floors, except for a very few that were still karaoke, most of the private rooms were staged with all kinds of **naked deals.

Ye Mo was not interested in observing these performances, his divine sense had already locked onto the woman this on the fifth floor. He was sure that woman was the second senior sister of Lok Hustle. Ye Mo was curious to know why this second senior sister, who was very important in Lok Hustle’s heart, would have to kill her sister-in-law who was like a sister for a mere scripture.

Moreover, if he could find the Kanlao Sutra, Ye Mo did not mind taking the Kanlao Sutra away, it was something of Lok Hustle’s whether it was valuable or not, and when he saw it, he would not let the Kanlao Sutra slip away from his sight.

After the woman entered a room on the fifth floor and closed the door, she sat dumbfounded for a long time before walking to the mirror and staring blankly at her face.

As expected, she was disguised, Ye Mo did not see the Stubborn Luo Sutra, but found a soft sword from her waist. This soft sword was clasped around her waist as if it was a belt. However, Ye Mo soon noticed something wrong with the woman’s body, her waist seemed to be stained red. It turned out to be injured it looked like the injury was not light, I wonder what made her get injured.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through the fifth floor again, which revealed that although the fifth floor was also made up of some private rooms, it was clearly different from the floors below. There were also some customers here only the girls serving them were not only much better looking than the ones downstairs, but also quite a bit younger.

Seeing this Ye Mo however was a bit puzzled, based on the disguised appearance of this second senior sister of Lok Hustle, she was not qualified to come to the fifth floor at all, how come she also lived on the fifth floor?

The woman took off her jacket and surprisingly ignored her injuries, instead she took out a monitoring equipment, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept up and the picture was the front door of the nightclub.

It was Ye Mo who couldn’t help but secretly admire this woman, if she was really the second senior sister of Lok Hustle, her ability to adapt was too fast. She had been staying inside the small world, how long had she been out, and she was already using monitoring equipment, she just didn’t know what kind of people she was monitoring.

A big-bellied, obese middle-aged man walked into the nightclub clutching a black bag, but instead of finding a seat for a drink like Ye Mo usually did, he went straight to the front desk.

“Mr. Cheng, I really miss si you, I haven’t seen you for days, come on, let me help you press and get rid of your fatigue.” Another enchanting woman came out, her eyes were smiling when she saw this big-bellied Mr. Cheng. Ye Mo guessed that in her eyes, this fat person should be a fat sheep.

This General Cheng laughed and gave this woman’s chest a squeeze, then slapped her butt and said, “Little hoof, I don’t need you today, I’m looking for Princess Needy Chestnut.” After saying this, Mr. Cheng stuffed a few hundred dollars inside the woman’s bra.

The woman, who had looked a little unhappy after hearing Mr. Cheng’s words, saw the several hundred dollars and immediately said with a smile on her face, “Aiyo, what a pity, it’s a good thing that Needley just came back today, let me make a phone call for you.”

But no one answered the phone even after she dialed for half a day. In desperation, the enchanting woman had no choice but to say to a somewhat green girl next to her, “Lan Lan, you take Mr. Cheng to Su Li’s place.”

After seeing Lan Lan and Mr. Cheng leave, the enchanting woman said to the other woman at the bar, “Li Li has no looks and no figure, I really don’t know how she got to the fifth floor. This Fatty Cheng is really blind to like this kind of woman, what’s worse about me than her.”

The other woman at the bar looked around before she said in a small, heartfelt voice, “Sister Long, you must not let Sister Na hear, Li needs to be brought in by Sister Na, you must be careful.”

“I know, it’s just that I’m uncomfortable in my heart.” This enchanting woman’s voice had obviously become much smaller.

Even though Ye Mo was sitting a bit far away, he could still hear these words clearly. In his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh, there is competition in any line of work. However, he disagreed with the enchanting woman’s words, regardless of her looks. That fallen and boisterous second senior sister was obviously too much higher than this woman in terms of temperament ix, this fatty Cheng chose this chestnut needy princess, obviously discerning and an old hand.

Ye Mo’s divine sense once again focused on the fifth floor, and sure enough the woman called Li Needy immediately put away the monitoring equipment, then put on her clothes, but opened the door and stood at the door.

As soon as the fatty called Chief Cheng arrived, she immediately welcomed this fatty in with great joy.

When this fatty saw the ordinary looking Li Li need, both eyes almost narrowed into slits. Ye Mo noticed that Li Li closed the door of the private room with her backhand, but casually poured a drink to General Manager Cheng.

Without even looking at it, General Cheng took the drink and drank it down. Only Ye Mo noticed that this General Cheng’s eyes immediately got misty after drinking the drink, staring at Li Li Su with a lustful look, as if the ticket needed to be stripped naked in his eyes.

The chief of Cheng soon collapsed on the bed, but Li Li raised her hand and knocked several acupuncture points on Cheng’s head, then pulled out an inflatable doll from under the bed and threw it onto the bed, before pulling the quilt to cover Cheng and the inflatable doll together.

Ye Mo found that her movements were swift and skilled, and it looked like this was not the first time she had done this.

The next thing you need to do is to enter the room inside, undo your clothes and reveal your white waist, Ye Mo found that she had indeed been hit by a sword on her waist, and it looked like it was very deep. She took out some medicinal powder and poured it into the wound before she put her clothes on and then leaned against the door, looking very tired.

Ye Mo frowned and was wondering if he should go up and ask Chestnut straight away when he suddenly noticed that another man had come inside the nightclub.

This man was in his thirties, with somewhat long hair, but with a face like a crown of jade, except for a slightly pale face, he was surprisingly a beautiful man.

As soon as this man walked in, he immediately attracted a few girls, only for this man to reach out and push, these girls who came up were pushed out as far as he could, he was surprisingly not the least bit uncomfortable.

Ye Mo saw him close his eyes and seemed to be sensing something, and immediately knew that this man should be here to find someone. Just by looking at the man’s mid Xuan level cultivation, he understood that he should also be from the Hidden Sect. Coming to look for someone other than that Needy Chestnut, Ye Mo couldn’t see that there was anyone else here who practiced ancient martial arts.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to Li Li again, at this time Li Needy had already stood up, she was staring at the monitor in her hand with an angry face. But just a moment later, Ye Mo saw her jump from the window on the fifth floor and then make her way down the shelf of the air conditioner.

Ye Mo did not go with Le Li Li, he believed that since this handsome man could find his way here, it meant that he had a clue about Le Li Li, just like he tracked others himself, he had placed his divine sense mark first, so maybe this man had also placed his divine sense mark on Le Li Li’s body.

A few moments later, the young man opened his eyes openly, then quickly rushed upstairs. Ye Mo knew that he should have found Li Li’s residence.

The two security guards who wanted to stop this man were kicked out as far as one by this man.

Ye Mo did not follow them, but went out of the nightclub, he was waiting, waiting for this young man to chase him down and then be a yellow bird.

Sure enough, Ye Mo’s divine sense noticed this man rushing to the door of Chestnut’s room, then kicked open the door of Chestnut’s room, and even lifted the quilt of the bed soil without the slightest hesitation.

Cheng, who was still dazed and hugging his inflatable doll, did not know anything about it, but the young man was full of anger and pulled out the short knife hidden in his chest, and did not hesitate at all to slash down. Poor Mr. Cheng, before he knew what was going on, he had become a confused man.

The young man killed Mr. Cheng, walked to the window and jumped down without any hesitation, then recognized a direction and chased him out.

Ye Mo, however, immediately followed him as well.