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DYM Chapter 354

This young man was fast, and not only did his speed not decrease, it was getting faster and faster. Ye Mo was sure that if he was allowed to run in the marathon, the rest of them would only be able to compete for the runner-up, and this speed was definitely faster than driving in the city. It was just that this speed was still too far from Ye Mo’s.

Ye Mo knew from his constant stopping to feel his breath that he did have a trail to follow. An hour later, he had long since left the Yuzheng city and had entered the area of Dahong Mountain.

Dahong Mountain was a mountain outside of Yuzhang City, not far from Yuzhang City. From the route this youth was following, Ye Mo knew that the soft chestnut he was following should have known that there was no way to escape, so he wanted to escape with the help of Dahong Mountain. It was just that this woman was also stupid enough to follow since she had been tracked for so long, even a fool would know that she had been marked, but she had not removed the mark.

Although the outside of Dahong Mountain was no different from Yuzhou City, with its bright lights and greenery, after entering Dahong Mountain, there was no sign of people and it looked a bit empty.

The young man finally stopped in the middle of a valley, then stared at a rock a few hundred meters away and said indifferently, “Fay, come out.”

Ye Mo was secretly amazed, even his divine sense could not sweep to a place a few hundred meters away, yet this young man could sense it, I really don’t know what kind of markings he had made, it could simply be compared to his own divine sense markings.

Sure enough a woman turned up behind the rock, and it was the same woman who had come out of the nightclub in ‘Yingge World. It was just that Ye Mo knew from her demeanor and tired eyes that she was at the limit of her ability to run here. It was just that her face was covered in disguise powder, so it was impossible to tell what colour it was. Ye Mo reckoned that she didn’t dare to call a taxi in the city, she probably knew that as soon as she got into a taxi, she might be stopped by the youth.

It’s just that after she left the city, she never had the chance to get into a taxi again, she could only run desperately however tired as she was, she still couldn’t get rid of this handsome youth.

“Need to sh*t, what’s not to say between us? Why do you have to hide from me for months?” The handsome youth said somewhat helplessly as he saw the woman come out and spread his hands.

Li Li laughed coldly and directly drew the soft sword at her waist and said icily to the handsome youth, “Qi Yulin, I am blind to fall in love with a scum like you. Stop pretending, come and kill if you want to, why do you have to look so disgusting.”

It turned out that this youth was called Qi Yulin, this Lok Li was really the second senior sister of Lok Hustle, listening to her tone it seemed that the two of them turned out to be in love with each other, never thought that they would end up drawing their swords against each other, Ye Mo secretly paid.

Qi Yulin said with a frown, “Lei Li, I only asked you to bring out the Kan-Luo Sutra for me to look at and didn’t ask you to do anything, and I don’t want the book either. Besides, what’s the difference between yours and mine? Not to mention that you are already mine, even if you are not yet mine, I won’t do anything to you, but you don’t even trust me on that, and you even hide the Kannada Sutra.”

Lok Li sneered and said, “Qi Yulin, stop pretending. The two things that I regret most in my life are that I did something to my own sister for the sake of a dog, something that would outrage God and man: and that I was blind to have fallen for a scum like you. Never mind that I didn’t take the Kanla Sutra, even if I did I wouldn’t have given it to you, Qi Yulin, die.”

Qi Yulin’s face turned ugly when he heard Lok Li’s words he said in a somewhat gloomy voice, “Needlejack, I don’t know why you have such a big prejudice against me but you know that we will never be able to go back and will have to live outside for the rest of our lives. So I hope you can put your mind down and come with me and stop hiding around.”

“Go with you? Qi Yulin, you despicable little, man, if you hadn’t gotten the Kanla Sutra, you would have killed me long ago. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but do you dare swear that the person who a*sa*sinated me today had nothing to do with you? Do you dare? If I hadn’t been discreet, I would have been killed hours ago, wouldn’t I? I don’t care about my own life, but I do care.” Lokuri was somewhat unable to control her emotions and her tone was jiffy.

Qi Yulin’s expression instead flattened after hearing this, “Fay, since you want to think that way I can’t help it. Yes, the man who stopped you today was sent by me, but I didn’t ask him to kill you, believe it or not. Chestnut, if you believe me and take out the Kanla Sutra, wouldn’t it be better for us to find a place to live our lives in peace just like that?”

Lok Li unexpectedly lowered her head and even the soft sword in her hand hung down, as if she was somewhat moved by hearing about living a peaceful life with Qi Yulin.

Seeing this, Qi Yulin hurriedly took a few steps forward and said again, “Su Li, my heart for you can be seen in the sky, I really want to spend my life with you. But I am afraid that the news will leak out, so ……”

“I swear I will never trust you again, so go to hell… ….” Falling Li suddenly leapt up and the soft sword in his hand turned into a point, point sword mane that stabbed directly at Qi Yulin’s chest.

It seemed that Qi Yulin had not expected that Lok Li would even make a move against him, or even kill him. In his heart, even if the sky were to fall, Lok Li would only resent him a little, and from the bottom of his heart, he believed that Lok Fay still loved him, and loved him deeply. But the truth was that Fay had actually made a move against him, and it was a killing move.

Qi Yulin was so shocked that he quickly moved away, but even so, Fay’s soft sword still pa*sed under his ribs.

With just one blow, Qiyulin was wounded. The wounded Qi Yulin no longer cared about showing mercy and raised his foot and kicked Lok Su in the small of his back, which sent Fay flying backwards several metres to the ground. A mouthful of blood spat out of the corner of her mouth, as if she knew she was done for, and she had a surprising smile on her face.

Qiyulin’s face was blue as he swallowed a mouthful of wound medicine, then untied his clothes and poured some medicinal powder on. It didn’t look like he was hurt very badly, it was just that he was feeling shaken by the fact that Lok Li had dared to make a move on him.

Falling Fay looked at Qi Yulin who was still healing, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, then murmured, “I’m sorry, Senior Sister Falling Hustle, I hit you, but I didn’t use my full strength, I know you and Senior Sister must have suspected me of trying to kill you, I really didn’t kill you, I really didn’t ……. ”

Qi Yulin suddenly shouted, “**, you even put poison on your sword, even if I don’t want the Kan-Luo Sutra, I will kill you, this **…….”

But Fay Lok had already fallen to the ground and pa*sed out, and could not hear a word of his words.

Ye Mo, however, was a bit puzzled, from what had just happened and from what Falling Fay said, Falling Fay had not taken the Kan-Luo Sutra at all, and although she wanted to help Qi Yulin, she did not lay a hand on Falling Hustle either. That is to say, even if Lok Hustle had not advanced to the Xuan level, that slap from Lok Rui would not have been able to kill her.

Moreover, it seemed that the injury to Lu Hustle’s elder sister had nothing to do with Lu Li, what was going on here? If that was the case, who had taken the Kan-Luo Sutra?

Qi Yulin struggled to get in front of Lok Lean and kill Lok Fay with a single slash, but he stopped when he saw a person standing abruptly in front of him.

“Who are you?” Qi Yulin’s face turned purple as he stared at Ye Mo, it was evident that he was very deeply poisoned.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Answer a few questions for me and perhaps I can give you a painful answer. Firstly, did you sneak attack Grand Sister of Lok Hustle? And was the poison she was poisoned by you? Secondly, is the Scripture of the Bashful Luo in your possession, and did you and Lok Fay come into contact originally for the sake of this scripture?”

A fierce smile appeared on Qi Yulin’s face as he raised his sword to give Ye Mo a blow, when Ye Mo raised his hand and pointed a finger above his eyebrow.

A bewildered look appeared on Qi Yulin’s face, and he quickly replied, “I didn’t sneak up on Falling Hustle’s Eldest Sister, nor did I get the Kan-Luo Sutra. I made an appointment with Lok Fay to knock out Lok Chau, but she turned back to the temple before I could meet up with Lok Chau. I contacted Lok Fay because I wanted to learn about the Kan-Lo Sutra …… from her.”

Ye Mo originally wanted to ask a few more questions, but the poison that Luo Su had administered was so powerful that Qi Yulin’s eyes quickly returned to normal, and he immediately understood what had just happened, only for the shock on his face to flicker, and then he fell to the ground, having died of poison.

“What a powerful poison.” Ye Mo glanced at Qi Yulin, whose face had completely blackened, and casually turned him into flying ash with a fireball, a black dot was about to run out of Qi Yulin’s body, but it was burnt into flying ash just like Ye Mo’s fireball.

Qi Yulin actually had a compulsion inside him? However, Ye Mo did not care, this kind of compulsion seemed to be very different from the one he met last time.

How could it be that the injury and poisoning of the fallen clamor’s elder sister was not secretly done by Qi Yulin? If combined with the matter of the loss of the Kan-Luo Sutra, Ye Mo however felt increasingly confused.

At that time in ‘Ying Hua Guan, the only people inside were Lok Hustle and her Eldest Sister, if Lok Li colluded with Qi Yulin and wanted to plot the Kan Lo Sutra, then there would be another one of her in the temple, even so, there were only three people inside the temple.

According to Ye Mo’s guess, it should be that after learning that Lok Hustle had obtained the Kan-Lo Sutra, Lok Li immediately went out on the pretext of telling Qi Yu and Lin, and then one of the two hid outside and the other entered the inside of the ‘Ying Hua Guan,’.

Later on, when Lok Hustle’s elder sister entered the ‘Ying Hua Guan,’ she was injured by Qi Yu Lin’s a*sa*sination. From the mouth of Lok Hustle, this was also the case.

Next, it should be that Fei Lu, who was hiding inside the ‘Ying Hua Guan’, took advantage of Lu Hustle’s inattention to a*sa*sinate Lu Hustle, then stole the ‘Ni Luo Sutra’, and finally Lu Hustle’s elder sister woke up and escaped with Lu Hustle.

But now Ye Mo learned that this was not the case at all, that Qi Yulin had not secretly attacked Lok Hustle’s Eldest Sister, and that Lok Leak had not taken the Kan Lo Sutra either. The truth of the situation was surprisingly so different from what he had imagined.

Now he could only save Lu Li from waking up and then ask her again.