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DYM Chapter 355

Fei Lu was the second senior sister of Lu Hustle, and since she did not have the intention to kill Lu Hustle, Ye Mo did not have the intention to kill her. Originally, a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ could immediately make the injuries on Lu Li’s body disappear, but Ye Mo disliked such women and was too lazy to take out such a precious pill to give her, he just casually grabbed the unconscious Lu Li and wanted to take her to a quieter place for questioning.

Only once Ye Mo grabbed Lok Lean, he immediately knew that it turned out that Lok Lean had actually been put under a compulsion as well. Ye Mo casually forced out the compulsion in her body, and it seemed similar to the compulsion thrown in Qi Yulin’s body just now.

Ye Mo finally understood why Fei Lu couldn’t escape Qi Yulin’s pursuit, it turned out that he had placed ‘concentric compulsions’ only that the one in Fei Lu’s body was just a controlled compulsion. Ye Mo shook his head, although this Fei Lu is very shrewd and quick to accept things, she is still too young, too shallow in the world, not much better than Lu Hustle, being sold out and still helping to count the money.

Ye Mo took Fei Li to a more remote place and casually dropped Fei Li on the ground.

Lok Li slowly woke up, she immediately grabbed the soft sword by her side when she saw Ye Mo, then stared at Ye Mo with a wary face, “Who are you? Where is Qi Yulin?”

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “It doesn’t matter who I am, that poison of yours is very powerful, Qi Yulin has long since died through.”

Hearing that Qi Yulin had died, a strange expression appeared in Falling Frost’s eyes, something like sadness, and something like relief. She looked around, it didn’t seem to be the same place as just now, and as Ye Mo looked bashful and clear about what had just happened, it was obvious that it was almost as easy to kill her. If she appeared here, she must have been brought here by this person in front of her. Thinking of this, Lokuri silently put away her soft sword.

“What do you want to ask? I will tell you if I can.” Falling Li did not ask who Ye Mo was again, she knew that if Ye Mo did not say anything, there was nothing she could do at all. If Ye Mo asked questions that she had no way to answer, she would rather die, besides, she had no intention of living since the moment she was caught up by Qi Yulin.

This was a smart woman, Ye Mo nodded and said, “I am a friend of Lok Hustle…,…”

“What ……”, the originally gloomy and resigned Lok Li heard the word Lok Hustle and immediately raised her head nervously, asking eagerly, “How is Lok Hustle? Where is Lok Hustle? Where is she?”,…”

Seemingly knowing that she was in no position to ask Lok Hustle, her voice finally trailed off.

“You a*sa*sinated Lok Hustle and almost killed her, so you’re not qualified to ask her about it now. ” Ye Mo said indifferently.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lu Li secretly breathed a sigh of relief, if this person said that, it meant that Lu Hustle was fine, she gasped and lifted her somewhat lost eyes to look at Ye Mo and said, “It’s good that Lu Hustle is fine, I didn’t try to kill her. If you have anything to ask, just ask. I know I am no match for you, I just hope you won’t lie to a person who is about to die.”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, took out a jade bottle and said, “This is the jade bottle of the falling clamour, you should believe it now. But don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“She actually gave you all this bottle ……,” Lok Li muttered before suddenly saying in a stern voice, “Lok Hustle is very simple, she even gave you her most beloved jade bottle, I hope you won’t be negative to her. If Lok Hustle told you to ask, just ask.”

Ye Mo frowned, what did this have to do with being negative or not? However, he still said, “You’re Lok Hustle’s second senior sister, right, are you sure if the Our Luo Sutra is in your possession?”

“No, I was going to take the Our Luo Sutra, but when I did, I found that the Our Luo Sutra had disappeared.” Fay shook her head.

Sure enough, it wasn’t Falling Needs who took it, but Ye Mo was even more confused in his heart.

If it was not taken by Lok Li, then the Luo Luo Sutra could only be taken by Lok Hustle’s Eldest Sister, and if it was taken by Lok Hustle, there was no need for her to say so first.

But why would Luo Hustle’s eldest sister hide the Sutra when she had taken it? And was she also suffering from a serious injury?

Ye Mo suppressed the doubt in his heart and looked at Luo Fei and said, “You tell me all about your a*sa*sination of your senior sister Luo Rui, maybe I will know who took the Sutra of Luo Luo.”

Falling Leak nodded and said, “When I **gave it to him, I made up my mind to follow him for the rest of my life. He told me that he didn’t need to go back in the future and wanted to find a quiet place with me and we would spend our lives like this ……”

Speaking here, a look of longing appeared in Fay Lok’s eyes, then her eyes turned gloomy as she continued, “But he said that he was eager to see what the Scripture of Ours is like, so that day after Senior Sister Fay Lok said that she had obtained the Scripture of Ours, my first reaction was to immediately go to him and ask him to come and see the Scripture of Ours as well.”

Ye Mo knew that the he that Fay Lok was talking about should be Qi Yu and Lin, and nodded without interrupting.

Fei Lok continued, “I was afraid that junior sister would not agree, so I went out of ‘Ying Hua Guan and gave him a call, and he said he would come immediately. It didn’t take long for him to come. Only his expression was a little worried. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that my senior sister, Lu Yue, would definitely not let him read the Our Lady’s Sutra, so he was a little worried and lost. I knew that he was right, and that if my Eldest Sister knew, she really wouldn’t let him read the Sutra of Luo Luo because she was so disgusted with him, but I really wanted to fulfil this wish of his.”

“And then, you and Qi Yulin backstabbed your Eldest Sister?” Ye Mo jacked in, but in his heart he was thinking, “If you weren’t so inclined towards that Qi Yulin, you wouldn’t have fallen for it**.

Fei Lu shook her head, “No, I would never have backstabbed my Eldest Sister, but at that time he was everything to me, I saw how disappointed he was, and I couldn’t bear it in my heart, so I said I would go and plead with Eldest Sister.

Only he said that instead of pleading for mercy, it would be better to knock my Eldest Sister unconscious first, then steal the Our Lady’s Sutra and read it, and then just wake her up. I don’t know if I lost my mind or I cared too much about him, I actually agreed to his words then I made an appointment with him that when the time came, after I lured Eldest Sister out first outside, then I would quietly hide inside ‘Ying Hua Guan’ while he knocked Eldest Sister unconscious outside.”

The more Ye Mo listened, the more puzzled he became, just now Qi Yulin clearly said that he didn’t do it, ah, how come now he heard Lok Li say that he still beat him up?

Without seeing Ye Mo’s puzzled expression, Fei continued, “I was hiding outside the Ying Hua Guan, and only a moment later, Senior Sister came over and entered the Guan. After I saw Senior Sister enter, I pretended to be injured outside and called out to lure Senior Sister out, and then I quickly hid inside the ‘Ying Hua View’. Soon I saw Eldest Sister come in injured, and then she fell unconscious, and I thought he had moved, and I was afraid that Lok Hustle would see me, so I casually tried to knock Lok Hustle unconscious as well, and then take away the ‘Sutra of Our Lady’.”

“But after you struck Lok Hustle, you found that the Sutra of Luo Luo was missing, right?” Ye Mo said.

Fei Lok nodded, “Yes, I had calculated treacherously at that time that that slap would definitely knock Lok Hustle unconscious, but would not cause her to be seriously injured, but to my surprise, Lok Hustle’s cultivation seemed to have risen greatly, so I had not knocked her unconscious with that slap, but it had made her give up on the Sutra of Luo Luo. However, when I took the Oura Sutra, the Oura Sutra was indeed gone, it wasn’t me who took it.”

Ye Mo fell into silence, could it really be that Lok Li’s Eldest Sister had taken away the Luo Luo Sutra? Could it really be that she heard Lok Li’s scream at that time and immediately went out, made some injuries of her own and went back inside the temple again? If her injuries were fake, then this was possible.

If it was Lok Hustle’s Eldest Sister who took it, there were most likely two kinds of purposes she had in mind, one was to get a kick out of the Luo Luo Sutra, and the other was to fear that the Luo Luo Sutra was dangerous on Lok Hustle, and then put the danger on her own body and tell Lok Hustle when she returned.

Ye Mo thought about Lok Hustle’s words, when she said that Senior Sister told me not to trust anyone, even Senior Sister herself told me not to trust her. Perhaps this statement was true, as Lok Hustle’s Eldest Sister had gotten the “Our Luo Sutra” but felt somewhat guilty before saying this, and also used this statement to make Lok Hustle suspect Second Sister Lok Li. She had asked Lok Hustle to meet her in a year’s time, perhaps because she wanted to use that year to study the Ni Luo Sutra.

If this was really the case, then this ding of Lok Hustle’s, the mind of Eldest Sister was just too terrifying. Not only did she draw others’ suspicions to Fei Lok’s head, she also used Fei Lok to hold Qi Yulin in check, so that Qi Yulin always thought that the Ni Luo Sutra was in Fei Lok’s hands.

No good, if this Ni Luo Sutra was really taken by Lok Need’s elder sister, would Lok Need be harmed if she was with her? However, Ye Mo quickly understood that Lok Hustle should be fine now mouth her Eldest Sister one should have some feelings for Lok Hustle, and another was to make Lok Hustle firmly believe that the Nile Sutra was in Second Sister’s possession.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, even he had been fooled by this matter. Before he met Fei Lu and Qi Yulin, he had also always thought that this Kan-Luo Sutra was in the possession of the Second Senior Sister, but now it seemed that his own judgment had been greatly out of order. Or perhaps this Eldest Sister’s skill at framing was a little too clever.

If it really was the First Sister who had framed the blame, then it was certain that when Fay Lok and Qi Yulin were discussing things, her First Sister had heard everything from the sidelines, so she had come up with a plan to take advantage of the situation. The only one who ended up being kept in the dark about everything was the youngest sister, Lok Hustle.

Ye Mo shook his head, these three sisters were just a little too speechless. Although Ye Mo was sure that they were usually very close, but who knew that on top of this Our Luo Scripture, each one of them had a little secret?

Perhaps Lu Yue and Lu Lei thought that only the things they did and intended to do were secrets, but who knew that the one who really had a secret was little sister Lu Hustle? She had simply given Ye Mo the two most precious golden pages inside the Our Luo Sutra, and this was something that Ye Mo was sure that Lu Hustle had hidden from her two senior sisters.