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DYM Chapter 372

Shi Kaigen looked at Ye Mo with a surprised face and said, “How can this work? Now go to the ‘Hongwu gang, the hall, is not, not to go to ……,”

Seeming to feel that his tone was a bit off, Shi Kai Gen hastily added: “Senior, I know that senior is powerful and is the most powerful person I have ever seen. But two fists can’t beat four hands, besides, the ‘Hongwu Gang,’ has many experts, and I heard that there are also practitioners of ancient martial arts, and their weapons are all very advanced in the American underworld, if senior goes alone, I’m afraid, I’m afraid Chuan,…”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “These do not need to worry about you, you just need to take me to that place, other than that, you do not need to care.

Shi Kai Gen looked at the gold colored bullet that Ye Mo had thrown on the ground that was pinched into a V, picked it up, then gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will accompany senior on the trip, to die a bird towards the top, it is an honor for me, Shi Kai Gen, to be able to befriend a high ranking person like senior.”

Ye Mo looked at Shi Kai Gen and said, “You just need to take me to the vicinity, you personally do not need to go in.”

However, Shi Kaigen shook his head and said, “No, to be honest, I have never seen anyone with martial arts skills as strong as senior. I admire you from the bottom of my heart, and I want to go in together of my own free will. Although my skills are not worth mentioning in the eyes of seniors, I am a good fighter inside the Chinatown circle. I only have one hope, I hope I can hang out with seniors in the future, and if I can learn a trick or two, it will be my opportunity.”

This Shi Kai Gen had some eyesight, but Ye Mo did not intend to take him with him, but said indifferently, “I am here on business, and after I finish, I will leave the United States immediately.”

Unexpectedly, Shi Kai Gen replied, “If senior agrees to take me with him, I am also willing to leave the United States. I have no one to rely on here, originally I stayed in San Francisco just to take revenge, but now it’s been more than ten years, but my enemies are getting stronger and stronger, seeing that there is no more hope, if I can, I just want to follow senior for a while.”

It turned out that he wanted to take revenge, and it looked like the reason why he risked his life to follow himself was entirely because he wanted to learn martial arts to take revenge. This Shi Kailigan seemed to be a very decisive person and not a very spicy person, so it was nothing to bring along. Although Shi Kai Gen thought that following Ye Mo to the ‘Hongwu Gang, nine deaths, but in Ye Mo’s opinion, it was just to go for a stroll, thinking of this Ye Mo nodded and said, “In that case, you can follow me in, now lead the way in front.”

The old man wearing gla*ses under the mace was amazed as he watched Shi Kai Gen lead Ye Mo out. Of course he knew that Shi Kai Gen had brought Ye Mo up there just to clean him up, but now he was walking down with this young man as if he was a good grandson, which was greatly out of the old man’s expectation.”

‘The Hongwu Gang is famous in San Francisco’s Chinatown, although its prestige is not as good as that of the ‘Hanwen Gang’, but in a place where there are many gangs, the fact that the Hongwu Gang can occupy a place speaks for itself.

The martial arts school of the ‘Hung’s Seven Killers’ is located here in Qingyang Street, and the reason why Shi Kaigen said he knew the general location of the ‘Hung’s Seven Killers’ lair was because he knew that the ‘Hung’s Seven Killers’ martial arts school was the joint of the ‘Hung’s Gang’.

This martial arts school is open to the public, but few people know that this martial arts school has a connection with the ‘Hung Wu Gang’. Shi Kaigen only knew about it because he had a friend in the ‘Hongwu Gang’.

Ye Mo, led by Shi Kai Gen, soon arrived at the ‘Hong’s Seven Killers Fist’ martial school in Qingyang Street, only to be blocked at the entrance of the martial school.

Ye Mo could only scan from his divine sense that there were some people practicing inside the martial school.

“This is the ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists, Martial Hall, please stop, if you sign up you have to wait for a month before coming back.” The guard of the martial arts hall was also a Chinese, he took Ye Mo and Shi Kai Gen as the people who had signed up.

It was also the first time for Shi Kai Gen to come over, usually it was his friends who went to him, he would not come to the ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists, Martial Hall at all, because once he came here, he would definitely be missed and might even be probed, so if not for special circumstances, Shi Kai Gen would not want to have the slightest connection with these gangs.

“Senior, we should be able to find clues from here.” Shi Kailigan turned back to Ye Mo and said.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Brother Shi, you are older than me, so you don’t need to call me senior in the future, my surname is Ye, it’s fine to call each other friends.”

Shi Kaigen immediately said joyfully, “Since that’s the case, Brother Ye, I won’t be polite, it’s just that in the future I’ll be hanging out behind you, it’s better to have a main order, I’ll just call you Brother Ye.”

Shi Kaigen had been a long-time member of the gang, and although he had not joined any gang, he knew that generation was taken quite seriously in the jianghu world. He was not a brainless person, and since he wanted to learn something from Ye Mo, he had to put himself in the right position first.

Ye Mo didn’t bother about how Shi Kai Gen addressed him, but said to the doorman who was guarding the door, “Just say that someone has come to kick the venue, go and call your pavilion master over, or I will not be polite.”

“D*mn you for seeking death.” When this guard heard Ye Mo say that he was here to kick the venue, he didn’t even give a briefing and raised his fist to punch Ye Mo in the face.

Ye Mo seemed as if he didn’t see his fist and lifted his foot and gave the same kick, this one coming after him. The guard was kicked backwards by Ye Mo and sent him flying several metres away before crashing into a one-person high vase, which was immediately knocked over and shattered.

Shi Kaigen shook his head, his evaluation of the ‘Hongwu Gang,’ greatly diminished in his heart. It wasn’t because this guard couldn’t block Ye Mo’s kick, but because this guard shouldn’t have given a hand at all. No matter if he could beat Ye Mo or not, after Ye Mo said that he had come to kick the field, he should have kept his cool and returned the favour.

Because once the person who came was too powerful, what this guard did would probably erect a strong enemy for the ‘Hongwu Gang.

“Who are you? Why have you come to my ‘Hung’s Seven Killers Fist, Martial School to cause trouble?” Because he saw the fight at the entrance, a sturdy black-faced man ran over in a few steps, and when he saw Ye Mo didn’t make a move first, but clasped his fist first and asked.

“My elder brother wanted to see your sect master, but this guard wouldn’t let him see him, and he even made the first move, and was taught a lesson by my elder brother.” Shi Kaigen snatched ahead and answered.

It was only at this time that this black-faced man noticed Shi Kai Gen behind Ye Mo and immediately said with some confusion, “You’re the ‘Fei on the Gra*s’ of Chinatown, right? When did our martial school have a problem with your big brother?”

Although Shi Kai Gen did not know this black-faced man, it was normal for this man to know him, ‘Fei on the Gra*s’. He, ‘Fei on the Gra*s, still had some reputation in Chinatown, but he said with a smile, “We never said we had a problem with your martial school, it’s just that my big brother wanted to see your school master and this guard stopped him.”

The black-faced man’s face sank, “Flying on the Gra*s” My martial arts school does not make trouble, but it is not afraid of you either. If a random person comes and wants to see the master of the school, then our master of the school just needs to see people every day and not do anything else.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense had long since discovered that there was a person inside who was paying attention to this side, then he sneered and said, “Cut the crap, if you don’t call your pavilion master out again, don’t blame me for tearing this pavilion of yours down.”

Ye Mo’s words finally provoked the black-faced man’s bottom line, the man gave the same cold snort, tucked the hem of his shirt towards his waist bush, and then said, “In that case, I, Wang Jun, will come to meet you, an expert.”

Ye Mo shook his head and said indifferently, “You haven’t even touched the door of martial arts, you don’t need to fight me, I can break another vase with just one kick.”

It wasn’t that Ye Mo looked down on this Wang Jun, but Wang Jun wasn’t even a yellow level martial artist now, at best, he was just an ordinary martial arts practitioner, Ye Mo really couldn’t raise his spirits.

When Wang Jun heard Ye Mo’s words, his black face turned red, although he was not the most powerful in the ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists’ martial school, he still had no problem ranking in the top ten. And this guy in front of him, who was even younger than him, actually said that he could kick himself away with just one kick, and to the designated spot, which he refused to believe no matter what. Moreover, he felt that the person coming was too wild to be able to kick himself away with one kick, even the Pavilion Master could not do it.

Although Wang Jun was inwardly furious, he was not careless because of this; since this man had said so, it meant that he still had some skills.

Wang Jun, whose stance was full, pulled a fist, and with two fists carrying the sound of wind, he smashed at Ye Mo without any hesitation.

Wang Jun came up with his most powerful move, he did not underestimate Ye Mo, since Ye Mo said so, it meant that he most likely really had a few strokes. This punch was an adaptation of Muay Thai and had a name called the Pendulum Hook Fist. It was a combination of the Thai boxing swing and uppercut, and it was this move that Wang Jun had defeated numerous masters, otherwise he wouldn’t have become the coach of the ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists, Martial Arts School.

Ye Mo didn’t even move, when Wang Jun’s fist was already in front of him, he only suddenly took a step forward and kicked out.

When Wang Jun saw that Ye Mo had actually taken the initiative to step forward, his heart just burst with joy, but before he could turn his head, he was already kicked in the chest by Ye Mo. And his fist was clearly reaching Ye Mo, but for some reason it didn’t even touch a piece of Ye Mo’s clothes.

Then Wang Jun felt a strong force hit his chest, and then Wang Jun’s heart just sank, he was finished.

Sure enough, Wang Jun, who had been kicked away, turned around as if he had eyes and hit the vase that was still intact, knocking it over and shattering it just the same.

The entire martial arts school training ground fell silent, originally because when Ye Mo was teaching Wei a lesson, those students practicing martial arts stopped, and by the time Wang Jun came to talk to Ye Mo later, those students even slowly all gathered around.

It just didn’t occur to them that the exchange of blows was just a single move, or just a single kick, people didn’t even move their hands, they just took a small step and then kicked out, and their martial arts instructor was kicked out, or the designated route.