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DYM Chapter 373

“Good stance my friend.” A mellow hou male middle voice came over, while a man in grey came out inside. This man in grey had a smile on his lips, seemingly unconcerned about Ye Mo kicking down two people and breaking two vases at the same time, but was genuinely praising Ye Mo for his good skills.

Ye Mo had long known about this man hiding on the side, and looking at his calm and unhurried appearance, he estimated that his status inside this martial arts school should not be low.

With a mid yellow level cultivation, he was considered a martial artist, but in Ye Mo’s eyes, this point of cultivation was nothing.

“Pavilion Master ……” The black-faced man himself was not seriously injured, and when he saw this man in grey walking out, he hastily climbed up and called out, with all the embarra*sment on his face.

“Please bear with my friend for the negligence of my pavilion.

I am ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists, Pavilion Kyu Shen Wei Kui, I have not yet asked for your friend’s surname.” The grey-clothed man seemed to not see the black-faced coach as he walked straight over and said to Ye Mo with a fist.

“No need for a name, I’m here to ask something today.” Ye Mo said indifferently, he was very unhappy with this pavilion owner’s pretentious and pushy behavior.

Since he arrived just now, this pavilion owner had been watching from the side, and even when he kicked the security guard, he still didn’t move. It was only after he kicked this black-faced coach himself that this guy walked out and probably couldn’t remain calm any longer.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Shen Weiju’s face really changed, but immediately returned to normal. In Jianghu, it was a great insult for the other party to not even say their name after signing up, and even someone as city-minded as Shen Weijui felt a little embarra*sed.

But Shen Weiju was not a rookie entering the jianghu, the angrier he was, the more he wanted to kill the other party, the more amicable he would be on the surface. He would not make his move easily until he found out the other party’s bottom. He had seen Ye Mo’s two kicks just now, and he asked himself that he definitely did not have the ability.

Although it was easy for him to knock down that instructor, he definitely couldn’t do it with the kind of breeze Ye Mo had and specify the moves and the direction of the fall, which was definitely not something an ordinary martial artist could do.

Shen Weiju’s face only changed slightly and immediately returned to normal, then without changing his face, he cupped his fist and said, “In that case, this friend please come inside.”

Shen Wei Kui, a person Shi Kai Gen knew, was very famous in the Chinatown area, and even more famous in the underworld. At this moment, when Shi Kai Gen saw that Ye Mo didn’t even give this man face, he was a little nervous in his heart. Generally speaking, those who are involved in the jianghu world are always careful to keep their words to themselves, unless they have a real deadly grudge. He didn’t know if it was because Ye Mo was too young, or if he simply didn’t take Shen Weiju into account.

Of course Ye Mo did not put Shen Weiju in his heart, he hated this kind of guy who had a deep heart and pretended to be atmospheric on the surface. Even if he crossed ten grades and advanced to the Ascendant level, Ye Mo would still not put him in his eyes.

Although Shen Weiju was extremely angry in his heart, he did not show it on the surface. He led Ye Mo and Shi Kaigen into a meeting room, outside which four strong men were standing.

Originally, he thought that Ye Mo was going to say something, but Ye Mo walked straight into the sealed parlour as if he did not see the four men standing outside.

Shen Weiju’s intention immediately fell through, these four men were the four most powerful men in the ‘Hong’s Seven Killing Fists, Martial School. Shen Weiju’s idea was that once Ye Mo raised an objection, he would immediately tell him that this was the rule of the martial school. According to Ye Mo’s kind of personality, then a fight would definitely follow and Shen Weijui was sure that he could subdue Ye Mo with the help of him and the four men.

However, to his surprise, Ye Mo walked straight into the meeting room as if he did not see the four men.

Was he really that powerful?

Shen Weijui’s heart suddenly had no bottom. After half a day’s thought, Shen Weiju decided not to make a move first and see what this man wanted to ask.

After a few cups of tea were served, Shen Weiju smiled again and said, “May I ask what your friend wants to ask?”

“Pavilion Master Shen, my elder brother wants to ask Tong Zhu something, but I just can’t find Tong Zhu now, so please let the Pavilion Master know.” Shi Kai Gen immediately said.

Shen Weiju frowned, he didn’t say that he didn’t know Tongzhu, it was just that Tongzhu’s identity was special, and in the present time the brothers of the ‘Hongwu Gang, rarely showed up. But since these two people had found their way here, it meant that they must know that the ‘Hong’s Seven Killers Fist’ martial arts school and the ‘Hongwu Gang’ were connected.

Thinking of this, Shen Weiju clasped his fist and said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, this friend, I do know Tongzhu, but he cannot see you now, or even recently he cannot come out to see you. This is an internal matter of the ‘Hongwu Gang, so please forgive my friend.”

Shi Kaigen immediately stood up, “What does Master Shen mean by that? I also know that your ‘Hongwu Clan, recently had to go to war with the ‘Yamaguchi Clan, but I can’t let me not see Tongzhu either.”

To Ye Mo Shen Wei Ju still had some patience, but to Shi Kai Gen, he no longer had any patience.

He, Shen Weiju, had at least been in a high position for a long time, when did this little street kid dare to shout at him?

Shen Wei Kui coldly said to Shi Kai Gen:, “The Hongwu Gang is not for you to tell me what to do.” “Fei on the Gra*s, although you have some reputation in Chinatown, you are not good enough in front of my ‘Hongwu Gang’.

Ye Mo stood up and said indifferently, “Shen Weiju, you have one minute to take me to see Tongzhu, otherwise, after today there will no longer be a ‘Hongwu Gang’ in Chinatown.”

“How rampant, I, Shen Weiju, would like to see what you have today to destroy my ‘Hongwu Gang'” Faced with Ye Mo’s aggressiveness, Shen Weiju finally couldn’t help but change colour.

But before Shen Weiju could call the four people outside the door in, Ye Mo quickly stepped forward and grabbed Shen Weiju’s neck with one hand, picking him up as if he was a chicken, then slowly said, “Whether I am capable or not is not for you to say.”

Shen Weiju was horrified in his heart, he clearly saw Ye Mo coming forward, clearly saw Ye Mo reaching out his hand to squeeze his neck, but he just couldn’t avoid it. He knew that he was a middle yellow level martial artist, not a match for a guard or that black-faced coach, but in this young man’s hands, he seemed no different from that guard.

Shen Weijui finally changed colour, he immediately knew what kind of person he had offended, this man was probably even a legendary earth-level martial artist. If he was really an Earth Grade Martial Artist, it was not impossible to exterminate the ‘Hongwu Gang, although it was somewhat difficult to say so.

The four big men at the entrance of the meeting room immediately saw what was happening inside the meeting room and without thinking, the four of them immediately rushed over. Ye Mo just lifted his foot and kicked, and the strong man who rushed to the front was immediately kicked out by Ye Mo. Then this strong man hit the second strong man without any deflection, then the second man hit the third man, until all four men fell together as if they were stacked up.

Shen Weiju was frozen, he no longer dared to guess what kind of person Ye Mo really was. In vain he had wanted to subdue Ye Mo through the five of them and then take at least one of his arms and legs, but now he felt how ridiculous his thoughts were.

Shen Weiju had the heart to say a few soft words, but his neck was choked by Ye Mo, so he couldn’t spit out a single word.

Shi Kaigen was even more enthralled as he watched. To him, the more powerful Ye Mo was, the better his choice. Shen Weikui had a big name, but in Ye’s hands he was like a small chicken, without the slightest resistance.

Ye Mo casually tossed Shen Wei Kui aside, then said indifferently, “You have one minute to take me to see Tong Zhu, or I will destroy your ‘Hongwu Gang’ when I say I will destroy the ‘Hongwu Gang’ Never go back on my word. ”

“Cough ……” Shen Weiju coughed several times before he could catch his breath, he hurriedly stood up and did not hesitate to bow to Ye Mo to the end, “Senior, my junior has eyes that do not know the mountain, please forgive me, I will immediately take I will immediately take senior to see Tongzhu, senior please.”

After saying that, Shen Weiju carefully led the way in front, no longer having those careful things. Once the difference in strength was too great, any small plot was just a floating cloud when someone was crushing him like an ant. Shen Weiju had been in the jianghu for a long time, how could he not understand this simple truth.

Shen Wei Kui led Ye Mo and Shi Kai Gen out of the back door of the ‘Hong’s Seven Killers Fist, Martial Arts School. The three of them went around seven times and after turning around two streets, they entered an old private house in ancient colours.

The door of this old house was tightly closed, Shen Weiju walked to the door and rang the doorbell several times one after another, Ye Mo noticed that Shen Weiju rang the doorbell a regular number of times, it looked like this was a signal for them to contact each other.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept in, the inside of this old mansion was huge, there was even a not small lawn and an artificial lake. Having a place like this in the downtown area was considered good. At the entrance of a basement, Ye Mo saw a few men on guard.

When Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the basement, he immediately saw over sixty men gathered together, looking like they were still discussing something. It was obvious that Shen Weijui’s doorbell alarm had worked, and the man who seemed to be presiding over the meeting in the basement simply waved his hand, and the sixty-odd men immediately retreated to stand on either side.

Since he had already arrived, Ye Mo had no intention of barging in. Someone soon came to open the door, and Shen Weiju had the good sense to lead Ye Mo straight in.

All the people inside the basement stared warily at Ye Mo and Shi Kaigen, no one spoke, but Shi Kaigen was a little nervous. He knew that as soon as the man sitting at the top waved his hand, these dozens of people would attack the two of them.