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DYM Chapter 374

If there were only a few people, or a dozen or so, Shi Kai Gen would not be afraid, but if dozens of people came together, even if Ye Mo was powerful, he would not be able to keep up with them, and if he was shot by a cold bullet, everything would be over. The only thing is that this is where the ‘Hongwu Gang’ is located, and there are many experts inside, and there are probably more powerful people than Shen Weiju. No one knew whether there was a trap or some other ambush on all sides of the house.

He was not someone who had never seen a scene before, but he had never encountered such a scene where his life was obviously in someone else’s hands.

Shen Weiju walked straight to the slightly thin man at the top and muttered for a while. The man listened to Shen Weiju and frowned, but finally said indifferently, “Your guests are at your door, please sit down. Come on, someone, show these two friends their seats.”

Ye Mo sat down very calmly, but it was Shi Kai Gen who was a little unnatural, but after looking at Ye Mo, he thought about it and calmed down. He himself had been here for so many years, it could be said that every day was a fight si fight raw over, how could he still be so worried? However, in his heart, he was even more impressed with Ye Mo’s guts.

“My friend has good guts, I am Zhu Hongsheng, the brothers have raised me to temporarily take over the position of gang leader in the ‘Hongwu Gang’. May I ask your friend’s surname?” The slightly thin man at the head of the group saw Ye Mo sitting down very calmly and admiration was in his eyes. In his opinion Ye Mo simply did not take life si seriously, although he was sure that Ye Mo was at least at the peak of the yellow level, or even Xuan level cultivation, but here there was still no life in si.

This was because he, Zhu Hong Sheng, was already at mid Xuan level cultivation, even surpa*sing the original ‘Hanwen Gang’ leader, Peng Hanwen. Even if Ye Mo had Xuan level cultivation, he would still have no chance of survival. He did not know that Ye Mo did not even put this point of his strength in his eyes.

“My surname is Ye, sorry to interrupt, I wonder if your gang has a person named Tong Zhu.” Ye Mo nodded his head and said indifferently.

This Zhu Hongsheng was still polite, and there was no need for him to continue being aggressive.

Although Ye Mo didn’t say what his name was, Zhu Hong Sheng was also quite a bit appreciative of people like Ye Mo and didn’t have much intention of blaming him. A person who could simply defeat Shen Weiju was not an ordinary person by any means. He was a man of great importance, and his vision certainly could not stay above the level of his men. If such a person could be recruited into his ‘Hongwu Gang’, he would definitely be a great help.

Although the ‘Hongwu Gang’ is a metamorphosis of the ‘Hanwen Gang’, Zhu Hongsheng is not a simple man. . He considered Zhu Yuanzhang to be his grandfather, so everything he did to create his own gang was according to strict rules and regulations, and was definitely not comparable to the rest of the rabble in Chinatown.

Although Ye Mo did not act very enthusiastic, what he needed was not the enthusiasm of his men, but their ability and allegiance. He believed that later on, this young man surnamed Ye would take the initiative to submit when he saw his stature later on, because if he didn’t submit, there was only si way.

“Tongzhu come out.” Without even thinking, Zhu Hongsheng immediately said to Tongzhu.

A man with a five-short stature came out from inside the queue on one side, he first bowed to Zhu Hongsheng and then walked up to Shi Kai Gen and said, “Ah Fei, what’s going on?”

“Pillar, it’s alright, Brother Ye is now my big brother, if he asks you, just tell the truth, trust me on this.” Shi Kaigen said immediately, he now worshipped Ye Mo.

Tong Zhu nodded, it was obvious that he and Shi Kai Gen had a good relationship. He gave Ye Mo a fist hug and said, “Brother Ye, if you have anything, please ask, I, Tong Zhu, know everything.”

Ye Mo nodded and took out a bracelet and placed it on top of the coffee table in front of him, then asked, “You sold this bracelet, how did you get this bracelet?”

Tong Zhu’s face changed the moment he saw the bracelet, but he immediately replied, “A year ago, our ‘Hongwu Gang’ and the ‘Viet Gang’ had a firefight, when I cut down a ‘Viet Gang’ ‘ Vietnamese, and this bracelet was snatched from that Vietnamese’s hand.”

Ye Mo continued to ask, “In that case, do you know the origin of this bracelet?”

However, Shi Kaigen interjected, “Pillar, if you have something to say, say it completely, Brother Ye will not make it difficult for you.” He was afraid that this brother of his would have something to hide and offend Ye Mo.

Tongzhu nodded and said, “Originally, I didn’t know either, except that there was an old brother inside our ‘Hongwu Gang’ who was a brother of the ‘Hanwen Gang’ back then, and he had a picture of Sister Yan in his hand, and he showed it to me. Sister Yan was wearing a bracelet on her hand, and it looked exactly the same as the one I got, I wasn’t sure, and when I took it to Fei, I told him that it might be the bracelet in Sister Yan’s hand.”

So that was it? Ye Mo nodded and looked around at the gang and said, “In that case, then who is the person with the photo, bring out your photo.”

Zhu Hongsheng didn’t expect Ye Mo to ask about Sister Yan back then, he looked at the bracelet in Ye Mo’s hand and had the intention to say something, but in the end, he held back. This time Ye Mo didn’t ask him, he just asked his own gang directly, which made him a little uncomfortable, but he had to put up with it because he wanted to take Ye Mo in.

A man in his fifties walked out with a very tough expression. He walked up to Zhu Hongsheng and said, “Gang master, the one with Sister Yan’s photo is me.”

Zhu Hongsheng nodded and said, “Luo Xing, this friend Ye has something to ask you, go and answer it.”

“Yes.” The man called Luo Xing immediately nodded and replied, and then walked up to Ye Mo.

“You have a picture of Sister Yan? How did you get it?” Ye Mo asked in a light voice.

Luo Xing also saw that Ye Mo was not simple and he carefully replied, “Back then, before the Hanwen Gang Master was killed, he asked me to go to the photo studio to get this photo for Sister Peng. But when I came back, it was the ‘Hanwen Gang’ and the ‘Grey Alliance’ that had a firefight, and the gang leader had also been a*sa*sinated. Sister Yan was nowhere to be found, and this photo has been left with me.”

“Is this photo available to me?” Ye Mo stood up and asked.

“Of course there is no problem, but the Hanwen gang master has been kind to me, as long as you, my friend, are someone who has a relationship with Sister Yan, I can definitely give you this photo.” Luo Xing immediately said.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, I am related to Sister Yan.”

Luo Xing didn’t ask what relationship Ye Mo had with Sister Luo, he just said, “In that case friend, wait a moment, I will go back and get the photo.”

After saying that Luo Xing asked for Zhu Hongsheng’s permission again, and after receiving an affirmative answer, he immediately turned around and went out.

Zhu Hongsheng waited for Luo Xing to go out, he watched Ye Mo put the bracelet away and was about to speak when a ‘Hongwu Gang’ ponyboy hurried in and said, “Gang master ‘Grey Alliance’ Three Breath Flying Daggers’ John Jie has brought twenty to thirty people to our place in an aggressive manner.”

Zhu Hongsheng suddenly stood up, “Why is he here? What is he doing here? And how did he know about this place?” He spoke quickly, asking several questions in quick succession, showing obvious concern.

Ye Mo, however, shook his head, he saw that this Zhu Hongsheng was not bad, but he did not expect to meet a rival this name could not sink in, and this was still his territory.

In fact, Ye Mo did not know that ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’ John Jie was a nemesis for Zhu Hongsheng, although he did not cultivate ancient martial arts, but his cultivation was not bad than the middle Xuan level Zhu Hongsheng. Moreover, he also has a great skill, ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’. If he wanted to kill someone with his flying daggers, anyone who was shot by his flying daggers would be killed immediately in a maximum of three breaths. That is why the gangsters around Chinatown have given him the nickname ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’.

This John Jay was one of the best in Chinatown, and he and another black man, D**k, from the ‘Grey Alliance’ were known as the ‘Double Gun and Blade’.

Zhu Hongsheng simply did not have any certainty that he was a match for John Jay, and at their height, it was not as if there were too many people to eat each other steadily.

Of course the most important point was that this stronghold of theirs was very secretive, apart from the people of the ‘Hongwu Gang’, few outsiders knew about this stronghold.

The reason why Zhu Hongsheng was so polite to Ye Mo was mainly because Ye Mo was good at fighting and he wanted to recruit him. Otherwise, he would not allow Ye Mo, a non-‘Hongwu Gang’ member, to be arrogant inside his venue. Once Ye Mo refused his solicitation later, he would not be so nice.

To him, I’ve done all my righteousness in the jianghu, you’ve come to ask, you’ve come to find someone, you’ve come to ask for something, I’ve politely given it to you. When you have done all these, well, then since you have been all satisfied. Now that you know where my ‘Hongwu Gang’ halls are, you will join my ‘Hongwu Gang’ next, and if you don’t agree, don’t blame me, Zhu Hongsheng, for being ruthless.

“Gang master, our men haven’t gone out for the past two days, the day after tomorrow is when we will have a firefight with the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, how can this ‘Grey Alliance’ know where our hall is?” An average looking woman next to Zhu Hongsheng whispered.

Zhu Hongsheng frowned and thought for a long time, but still shook his head, “I don’t know, let’s wait until they come in, although he ‘Grey Alliance’ has been flourishing these years, but my ‘Hongwu Gang’ is not a vegetarian either. ”

Ye Mo listened to Zhu Hongsheng’s words and his divine sense immediately swept out, twenty-six men had come down outside one after another. Each one was incredibly fit and healthy, and there were mostly black people, slightly less white people, and even some yellow people.

Immediately, Ye Mo thought of the five black men he had killed, and immediately his heart moved and his divine sense immediately swept over his body.

Soon Ye Mo’s face turned ugly, he didn’t expect the gutter to turn upside down, he was actually stuck with a signal source no bigger than a sesame seed on his body by that black bearded man, and he still didn’t know it.

It was true that one could not be careless even in the face of a mole, and one had to remain vigilant at all times. Although he was not afraid of these people, the fact that this kind of thing happened still made an alarm bell ring in Ye Mo’s heart, he seemed to have been a bit careless lately and had not been as careful as he was at the beginning.