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DYM Chapter 375

Seeing Ye Mo take out an object no bigger than a sesame seed from the corner of his coat, Zhu Hong Sheng immediately understood. This young man had offended someone from the ‘Grey Alliance’, and had even been given a tracking signal by someone else.

Zhu Hong Sheng’s face was ugly, if John Jay hadn’t already come, he would have made a move against Ye Mo, it turned out that it was this guy who had exposed his hall. His mood of wanting to recruit Ye Mo immediately faded, although this young man could fight, he was not the kind of person he wanted, in other words, too tactless.

Ye Mo’s face certainly didn’t look good either, this thing was very sticky and small. When he first grabbed the bearded man by the throat, he didn’t expect the bearded man to be so calm as to place the signal source on his body, and with a casual squeeze of Ye Mo’s hand, this very sticky integrated block had turned into nothingness.

At this time a tall white man had already crossed into the above ground room, the basement was indeed not small, even though there were now more than sixty people, but together with these thirty people of John Jay, it surprisingly did not look crowded at all.

John Jay saw Ye Mo as soon as he entered, and although the source of the signal had disappeared by now, he had locked onto Ye Mo. However, he didn’t expect there to be so many people here, only his somewhat surprised expression immediately became calm.

“Qiaonong, those five ‘Grey Alliance,’ people were killed by you? Did you kill Rusen too? Did you take our stuff too?” This John Jay was still a Mandarin speaker, much more fluent in Mandarin than the driver who had driven Ye Mo. Only the anger on his face could be seen by any random person, and he asked so many questions to Ye Mo as soon as he arrived.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Not bad, I killed those guys, I also burned that box of white powder you have, and I found a box of dollars in it.”

Shi Kai Gen didn’t expect that Ye Mo had also offended the ‘Grey Alliance’ and was surrounded by people at another gang’s hall, if others had told him such things, he would have thought this man was crazy.

He had never heard of anyone who had offended both the ‘Grey League’ and the ‘Hongwu Gang’ still being alive, not before, but now?

Originally all of them thought that John Jie was going to be furious, but unexpectedly this John Jie put down Ye Mo and turned to Zhu Hong Sheng and said: “Mr. Zhu, this man and our ‘Grey Alliance’ are deadly enemies, I don’t know what relationship this man has with you.

Hearing that John Jie’s words were to set the ‘Hongwu Gang, aside, Zhu Hongsheng immediately wanted to say that Ye Mo had nothing to do with him. Now that the ‘Hongwu Gang’ was about to merge with the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, Zhu Hongsheng did not want to mess with the ‘Grey Alliance’ at this critical moment.

But Zhu Hong Sheng’s words were stopped by the average looking woman next to him, who for the first time took the initiative to say, “This friend Ye is a friend of our ‘Hongwu Gang’, if you ‘Grey Alliance’ make a move against him on our turf, you are looking down on us. Our gang can consider it as a provocation from you, even if you have any grudge with this friend, please leave our hall before you do.”

Once the woman’s words were out, not only did Zhu Hong Sheng freeze, but Ye Mo also froze at the same time. He thought that Zhu Hong Sheng must have fallen on his sword, and he could also tell from Zhu Hong Sheng’s demeanor that there was such a woman beside Zhu Hong Sheng, did this woman see something?

Whether this woman saw something or not, Ye Mo felt that this woman was deeper than Zhu Hongsheng. To dare say such things at this time was simply brainless. The only good thing about saying such things was that it made Ye Mo feel a little more good about her, and only a little more, after all, she didn’t say anything about protecting Ye Mo.

“Hmph, I can promise you not to kill him here, but this man we must take away.” John Jay raised his hand, and a flying knife suddenly appeared in his hand. No one saw where he took out the flying knife from, except Ye Mo.

“No, you can’t take him away, you can only go out by himself, as for what happens to you guys after you get out is your business.” The woman still continued.

John Jie smiled coldly, “Do you still think I’m afraid of your ‘Hongwu Gang,’? You are just a woman, are you the leader of the ‘Hongwu Gang’? Master Zhu, what do you mean, just say it.”

He disagreed with the woman’s words from the bottom of his heart, but he did not know how to answer.

However, Zhu Hong Sheng did not reply, but the woman continued to say coldly, “Of course I am not the gang master, if I were the gang master, I would directly affirm that Mr. Ye is the protected figure of our gang, no one can touch him.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Hong Sheng’s heart shook, he looked at Ye Mo who had a bland expression, to be honest, ever since he found out that Ye Mo had a tracking signal source placed on him, Zhu Hong Sheng had listed Ye Mo as a must-kill person. He couldn’t figure out why Huang Mei, who had always been very shrewd, had made such a big mistake with this young man surnamed Ye.

Zhu Hongsheng countered Huang Mei’s words for the first time, he waved his hand to interrupt Huang Mei’s words and said to John Jie, “This person has nothing to do with our ‘Hongwu Gang’, so do whatever Mr. John wants to do. I, the ‘Hongwu Clan, will definitely not interfere.”

Although these words were somewhat of a sign of weakness, Ye Mo himself was the person he, Zhu Hong Sheng, wanted to kill, and now he was just lending his hand to John Jie.

Huang Mei stood up and took a deep look at Zhu Hong Sheng and said, “I’m a bit tired, I want to go and rest for a while.”

Zhu Hongsheng thought that Huang Mei didn’t want to see blood, or that she was a bit unhappy that Huang Mei’s first opinion was rejected by herself. So he didn’t care, and immediately waved his hand and said, “Go and rest, and watch what you say from now on.”

When Huang Mei had gone out, John Jay tossed the flying dagger in his hand and said in fluent Chinese, “This flying dagger was taught to me by a Chinese man back then, I have used it to drink the blood of countless Chinese, and today one more.”

“Where is the man who taught you the flying dagger?” Ye Mo asked in a calm tone.

“Him, haha, the first person I drank blood from with my flying dagger was him. Where do you think he has gone? Maybe you can see him in the presence of God.” After saying that John Jay raised his hand, his flying knife had disappeared and no one saw where his knife was.

Ye Mo cupped a flying dagger in his hand and said coldly, “If you hadn’t killed the man who taught you the flying dagger, I would have gone to kill him, fortunately you saved me the trouble. But with these few strokes of yours, you dare to play flying daggers in front of me.”

Even if John Jay hadn’t killed his master, Ye Mo wouldn’t be bored to kill this man. It was just that he deserved to die for this kind of person who couldn’t even see his disciple’s character clearly, so to speak itself was blind.

“You ……” John Jay froze, he clearly looked at the flying knife that Ye Mo held in his two fingers was the one he had just shot out, his flying knife could actually be caught by someone with his hand? This made his brain instantly have no way to imagine.

He knew that the speed of his flying daggers had long surpa*sed that of bullets, and he could even knock down bullets with his flying daggers, but he didn’t expect to see someone catching his flying daggers with his hands today, this was simply too incredible.

John Jie was frozen, the people he brought with him were frozen, even the people from the ‘Hongwu Gang, gang were also frozen. John Jay’s flying dagger was definitely faster than the bullet, and at such a close distance, it was surprising that someone could actually catch it with his hand, no, it should be caught with his fingers. Does this not mean that the bullets were no threat to him?

Zhu Hongsheng’s heart thudded, and he seemed to feel as if he had done something wrong.

“Just like you, you dare to play with flying daggers, today little master will teach you how to play with flying daggers mouth see now little master will pin you to the ground and protect your left paw.” Ye Mo finished indifferently, the flying knife in his hand cut a beautiful arc of light and stabbed directly above the back of John Jay’s left foot until there was no root.

“Ah…” a miserable scream, John Jay tried to lift his leg up, but he found that he couldn’t even move, he was really nailed to the ground by this tiny flying knife, or his own flying knife. He clearly saw the flying dagger that Ye Mo threw out, but there was just no way to dodge it. It was as if he had just seen Ye Mo’s still movement and the flying knife had already nailed him on top of the back of his foot.


The entire meeting hall was silent.

”Three breaths of flying daggers, John Jie was nailed to the ground by his own flying daggers, unable to move, and one could only see his panic from his shocked beyond belief face, and that look of disbelief even now.

Zhu Hongsheng felt his hands shaking, he was sure that if this flying knife of Ye Mo’s had just been shot at his throat, he would never have been able to dodge it. That means if Ye Mo wanted him dead, he would be a dead man now.

After a few breaths of silence, the people John Jay brought with him finally knew what had happened to their boss, John Jay, and drew their pistols, and some even took out their machetes directly.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, while an extra long knife came out of his hand, after a ‘clink, clink, clink, clink’, Ye Mo’s long knife had already killed between the group.

To be exact, Ye Mo just walked between these people for a bit before walking out again. By the time the others noticed, Ye Mo was already standing in the same place, and the long blade in his hand was gone. He was as clean as if he hadn’t even moved.

It was only at this time that the people around him noticed that the twenty or so people who were standing around John Jie just now began to fall down one by one, before blood continued to spurt out.

“The smell of blood came out at this time, and the ground was covered with blood stains.