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DYM Chapter 392

“What?” Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Shi Xiu and asked.

Shi Xiu seemed to remember what happened to his family again and said somewhat gloomily, “Cha Ci Town is part of Xi Tong County, and my father was imprisoned in Xi Tong County at the beginning.”

Ye Mo suddenly said to Wu Ze, “In that case, let’s go and sit in your box, I happen to have some things I want to ask for advice.”

Hearing Ye Mo say that he had something to ask for advice, Wu Ze said repeatedly that he didn’t dare, but respectfully guided Ye Mo and Shi Xiu to his own private box on the first floor.

As Hu Peng watched Wu Ze lead Ye Mo and the others away, his face changed several times, but he did not dare to continue to go up and stop him. He was originally in the same compartment as Wu Ze, and now he did not continue to go to the compartment with Wu Ze. He was eager to investigate Ye Mo’s origins.

Wu Ze was only a small divisional cadre in Yanjing, but this time he was parachuted into Xitong County with him to become the county head, so he was also a parental official. Such a person was so respectful to Ye Mo, which could not prevent him from taking it seriously.

Seeing that Secretary Hu didn’t even continue to stop Ye Mo, the two policemen didn’t dare to say anything else and could only close up the team. They knew that the water here in Yanjing was very deep and if they were not careful, they would never float back up again.

Qiu Shao, who was knocked to the ground by Ye Mo, couldn’t even take care of himself, so how could he dare to ask Ye Mo about the matter mouth a seemingly big dispute, surprisingly, was temporarily laid to rest. ”Wutong Club, the owner of the Wutong Club, Huang didn’t even dare to say a word, no matter if things were already clear or not, he, the owner of the club, would be cannon fodder for whichever side he took.

The private room where Wu Ze and the others were celebrating was not small and luxurious, and several waitresses standing to the side pouring drinks were called out by Wu Ze with a wave of his hand.

“Young Mo, please sit down at the top.” Wu Ze accompanied and carefully motioned Ye Mo to the upper seat.

Seeing Ye Mo sitting down, he carefully looked at Shi Xiu again and asked, “May I ask this one to go to ……”

Ye Mo introduced himself and said, “His name is Shi Xiu, he is my cla*smate and friend. Shi Xiu, come, you will sit next to me. Alright, let’s all sit down.”

Ye Mo was a person who didn’t care about his seat, but today was a day to build up momentum for Shi Xiu, and some of his stance had to be taken out. With someone like Wu Ze, you could only make him feel in awe of you.

“Young Mo, let me introduce to you, one of these two is my current colleague in Yanjing, Chen Changhui, and the other is my future colleague in Xitong County, Zhou Ping.” Wu Ze introduced the remaining two to Ye Mo, but did not introduce Ye Mo.

Chen Changhui and Zhou Ping Zhou Ping both hurriedly greeted Ye Mo as well, and followed Wu Ze’s example of calling Ye Mo young, they were both people who had been through the official world for a long time, where they still didn’t know that the people that old foxes like Wu Ze respected were not simple.

After a few people toasted a gla*s of wine to each other, Ye Mo went straight to the point, he smiled and asked Wu Ze, “How did Wu Division go to the West Child Prefect right away?”

Wu Ze was originally an uncouth old official, the reason why he was able to catch Li Qiuyang’s horse’s tail was by virtue of an observation of words, and an old-fashioned analysis of arguments. Today, Ye Mo obviously did not want to come to the private room with him, and then Shi Xiu said that his hometown was from Xitong County, and Ye Mo came, so how could he not know that the reason why Ye Mo came must have something to do with this friend of his.

Now that Ye Mo asked, Wu Ze hastily said with a smile, “I have been in charge of the environmental planning of Changli District under the care of Yang Shao, working, this time down to Xitong County, but the post of county governor, responsible for the presidency of the Xitong County government. Zhou Plain was originally the executive vice governor of Xitong County, and he was originally my old cla*smate, this time I learned that I went to Xitong County, specially came to celebrate for me. He is now in charge of the health and urban planning piece.”

Knowing that what Ye Mo asked must be something related to Xitong County, Wu Ze simply said it all directly, even his own position.

When Zhou Ping saw that Wu Ze spoke to Ye Mo as carefully as a subordinate speaks to a superior, and made his position and his position clear, he was even more scrupulous about Ye Mo in his heart and did not dare to speak at all. An executive deputy county governor, at the local level, was a parental official, a figure of nine words, but in Yanjing, a place where a brick could fall and hit a slip of departmental ministry, how could he dare to ask anything?

The first time I saw him, he said, “He was originally the secretary of Mayor Qiu, and this time he was transferred to Xitong County as the deputy county head. He is mainly in charge of the business piece.”

After listening to Wu Ze’s words, Ye Mo pondered for a long time and suddenly said to himself, “In that case, Hu Peng does not need to go down ……” He did not care about any Mayor Qiu, he really did not put any Mayor Qiu in his eyes, and he did not put that Hu Peng in his eyes. The more he did not put in his eyes.

“By the way.” Ye Mo suddenly lifted his head and said to Shi Xiu, “Shi Xiu, how about you going to Xitong County to become the deputy governor?”

After saying that, Ye Mo felt that his idea was good and said a few more good words to himself in succession.


Almost at the same time Ye Mo said these words, Shi Xiu and Zhou Ping several people were shocked out loud. What a joke, a deputy governor is not a house, even a deputy governor of a small county, it is still a game that has been played by many parties and then balanced to get it.

And this is not the main thing, the main thing is whether you have the qualifications. The most important thing is whether you have the ability or not, and the most important thing is whether you have the seniority.

Even Wu Ze felt that Ye Mo was playing the piano nonsense, but he did not dare to say it. Ye Mo has the ability, it is you who have the ability, if everyone can just arrange their own people to go to an important government department, then wouldn’t it be chaos?

Ye Mo had not experienced the officialdom, but in his opinion Shi Xiu was originally a deputy section, and now being a deputy county chief was only a deputy division level, and there was only a difference of two levels before and after. He certainly thought there was no big deal.

“This ……,” Wu Ze said carefully, “is not allowed under normal circumstances.” He didn’t know Shi Xiu’s original rank, so he couldn’t say the words too that, he just explained the general situation.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Shi Xiu was originally a deputy section level, now he is going to Xitong County, as long as he makes achievements, there should be nothing to be a deputy county governor.”

Once Wu Ze heard that Shi Xiu was originally a deputy section, he pondered for a moment and said, “Actually, if brother Shi was originally a deputy section, as long as he made achievements, he could be promoted to section level, and then after a period of time to settle down, he could also be promoted up.”

Wu Ze was bent on making friends with Ye Mo, so although there was some pressure in answering Ye Mo’s words, he still spared no effort in trying to help Ye Mo. He said to speak as close as possible to Ye Mo’s preference as well.

Ye Mo gave Wu Ze an appreciative glance before saying, “Let that Hu Peng quit and give his position of deputy prefect of commerce to Shi Xiu, and later on let Shi Xiu recruit a few merchants to go to Xi Tong County for good,””

Although Wu Ze wanted to befriend Ye Mo, but after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he still kept despising Ye Mo in his heart, although this young man was extremely powerful, he did not think through his words. Recruiting a few merchants? Is it that easy to recruit? Do you call asking a few people to open a shop in Xitong County an investment?

Ye Mo, however, did not care in the slightest and continued, “Well, these few merchants need to have some fame, right, let’s have ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, stationed in Xi Tong County later, and ……”

“What ……”

Ye Mo did not finish his words, once again thundering the few people on the scene. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, into West Childhood County? ‘ Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, no matter where it was stationed, it was also a great political achievement.

“Young Mo, you, what you just said is true?” Wu Ze couldn’t control his ji movement and stood up, if Shi Xiu really recruited ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, to Xitong County, even he, an official greaser, would dare to make Shi Xiu a deputy governor.

If you are joking about the popularity of Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, who doesn’t know, as long as you set up a ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ shop in Xitong County, you can immediately drive the tourism industry in Xitong County, as well as the rest of the industry in Xitong County.

This shop is different from other shops. If there is another processing plant for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, the take-off of Xitong County will be visible immediately.

Ye Mo looked at the dumbfounded people and patted Wu Ze’s shoulder and said, “Of course what I said is true, it’s even more true than real gold.”

Wu Ze ji said, “If young Mo can really put ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, investment promotion to West Childhood County, I’ll put up this county governor not to, but also support brother Shi. I can first put brother Shi into the position of section chief of the investment promotion section, and then temporarily take over the position of deputy county chief, just temporarily set the position at the section level, and then move up.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Thanks to the kindness of County Governor Wu, but it is certain that you are needed to help Shi Xiu, but putting Shi Xiu in the position of acting deputy county governor doesn’t require you to take up anything yet.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out his phone, he was thinking who he should call to help with this matter. But Ye Mo took out the phone and after thinking for half a day, he didn’t think of a person who could help, so he couldn’t help but secretly sigh that the officials he knew were really too few.

“You can give me Li Qiuyang’s number, I will call him.” After thinking about it for half a day, Ye Mo still felt that he should give Li Qiuyang a call, he had the ability to arrange Wu Ze to be the governor of a county, which meant that he still had some energy. After making this call to Li Qiuyang, he was then ready to contact Han Zaixin, although he knew that old Han didn’t have any connection with such local officials down the line, but he always knew someone else.

“Okay, okay.” Wu Ze ji moved and hastily reported Li Qiuyang’s number, he certainly knew how much his master admired Ye Mo.

Shi Xiu was already dumbfounded on the side, he still hadn’t understood until now how Ye Mo’s energy was so great, was a county governor something that could be handled by a few phone calls? This had gone beyond his imagination.