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DYM Chapter 393

Li Qiuyang is not one of the Li family’s key core disciples, but because he has good insight and has repeatedly made achievements and doesn’t have a hint of playboy in him. Now Li Qiuyang has gradually moved closer to the core cla*s of the Li family and has even been slowly trained as a core disciple.

At this moment, Li Qiuyang was having dinner with a table of people at a hotel, and the status of those who could let Li Qiuyang accompany them was already considered good.

In fact, the status of these people was indeed considered good, but the core of these people today was not Li Qiuyang, but a man called Li Chunsheng. Although Li Chunsheng’s surname is Li, he has nothing to do with the Li family in Yanjing, and Li Qiuyang is here to pull Li Chunsheng in on behalf of the Li family.

Because Li Chunsheng had just been transferred to Hefeng City in Hedong Province as the deputy mayor, a provincial capital city’s deputy mayor, even the Li family could not simply ignore it. The reason why Li Chunsheng was drawn in was that his air conditioning to become the mayor of the provincial capital city was certainly a major reason, but another important reason was Li Chunsheng’s ability.

Li Chunsheng did not rely on any forces and fought his way to this position entirely on his own, so it can be said that this man is a quite capable person. The difficulty of this is known to anyone who is in it.

Li Qiuyang’s simultaneous placement of Wu Ze as a prefect below He Feng City is also a signal of support for Li Chunsheng.

So this time Li Qiuyang invited Li Chunsheng to a banquet, as well as the rest of the Yanjing cadres. The main purpose was still to draw Li Chunsheng in, hoping that Li Chunsheng could lean on the Li family.

But at this time, someone unexpectedly called him, which made Li Qiuyang very annoyed. What irritated him even more was that it was a strange phone call. Li Qiuyang knew that he never gave his phone number to strangers, but a stranger actually called him, so this must be someone who gave his phone number to someone else. Anger immediately rose in Li Qiuyang’s heart, and he wanted to know who was so bold as to leave his phone number with someone else without going through him personally.

In his anger, Li Qiuyang wanted to hang up the phone immediately, but when Li Qiuyang saw the phone number, he suddenly felt that there was something strange about this phone number, it seemed to have one less digit than normal phone numbers, what was going on?

It didn’t seem very simple, so Li Qiu Yang picked up the phone

“May I ask which one you are? “Although the phone number was one digit short, Li Qiuyang had never met anyone, and he would not think that the other party was something great just because of that. He was now also an important person in the Li family, and ordinary people were really not put in his eyes.

“Young Li, we have met once because we have met before, so there are some things I want to ask you for today, I wonder if you have time to come and sit here with me.” Ye Mo’s faint voice came over

Li Qiuyang’s anger was immediately somewhat contained, who was this guy, such a drag. Just because he met himself, he wanted his help. That wasn’t even the main thing, the main thing was that he wanted his help and even asked himself to make a trip over there, it was simply bullish.

No matter who the other party is, even if he is the young master of the five big families, but also listen to his accent, seems to be not too old, but also a family of young master.

Li Qiuyang just wanted to say, “How old are you?” Ye Mo’s voice then came over again, “I’m Ye Mo, at the ‘Wutong Hall”

“What ……,” Li Qiuyang stiffly swallowed the words he was about to say, his heart surging with shock, it was actually Ye Mo? He hesitantly asked hesitantly, “You are young Mo? Yanjing’s Ye Mo? ”

“Good, it’s me. ” Ye Mo’s phone suddenly hung up

Li Qiuyang held the phone for half a day, not the least bit angry that the phone was hung up, he only had disbelief and even surprise on his face. Surprisingly, it was Ye Mo who called him, he felt a huge happiness pressing in and a pressure at the same time.

Ye Mo looked at the phone in his hand and said somewhat helplessly, “There’s no battery again, this phone needs to be charged once in a few months, it’s really troublesome to use.”

Wu Ze and the others looked at each other, only charging once after a few months, it’s still troublesome to use, then what should they say about the ground slack generation phone they bought that had to be charged every day?


It was only after a long time that Li Qiuyang completely reacted, and he knew that his opportunity had come. He stood up excitedly and said somewhat apologetically to Li Chunsheng, “Mayor Li, I’m really sorry, there is a friend waiting for me at the ‘Wutong Club, I need to go over there immediately.”

Originally, Li Qiuyang’s mobile phone rang and his impatient expression had been seen by Li Chunsheng and the others, but soon Li Qiuyang’s expression went from annoyed and angry to surprised and dumbfounded, and even a little panicked. The people present were all human beings, and all of them guessed that the person who called Li Qiuyang was a remarkable person.

What’s more, the fact that Li Qiuyang could put down this table and take the initiative to go over because of a hung-up phone call already spoke volumes.

“Qiu Yang, who is this, to have laboured for your great pleasure.” A middle-aged man with a bulging stomach asked with some disbelief.

Li Qiuyang seemed not to have heard his words, but stood up straight away.

“Young Li, I wonder if you can bring me along, I would like to go and see it too. ” Li Chunsheng, however, suddenly stood up as well and asked with a smile on his face.

Li Qiuyang hesitated for a moment, but still quickly said, “Since Mayor Li wants to go over, then let’s go together.”

Seeing that Li Chunsheng had received permission, immediately two more people stood up and wanted to go over together, but Li Qiuyang said with great difficulty, “That one only asked me to go over, I am afraid that if too many people go at once, that one will not be happy, so maybe next time.”

After saying that, he took Li Chunsheng out of the hotel in a hurry and went straight to the ‘Wutong Club’.

The big-bellied Nan who had just patted Li Qiuyang on the back also knew that he seemed to have patted the horse’s leg, and seeing Li Qiuyang who had eagerly walked out said with some embarra*sment, “I wonder who Young Master Qiuyang has gone to see, so anxious.”

The table, which had just had a warm atmosphere, was suddenly cold, and the remaining people said their goodbyes, as if no one was willing to say anything more to the pot-bellied man who had just spoken.

“Young Li, was the one who called you just now the young master Ye Mo who came out of the Ye family?” Li Chunsheng had been in Yanjing for many years, and neither his political awareness nor any other awareness could be compared to ordinary people. As soon as he saw Li Qiuyang’s back and forth changing expressions, as well as the Ye Mo that Li Qiuyang accidentally said out of his mouth, he guessed that this Ye Mo was probably the same Ye Mo that was legendary among Yanjing’s top bra*s, and if it wasn’t him, Li Qiuyang wouldn’t be so nervous and excited.

Li Qiuyang nodded seriously, “Not bad, Mayor Li, it’s him, young Mo likes real people, just talk normally when you go.”

Li Chunsheng’s eyes showed ji movement, “I will pay attention, thanks to Li Shao for giving me this opportunity.

If you don’t mind, I’m a few years older than you, just call me Chunsheng from now on.”

“I’m going to go over the line and call you Brother Sheng directly, and Brother Sheng can call me Qiu Yang directly from now on. In the future, I may also go to the local development, so I may need Brother Sheng’s strong support.” Li Qiuyang immediately turned his mouth and said, he knew that today’s mission to befriend Li Chunsheng had been accomplished.

However, in his heart, the biggest gain today was certainly not the task of befriending Li Chunsheng, but the invitation from Ye Mo, which was enough to give him a complete foothold in the Li family.

Li Chunsheng’s heart was just as jiffy, he had been in Yanjing for many years, although he did not know about some core matters, but it did not stop him from knowing Ye Mo’s energy. He had more or less learned about Ye Mo and knew about his energy.

If he really had to join a faction, he would rather follow Ye Mo’s lead than to get involved with some big family. But he knew that he didn’t have this opportunity, not to mention that he didn’t have this opportunity, many people thought the same as him, but all the same, they didn’t have the opportunity either.

This time when he learnt about Ye Mo, no matter what, he, Li Chunsheng, could not let it go. Even if he was close to the Li family’s group, he could not miss this opportunity.

Hearing that Ye Mo had directly called Li Qiuyang to come to the ‘Wutong Club’, Chen Changhui and Zhou Ping were both frozen. Although they had not had the chance to meet Li Qiuyang, they knew very well what he was, a popular person of the Li family. His status was much higher than theirs.

Only Wu Ze’s face remained unchanged, although he didn’t know how great Ye Mo’s energy was, he had seen Ye Mo’s energy, so he wasn’t very surprised. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to give out Li Qiuyang’s phone number, unless he didn’t want to do it anymore.

Ye Mo plugged his phone into the charger, he was going to ask Old Han for help later if Li Qiuyang couldn’t get this done, he didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to get Old Han to help him get a deputy governor.

“Ye Mo, you, what exactly did you do now?” Shi Xiu reacted and looked at Ye Mo somewhat stammeringly as he asked.

Ye Mo, who was just about to speak, suddenly turned pale and looked towards the doorway of the private room.

With a “boom”, the door of the private room was forcibly kicked open.

A young man with triangular eyes stood at the entrance of the private room with four men in black. The first thing the young man with triangular eyes saw was Ye Mo sitting on the main seat, he looked at Ye Mo coldly and said, “Was it you who injured Qiu Zhi Zhe of my Qiu family just now?”

“Who are you and who gave you the right to kick the door of someone else’s compartment?” Wu Ze suddenly stood up and pointed at this youth at the door and chided, he had already guessed that this person was from the Qiu family.

This youth swept a glance at Wu Ze, “Director Wu, don’t think that Li Qiuyang will oppose me because of this dog of yours, you think too highly of yourself. Believe it or not, I will kill you as if I were squeezing an ant to death.”

Wu Ze was speechless for a moment, he knew that this man was right, Li Qiuyang really wouldn’t come to fall out with the Qiu family because of him, if the Qiu family made some concessions elsewhere, maybe the Li family would really hitch themselves out as an insignificant addition.

Ye Mo, however, said indifferently, “I really don’t believe it yet.”