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DYM Chapter 394

“It’s easy not to believe, I’ll just fight until you do.” The triangle-eyed youth at the door immediately waved his hand after he finished speaking.

The four men behind him immediately rushed up, these four men carried a murderous aura, and Ye Mo knew at a glance that these men were from an unusual background. He felt the same aura on these four men as he did on Guo Qi. Thinking of Guo Qi, Ye Mo unconsciously thought of Ji Wanqing and wondered how they were all doing now.

These four men were very tough, coming up and laying a vicious hand on Ye Mo, probably related to their habits. When faced with such ruthless people who beat people to death as soon as they struck, Ye Mo did not show any more mercy. No matter what your origins were, Ye Mo would never be polite to those who wanted to kill him.

The four men rushed to Ye Mo’s front and were kicked by Ye Mo four times before they even met Ye Mo’s shadow. The sound of bones cracking was somewhat seeping, and in just one glance, the four bodyguards fell to the ground with Ye Mo’s knees shattered.

However, these four were hard enough to endure, and although cold sweat broke out on their faces from the pain, none of them screamed out.

Looking at the four companions who fell to the ground, the triangle-eyed man was dumbfounded, in his mind, it was not easy for the five of them to beat Ye Mo into a cripple.

How could he have known that Ye Mo was so powerful and that his hands were even more vicious than his? His own four companions were not small, but in the blink of an eye, they were kicked by Ye Mo and shattered their knees.


At the same time, inside a private mansion in Yanjing, a young man in his thirties looked somewhat grave as he tapped on the coffee table beside him.

He is the most outstanding representative of the young generation of the Qiu family, Qiu Zhixue, thirty-one years old this year, already a deputy department level cadre, it can be said that the future is boundless and bright.

Qiu Zhixue had just learned that his younger brother Qiu Zhizhe had been beaten into a cripple at a club and was still inside the hospital, and the doctor had ruled that he would be permanently deaf in one ear. This made him furious to the extreme, in this part of Yanjing, even the rest of the big families, no one dared to beat his brother like this.

Qiu Zhixue was the kind of person who became more and more calm the angrier he became; even if he did not take action, once he did, he had to beat his opponent to death and would never leave a ray of life for the other party.

So after learning this news, Qiu Zhixue didn’t immediately bring his men to arrest Ye Mo, or whatever, but instead asked Hu Peng to inquire about what this Young Mo was, and why he had never heard of any Young Mo coming out of the Li family. Having said that, even if Young Mo was from the Li family, he had to pay a price for injuring his brother.

It was no fluke that his Qiu family could gain a foothold in Yanjing, so what if it was the Li family?

The moment the phone rang, Qiu Zhixue grabbed the phone, although he hated it so much that his teeth hurt, but Qiu Zhixue, who was always careful, still wanted to investigate clearly before taking action.

The caller was not Hu Peng, it was one of Qiu Dongchen’s followers. He didn’t come to report on the origin of Mo Shao, he came to report that something had happened to Qiu Dongchen.

After learning that Qiu Dongchen had brought someone to the ‘Wutong Club’ and was similarly crippled, Qiu Zhixue almost smashed the phone in his hand.

When had the Qiu family been bullied like this? If Qiu Zhixue was a dude, then Qiu Dongchen was the elite of the Qiu family. Qiu Dongchen was also in his thirties, but at a young age he was already at the rank of major, and this time he was back in Yanjing for something else.

Qiu Dongchen must have learned that Qiu Zhizhe had been bullied and led his men to look for a fight, but he failed to find one, and even he himself was beaten up.

“With a bang, Qiu Zhixue smashed his fist on top of the coffee table, and the sturdy coffee table was smashed by Qiu Zhixue’s fist and scattered on the ground.

Qiu Zhixue could not wait any longer, he grabbed the phone and immediately dialed a number, “Captain Zhu, I need you to bring someone to ‘Wutong Club’ immediately, yes, I will go there immediately, I will contact Yanjing’s **.”

Hanging up the phone, Qiu Zhixue dialed another number, “Second Uncle, Zhi Zhe and Dong Chen were crippled at the ‘Wutong Clubhouse’, I have mobilised the ‘Flying Leopards’ team as well as the ** team. Yes, I will go there immediately. The origin has not been found out yet, but it seems to be related to the Li family.”


Outside Wu Ze’s box at the ‘Wutong Club’, the triangle-eyed man was similarly kicked off both legs by Ye Mo, and even several slaps were not missing.

“You have guts, if I, Qiu Dongchen, don’t kill your whole family, I’m a dog.” Although the triangle-eyed man’s leg bones had been kicked off by Ye Mo, and he had been slapped several times by Ye Mo, he couldn’t speak well anymore, but he had a ruthless energy. He still cursed at Ye Mo viciously.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, what he hated the most was guys who threatened him, the few times Ning Qingxue was injured was caused by him not exterminating the Song family. Ye Mo once again took a step forward and kicked Qiu Dongchen in the chest, sending him several meters away and landing on the side of the stairs.

To others, Ye Mo’s kick only kicked Qiu Dongchen once more, but Ye Mo knew that his kick had severed Qiu Dongchen’s heart veins in one go. Even if Qiu Dongchen was more capable, he would not be able to live past three months.

“Stop ……” Qiu Zhixue had just arrived here when he saw Ye Mo kick Qiu Dongchen, who didn’t know if he was alive or dead, and that anger that he was still restraining could no longer be contained.

However, he forced himself not to go forward, a military truck was already driving over, he was just waiting for the ** on top of the military truck to come down and immediately take Ye Mo away. No matter what kind of person Ye Mo was from the Li family, he would not let him go anymore.

Qiu Zhixue was no fool, he knew what Qiu Dongchen was capable of, several strong men couldn’t even get close to him. Moreover, he had brought four teammates with him, such strength was kicked away in front of Ye Mo, he was just looking for a fight when he went up alone.

The military truck stopped and a squad of ** rushed down with submachine guns and soon surrounded the clubhouse. An officer walked up to Qiu Zhixue and gave a military salute, then waited for orders.

Qiu Zhixue still did not order the immediate arrest of Ye Mo, he still wanted to wait for the ‘Flying Leopards’ team to come over.

At this moment a Volkswagen Phaeton pulled up in front of the ‘Wutong Club’, the door opened and two men eagerly came out inside.

“I said who is it now, daring to be so arrogant, beating several of my Qiu family members to a cripple. It turns out to be the men of Young Master Qiu Yang, your Li family is bull, it’s really too bullish.” When Qiu Zhixue saw Li Qiuyang and Li Chunsheng walking out, he immediately gave a thumbs up and said coldly.

Li Qiuyang was a bit baffled, he had come to see Ye Mo, where did he know that there were this many ** surrounded here not to mention that Qiu Zhixue was still here. And from the tone of his voice, it seemed that someone had beaten up his Qiu family’s people very badly.

“I beat up the man, it has nothing to do with Li Shao, if you want to pick a fight, just come to me, I’ll take it.” Ye Mo’s faint voice came over.

Qiu Zhixue was stunned, when Li Qiuyang came, he was already sure that someone from the Li family had beaten him up, how come this young man who beat him up suddenly said that he had nothing to do with Li Shao?

Li Qiuyang was stunned and immediately reacted, he glanced at Qiu Zhixue with some disdain, if it was really someone from the Li family who had beaten him, it was right for him to take such a pinch, but to take a pinch in front of Ye Mo, he was looking at the wrong person. When Ye Mo killed the son of Song Qiming, the head of the Song family, he didn’t see the Song family do anything to him. Not to mention the fact that the Qiu family was now inferior to the Song family, he really felt sad for this Qiu Zhixue in his heart.

Qiu Zhixue, however, was not a simple character, and although he was faint with anger, he still did not take the initiative to go forward to provoke Ye Mo. He was used to beating his opponent to death with a single stick, and he would rather torture Ye Mo to death slowly inside a dark room than make a big show of showing his greatness in a crowded place.

He could see the disdain in Li Qiuyang’s eyes clearly just now, and he also heard Ye Mo’s words clearly, as if there was something in it that he did not understand, which made him a little annoyed.

Li Qiuyang walked up to Ye Mo and gave Ye Mo a respectful salute, then extended his hands and said with a smile, “It is an honour for me, Li Qiuyang, that Brother Ye can remember to seek my help.”

Ye Mo smiled and reached out his hand to shake Li Qiuyang’s hand before saying, “Let’s go and have a seat inside the box.” After saying that, Ye Mo lifted his foot and kicked the four men who were blocking the entrance of the box away once again.

Qiu Zhixue was frozen, he did not expect Li Qiuyang to be so polite to Ye Mo. It was certain that this man was not from the Li family, a youth of Li family and Ye Mo’s age, even the most core sons and daughters, would not let Li Qiuyang treat him so politely.

A Land Rover rushed over and seven or eight ‘Flying Leopards’ descended quickly from the Land Rover and trotted to Qiu Zhixue’s front.

“Brother Qiu, I have brought …… the man” The tough man walking in front of him had not finished his sentence when he saw Ye Mo who was standing there talking to Li Qiuyang, and his face immediately showed surprise.

When he was sure that the young man in front of him was the instructor Ye Mo, the man hurriedly trotted a few steps to walk in front of Ye Mo, saluted directly, and then said, , “Captain Zhu Yuan Sheng of the Flying Leopard’ Special Force would like to meet the instructor.”

Ye Mo frowned and glanced at Zhu Yuan Sheng, then said blandly, “This special force of yours is so worthless, what kind of trash can call out?”

“Report instructor, this is a dereliction of duty on my part, I took eight members out without permission because I knew Qiu Zhixue. Chu Yuen Sang is willing to accept the punishment.” Zhu Yuan Sheng’s face turned red, he knew Qiu Zhixue was one reason, but the main reason was Qiu Zhixue’s status, he was the first successor of the Qiu family, a popular person in Yanjing, for Qiu Zhixue’s face, he didn’t dare not to buy it.

Ye Mo sneered and said: “I am free to punish you? Where you came from, go back to where you came from, or don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

“Yes.” Zhu Yuansheng didn’t even look at Qiu Zhixue again, and after saluting Ye Mo, he immediately got back on the Hummer with a few of his team members and, with a boom, disappeared without a trace again in the blink of an eye, as if the main purpose of his visit was to give Ye Mo two salutes.