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DYM Chapter 395

Qiu Zhixue looked dumbfounded at the ‘Flying Leopards’ special team that came and went, listening to Zhu Yuansheng’s respect for Ye Mo, even a fool knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person at all, at this moment he was actually a little scared in his heart.

Li Qiuyang looked at Qiu Zhixue with cold eyes, there were not many people in Yanjing that he put in his eyes, but Qiu Zhixue was definitely one of them. Qiu Zhixue was calm and level-headed when things went wrong, and had a very old-fashioned way of doing things, but what Li Qiuyang didn’t expect was that Qiu Zhixue had made such a big mistake today, and had provoked Ye Mo, which made him feel very happy inside.

Qiu Zhixue had long seen the gaze of the gloating Li Qiuyang, and at this moment he already had some regrets in his heart. Although he didn’t know Ye Mo’s identity yet, he knew that Ye Mo was definitely not a simple person, otherwise he wouldn’t have let Li Qiuyang be like this. For the first time, Qiu Zhixue felt that he was impatient and had somewhat messed up.

Just when Qiu Zhixue didn’t know what he should do, a sharp ringing of his mobile phone interrupted the tension on the scene.

“Second Uncle, yes, I have arrived at the ‘Wutong Club’ ……” Qiu Zhixue’s voice paused at this.

Because inside the phone came the urgent voice of Second Uncle, “Zhixue, don’t move around, hurry up and call the person you transferred back, the sooner the better. I’ll be here soon, that person is not someone my Qiu family can afford to offend, don’t ever touch him because he is Ye Mo.”

Qiu Zhixue’s brain buzzed, there were not many people that the Qiu family could not offend when they entered Yanjing, but the person listed as the number one person that the Qiu family could not offend was Ye Mo of Yanjing. He did not expect this person to be Ye Mo, and he was a little confused for a moment.

Qiu Zhixue was a proud man, and after coming to Yanjing, he also knew that there was a Ye Mo in Yanjing. However, he did not care, after all, even if Ye Mo was powerful, he was only one person, did he still have three heads and six arms?

Although rumours said that the Song family was single-handedly destroyed by Ye Mo, he had investigated the circumstances of the Song family’s downfall in detail. To be precise, it was the Song Family itself that had become frightened, and because of Ye Mo’s relationship, he had taken the initiative to dispatch most of the Song Family’s forces, resulting in a decline in the Song Family’s cohesiveness, which was eventually gradually eaten away by the Song Family’s political enemies.

Although Ye Mo also played some role, it was not the main role. Moreover, after that, Ye Mo faded out of the sight of Yanjing’s top bra*s and seemed to disappear for a long time, or rather he never got involved in political matters. This also made Qiu Zhixue didn’t see Ye Mo as much as he should have, resulting in a momentary failure to remember that Mo Shao was Ye Mo.

But today he saw with his own eyes how strong Ye Mo was, and even the captain of the ‘Flying Leopards’ was respectful in front of him, which made Qiu Zhixue get to know Ye Mo anew. Even if Second Uncle’s call didn’t come, he was still thinking about retreating, not to mention Second Uncle’s call.

A black Mercedes rolled up a gust of wind and stopped next to Qiu Zhixue, who was still dazed, and two people got out of the car.

“Grandpa ……” Seeing the people coming down from the car, Qiu Zhixue was taken aback. Apart from his second uncle, the old man Qiu had actually come over personally, and with the old man’s face looking very ugly, Qiu Zhixue immediately knew that things had gone a bit too far today.

The old man walked up to Qiu Zhixue with an iron face and raised his hand to slap Qiu Zhixue, “I thought you could do something for the Qiu family, but it turns out that the same thing is not enough to make things happen.”

After slapping Qiu Zhixue, the old man didn’t even give a glance at Qiu Dongchen lying on the ground before walking straight towards Ye Mo and his group’s private room.

“Still not letting the special police back off, do you want the whole Qiu family to accompany you up there?” The man following the old man walked up to Qiu Zhixue and scolded in a stern voice.

“Yes, Second Uncle.” Qiu Zhixue already knew that things were no longer as simple as he thought, he was still a little too young to control his emotions.

Watching Qiu Zhixue dismiss the special police, the man Qiu Zhixue called Second Uncle took Qiu Zhixue’s hand and also followed the old man towards Ye Mo’s few people’s private room.

“Young Mo, I am Qiu Zhongxing …… of the Qiu family,” the old man called out as he walked inside Wu Ze’s few people’s private room and came straight to Ye Mo.

Li Qiuyang stood up and politely called out to the old man, “Elder Qiu ……”

Ye Mo immediately knew that this old man was the head of the Qiu family, or someone who could speak for the Qiu family. He also knew where the old man was coming from, but Ye Mo had never been a fan of such old guys who always thought they were just superior. He did not believe that Qiu Zhizhe had been rampaging through Yanjing for so long and the old man from the Qiu family did not know about it.

If he hadn’t met him today, wouldn’t that Shi Xiu have been bullied to death? This world was becoming more and more like the one he had come from.

He waved his hand and said, “My principle is that people don’t offend me, if they offend me again, the result will be the same as today.”

“Don’t worry, the Qiu family will not produce another Qiu Zhi Zhe. Zhixue, why don’t you come over and accompany young Mer with your salute.” Qiu Zhongxing looked at Qiu Zhixue at the door and scolded.

Ye Mo swept a glance at Qiu Zhixue, this guy made him very uncomfortable, but he couldn’t do anything about it now without a reason. If he wasn’t a cultivator, this Qiu Zhixue couldn’t let him live no matter what. There was something scary about this guy.

Looking at Qiu Zhixue’s reparations, Ye Mo said blandly, “There is no need for reparations, your Qiu family’s people are careless in making friends, to have someone instigate a fool like Qiu Zhizhe against my friend. And that Hu Peng, there’s no need to go to Xi Tong County, there’s already someone there. No delivery.”

Although Ye Mo didn’t speak very carefully, Qiu Zhongxing still heard some of it. It seemed that the people the Qiu family had arranged to go to West Childhood County had been blocked away by Ye Mo, he didn’t say anything else, he just led the two out of the ‘Wutong Guild Hall’.

Everything seemed long, but then again it seemed to happen in a very short time. Chen Changhui and Zhou Ping, starting from when Qiu Zhixue brought people over, to when Li Qiuyang came, and later when Qiu Zhongxing came, were already dazzled by what they saw. Although they still didn’t know exactly which god Ye Mo was, they knew that Ye Mo was already an existence they needed to look up to, and the two even stood to the side, not daring to say much.

Which of the people who came today were not existences that they could normally only look at from afar, but all of these people were very low-end in front of Ye Mo. Zhou Ping was even more determined to make friends with Shi Xiu, while Shi Xiu was completely petrified at this point.

It was only after all the people from the Qiu family had left, and even the scene of the fight had been cleaned up, that Li Qiuyang stood up and cupped his fist to Ye Mo and said, “Brother Ye, I wonder what orders you have for my junior brother?”

Wu Ze carefully sat with him on the side, from the time Li Qiuyang came in and gave him an appreciative look, he knew that he had really gotten lucky today. This was something he had done too right, and as long as he didn’t make any big mistakes in the future, his path was the path of stardom for Wu Ze.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “I do have something that I need Li Shao’s help with, Magistrate Wu, you tell Li Shao what I want fǎ.”

Wu Ze did not dare to be slow and hurriedly told Li Qiuyang what Ye Mo wanted fǎ, Li Qiuyang then knew that Ye Mo had called him over because he wanted to help Shi Xiu nong a deputy county governor as well. Not to mention that Ye Mo also planned to let ‘Luo Yue yào industry’ into Xitong County, even if there was no such thing, this matter he Li Qiuyang would still help Ye Mo to get it done.

Besides, after the Qiu family had been reminded by Ye Mo, Hu Peng would definitely not go to Xitong County again, so that Shi Xiu’s matter would be much better to handle.

Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo with a surprised and disbelieving face, he didn’t expect that what Ye Mo said would come true. Ye Mo really just said a few words and nonged him, a man who had fallen to the bottom of the pile, to the position of a deputy county governor, and although he was still a section-level agent for the time being, it was only a matter of time before that word substitute was removed.

Today’s Ye Mo instead made him feel a bit strange, back then Ye Mo was not so imposing, back then he was the least popular one in his cla*s, just like himself.

Seeing that things had gone unexpectedly well, Ye Mo took the initiative and said, “Young Li, I’ve accepted a favour from you today, I, Ye Mo, will remember it.”

Li Qiuyang hastily lifted his gla*s and said, “I wouldn’t dare, such a trivial matter, in the future, Young Mo can only give orders. If Brother Ye thinks highly of me, just call me by my name.”

Ye Mo nodded his head in agreement, but turned back to Zhou Ping and said, “County Governor Zhou, you have been in Xiqiang County dāi for the longest time, my friend Shi Xiu was framed and even forced to borrow a large amount of loan sharks by bi, I suspect that this is a local black power. I don’t know what County Chief Zhou thinks about this matter?”

Seeing Ye Mo ask himself, Zhou Ping hurriedly stood up, and after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Zhou Ping immediately said, “This kind of black power is the main target of our zhèng government’s crackdown, and County Governor Shi will soon be working in a place with me. This matter still needs the strong cooperation of County Governor Shi, we strive to uproot these black forces in Xitong County, and strive to return a clear and clear sky to Xitong County.”

What Ye Mo wanted was these words, Wu Ze had just arrived in Xitong County and was still unfamiliar with many things, Shi Xiu was even worse, now with Zhou Ping’s help, Ye Mo believed that it would be easy to deal with those things that bi forced Shi Xiu to borrow loan sharks.

Li Chunsheng took the initiative to stand up at this time, picked up a gla*s of wine and handed it to Ye Mo, “Young Mo, I didn’t expect that Shi Xiu would be going to Xitong County soon, and I happen to be transferred down to He Feng City as well. In the future, maybe I will have a lot of contact with Governor Shi. This gla*s of wine will be toasted to Shao Mo first, and then to County Mayor Shi later.”

Li Chunsheng, as a mayor, took the initiative to say that he wanted to get in touch with Shi Xiu, which was entirely on top of Ye Mo’s face. He felt glad that he had taken the initiative to come today, what kind of person Qiu Zhongxing was, he, Li Chunsheng, had been mixed up in Yanjing for so long, could he not know. This kind of person had to bow down even in front of Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s energy was perhaps even greater than he had expected.

Ye Mo had come to pave the way for Shi Xiu, and seeing that Li Chunsheng was the mayor of He Feng, he didn’t dare to be slack and raised his gla*s and drank it all.

Even if Shi Xiu was more spontaneous, he wouldn’t be so spontaneous that he would really let a mayor to toast him, he quickly picked up his gla*s and walked to Li Chunsheng, “There are many things I don’t understand, I would like to ask Mayor Li to take care of me more in the future.”