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DYM Chapter 396

After leaving the Wutong Club, Shi Xiu’s rea*signment procedures were automatically taken care of.

The person who felt most incredible was Shi Xiu, who could never have imagined that in just a few hours’ time, he had gone from being a man on the streets with no way out to becoming an acting deputy governor. This kind of thing was something that he just couldn’t even think about, but it was happening to him.

“Ye Mo, I ……” Shi Xiu was so overly ji in his heart that he didn’t know how he should express his feelings for a while.

He knew that with the strength Ye Mo had shown, it would be easy to help him take revenge, but Ye Mo didn’t mention about helping him take revenge, he just arranged him to be the governor of the county where he was originally from, which directly showed that he needed to take his revenge himself.

Shi Xiu was really feeling ji in his heart, even if all his friends were gone, he still had a friend who could help him. The revenge of his parents, let him take revenge by himself, that is the best result. What Shi Xiu couldn’t imagine was that this revenge didn’t even require him to take the initiative to intervene himself, because of the words Ye Mo said, Qiu Zhongxing had already sent Tong Jie and his family to hell.

Ye Mo patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder, “Don’t be polite, back in Ninghai University, you were the only one who helped me, now it’s only right for me to do something for you. I don’t know anything about the official world, so you’ll have to rely on yourself in the future, but if you have any grievances, you can tell me directly. I can’t help you if you can’t beat others as an official, but I can help you if you can’t beat them at backstabbing.”

Shi Xiu secretly clenched his fist, officialdom is all about backstabbing, since he entered this place, he can’t backstab but can’t count others.

“Ye Mo, actually I didn’t help you anything, just that I would like to treat you to another meal at ‘Gathering Taste House’ when I have time, although I don’t have free tickets anymore, but I can still afford to pay for these few.” The shadow in Shi Xiu’s heart gradually went away remembering the time when he and Ye Mo both had a free meal at Ninghai University’s ‘Gathering Taste House, eating free mealitis, and the person also brightened up.

“Of course there is no problem, that Wu Ze is an official oil, if he helps it is good, if give you small shoes to wear, do not be polite to him.

” Ye Mo said as he reminded Shi Xiu, he felt that Shi Xiu was not very good at political awareness at times.

Shi Xiu nodded, he knew what Ye Mo meant, it was just that at the ‘Wutong Hall, he was all a bit confused, where else would he think of getting up to take the initiative to befriend Li Chunsheng and Zhou Ping’s however all this would come back to him slowly and godlike later.

“By the way, Ye Mo, how can you get ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, to West Childhood County?” Shi Xiu held it in for half a day and finally asked this question out.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Because ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, is the company I run, if you don’t want to be an official anymore, you can go to my company and hang out.”

“What?” Even though Shi Xiu knew that Ye Mo was already not simple, he was still shocked by his words. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, whose name Shi Xiu knew of course, was even sharper than a money printing machine.

It was only after a long time that Shi Xiu breathed out, “Ye Mo, I didn’t expect you to make such a big achievement within a short period of time, I’m really proud of you.”

Ye Mo rubbed his chin a little speechlessly, if it wasn’t for collecting medicinal herbs, he really wouldn’t have started this ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to him a mere pharmaceutical company was really nothing.

“Ye Mo, I want to go to Yan Da to have a look.” Shi Xiu finished with a hint of struggle in his eyes.

Ye Mo knew what Shi Xiu meant, it must be that his Yun Yun was studying at Yan University, he was now a salty fish, and he couldn’t lose the woman he once liked, even if that girl betrayed him.

“Do you need me to accompany you?” Ye Mo could see Shi Xiu’s feelings for Yun Yun, if in the past, he would definitely not hesitate to discourage Shi Xiu from going. What else was there to want in such a woman, Ye Mo disliked such betrayed women the most.

But now, Ye Mo didn’t stop Shi Xiu. Just like he did with Ning Qingxue although Ning Qingxue had forgotten about being with him and even had some disgust for him. But Ye Mo had been unable to forget her, and although this was different from betrayal, at least he could understand the kind of feelings Shi Xiu had. Compared to Ning Qingxue’s attitude towards himself, the girl called Yun Yun had probably hurt Shi Xiu more deeply.

“Why didn’t you advise me not to go looking for Yun Yun?” Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo with some surprise and asked, he thought that Ye Mo would definitely stop him from going to look for that kind of woman.

Although he knew that he shouldn’t go looking for Yun Yun but he still couldn’t help but go looking for her. At his most difficult time, Yun Yun hadn’t even betrayed him he couldn’t figure out why she would betray him when the two had gradually gotten better.

“I guess maybe she has her own thoughts too…” Ye Mo fell silent, he suddenly wanted to go and see Ning Qingxue, maybe he should really talk to her properly.

It was as if Luo Ying had disappeared, if Light Snow left him again, Ye Mo suddenly felt a little lonely. So what if she didn’t remember herself? At least he still remembered Ning Qingxue who had once searched for the Shennongjia alone, that would be enough.

“Even if I go to see her ……,” Ye Mo muttered and made an excuse for himself.

“To see who?” Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo who was somewhat bewildered and suddenly asked out.

Ye Mo made up his mind and suddenly smiled, “I’m already married, I’m going to see Ning Qingxue, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with her.”

Shi Xiu was not only not a stranger, although he had never met Ning Qingxue, but Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s fiancee, he couldn’t be clearer, Ning Qingxue had actually gotten married to Ye Mo?

“You guys actually got married?” Surprised in his heart, Shi Xiu immediately asked out. He really couldn’t believe that Ning Qingxue, the legendary number one beauty in Yanjing, had actually gotten married to Ye Mo.

“We really got married, so I wanted to go to Yuzhou to see her.” Ye Mo suddenly thought, didn’t he go to Yuzhou last time just to have a look at her? It was just that he didn’t see it.

Shi Xiu didn’t ask any more questions, he knew that a lot of things must have happened in between, otherwise how could Ning Qingxue have gotten married to Ye Mo?

“I think you shouldn’t need to go to school, Yun Yun is inside that sports car just now.” Ye Mo suddenly pointed at a red sports car not far away and said.

Shi Xiu gave an ah, immediately recognizing that the sports car was the one Yun Yun had originally gotten into, he stopped a taxi without thinking and followed it.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The red sports car turned around and stopped in front of a bar, and Ye Mo suddenly felt that the bar was somewhat familiar. But he quickly remembered, when he and Yun Bing came out together Yun Bing rushed into this bar, later he also met Nie Shuang Shuang and Zhuo Ying Qing at the entrance.

The red sports car had stopped and the fat, thick-faced man pulled Yun Bing into the bar. Ye Mo watched as Shi Xiu clenched his fist and also followed him in, he sighed and followed similarly.

Before the door of the booth was closed tightly, the fat man’s voice came out: “Song Xiaoyun, you’re worth so much money for a broken shoe…

“With a bang, the door of the private room was closed. There seemed to be a faint shout from the girl.

Shi Xiu could not hold back any longer and kicked the door of the compartment, which was opened by Shi Xiu. The girl called Yun Yun had been hit with a bright red palm mark on her face and her upper body clothes had been torn.

But the fat man didn’t seem to get off well either, as Song Xiaoyun smashed his forehead with an ashtray. It looked like these two had fallen out over the money.

“Why are you here, get lost, get lost ……” Song Xiaoyun, however, saw the blue-faced Shi Xiu at the door and shouted a bit hysterically, not wanting to be seen by Shi Xiu in this state.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

When the fat man saw Shi Xiu’s hands on him without a word, he dropped Song Xiaoyun and rushed towards Shi Xiu.

Seeing that Fatty was going to hit Shi Xiu, Song Xiaoyun went crazy and picked up an ashtray and continued to smash it at Fatty.

Ye Mo looked at the scene of the fight and was a bit speechless.

The security guards inside the bar quickly came over and pulled the fighting Fatty and Shi Xiu apart.

“Ye Mo, you’re here too?” Shi Xiu had already seen Ye Mo standing to the side.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t say anything because the police had already arrived.

“What’s going on ……” The short policeman had just said a few words when his voice became smaller he saw Ye Mo. He still remembered very clearly what happened a year ago, when Ye Mo told him to get lost if it wasn’t for his own companion who saw the opportunity quickly, he might have been eating jail time. He didn’t expect to see the person he least wanted to see again today.

The fatty wiped the blood from his forehead, then pointed at Song Xiaoyun and said, “This b*tch wanted to blackmail me for four hundred and eighty thousand dollars, and even smashed my head with an ashtray.”

“Speak clearly.” The policeman next to the shorter one looked at his partner a little strangely, it was the first time he had seen his partner so devoid of authority. When his companion didn’t ask, he had to ask.

The fat man settled down for a moment, then said, “She agreed to accompany me, but before she went to bed she asked me to give her four hundred and eighty thousand. What kind of woman needs so much money to sleep for one night, she thinks she’s Li Shishi.”

“So you are soliciting prostitutes?” The policeman asked casually he had just seen his companion looking at Ye Mo with some trepidation, while Ye Mo and Shi Xiu were standing together, it was obvious that Shi Xiu had participated in the fight, so when he asked the question, he deliberately favoured Song Xiaoyun.

The fatty immediately shouted, “What do you mean by recruiting prostitutes we did it willingly to each other.”

“If it was consensual, why were the clothes torn?” The policeman continued to ask.

“MM,” the fat man was momentarily speechless but immediately said, “She wanted so much money, of course I didn’t want it.”

“So you were prepared to rape, right?” The short cop said sternly as he snapped back.

“What do you mean by asking that? Believe it or not I’ll strip you all of this police uniform.” The fat man shouted out in annoyance.

Shi Xiu, however, walked up to Song Xiaoyun and pulled her up, her eyes red as she asked, “Yun Yun, are you trying to raise four hundred and eighty thousand dollars to pay off my debt?”

Song Xiaoyun lowered her head and just kept wiping her eyes, not saying a word.