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DYM Chapter 397

Ye Mo felt that the fat man’s words were a bit flickering, and although he was threatening the two policemen, his eyes dodged, clearly not wanting to make a big deal out of it.

Ye Mo waved to the short policeman, who had already recognised Ye Mo and was now even more beaten up in his heart. Now when he saw Ye Mo waving at him, he hurriedly walked over.

“Over a year ago, I said that there was something wrong with this bar, didn’t I tell you guys to go back and tell the top to investigate? How come this bar is still there even now?” Ye Mo’s tone was clearly a little upset.

The short policeman breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “At first, this bar was closed a long time ago, only a few months ago, this bar was sold to a businessman from Wenzhou again, and the bar now is not the original one.”

Ye Mo nodded, walked up to the fatty and slapped him on the head, then asked, “What do you want to bring Song Xiaoyun here?”

Some slowness flashed in the fatty’s eyes and he quickly replied, “I originally wanted to bang her and then buy her out ……”

It turned out to be a guy who trafficked women, Song Xiaoyun was even more pale, she had wanted to get some money from the fat guy to help Shi Xiu pay off her debt, but she hadn’t expected to almost be sold.

“Have you been doing this for a long time? How does the general one go about cheating people?” Ye Mo asked again.

“Yes, it’s been three years, many girls see my sports car and start …… with me,” the fat man said bluntly.

Ye Mo kicked over, kicking the fat man out of how far he was, then said to the two policemen, “You guys take him away, as for what to do with him, I think you guys are better at it than me.”

The two policemen looked at each other, they really couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo had asked out a vicious case of abducting and selling women with just two simple words, if this man went to the police station, what case couldn’t be solved?

Watching the police take the fatty away Shi Xiu looked at Song Xiaoyun for a long time but did not say a word, finally just sighed.

He knew it must be because Song Xiaoyun saw that he was being pushed too hard into debt, so he wanted to help him pay off the money in exchange.

“Yun Yun, I’m going to be the deputy governor of Xiqiang County soon, why don’t you go back with me.” Shi Xiu couldn’t find good words to settle Song Xiaoyun down, he felt he owed her a lot.

“What did you say?” Song Xiaoyun looked at Shi Xiu with a look of disbelief, if it was said by the rest of the people, she would only take it as a joke, but she knew that Shi Xiu would never come to lie to her on this.

Ye Mo did not bother to disturb them and left the place alone. He believed that Shi Xiu was capable of taking care of the things behind him and that he didn’t need to continue to help with those things.

Although he did not like Song Xiaoyun’s way of doing things, he could also see that Song Xiaoyun was truly good to Shi Xiu. Having someone he truly liked, Ye Mo was also secretly happy for Shi Xiu.

When Ye Mo went to see Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng, he learnt that Ye Ling was very unhappy because she had not seen herself last time she went out for a trek, and had now gone to the Flowing Serpent.

After learning that Ye Ling had gone to the Flowing Snake, Ye Mo completely put his heart down. Ye Ling was definitely safer in Flowing Snake than in Yanjing, and Flowing Snake could now be said to be completely his Ye Mo’s territory.

Ye Mo did not rush back to the Flowing Snake immediately, but went straight to Yuzhou, he had to make up his mind to have a proper talk with Ning Qingxue. If Blue Taro still blocked it, he was going to make a trip back to Flowing Serpent and then go to the Small World to have a look.

Yuzhou, which was already a big city, now seemed even more prosperous because the bid for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, the king of bidding, had fallen on top of Yuzhou’s ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical.

Ning Zhongfei, who should have been happy at this time, could not be happy, although his wife Lan Taro had returned but his daughter had disappeared again, and the plane she was on had also disappeared.

The inexplicable disappearance of an airliner and the attack on a US submarine not long ago have now put the alien invasion on the agenda, and the US has issued a blue paper entitled “Defending the Earth”. It suggests that more than 100 countries around the world should urgently set up ‘Earth Defence Bases’.

But there are voices against the US move, suggesting that the US is worrying about nothing. Wise people in some countries have already suggested that this plane crash is exactly the same as the case of the missing airliner a few years ago, that this time the plane disappeared because it had a globally renowned scientist, Professor Elstein, on board, and that a pa*senger plane that disappeared a few years ago also disappeared because it had a famous scientist, American nuclear energy physics expert Webster, on board.

Some people have even counted the number of scientists who have disappeared in recent years and found that nearly a hundred famous scholars, scientists and people of professional repute have disappeared worldwide in recent years.

Compared to these big topics, Ning Zhongfei and his wife in Yuzhou were more concerned about the disappearance of their daughter.

“It’s all my fault, if I had returned to Yanjing with you, this wouldn’t have happened. Now Light Snow is unknown alive or dead, hey I thought that if I left Ye Mo nothing would happen, but I didn’t expect that something like this would still happen to her.” Blue Taro was chagrined that this time she had stayed in America without permission, not only did she not bring orders for the company, but she almost even got herself into it. Although she was somehow released in the end, she still has palpitations when she thinks about it now.

“Ye Mo ……” Ning Zhongfei said the name once in silence for a moment, then said, “The young man I saw in Yanjing really does look a bit like him, but the differences are also somewhat obvious. ”

Lan Taro froze for a moment, “You said it was Ye Mo who did you a favour and then ‘Fei Taro Pharmaceutical, which became the bidder in Asia?”

Ning Zhongfei shook his head, “No, I just felt that that young man and Ye Mo were a little similar, but the Ye Mo I saw back then was much shorter than him, and his face shape wasn’t quite the same, that young man seemed a lot more handsome. After all, I had only seen him once when Light Snow was engaged to be married a few years ago, and after all these years, I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like. It’s just that at the time I didn’t even ask his name…

Blue Taro, however, looked at Ning Zhongfei strangely and did not speak for a long time, but in her heart she was more and more sure that the young man her husband had seen was Ye Mo.

Her husband had not uglied Ye Mo in the past few years, but she had seen him, and it was not long ago, and Ye Mo had changed so much compared to a few years ago. It was normal for her husband not to recognize him for a while, not only had Ye Mo’s looks changed too much, but his aura and the tone of his voice and movements had become not even a hint of resemblance to the original.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Zhongfei looked at his wife’s surprised eyes and asked strangely.

Lan Taro sighed, “Zhongfei, I wonder if we should tell Ye Mo about Qingxue’s disappearance?”

“Aren’t you against Light Snow remembering what happened before? And you don’t acknowledge what happened between Ye Mo and Qing Xue, why do you want to tell Ye Mo about Qing Xue now?” Ning Zhongfei asked curiously.

Blue Taro was silent for a long time before saying, “I think maybe I was wrong, there are things that can’t be contained since they have already happened. Although I don’t know why Light Snow has single-handedly lost the memory of her relationship with Ye Mo, it is obvious that Light Snow had extremely deep feelings for Ye Mo in the first place. I thought that Light Snow often had accidents because she had something to do with Ye Mo, but this time it was clear that she had nothing to do with Ye Mo, and she also had an accident, so I thought that maybe she had a clam of fate. And ……”

Ning Zhongfei nodded, “In fact, I have long been against you suppressing Qing Xue to think about her past, her memories she has the right to get back, there is no reason for us to interfere.

But now that Qing Xue is missing, what’s the use of telling Ye Mo? It would only make him worry for nothing. Besides, you didn’t agree with them when Light Snow was fine, and now that something has happened to Light Snow, you’re telling Ye Mo, that’s not good.”

Blue Taro shook his head, “Zhongfei, you don’t understand Ye Mo, although I don’t understand him either, but why didn’t the Song family continue to pester Qing Xue afterwards? I suspect it has something to do with Ye Mo, although I don’t know if my guess is right, but there is definitely Ye Mo’s shadow in the middle of this, just because we left Yanjing, we don’t know a lot of things.”

“So you want to tell Ye Mo about this, want Ye Mo to think of something as well? But have you ever thought that even the US government hasn’t found out anything so far, what can Ye Mo come up with alone?” Ning Zhongfei immediately said.

However, Lan Taro waved his hand and said, “Firstly, Ye Mo is still the nominal husband of Qing Xue, so it seems a bit wrong not to tell him that Qing Xue is missing. Secondly, I suspect that the young man you met in Yanjing is Ye Mo, otherwise, who else would help our family for no reason?”

“He’s Ye Mo? Even if he is Ye Mo, what right does he have to give us the bid for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, the king of bids?” Ning Zhongfei asked in disbelief.

Blue Taro said slowly, “Actually, it’s easy to determine if he is Ye Mo, just call Mu Mei and ask him, Mu Mei should know Ye Mo, or find a photo of Ye Mo, then we can know.”

Ning Zhongfei was just about to nod his head in agreement when Li Mumei came over. Li Mumei’s eyes were a little red and swollen, she hadn’t slept well after learning the news of Ning Qingxue’s disappearance. If she didn’t know Ye Mo’s whereabouts, she would have told Ye Mo about it long ago, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to come to Yuzhou again today.

Faced with Ye Mo’s enquiry, she didn’t dare to tell the news of Ning Qingxue’s disappearance, but told Ye Mo to wait for a while, she had to tell Lan Taro about Ye Mo’s arrival.

Ye Mo looked at Li Mumei’s back as she left and felt a little strange in his heart. Li Mumei seemed to be up to something, her eyes had been red and swollen “Fei Taro Pharmaceutical, are already the king of bidding, how come she still seemed to look unhappy?

“What? Mumei, you said Ye Mo is here? Quickly, let him come here.” Lan Taro stood up abruptly, her daughter’s disappearance had caused her to become surprisingly excited about Ye Mo.

Ning Zhongfei also stood up, the man he called his brother was really Ye Mo?