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DYM Chapter 403

“Mo Kang one, one, one, one,” Xia Rou grabbed Mo Kang who just cared for her with some ji, the reason why she looked at Mo Kang in the first place was also because of his heart that could tolerate her. Now it seems that she really did not misjudge Mo Kang, he is still like that.

After more than twenty years, not only has he not remarried, but he even keeps his marriage certificate with him all the time. This was even after he had misunderstood himself. Although there were too many ups and downs between her and Mo Kang, it all still seemed worth it to her now.

“Many thanks to senior Ye for saving my life.” Xia Rou let go of Mo Kang and walked up to Ye Mo and thanked him, she couldn’t just call Ye Mo Brother Ye like Mo Kang did. She was a member of the Hidden Sect and still had a clear distinction of respect and seniority.

However, Ye Mo did not care, he waved his hand and said, “Sister Xia, Brother Mo and I are brothers, so don’t call us seniors in the future.”

“Yes, senior, Qiangwei is my younger sister, she has a bit of a bad temper, please forgive her this time for the sake of Mo Kang.” Although she said yes, but Fuyou still didn’t dare to call Ye Mo brother Ye, to know that the person in front of him might be a Xiantian expert ah.

Ye Mo took a few ordinary healing pills and handed them to Mo Kang, asking him to go and help Xia Qiangwei look at her leg injury. As for the ‘Lotus Life Pill, this kind of heaven defying pill, Ye Mo was not going to give it to Xia Qiangwei.

After watching Xia and Mo Kang help Xia Qiangwei to the side, Ye Mo looked at the two Xuan level martial artists kneeling on the ground, “There are two things, if you can do them, I don’t mind sparing your lives.”

“Senior, please just ask, we will definitely do it.” These two people said respectfully in a hurry, they were afraid that Ye Mo would not give them a chance, as long as they had a chance to live, even if they were told to eat sh*t, they would be willing.

“You guys come with me first.” There were some things that Ye Mo didn’t want too many people to know. Mo Kang would not even bother to ask about Ye Mo’s affairs.

Ye Mo brought the two men to a nearby room before saying, “Introduce yourselves first, I’ll see if there is any value, I won’t stay if there is no value.”

The younger Xuan level man hurriedly said, “My name is Gong Yizheng, I joined Hongwu Hall eleven years ago, and I know all the big and small matters of Hongwu Hall clearly. I am willing to go undercover for senior in Hongwu Hall.”

Ye Mo sneered, “Do you think I need an undercover agent if I want to destroy Hongwu Hall? You are not of much value.”

As soon as this man heard Ye Mo say that he was not of much value, cold sweat broke out.

The other man, who was slightly bald, heard Ye Mo’s words and immediately said, “My name is Tang You, I have been a member of Hongwu Hall for nineteen years, not only do I know everything about Hongwu Hall, but I also know a bit about many hidden sects’ mountain gates, and some of their disciples. This time, surprisingly, there are hidden sects that dare to hit senior ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ junior is willing to investigate the details of these sects and hand them over to senior.”

“The junior is also willing to investigate.” Gong Yizheng was already drumming in his heart when he heard Ye Mo say that he had no value, so how could he dare to fall behind now.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Investigation won’t be necessary, I can let you guys go once, but then, I have a way to control your souls, and I need your cooperation. When I extract your souls later, you should not resist, once you do, you will be dead. Only after having your souls extracted by me, you cannot betray for life, once you betray me, all I have to do is crush the soul jade token and you are all just as dead, no matter how far apart you are, you are all bound to die.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Gong Yizheng and Tang You immediately froze on the spot, they thought that Ye Mo would not let them off so easily. Because they had heard of Ye Mo’s fierce reputation, they just didn’t expect that Ye Mo would be so unbelievable.

Could it be that a person’s soul could really be controlled? It was even possible to draw out parts of it, this was simply too sensational. Even if they had been cultivating ancient martial years for so long, they had never heard of such a thing, such a thing was too outrageous.

Seeing the two people frozen on the spot, Ye Mo coldly snorted and said, “Since you don’t agree, forget it, I don’t want to waste my energy to help you extract your souls.”

Ye Mo was right in saying this, extracting souls required a great consumption of divine sense, and the success rate was also very low. The person whose soul was being extracted had to cooperate fully, and even then, there was only a 50/50 success rate, once it failed, the person whose soul was being extracted would immediately die. Of course, Ye Mo had no concern whatsoever for the life and death of Gong Yizheng and Tang You.

“Senior, I am willing.” Gong Yizheng reacted first and immediately said.

When Tang You saw that Gong Yizheng had surprisingly stated his position ahead of him again, he hurriedly also said, “Senior, I am also willing.”

“Good, in that case, you guys now shed your bodies and relax. Don’t think about anything.” Ye Mo immediately took out two small pieces of small jade tablets and said, he was going to seal the soul consciousness of these two people inside the jade tablets, this was also because he had advanced to the middle stage of Qi cultivation, if he was still in the early stage of Qi cultivation, the success rate of this soul extraction would be even lower.

As Ye Mo extracted their souls, Gong Yizheng and Tang You both only felt a feeling of weakness coming from them. They saw with their own eyes that after extracting their souls, the jade pieces in Ye Mo’s hand had a hint of black in them. The two pieces of jade were then put away by Ye Mo and put away somewhere.

If they had originally thought that Ye Mo was staging a mystery to intimidate them, now they did not dare to think so in the slightest. This was because they all had a deep feeling that if Ye Mo just crushed that jade piece, they would immediately die.

Ye Mo did not expect that both of them would succeed in their first soul extraction. This kind of thing was usually a means for cultivators to deal with ordinary mortals, and it was difficult for cultivators to successfully draw souls against cultivators, unless they were people who specialized in this kind of technique, or people whose realms were too different from each other.

“Senior, please command.” Having a trace of their souls drawn away by Ye Mo, Gong Yizheng and Tang You were inwardly panicked while they no longer had the slightest thought of anything else. Besides, this kind of thing itself was already beyond their minds, or too mysterious.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “The two of you will write out all the hidden mountain sects that you know and give them to me later. Say that I, Ye Mo, said so, and have him send a post in my name to all the hidden sects, as long as they have coveted my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, all of them are ready to wait for me to settle the score. Of course, if someone could produce something to my satisfaction, I would let it go. If something doesn’t satisfy me, or if they play dead, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Gong Yizheng and Tang You listened to this and were secretly glad that they had submitted early, otherwise, with Senior Ye’s character of being unprofitable, he would have killed them long ago. Those sects who wanted to go to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, make a fortune and ended up having to be knocked by Ye Mo, didn’t know how regretful they would be when they received the post.

It wasn’t that Ye Mo didn’t want to go on a killing spree, but there were times when killing didn’t always solve the problem. These hidden sects all had deep pockets and might have some heavenly treasures that he wanted.

Gong Yizheng and Tang You both wrote all the hidden sects they knew about to Ye Mo as quickly as they could, and only then did they breathe a sigh of relief. Although they were now under Ye Mo’s control, as long as they obeyed, there should be no problem.

Besides there is nothing wrong with defecting to senior Ye Mo, look how domineering senior Ye is, just say one word, I’m not happy, take out what the family has stored to compensate me, those hidden sects will definitely behave like grandsons and obey.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know what was in these two people’s minds, he just said: “You guys do a good job for me, I won’t give you any less rewards that you deserve, even if it’s not impossible for you to advance to the earth level. After a while I will go to Hongwu Hall, you guys go back and tell that Hall Master not to play tricks, my patience is limited.”

A big stick was struck, and then a honey date was given. Although Ye Mo knew that these two didn’t dare to betray him, it was better to promise some benefits if he wanted them to take the initiative to do something.

“Yes, senior.” Although Gong Yizheng and Tang You did not dare to say it out loud, they already had thoughts in their hearts. Earth level, ah, even the entire Hidden Sect didn’t have many Earth levels, and this was what they would be doing for the rest of their lives if they didn’t have the opportunity. Ye Mo said that there was an opportunity at the earth level, even if their souls were not controlled, they would have to go all out to get Ye Mo’s regard.

A villain has the benefits of a villain, as long as it is beneficial.

When Ye Mo walked out with Gong Yizheng and Tang You, Mo Kang and Xia Rou and Xia Qiangwei were already waiting for them.

“You guys go first.” Ye Mo directly let Gong Yizheng and Tang You both leave first.

Mo Kang looked at the departing two somewhat strangely and asked, “Brother Ye, are you really letting these two go?”

Xia Rou pulled Mo Kang for a moment, her meaning was that you should not casually ask about the affairs of a high ranking person like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo, however, had no qualms nodding his head and said, “Yeah, these two are still seeing things, I’ll let them bring a letter to Hongwu Hall.” After saying that, he looked at the three of them and said again, “Since everything is fine here, I want to go check on that flight.”

Mo Kang, however, immediately said, “Mo Ping has already gone to check it out, I will also accompany you there later to take a look. Brother Ye, your reputation as a miracle doctor is really something, Qiang Wei’s broken leg, after taking the medicine you gave her, is now slowly recovering, how much time has it taken? I estimate that in a week at most, she will be able to walk. No wonder you could develop the ‘Beauty Pill’, your medical skills are already through the roof.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said to himself that if it was the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ where would it take a week, maybe she would be able to walk now. However, there was no need to show off this counting matter.

“Senior, although I don’t intend to go back, but if senior has any orders, Xia Rou can still help.” In Xia Rou’s opinion, although she had a low cultivation level, she had been living among the Hidden Sect after all, and should have a deeper understanding of the Hidden Sect than Ye Mo. Just now, she heard Qiang Wei and Mo Kang talk about how Ye Mo wasn’t from the Hidden Sect, which was why she said such a thing.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: ”You guys just have a good time getting together, I’ll just investigate the plane matter myself, if Mo Ping comes up with the results of his investigation, have him go to the ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor in Xisha tomorrow afternoon and look for me, I’ll be there tomorrow.

Xia Qiangwei hesitated for a while and suddenly said, “Senior Ye, when my sister asked me to bring Mo Kang back three years ago, I met something, I don’t know if it will help you.”