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DYM Chapter 404

“What is it?” Ye Mo looked at Xia Qiangwei, he felt that with Xia Qiangwei’s attentiveness, speaking out at this time about what happened three years ago must have something to do with her own affairs, otherwise she wouldn’t have made a point of saying this.

Xia Qiangwei gathered her thoughts before recalling, “Three years ago, I sent Mo Kang back. Because it was a long way away, Mo Ping specially called a helicopter to pick him up. Near Fisherman’s Island near Hong Kong, I saw a civilian flight that wobbled a bit and even almost crashed into the sea. But later, that aircraft was under control again. I didn’t care at the time, except that two days later, I saw on the news above in Hong Kong that a plane flying from Australia to Korea had disappeared off the coast.

At that time I guessed that the plane I saw almost crash into the sea would be the missing plane. I just never took such things seriously. It was only when Mo Kang said today that a Hong Kong plane flying to San Francisco had also disappeared that I remembered the incident and wondered if it could have been done by the same group of people?”

Xia Qiangwei had already heard Mo Kang tell her the reason for Ye Mo’s visit when Ye Mo was concocting the two of them, Gong Yizheng and Tang You. It reminded her of what happened a few years ago, so she hesitated for a moment and still spoke up.

But she was also curious in her heart that there was Ye Mo’s wife on the missing plane, and that Ye Mo had taken a secular wife, and she wondered what kind of girl it was that had moved a man like Ye Mo, who was famous for the Hidden Sect. Even if it was no longer the case, she, a woman, could not help but gossip a little.

Hearing Xia Qiangwei’s words, Ye Mo frowned, a plane is usually a wreck, a missing plane is something he has really rarely heard of. If Xia Qiangwei said so, these two events could really be related.

“Do you remember anything else at that time?” Ye Mo asked out loud.

Xia Qiangwei shook her head, “I don’t know about that.”

Ye Mo knew that for people like Xia Qiangwei who came from the Hidden Sect, not to mention that a plane had disappeared, or that a world war had happened, maybe they wouldn’t even care. Ye Mo stopped asking and instead said to Mo Kang, “Brother Mo, I’m going to investigate, if Mo Ping comes back with news, go find me, if there’s no news, forget it.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s back as he left, Xia Rou secretly sighed, if Brother Kang didn’t know such a strange person, she and Mo Kang would have been completely finished today. No one knew the strength of Zhang Fengzhi better than her.

“Is that Ye Mo really that powerful?” Xia Rou subconsciously said when she thought of it.

Xia Qiangwei, however, said, “He is not just powerful, although I was only kicked twice by him, but rumour has it that he kills earth level experts like chickens. I heard people say that the people from the Hopeful School wanted to rob his ‘Scarlet Coral’ and not only were all the people who went there killed by him, but also none of the people who were going to Yanjing to look for the Ye family later escaped. Because of the fear of Ye Mo going for revenge, the Hop School actually closed the mountain gate.”

After saying that Xia Qiangwei was also depressed, although she had crossed paths with Ye Mo, but not as much as Mo Kang’s creation, she was only kicked twice by others, and each time, her leg bone was broken.

Mo Kang nodded and then said in Xia Qiangwei’s tone, “After Brother Ye came to the Mid-levels Villa and helped me heal, I knew that Brother Ye Ti was definitely not a creature of the pool. Now that he has really transformed into a dragon, just watching this b*****d Zhang Fengzhi acting like a grandson, in front of him, I am particularly relieved.”

“Hmm.” Xia Qiangwei agreed with Mo Kang for the first time, nodded and said, “His ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, very impressive’ face-raising pills, I heard are really effective, just look at the healing pills he gave today and you can tell that he is an elixir master. It’s just that the ‘Face Pill’ is so tight that it’s all sold out as soon as it hits the counter, I tried to buy a few bottles last time I went, but I just didn’t get them.”

Mo Kang waved his hand, “Of course Brother Ye is great, you still need to say “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, before it even opened, I injected 200 million.

I only wanted to repay Brother Ye for saving my life, but I gave him a stream and he gave me back an ocean. Today, my Mo’s Group has long been a partner of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’. I think if others knew this, it would be two billion dollars, and there are companies that would be cheerfully willing to take it out.”

For the first time, Xia Qiangwei did not look at Mo Kang with contempt, she felt that Mo Kang at least had some vision in looking at people. Thinking that Mo Kang was now a partner of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, Xia Qiangwei asked in a somewhat polite tone for the first time, “So, can you get the ‘Nourishing Face Pills,’?”

Mo Kang glanced at Xia Qiangwei with a somewhat unimpressed look, “I am the chairman of the Mo Group, and the Mo Group and Luo Yue Pharmaceutical are cooperative enterprises, do you think I can get the ‘Face Care Pills’? Not to mention a few bottles, even a few hundred bottles I can get.”

“Really?” Xia Qiangwei’s eyes showed an expression of surprise and immediately called out, “Brother-in-law, you must help me get some ‘Nourishing Face Pills,” not caring in the slightest about the change in her address.

The first time she saw her sister called Mo Kang brother-in-law, Xia Rou looked at Mo Kang with even more tender eyes. Although he had experienced so many years of hardship, he had not chosen the wrong person, he was a man worthy of liking.

Hong Kong Ye Mo had been here a few times, but was not familiar with it, and the few times he came were all targeted. The first time he came to Hong Kong was because he met Uncle Pui when he was eating fish ball vermicelli at Temple Poo and ended up offending Tai Tong’s men, causing Uncle Pui to give up his life. Although he had destroyed Tai Tong, Uncle Pui still could not survive.

So this time Ye Mo came out and wanted to visit Uncle Pui’s shop in Temple Pui to remember this deceased man. He also wanted to see if he could find some clues in this most chaotic place in Hong Kong, and if not, he would go straight to the airline at night.

Temple Poo was worthy of being the most chaotic place in all of Hong Kong, and before Ye Mo could get inside, a youth covered in blood rushed over, followed by two men who were chasing after him with open swords.

It looked like the youth being chased was already injured, but the men behind him were still in hot pursuit, clearly wanting someone’s life.

Ye Mo shook his head, and by the time the police came, all that should have happened had already happened, and then there was another gang brawl case.

Of course Ye Mo would not bother with such things, he walked himself towards the main street of Temple Pu without the slightest intention of getting out of the way. Many people around looked at Ye Mo like he was an idiot. In this part of Miao Pu, fights and brawls almost happen once every three to five days, but as long as ordinary people meet them and dodge them, they usually won’t affect you, but if you interfere with other people’s fights, in the end, no matter who wins or loses, they might take it out on you.

And Ye Mo unexpectedly did not let the road, which obviously affected the people running in front of him, as well as the people chasing after him.

“Senior Ye help…” the young man running in front of him suddenly stopped in front of Ye Mo and bent down to call for Ye Mo to save his life, but did not continue to run away.

Ye Mo was surprised and glanced at this youth who had already been stabbed several times on his body and asked strangely, “Who are you? I don’t seem to know you?”

The youth took a few breaths before quickly saying, “I’m from ‘Hai Tang, because I’m investigating the pa*sengers on the missing plane …….”

It was too late for this youth to say the words that followed, as the two men had already chased after him.

These two men came to Ye Mo, without saying a word, one of them raised the opening knife in his hand and slashed at this youth who begged Ye Mo to save his life, the other one directly took out a three-pronged thorn and stabbed at the youth’s back waist, surprisingly intending to kill. And did not care about Ye Mo’s presence at all.

Ye Mo lifted his foot twice, and the two men who were stifling and slashing were directly kicked to the ground by Ye Mo, each spurting out a mouthful of blood, unable to move anymore.

The reason why he dealt a vicious blow was because the youth who asked him to save his life was helping him investigate things, and since the two men who were chasing him were trying to kill the people he hired, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t be polite.

The bloodied youth froze instantly when he saw that Ye Mo had kicked the two burly men with the murder weapon and vomited blood in just two kicks.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo asked in a cold voice, interrupting the youth who was still frothing.

The youth took a few more breaths before saying, “Senior Ye, because not long ago, our big brother asked us to investigate the missing plane case a few days ago, as well as investigate the pa*sengers on that flight, all of our brothers from the ‘Sea Gang,’ went out. As a result, I paid attention to these two people because I coincidentally heard them in a park saying that a pa*senger was missing from the plane, and I then followed these two people to an old private mansion, not expecting to be discovered, and they kept chasing me …….”

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand to stop the youth from continuing to speak, picked up the two seriously injured men on the ground and said, “You immediately call a car and take me to that old mansion immediately.”

“Yes…” The youth then stopped a taxi, and although the youth was covered in blood, the taxi still stopped, seemingly knowing that there would be serious consequences if it didn’t.

Ye Mo carried the two people to the car and then said to the youth, “Go on.”

After this injured youth told the taxi the address, he immediately said, “Because just after I arrived at that old mansion, I heard a few Japanese talking, and just when I was about to probe to check it out, I was discovered, and these two immediately started chasing me. Luckily I had trained as a long-distance runner before, otherwise I would have been cut si by these two b*****ds. Because Big Brother showed us Senior Ye’s photo, I know you, thanks to Senior Ye for saving my life.”

Ye Mo nodded, understanding somewhat, although this move of his in the morning was not official, the effect of the Jedi was much stronger than the official. How many in the entire Hong Kong Road were mixed up in the streets and alleys? Or maybe some of those who work and do serious jobs have secretly defected to various gang groups. A single order like this would be tantamount to a territory-wide launch. The official launch is different from the official announcement, even if some ordinary people know some clues, they may not dare to say anything, but people in gangs do not have such scruples.

The injured young man in front of him was lucky enough to have heard the relevant news, which might be related to the missing plane case a few days ago.

The journey was not far, and the taxi had already arrived after only a few words between the two. Ye Mo took out a healing pill and handed it to the injured youth, letting him take it before he carried the two seriously injured men into the old mansion.