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DYM Chapter 405

Ye Mo had just entered the mansion when he knew that the place was already empty.

“When you came here just now, were there many people here?” Ye Mo dropped off the two injured men, then turned back and asked.

The ‘Hai Tang, the youth who brought Ye Mo over, immediately said, “I saw four people including these two at that time.”

Four people? This meant that there were at least two more people, but they were already gone. Ye Mo kicked the two men he had kicked awake and was ready to press for questions.

But the two men burst out in a torrent of gibberish, and Ye Mo immediately knew that it was Japanese, and he couldn’t understand a word of it.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, the young man who was following behind him immediately said, “Senior Ye, these two men should be Japanese, I will find someone who understands Japanese to ask questions later.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “There is no need to find someone, you tell someone to drive over and bring these two people to ‘Xisha’, then find someone who understands Japanese to go to ‘Xisha’, I will come afterwards…”

“Yes, don’t worry senior Ye, I, Wang Xiaosi, promise to complete the task.” The youth immediately said excitedly when he heard Ye Mo explain the task to him.

Hearing that it was senior Ye’s order “Hai Tang, the car came quickly, Wang Xiao Si and the other youth who drove here, carried the two men who were injured by Ye Mo into the car and headed directly to ‘Xisha, the ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor, and went.

After these two men left, Ye Mo entered the old mansion alone. There were not many old mansions of this kind of quadrangle in the prosperous parts of Hong Kong. There were several rooms in the old mansion and they were all tidily and simply tidied up inside. Ye Mo turned around and did not find anything suspicious.

After searching a few rooms, Ye Mo only found a black sun emblem in a very hidden place. Other than that, he found nothing.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept towards the ground and he quickly found a basement, which seemed to still have a lot of things inside, and it looked like it hadn’t come to be taken away yet.

Ye Mo was just about to enter the basement to check it out when his divine sense once again discovered that time bombs had been placed in several corners of the basement and had only a few seconds to explode.

Although such ordinary bombs would not kill Ye Mo, being surrounded by bombs like this was definitely not a good thing, and injuries were possible. The moment he saw the bomb, Ye Mo had already rushed out of the old mansion.

“Boom …….” Several loud sounds Ye Mo just rushed out, this old mansion was already in flames looking like that bomb still carried an incendiary effect.

Ye Mo’s face was ugly, he suddenly felt like he had just done something wrong, not because he didn’t find the basement before the explosion, but because he felt as if he had underestimated this matter.

This matter that Wang Xiaosi discovered was definitely extraordinary, it was just that he didn’t care about it himself. These people were so decisive that they retreated immediately after Wang Xiaosi discovered it, not to mention that they also blew up this old mansion.

What does this mean? This must mean that someone knew that Wang Xiao Si had been saved by him and had even returned.

Ye Mo just thought of this and immediately said no, he had underestimated this matter, Wang Xiao Si was in danger. They were carrying two captured Japanese with them, they were carrying two time bombs.

Ye Mo no longer dared to delay, immediately was a stealth spell, stepped on the flying sword and rushed directly to ‘Xisha”

When he saw Wang Xiaosi’s car on the street not far away, Ye Mo was finally relieved, fortunately, nothing had happened to Wang Xiaosi yet.

Ye Mo landed and tried to stop Wang Xiao Si’s car, immediately a sense of crisis came through his divine sense immediately found a Hummer following closely behind Wang Xiao Si’s car a hundred meters away. The main thing was that there was a man on top of the pa*senger side of the Hummer holding a small rocket launcher aimed at Wang Xiaosi’s car.

These people were really crazy to dare to use a bazooka to explode a car in a downtown area.

“Hurry up and fight, now the lair has exploded.” There were three men on top of the Hummer, and the one who spoke was the middle-aged man sitting in the back, only he was speaking Japanese.

“Yes …… ah …….” The man with the rocket launcher sitting on the pa*senger side just finished saying the word yes before he let out another ah, while his whole body fell down.

It was only at this point that the remaining two noticed that there was suddenly an additional person inside the Humvee no one saw when this person came in.

“Who are you? How did you get in?” The middle-aged man sitting in the back stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression.

Ye Mo’s heart was pleased that there was a guy who understood human language, he had just forced the car door open so fast that the people inside here hadn’t even reacted, of course they didn’t know how Ye Mo had entered.

The man who was driving the car, reacted faster, he fished out a pistol from somewhere, only before he could shoot, he was knocked out by Ye Mo and thrown in the back seat. The middle-aged man who spoke from the top of the back seat was similarly knocked unconscious by Ye Mo.

The Hummer quickly changed direction and drove quickly towards a construction site in the suburbs where construction had stopped.

Ye Mo stopped the car and dragged the three men out of the car. Only then did he realise that the middle-aged man was wearing a badge in the shape of a black sun above his neck as well.

Two of the three men knew Chinese, and under Ye Mo’s questioning, they quickly told him everything.

These three were all Japanese, sent by a very large organization in Japan, the ‘Black Sun Empire’, whose purpose was to collect the movements and traces of famous scientists around the world.

Ye Mo also finally found out that the last plane disappearance case was also related to them, because a chemistry professor named Elstein was on the plane, the Black Sun Empire, hijacked the plane because of Professor Elstein, Ning Qingxue was only affected.

The hijacking of the plane was because of Professor Elstein, and Ning Qingxue was only affected.

As for what this ‘Black Sun Empire, hijacking so many scientists wanted to do, Ye Mo could also roughly guess it. The Japanese country was originally an ambitious country, although it was only a bullet point, their ambition never stopped.

Needless to say, the hijacking of these scientists meant that the ambitious people’s ambition had struck again. No wonder they are so nervous, once this gets out, they are the enemies of the whole world. These Japanese were bold enough.

However, Ye Mo also learned that on the flight they hijacked from Hong Kong to San Francisco, it seems that a stunning woman jumped out of the plane midway. Wang Xiao Si said he heard two people say that one person was missing, which should mean the woman.

Ye Mo reckoned that the woman who jumped off the plane was Ning Qingxue, and was immediately distraught. He didn’t know if Ning Qingxue had a parachute at that time, as pa*sengers on a normal airliner did not have parachutes. It was just that these guys who were hijacked by Ye Mo obviously didn’t know if the person who jumped out of the plane had a parachute either.

Seeing that nothing more could be asked, Ye Mo did not hesitate to turn all these people into flying ashes.

As for the ‘Black Sun Empire, hijacking scientists around the world, Ye Mo wouldn’t care about it. Even if they hijacked scientists all over the world, it was none of his business Ye Mo, he was not the world police. But not if they dared to move on Ning Qingxue’s head. Ye Mo had already listed the ‘Black Sun Empire’, which had hijacked the flight that Ning Qingxue was on, as a target that must be destroyed, but he now knew that Ning Qingxue was not hijacked by the ‘Black Sun Empire’ now, but had jumped out of the plane midway, Ye Mo only hoped that Ning Qingxue had a parachute.

However, Ye Mo was still worried in his heart, he knew that even if there was a parachute, the chances of survival were not very good with the airliner flying so high, but something was better than nothing.

Ye Mo no longer had the heart to investigate the situation, he needed to go and find Ning Qingxue immediately.

Ye Mo arrived at ‘Xisha’ as fast as he could, only to find Wang Xiaosi standing at the entrance of the ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor’ with a chagrined face, the two Japanese who had been seriously injured by Ye Mo were already dead, and it looked like they should have committed suicide. But now it didn’t matter to Ye Mo whether they were dead or alive.

“Senior Ye, I….” Wang Xiaosi faced Ye Mo with a face of shame, he had not completed the task Ye Mo had given him.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You did a good job, you can come with your boss at the meeting later.

When Wang Xiaosi was struck by this great happiness, Ye Mo had long since walked in.

“Big brother …….” Wang Xiaosi looked at a man behind him with a ji face, who had just lowered his head very much when Ye Mo came over. Who let them mess things up, the chagrin in his heart was only greater than Wang Xiaosi’s.

It was just that Ye Mo didn’t think that this man with his head down was Wang Xiaosi’s big brother, and at this moment, when he heard Ye Mo’s words, his heart was ‘thumping, thumping’ even more.

It was only when Wang Xiaosi called him big brother that he came back to his senses and immediately grabbed Wang Xiaosi’s hand with ji and said: ”Little, four, I’ve relied on your blessing this time. Don’t worry, senior Ye has a reward this time, I definitely won’t treat you badly, you did a good job.”

Ye Mo had just walked to the main hall when Jiao Bian Yi rushed over, he was watching the place all the time. As soon as Ye Mo arrived here, he got the news.

“Senior Ye, why have you come early?” Jiao Bian Yi did not dare to treat Ye Mo with the slightest bit of care, since Ye Mo had instructed that he would be here again tomorrow, he had not only strengthened the guards here, but also added many more helpers, fearing that he would neglect Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had spoken to Jiao Bian Yi last time and told him not to call him senior, but now he was no longer in the mood to talk about that and instead said directly, “Gang Master Jiao, you immediately summon all the Gang Dao to come here for a meeting. Gather as much information as you can, I am leaving Hong Kong this evening, I am afraid it is too late to wait until tomorrow.”

“Yes, senior Ye, I will go and inform right away.” Jiao Bian Yi didn’t dare to ask Ye Mo what was going on, he knew that he just had to get the things done that Ye Mo had explained.

This time Ye Mo waited even shorter, perhaps it had something to do with Ye Mo’s morning tantrum, or maybe it had something to do with Ye Mo’s reward. It was just under an hour, and basically everyone who had come in the morning had already arrived.