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DYM Chapter 406

Ye Mo swept a glance at so people present and said indifferently, “Because with the help of the ‘Sea Hall, I have gotten some useful information, so I am leaving here today. If anyone has already investigated and found out useful information, please say so immediately. If not, I will invite everyone over next time if I need your help.”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, almost so people looked at ‘Hai Tang,’ the elder brother, a lean young man, with envy. ‘Hai Tang, to be exact, was not a gang, they lived off the sea and of course included some smuggling. It’s just that since they eat this kind of food, they inevitably have friction with other people, so they ended up forming the ‘Sea Hall”

Ye Mo didn’t bother with everyone’s expressions, took out a porcelain bottle and said straight away, “This is a ‘Qi cultivation pill’ whoever is the leader of the ‘Hai Tang,’ will come up and take it over there, and you can take it here. But this time, Wang Xiaosi has helped me a lot, I hope you won’t treat him badly.”

“Yes, senior Ye. I, Lu Si, will definitely remember senior’s words and dare not treat Xiao Si any less favourably.” In the midst of everyone’s envious and jealous eyes “Hai Tang, Lu Si ji was unusually excited as he walked up to Ye Mo and bent down to give a salute before trembling as he picked up the jade bottle.

If he took this pill, he would immediately be promoted to the yellow level. He had seen with his own eyes someone who wanted to grab this pill without even taking his life.

Luz was decisive, after taking the pill, he immediately walked to a corner of the hall, opened the bottle, and just straight away took the ‘Qi cultivation pill, and ate it. Not to mention that Ye Mo had given him permission to eat it here, even if Ye Mo had not said this, he would not dare to bring this medicine out.

Once this kind of pill was brought out, it was certain that he would immediately be killed. The fact that Ye Mo allowed it to be eaten here was obviously with this in mind. Someone dared to rob it in front of Ye Mo, if another person took the elixir away, he would probably be killed behind him if he went out with his first foot.

Ye Mo looked at the way Lu Si took the pill and immediately knew that he didn’t have any gongfu He sighed, without gongfu eating this kind of elixir was just like a rat eating barley, spoiling the food.

Without gong methods, how could he transform the power of the pill into his own power without even a refining this kind of pill?

Ye Mo walked over and slapped his palm on top of Lu Si’s head, helping him to quickly refine the elixir Waiting for the elixir’s medicinal power to start transforming into internal qi, he then walked back.

“Senior Ye, junior has also investigated some things, this is the information from junior’s investigation, senior please look through it.” The one who walked out was surprisingly a woman. When she saw Ye Mo come back she immediately walked over and took out what she had investigated.

This woman Ye Mo knew, the last time he came, apart from Jiao Bian Yi, this woman was the first person to express her submission to him. Ye Mo knew that her name was Void Moon Hua had a nickname ‘Black Widow’ which was all her own words. This time she was still dressed in black, so it was surprising that she could investigate the situation in such a short time, so it was clear that this woman was not simple.

Besides, this woman was one of the three Yellow level martial artists present, and she was also at the peak of the Yellow level, the highest cultivation level among the three Yellow level martial artists, this Xu Yuehua must have her own story, but Ye Mo didn’t care about that.

Ye Mo took the information and looked at it carefully, if there was no value in it, his ‘Peiyuan Dan, would not just take it out.

The information was surprisingly a lot more Ye Mo looked at it and was immediately moved, the woman was really meticulous these things were all he needed.

The first thing that Xu Yuehua investigated was this missing flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco, the model was the new American ‘Meiyin ump’. The maximum speed and altitude were clearly described. This model also has an escape hatch at the rear of the aircraft, which can be opened without the aircraft crashing. And it is equipped with a parachute.

Ye Mo panted this last sentence was what he wanted, this Void Moonflower’s investigation information was very useful this was a talent.

And this was not all of Void Moonflower’s investigation, there was a second article after this information.

The names of almost all the pa*sengers on the plane this time were investigated by Void Moon Hua, and Ning Qingxue’s name was also there. On top of that, it was also marked that at least four people were under the ‘Far North Group,’ and their purpose for getting on the same plane as Ning Qingxue was to kidnap Ning Qingxue and keep her under control in the United States. The person behind all this was Far North Group’s young chairman, Yuan Qibin.

“The sturdy marble round table was slapped with a palm-shaped hole by Ye Mo’s slap.

The whole venue was silent, none of them dared to make any noise.

“Yuan Qibin, if you want to seek death in advance yourself, don’t blame me.” Ye Mo secretly snorted coldly, he knew through Void Moon Hua’s investigation that even if something didn’t happen to Ning Qingxue midway, she would still end up being controlled by Yuan Qibin.

Looking at the unbelievably silent scene with all the attendees, Ye Mo looked at Void Moon Hua and said, “You are very good, you can investigate so many useful things in just a few hours, if you are given more time, maybe you can investigate something even clearer.”

“Thank you senior for the compliment, this is what junior should do.” Void Yuehua hurriedly stood up and said.

Ye Mo nodded, this Void Yuehua was not very old, at best she was only in her thirties, less than forty, and she could cultivate to the middle stage of the Yellow Grade. It meant that not only was she talented, but there was also the possibility that she came from a not-so-simple background as well. I just didn’t know how such a person got mixed up in the underworld, but the fact that she was a woman who could stand her ground in the harbour road was in itself a sign of her ability.

The fact that she said in her last sentence that this was what she should do, but not that it was her luck, showed that this woman was a woman of real ability, and that the power she wielded in Hong Kong was far from ordinary, and such a person would be of use to him.

“Ah… ……” At this moment on the side Luz suddenly let out a shout, jumped up and struck out with a fist, the solid marble floor in front of him, was struck out with a hole the size of a washbasin by his fist, even the room felt the vibration.

All the people were amazed once again, such a big hole could be made in such a hard marble floor, so it could be seen that Luz’s strength had reached a very amazing level.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “That’s not bad, you now have Yellow level strength and also some internal qi, just learn some random moves and you will become a Yellow level martial artist completely.”

There was another sentence Ye Mo didn’t say, this Lu Si’s roots were too shallow, he basically hadn’t had any systematic cultivation before, this was just a hard way to raise him to Yellow level, it could only enhance his reaction speed and strength to the point of Yellow level, but there was still a difference from a martial artist who had truly cultivated step by step to Yellow level, or from a Yellow level martial artist who had systematically cultivated and then taken ‘Qi cultivation pills and advanced to There was a gap between them.

Watching Lu Si become a Yellow-ranked martial artist in such a short period of time, and his prowess was clearly visible to everyone present. Immediately, there were many people with red eyes, secretly hating why they had not been given the opportunity.

However, after thinking about this matter, many people immediately looked towards Void Yuehua, because from what Ye Mo had just said, many people had already predicted that the next person to get the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill, would most likely be Void Yuehua.

Void Yuehua was also staring at Ye Mo with a nervous look on her face, she had fallen into a bottleneck after cultivating to the middle Yellow level, five years had pa*sed and she was still at the middle Yellow level. This was certainly related to the time and circumstances of her cultivation, but of course it also had something to do with not having any good medicinal materials to aid her.

She had never doubted her own qualifications, if her qualifications were not good, she would not have been able to advance to the Yellow rank in her thirties.

“Thank you, senior, I, Luz, now realise how ridiculous I turned out to be.” Lu Si walked up to Ye Mo and suddenly knelt down, when he didn’t advance to the Yellow level, he didn’t have the slightest concept of this ancient martial rank, he only knew that the Yellow level was just better than his original. But today, when he really advanced to the Yellow level and automatically had a faint trace of internal qi inside his dantian, he realised how ridiculous his original thoughts were.

He also learnt that if an ordinary martial artist fought a Yellow-ranked martial artist, even if you were powerful, you would surely die. It was at this moment that he truly appreciated the meaning of the saying that the ignorant are fearless, and now he was so powerful that he could not even dream of it, it was simply too terrifying. This showed how terrifying Ye Mo was, this senior Ye was not just called out.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No need to thank you, you deserve this, you go back first.”

Many envious eyes looked at Lu Si, although many people wanted to ask him just how strong he was now, no one dared to speak here. There were even some gangs that had problems with Lu Si that were already thinking about how to settle this grudge with him.

Ye Mo looked at the expectant Void Yuehua and said, “You are very good, here is a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ take it now, it’s up to you whether you can advance to Xuan level or not.”

Ye Mo had a basis for saying this, at first he gave a pill to Lu Hustle, and Lu Hustle’s realm at that time was the middle Yellow level. But Lok Hustle’s mid Yellow level was different from Void Moonflower’s, at that time Lok Hustle had only just entered the mid Yellow level, while Void Moonflower was now at the peak of the mid Yellow level. At that time, Lok Hustle, who had just advanced to the middle Yellow level, had eventually reached the peak of the early Xuan level with the power of the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’.

According to Lok Hustle’s advancement experience, it was still possible for Void Yuehua to advance to the Xuan level.

Ye Mo’s words caused the scene to boom all of a sudden, even if Ye Mo was here, he couldn’t stop the participants from being shocked. Ye Mo actually said that it was possible for Void Moon Hua to advance to the Xuan level, this was simply too counter-intuitive.

Now all of them knew that among the three Yellow Grade martial artists Ye Mo had mentioned in the morning was Void Yuehua, and they didn’t expect that she wasn’t even at the early Yellow Grade.

”Black Widow, who was not well known in Hong Kong, was actually a Yellow-ranked martial artist, which caused many people who had been hitting on her to break out in a cold sweat.

To her, it would have been lucky if she had broken through the barrier of the middle Yellow level, but Ye Mo said that it was possible to advance to the Xuan level, which made her almost unable to guard her mind. Xuan level, she had never thought about it in her life.