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DYM Chapter 407

After seeing Void Yuehua swallow the pills, she went straight to the side to refine the pills before Ye Mo nodded his head. This Void Yuehua had a set of cultivation techniques, and she could refine the pills herself, far from being comparable to Lu Si. However, even if she was a middle yellow grade Void Moonflower, she did not dare to take the pills away, but chose to take them here.

With the matter done, Ye Mo stood up and said: ”Thank you all for your help, each of you is presented with a healing pill. Alright, this is the end of today’s meeting, everyone take the healing pills and disperse individually.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out a large porcelain bottle and handed it to Jiao Bian Yi, asking him to present one to each person. This kind of pills could not be compared to pills, and the herbs were not particularly precious, just because Ye Mo had refined them, the healing effect on general internal and external injuries was not comparable to ordinary injury pills.”

Although there were only two people who got the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, most of the rest were satisfied when they were able to get a healing pill that Senior Ye took out. Not to mention that Ye Mo had also taken out a pill, even if he didn’t take out anything, no one dared to refute what he had explained down.

Seeing that so people had finished, Ye Mo took out an ordinary ancient martial cultivation technique and handed it to Jiao Bian Yi and said, “You have helped a lot this time, this is a cultivation technique for ancient martial arts, as to how far you can cultivate it, it depends on your own creation.”

If Ye Mo had taken out something else, Jiao Bian Yi might have been polite. But the ancient martial cultivation technique was something that even the great clans of China did not necessarily have, so how could he still refuse.

Although this thing was of no use to Ye Mo at all, it was worth ten thousand gold to Jiao Bian Yi. Jiao Bian Yi was moved to accept the gongfa handed to him by Ye Mo, and even more so, he vowed to die to Ye Mo. Ye Mo waved his hand, he didn’t even care about what Jiao Bian Yi said.

What Jiao Bian Yi feared about himself was only because he could kill him in seconds, once he was not as strong as him, with their mixed black tactics, they might immediately destroy him, Ye Mo.

The reason why he gave Jiao Bian Yi a gongfa and a dan pill to each of the people in attendance was because Ye Mo thought it was likely that he would still need the help of these people in the future. Come when you can’t help and leave when you don’t want to help, after doing this for a long time, even if they don’t dare not come, they will still be submissive.

“I have a friend called Mo Ping, if he comes over tomorrow, you tell him that I have something to do first.” Ye Mo was afraid that Mo Ping wouldn’t be able to find him when he came, so he gave Jiao Bian Yi a greeting in advance.

“Mo Ping?” Jiao Bian Yi was instantly surprised and repeated.

“What? You know him?” Ye Mo looked at Jiao Bian Yi strangely.

Jiao Bian Yi nodded somewhat nervously and said, “If it’s Mo Ping from Mid-levels Villa, I know him, but I don’t know him, his uncle has the status of a Viscount of the British Royal Family. And he is even the president of the Hong Kong Land Chamber of Commerce and the director of the Department of Commerce and Trade, so it can be said that he has a place at the head of the Hong Kong Land merchants, and even above the chambers of commerce in Europe.”

Only then did Ye Mo know that Mo Ping was actually so dignified, but even if he and his uncle were as dignified as they were, they were still arbitrarily kneaded in front of the Hidden Sect and did not even have the slightest room to resist.

“Good, you can go out first, I have a few words to say to Void Yuehua.” Ye Mo saw that Void Yuehua had already refined the medicinal power, and there was a surprised expression on her face.

“Yes.” Jiao Bian Yi hurriedly took the gongfa and exited the meeting hall, today’s events were like a dream, to this day, he still couldn’t believe that he had a gongfa for ancient martial cultivation.

It was only when he walked outside that Jiao Bian Yi remembered how Ye Mo could take out so many things that he couldn’t see in the slightest on Ye Mo who was thinly clothed. I don’t know how Ye Mo had put all these things away, thinking about this Jiao Bian Yi shivered and hastily curbed his thoughts, don’t meddle in Senior Ye’s affairs.

Ye Mo stared at Void Yuehua for a moment and was somewhat disappointed, her cultivation ability was far less than her ability to do things, it was even worse compared to Lok Hustle, Void Yuehua had only advanced to the half step Xuan level, not even close to Xuan level. However, she could not be blamed for this, as both her qualifications and the gongfu she cultivated had something to do with it.

Lok Hustle came from the Inner Concealment Sect, the gong methods must be first cla*s goodies, it was impossible for everyone to be like her. Moreover, she could become a core disciple of the Inner Hidden Sect, her qualifications were definitely first cla*s as well.

If it wasn’t for Ning Qingxue’s matter, Ye Mo would not have been able to take out the precious ‘Qi cultivation pills’, although the few dozen or so ‘Qi cultivation pills’ would not be of much use to him now, he still had so many people under him that he could give them to the rest of them.

However, the reason why Ye Mo now left Void Yuehua behind was not because of her cultivation ability, but because of her ability to do things.

Void Yuehua walked up to Ye Mo with a surprised look on her face and directly bent down and saluted, “Many thanks to senior for the pills, I never thought that I could have such a great harvest.”

Compared to Ye Mo’s thoughts, she was already too satisfied. Not only had she directly advanced to the late stage, but she had crossed over the peak to reach the half-step Xuan level martial artist level.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, although you haven’t reached the Xuan level yet, you should still be able to with a few years of hard work. Void Yuehua, you are smart, do you know what I am doing by leaving you down alone?”

Void Yuehua wasn’t ugly, but she wouldn’t be so narcissistic that Ye Mo left her down because he had a crush on her, and even if Ye Mo had a crush on her, he wouldn’t stay inside this ambiguity-free hall.

“Senior, please command, although Yuehua is generally powerful in Hong Kong land, she still has some contacts.” Void Yuehua immediately grasped Ye Mo’s meaning.

Ye Mo nodded appreciatively and said, “There is no doubt about your ability, if you can, you continue to help me find out the circumstances of this matter. Also, if you are willing, you can go to the Flowing Serpent. I have a matter on my hands that I need someone like you to do. However, if you go to the Flowing Serpent, you will be counted as a member of my Ye Mo’s family. Of course, this is up to your volition, I will not force you to go, don’t worry about that. If you are willing to go to the flowing snake, you can bring the results of the investigation to the flowing snake, if you don’t want to go, just leave the results of the investigation to Jiao Bian Yi. You don’t have to answer me now on this matter, you can think about it yourself.”

“Flowing snake?” Void Yuehua uttered in surprise, the Flowing Snake was the territory of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. But she immediately understood. She was really stupid, if ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was not senior Ye’s ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ how could it win the bid? Others didn’t know Ye Mo’s origins, but she had already investigated it. Besides, the fact that Ye Mo had come up with so many pills and pills showed that he was a master of pharmaceuticals. And the current ‘Nourishing Face Pill’ was recognized as the number one pill, she had even eaten it herself.

Sure enough Ye Mo said, “Falling Moon Pharmaceutical is my property, I think you should have guessed it.”

Ye Mo’s thought was that if Void Moon Hua had joined Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, Flowing Serpent wouldn’t have been investigated up to the gate and not a single person knew about it, and he ended up being the first to know about it.

Neither Xu Ping nor Fang Nan were competent in intelligence work, they lacked the meticulousness and rigour of mind that Void Moon Hua happened to fit. More importantly, if Void Yuehua joined the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, Ye Mo intended to let her help investigate the situation of ‘North Sand’. He had always wanted to exterminate the ‘Northern Sand’ but a time constraint, and a not very detailed knowledge of the ‘Northern Sand’ organisation.

This was the reason why Ye Mo wanted Void Yuehua to join his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.


After Void Yuehua left, Ye Mo immediately called Yu Miaotong, “Sister Yu, you immediately use all means now to bring down the ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ for me, as for the Yuan family, I will find them to settle the score when I return.”

“Okay.” Even if Ye Mo didn’t call this number over, Yu Miaotong was already hitting on the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’, that Yuan Qibin was so bold to hit on Ning Qingxue’s idea.

“Is Ye Ling okay now.” Ye Mo was a little uneasy and asked anyway.

Yu Miaotong immediately replied, “She is very busy now, she is all with Erhu studying pharmaceuticals, saying that she wants to be green.”

Only then did Ye Mo put his heart down, if Ye Ling really liked pharmaceuticals, he was willing to teach her all those low-level pharmaceutical means.

After putting down the phone and briefly instructing Jiao Bian Yi, Ye Mo never stopped again, he followed the route provided by Void Moon Hua and searched directly along the sea route.


At this time, another villa in Hong Kong, but there were four men of different looks sitting together in close consultation. These four men had a nickname, ‘The Four Unlikeable Men of Hong Kong Land’.

But this nickname could only be said by others in secret, and all those who said it to their faces were killed by these four men. These four men were four brothers, and they were so ruthless in the Hong Kong triads that even the Hong Kong police had deep scruples against them. Although they were four brothers, they did not look alike at all, hence the name ‘Hong Kong’s four unlikeable’.

The tallest man was the elder brother of these four, called Fu Youjin, who was already at the Yellow level of cultivation. The long-haired man sitting next to him was the second oldest called Fu You Yin; the shortest in stature was the third oldest, Fu You San. The fattest and whitest was the fourth, called Fu Youhai.

Because the four brothers were tomb robbers, they found an ancient martial arts technique in an ancient tomb, and because the tomb almost killed them, they did not go deeper and retreated with the technique.

With this gongfa, the eldest had surprisingly cultivated to the middle Yellow level, while the second, third and fourth were all close to approaching Yellow level cultivation, but just kept getting stuck because of their qualifications. They knew that there were good things in that tomb, but although the four of them liked to take risks, they were not reckless people and knew that they were bound to die if they went in now.

So the four of them agreed to explore the tomb after they had all advanced to the Yellow level. But because the other three had been unable to advance to the Yellow level, and because they had been making a good living in Hong Kong over the years, they had left the matter aside for a while. Only today, when Ye Mo said that he had a ‘Qi cultivation pill’ to directly advance to the Yellow level, did the four of them become active again.