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DYM Chapter 424

Mo Hai’s words made the atmosphere at the scene heavy, Yu Miaotong and Zang Jia Yan both did not say anything to speak, it’s not that they hadn’t thought about this issue, it’s just that the original flow snake was desolate and unmanaged, they didn’t care about it either. It was just that no one could have imagined that because of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, Liu Shi had prospered in a short period of time, and it was only logical that this would cause others to covet it.

If it was just one person, or a group, or even a gang that coveted it, it really wouldn’t have been in the eyes of these people to be honest. Yu Miaotong, Zang Jia Yan, Xu Ping, Yang Jiu and so on, all these people have seen the world, and no one would care about a mere group or gang. But now it is two countries that are coveted, can they be compared to two countries with a small business?

Besides, they were still in the wrong, after all, it was someone else’s territory that they were occupying.

Seeing that the atmosphere was tense, Yu Miaotong waved her hand and said, “Let’s not talk about this matter, let’s talk about the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ first.”

, “The matter of ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ is easy to handle, they think they are an old pharmaceutical company and don’t put us ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in their eyes, in fact it’s easy for us to break them.” To everyone’s surprise, the one who spoke was Mo Hai, who had been staying at Flowing Serpent in a resident capacity.

When Mo Hai saw that everyone was looking at him, he immediately said:, “Far North Pharmaceutical Group’s’ fist product is called ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’. And the main Chinese herbal medicine for this oral liquid is ‘straw wu’, and we also need ‘straw wu’ to produce the ‘Health Pill’. Although everyone needs not much ‘straw wool’, the production of this herb is also very small, so we can buy ‘straw wool’ in a big way to make them short of herbs.

Secondly, the main profit-making product of the Far North Pharmaceutical Group is a skin whitening product called ‘Dew Gel Powder’, and our ‘Beauty Pills’ are many times more effective than this product. many times more effective, but there is no competitive advantage in price. We only need to come up with an identical skin whitening product, lending the name of ‘Beauty Pill’ to ‘Dew Gel Powder’, where will it be a rival?”

As Yu Miaotong listened to Mo Hai’s words, she secretly sighed in her heart, Mo Hai was grasping the essence to fight ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’, and there was a fundamental difference between what Yang Jiu proposed to kill the Yuan father and son. Although there were many talents in ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, there was no one who was truly as proficient in business as Mo Hai and who also understood the weaknesses of the industry’s main rivals.

To put it bluntly, even she herself was from a gangster gang. It definitely wouldn’t do to continue like this, she needed to convene a special talent recruitment fair and call in a large number of professionals to do so.


The Hong Kong ‘Void Crossing Hotel’, is the hotel of Void Yuehua, having a five-star hotel in Hong Kong is a very big deal. Void Yuehua has been struggling in Hong Kong for twenty years and owns a total of seven hotels in Hong Kong and the mainland, of which three are five-star hotels.

From the last time Lu Si came to defect, plus after she had investigated exactly what happened to the four brothers of the Fu family, she knew that if she wanted to defect to Ye Mo now was the best time. If she missed this opportunity, perhaps it would be difficult for her to be seen by Ye Mo even if she wanted to change her mind in the future. Although she was capable, she had been in the jianghu for so many years, how could she not see that Ye Mo didn’t like people who were duplicitous?

She was already thirty-six this year, and if she wasted a few more years, she would soon be old. She could no longer spend all the money. But what was the use of earning so much money? She always suspected that Ye Mo was already an Innate, and if Ye Mo was really an Innate expert, it would be a breeze to help her take revenge.

Void Moon Hua clenched her fists as she resolved to contact Flowing Snake immediately.

“Sister Hua, two guests have come to the hotel, one said to be Sister Hua’s friend, his name is Ye Mo, and there is a girl ……” said Void Moon Hua’s secretary as she walked to Void Moon Hua’s door, knocked on the door, and then stood in the doorway.

“Ah ……” Xu Yuehua suddenly stood up, Ye Mo was here? “Quick, invite Mr. Ye in, oh, I’ll go over myself ……”

As soon as Void Yuehua’s words fell, Ye Mo’s voice came through the door, “Mr. Void, no need to bother, I’m already here.”

“Senior Ye, please sit down. Ah Zi, hurry up and make some tea.” Void Yuehua was a little flustered while introducing Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue into the large office, her expression was very nervous, she couldn’t expect Ye Mo to come over on his own initiative.

Ye Mo smiled slightly and said, “Chief Void, just call me Ye Mo from now on, Qing Xue, this is the Void Yuehua I told you about. Chief Vu, this is my wife Ning Qingxue.”

Ye Mo didn’t take Ning Qingxue straight back to Ninghai, instead he brought her to Hong Kong. He still had some business in Hong Kong, and coming to see Void Yuehua was one of the main things he had to do. This time he could find Light Snow so quickly, and it could be said that it had a lot to do with Void Yuehua’s intelligence, which was why he valued Void Yuehua more and more.

His ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was still just starting out and needed talents such as Void Moon Hua badly.

“Ah, Ye …… your wife has been found ……” Void Yuehua was only halfway through her sentence when she saw Ning Qingxue, whose picture she had seen and was a very beautiful girl. But what really shook her was the moment she saw Ning Qingxue in person, she didn’t know if Ye Mo was looking for Ning Qingxue because of her beauty, but Ning Qingxue was indeed the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, Void Yuehua.

Although Void Yuehua did not dare to say that she was also a beautiful woman, she was still quite confident in her own looks. But now when she saw Ning Qingxue, she felt that she looked just like that. Compared to Ning Qingxue, those celebrities and singers were just dregs.

Ning Qingxue had long changed into a blue dress, her ink-like hair fell on her slender shoulders, and with her white jade-like skin and goose egg-shaped face, one could not help but feel close to her. The cream-coloured necklace on her chest seemed to emit a faint halo of skin, and standing next to her one even felt an ethereal tranquillity.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her eyes were always on Ye Mo and her face always had a heartfelt pleasure, Xu Yuehua would have thought it was a fairy.

There was actually this kind of woman, and even if she was a woman she had a great affection for her, not to mention men. Void Yuehua finally understood Yuan Qi Bin’s thoughts at this moment, no wonder.

Ning Qingxue smiled faintly and extended her hand to shake hands with Void Yuehua. She knew that people in general had a sense of awe when they first saw her, and after she had taken the ‘Face Preserving Pill’, it seemed that that awe was even more apparent. But one would get used to it after a long time, even so, the staff of their company would still lose their minds every time because of her, and later she simply handed over the regular meeting to Mu Mei.

Void Yuehua smiled somewhat awkwardly and said mockingly to himself after letting Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue sit down, “Miss Ning is so pretty that I simply can’t help myself, huh.” In comparison, Ye Mo’s shock at finding Ning Qingxue surprisingly made her much less shocked. Although shocked at how Ye Mo found Ning Qingxue, she didn’t ask about it.

“Sister Yuehua, just call me Qingxue from now on.” Ning Qingxue certainly knew that since Ye Mo had come here on purpose, this Void Yuehua must not be simple, otherwise Ye Mo would never have made a special trip.

Ye Mo sat down, picked up his tea and took a sip, and Void Yuehua immediately said without waiting for him to speak, “Ye Dong, I am willing to join the ‘Luo Yue Group’. I’ve already considered this, it’s just that I investigated some things later on and had some doubts in my heart.”

Void Yuehua’s willingness to join ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was the best thing for Ye Mo, there was no doubt about Void Yuehua’s ability, she alone was far greater than ‘Xisha’, the number one organization in Hong Kong Road, it was just that others were not qualified to use her and did not understand her.

Ye Mo nodded, “Well, if you have any doubts, just say it.”

Since Void Yuehua had agreed to join ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, she no longer had any worries, she organized her thoughts and said, “I sent someone to investigate the Flowing Serpent, and I found out that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is not just us investigating, there are even There are so many others investigating. It’s obvious that the tree has attracted the attention of others because it’s too profitable. Of course “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has been able to develop so far, it should have enough means to deal with these people who are trying to get their way.”

Ye Mo nodded, Void Moon Hua really didn’t let him down, she hadn’t even gone to Flowing Serpent yet, save she already knew that someone from Flowing Serpent was investigating. In comparison, “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s vigilance in Flowing Snake was a little too low. However, from what he heard from Void Moon China, it should not be just these things.

Sure enough, Void Moon Hua said again, “The main thing is that I found out that Flowing Snake is located at the border of three countries, namely China, Vietnam and Luther. And now almost 80 percent of the territory of the Flowing Serpent is owned by Luther, and Luther has not been a nation for long, only about thirty years. I think once Flowing Serpent becomes prosperous, Luther will not sit back and let ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ remain in Flowing Serpent, or he will find a way to get benefits from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. If that’s really the case, I would hope it’s the latter. But then again, the Flowing Snakes are occupying part of Vietnam, and the Vietnamese are more belligerent than the Luthors.”

Ye Mo listened to what Void Moonghua said and looked at her even more highly, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about this matter, but as a cultivator, he hadn’t really treated this matter as any big deal, now that Void Moonghua was talking about it, it was something that couldn’t be ignored. Otherwise, in case the army came to take over his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ would he give or not give? Giving it to you is impossible, if not, it will definitely be a direct fight.

He could care less about a small country like Luther, but if Void Moon Hua had defected to Ye Mo, she couldn’t care less. She also knew that even if Ye Mo was powerful, could he still fight against a country?

There was another thing that Void Moon Hua didn’t say, the country of Luther had a history of having losers as its name. However, there was no need for her to say these things.

Ye Mo smiled faintly as he looked at Void Yuehua and asked, “What about with your idea?”

Void Yuehua immediately said firmly, “I have two ideas, one is for the company to move out right now, and the second is to negotiate with them to buy this piece of land first. It’s just that it would have been easier if we had bought it before ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had made it, it’s just a bit difficult now.”