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DYM Chapter 430

When Ye Mo saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei, both of them had a very indecisive and even somewhat dull expression as they sat motionless inside the room. Both of them obviously had gunshot wounds on their bodies, but it looked like Yu Miaotong had already asked someone to help them deal with them.

“Brother Ye, I’m sorry for dragging you into this, Fang Wei and I really have nowhere else to go ……” Guo Qi saw Ye Mo, his face had some expression, but it was still obviously a bit wooden. Guo Qi’s address to Ye Mo remained unchanged, except that his haggard appearance was even worse than when he was forced to flee to nowhere by the Vietcong soldiers.

“Master Ren ……” Although Ye Mo did not say that he had accepted Fang Wei as his disciple, Fang Wei was still used to calling Ye Mo Master.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and let Guo Qi and Fang Wei sit down before asking, “What exactly has happened? Has it come to this point?”

Guo Qi sighed and didn’t say anything about what happened, but said, “Brother Ye, thanks to your friend Sister Yu this time, if Sister Yu hadn’t taken us in, I think we would have been corpses by now. I really didn’t expect you to know ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’s General Manager Yu ……”

After a moment’s hesitation, Guo Qi continued, “Seriously, if it wasn’t for Lin Lin this time, I wouldn’t want to come and bother you. But I know that no one but you can save Lu Lin …… Although this request is very much too much, but I want to save her very much ……”

Seemingly knowing that his request was ruthlessly excessive, Guo Qi said half of what he wanted to say, but in the end, he did not say it.

Seeing that Guo Qi fell silent, Fang Wei hurriedly said, “Sister Lu and Brother Guo both love each other, and after going back last time Sister Lu was even promoted, which was originally a very good thing. But it happened that when Sister Lu and Brother Guo were about to get married, something went terribly wrong.”

Seeing that Fang Wei was a bit nervous, Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “You tell the story in detail, don’t be nervous.”

Fang Wei nodded and said, “A week ago, Instructor Xu Shi Xu, who once dared our top master, brought a young man named Qiu Zhifei to our army for training. He was free to choose which detachment he wanted to stay in, and in the end he chose the ‘Falcon’ detachment led by Sister Lu.

It was not a big deal, but the day after he arrived, he got drunk. The drunken Qiu Zhifei rushed to Sister Lu’s room to make a move on her, but he couldn’t beat her and was put down by her.”

“Qiu Zhifei?” Ye Mo suddenly remembered the Qiu family in Yanjing, could it be someone from the Qiu family again? If so, the Qiu family was too arrogant, he had just taught Qiu Zhizhe and Qiu Dongchen a lesson in Yanjing, and this Qiu family had committed another crime in the blink of an eye.

But Fang Wei continued, “Just after Qiu Zhifei was knocked down, the door to Sister Lu’s room was kicked open again, and Battalion Commander Han rushed in together with a lieutenant who came with Instructor Xu. What Sister Lu couldn’t figure out was that these two men even privately persuaded Sister Lu to obey Qiu Zhifei, saying that Qiu Zhifei was from an unusual background and that if she obeyed Qiu Zhifei, she could immediately have Sister Lu promoted to the rank of major.”

Guo Qi clenched his fist, obviously very ji inside.

Fang Wei glanced at Guo Qi and continued somewhat gloomily, “Of course Sister Lu did not agree, but Qiu Zhifei stood up at this time and said that he would let Battalion Commander Han and that lieutenant strip Sister Lu of her clothes. I didn’t expect that these two men would really listen to Qiu Zhifei and want to tear Sister Lu’s clothes. At this time, Guo and I came in and saw the nasty scene. Without hesitation, Guo pulled out his dagger and killed Battalion Commander Han, who was roughing up Sister Lu, and I helped to restrain the lieutenant. Brother Guo killed the lieutenant after he killed Battalion Commander Han because Sister Lu’s clothes were pulled out of shape.”

Guo Qi, however, interjected, “Those brutes were bullying Lin Lin and I couldn’t resist the kill. When I thought about it afterwards, I felt that Qiu Zhifei did it on purpose, he was drunk that day and rushed into Lu Lin’s room, and it just so happened that he had two followers with him at that time. No matter how you look at it, it was a premeditated incident. If I hadn’t happened to have something for Lulin that day, I don’t dare to imagine what would have followed.”

Fang Wei nodded and said, “At that time, after Lu spoke up about the incident, Guo was so angry that he burst Qiu Zhifei’s yolk with a kick, and just when Guo was about to finish Qiu Zhifei off without a second thought, someone else came outside. Guo had no gun and was too late to kill Qiu Zhifei, so he pulled me and Sister Lu to escape.

But she didn’t get very far before Sister Lu was shot in the thigh. Sister Lu desperately told Guo and me to escape, saying that if all three of us were caught, we wouldn’t have a chance later. Although Guo and I were shot a few times, we eventually escaped through experience.

Only because we had no place to go, we could only come to Master’s place, Brother Guo wanted to beg Master to save Sister Lu out of the camp Sister Lu was locked up inside the camp, no one could save her out except Master.”

After listening to Fang Wei, Ye Mo was a bit gloomy, he was sure that Guo Qi was right in his guess, that Qiu Zhifei must have premeditated long ago and then used the wine to misbehave with Lu Lin Mouth he was afraid that he was no match for Lu Lin, he even called two people to stand at the door to help. If this kind of thing happened to him, he would definitely not hesitate to kill them all, just like Guo Qi.

It was just that although Lu Lin had a plump figure, her looks could only be considered medium, so if it was someone from the Qiu family, how could they choose to make a move on Lu Lin? However, Ye Mo did not bother to ask the reason, no matter what the reason was, since he did it, he had to be responsible.

Seeing Ye Mo fall silent, Guo Qi ‘flopped, and fell to his knees, “Brother Ye, I know my request is excessive, but I understand that if there is anyone else in this world who can save people from inside, there really is none other than you. Xu Shi’s skills would not be enough to amuse him for a minute even if our whole squad was on board. Linlin is pitiful, she was mercilessly abandoned before before she chose to join the army, I would rather suffer myself than have Linlin insulted by that brute Qiu Zhifei.”

Ye Mo immediately pulled Guo Qi up and said, “We are friends, don’t be like this in the future. Captain Lu and I know each other too, I will definitely help with this. How about this, I’m going to a meeting now, because ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, is my company, I haven’t been back for a long time, I need to get things arranged on this side. Once things are arranged over here, I’ll go with you to your camp.”

“Master” Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, it’s actually your company?” Fang Wei’s mouth opened wide with a look of disbelief.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded, “Yes, if you don’t want to stay in the army anymore, you can choose to stay here and help me out.”

“Of course I would, can I still stay in the army like this? I’m now a figurehead with Brother Guo who will die on sight. What about you, Brother Guo?” Fang Wei immediately said in surprise, the deadly air he had just had seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden. Compared to Guo Qi, Fang Wei seemed to care even less about being wanted.

Guo Qi immediately said in a deep voice, “Whether or not I can save Lin Lin, this life of mine will be Brother Ye’s from now on.”

When Ye Mo arrived at the meeting room, Yu Miaotong and the others had been waiting for quite some time. Ye Mo smiled somewhat apologetically at everyone, then said, “I was delayed by some things just now, without further ado, we are now convening the first general meeting after the opening of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’. Sister Yu, you first talk about the company.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yu Miaotong immediately said, “Actually, our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, if it wasn’t for the fact that the product was really unbelievable, it could be said that it would have gone out of business before it even started. We don’t have a standardized company management constitution, and we don’t have talents specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, so it can be said that our company can persist until now solely because our products are unique.”

Ye Mo nodded, Yu Miaotong hit the nail on the head, he didn’t need to look at the specific affairs of the company, he only had to look at the messy flowing snake to know.

The scene fell silent, everyone knew that it was not that simple to manage a company, although they were the first group of people brought over by Ye Mo, but there was not a single one who could manage the company in an organised manner, without Yu Miaotong, perhaps the situation would have been even worse.

“It seems that I have to find someone to manage ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,'” Ye Mo said with a frown, he didn’t know where to find a suitable person to manage this company of his.

“Why don’t you let me try ……,” Ning Qingxue whispered next to Ye Mo, although she was not old, she had many years of experience in company management, and it was still a pharmaceutical company.

Ye Ling, however, said excitedly, “Yes, brother, you let your sister-in-law manage the company, just so I can help.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, Ning Qingxue said this, which meant that she already planned to stay at Flowing Snake to help him out.

“Good, so be it, from now on, Light Snow will be the chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ Sister Yu will be the executive president, responsible for sales and personnel and business expansion: Chief Dai will still be responsible for production and purchasing, as well as some additional things.”

Ye Mo finished and then looked at Xu Ping and said, “Second brother, the company’s security as well as the safety of the flowing snake will be left to you, as for the manager of the flowing snake, I will find someone.

“I have no problem with that.” Xu Ping was excited, he had only been following his third brother for a short time and was already at the middle Xuan level, this speed gave him a speed he could not even imagine before.

“The management of the flowing snake and some other trivial matters, I will leave it to Void Moon Hua, she can do a good job of that.” Ye Mo could tell from Void Yuehua’s talent that there was definitely no problem leaving these matters to her.

However, Zhan Jia Yan said with some hesitation, “Some time ago, there were many unknown people who came to the flowing snake to muddy the waters, it’s just that we couldn’t even spare the manpower to investigate during that time. This time when I was ready to investigate after talking to Xu Erge, all those people who were muddling through the water had unexpectedly disappeared, I felt that this was very weird, it was as if they had made an appointment to come together and then leave together.”