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DYM Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

“Would it help if you silenced me? Don’t you know that the whole world knows about this stuff, stupid.” Wen Dong sneered at the man with the surname Gong and said.

“Don’t get excited, Wen Dong, it wasn’t my intention to kill you, it was ……” Gong Huishan was too late to say who told him to kill Wen Dong, because Wen Dong had already shot him.

“I don’t need to know.” Wen Dong’s face returned to normal as he shot Gong Huishan dead.

Ye Mo thought that Wen Dong would ask where he came from, even if she did, Ye Mo wouldn’t say anything, he only came here for 50,000 yuan, he just didn’t think that this amount of money would be so hard to get, if he wasn’t careful, he might really be ruined here.

But to his surprise, Wen Dong actually didn’t ask anything, but said to Ye Mo: “Let’s go, the two people we killed just now should be the door guards, this place is probably empty. I’ll put a bomb to blow up the place.”

Ye Mo said in his heart, “Where do you have a bomb?

But before he could ask the question, Wen Dong had already untied a bundle of bombs from her waist. She had actually brought a bomb with her, and it was still hanging from her waist, which meant that the timer she had was also real. This woman was a madman, if she detonated the bomb, wouldn’t she ……

Although Ye Mo was not happy in his heart, he did not say much, he had seen many dangerous scenes himself, and he did not care about this one more time.

The car had been driven out for twenty minutes, and that startling sound Ye Mo could even still hear.

“You went to Guilin, why didn’t you take a plane?” Wen Dong was silent for a long time before she asked, she now knew that Ye Mo was not an unusual person. This also explained why from the beginning to later Ye Mo acted calmly, now that Ye Mo did not say anything, she certainly understood that Ye Mo was not happy in his heart. Besides, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, today she would at most have died with these people and would not have survived at all.

She wasn’t afraid of dying either, but if she died there would be no way for this money to be used in a practical way, and she was not willing to do so. Although she didn’t say it out loud, inwardly she was very grateful to Ye Mo.

“No ID card.” Ye Mo simply replied, not to mention that he didn’t have an ID card, even if he had one, he might not dare to use it.

Song Shaowen was killed by him, and he also disappeared that night, sooner or later the Song family would investigate him, this, Ye Mo already knew. If he used his ID card to buy a ticket, wouldn’t he be giving the Song family a clue, and right now he wasn’t capable of talking to the Song family directly.

After Wang Peng’s hand got better, he became wary, he was not the only expert in this world.

After a moment of silence again, Wen Dong said, “Thank you this time, without you, I might not even have a life left. Originally 50,000 yuan was too little to give you, but this money is not for my use, it is for other purposes. Take the case with the model, it’s worth a lot of money and with your skills you should be able to keep it, don’t ask me what it is, I don’t know much about it.

But if you trust me, you’ve got three hours to get to Luyang, a rather remote mountainous area, and there I can get you an ID card and it’s real.”

For that something like model information, Ye Mo really didn’t put his heart into it, those things, it didn’t matter at all if he wanted them or not. But the ID card thing was really much more convenient to have one, now that Wen Dong could actually help him get a real ID card, of course he was willing to do so, he quickly said, “I believe, of course I believe, I just need an ID card.”

As for the payment or whatever, Ye Mo had 50,000 dollars which was enough, he looked at money very lightly, as long as it was enough. Those US dollars, even if Wen Dong gave them to him, he found it troublesome to use them and had to exchange them.

Wen Dong had a good feeling about Ye Mo, not only was this man ridiculously capable, but he was also good at talking and had a low regard for money, with his skills, trying to kill himself and robbing her of the money she was carrying was simply as easy as eating and drinking. But Ye Mo had never looked at his own money box from the start now. He didn’t even raise an objection to the fact that he had to take such a big risk when he was only paid 50,000 yuan.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Mo didn’t even ask her what she was, what she was doing, or where she was going, as if he was really just a person pa*sing through, and maybe he was indeed a person pa*sing through. But he was definitely not an ordinary person pa*sing by.

“Do you have a phone?” Wen Dong got up the idea of befriending Ye Mo.

“No, I like to be quiet.” Ye Mo’s words made Wen Dong understand that he didn’t like to befriend people.

Wen Dong stopped talking, she was not an obnoxious woman.

Three hours later, the car drove to Luyang and Ye Mo checked into a small hotel while Wen Dong took a picture of Ye Mo and went out. When Wen Dong returned the next day it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.

But she really didn’t brag, Ye Mo’s ID card had already been done, and his name was still Ye Mo, but his place of residence was a rural village in Luyang. Ye Mo didn’t care, in this world, there were too many people also named Ye Mo. Wen Dong handed Ye Mo 50,000 yuan, and also gave Ye Mo the box with the documents and models, she said that there was no more use for her to have this.

Ye Mo saw that it wasn’t heavy, so he left the box, found a plastic handy belt, put the things inside and stuffed it into his backpack and said goodbye to Wen Dong.


That night Ye Mo took a car to Xianshan, the southernmost city in Hu Zhong Province. The city of Xianshan is the border city between Hu Zhong Province and Xiang Huai Province, which in turn is adjacent to Gui Nan Province. The Guixiang Great Ridge, however, runs through the three major provinces of Hu Zhong, Xiang Huai and Gui Nan, and is one of the main mountain ranges in China.

Guilin, where Ye Mo wanted to go, belonged to Guinan Province. He was now in Xianshan Mountain and had to cross Xianghuai Province before he could enter Guinan, and then the southernmost edge city in Guinan Province was Guilin City.

After arriving at Ham Mountain Ye Mo began not to be in a great hurry to hurry. After all, this place was already thousands of miles away from Ninghai, even if the Song family knew that he, Ye Mo, had killed Song Shaowen, they would not be able to investigate this place for a while. Besides, in Ye Mo’s opinion, it would take just as long for the Song family to find out through the route the BMW traveled to Ninghai, and then from Ninghai to find out that he was also missing.

After staying in Xianshan for one night, the next day Ye Mo went out to make some purchases, he planned to replace the clothes he was wearing with a new set. In order to prevent being pointed at with a gun again, Ye Mo went to a hardware shop and bought a pack of iron nails, which were very small and there were hundreds of them in a pack. To others, using iron nails as a concealed weapon was outrageous, but to Ye Mo, it was enough.

After buying the iron nails, Ye Mo casually strolled inside the mall again. Ye Mo found that the clothes here were all very expensive, and they were all specialised shops of various brands. To Ye Mo, his clothes only needed to be wearable and look well-fitted, he was not too rare about brands. Could a brand be any better than the clothes refined in the cultivation world? Besides, he didn’t have much money.

If a poorly dressed person like Ye Mo wandered into a shop specializing in this kind of brand, of course no one would look up to it.

Luckily, Ye Mo didn’t care, and he was about to go out. However, he saw a well-dressed man who was putting his hand on a small bag that a middle-aged man was holding on his arm, while the middle-aged man was typing on the phone with a slightly anxious look on his face, not realising that he was being patronised by a thief.

A thief? The leather bag that this middle-aged man was holding in his arm was genuine leather, what would it take for this thief to break it? As Ye Mo was staring curiously, an equally well-dressed youth next to him walked up to Ye Mo and said in a low voice, “Kid, look again and gouge out your eyes, get lost.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold as he lifted his foot and kicked the youth who told him to get lost right in the face.


Chapter 46

The young man, who was kicked by Ye Mo, flew backwards and landed directly on top of the bin. Looking at the way he sat on the bin, if it wasn’t for the fact that his nose and mouth were bleeding, one would have thought that he sat on it by himself.

The action on Ye Mo’s side immediately startled all the people, even the middle-aged man who had finished his phone call turned around in an abrupt manner, and as soon as he turned around he immediately spotted the thief behind him. However, when the thief saw that the middle-aged man saw him, he did not panic at all, but put away the knife between his fingers and turned around to stare at Ye Mo with the other two youths who had gathered around him with a deadly stare.

Apart from the youth who was kicked into the bin by Ye Mo, they were actually four in total.

“Kid, you seek death. Go on, waste him.” A youth with a dagger led the way towards Ye Mo with a furious shout. The remaining two also rushed towards Ye Mo without hesitation, only the man who was sitting on the bin with blood still running down his face was incomparably terrified in his heart.

Of course he knew what was happening to him, this young man had kicked him in the face and actually made him involuntarily fly up and sit on top of the bin. It was too much to think about, as if there was a force that lifted him up. If Ye Mo had kicked him in the chest before making him fly up, perhaps he would not have been so shocked.

However, he immediately reacted that this young man was definitely not something they could afford to mess with, but it was already too late for him to tell his companion to stop, as his companion had already rushed up.

It seemed to dawn on the middle-aged man that the young man had seen the thief steal his wallet and had been retaliated against by the thief’s accomplice. Although he wanted to go up and help, he could not help himself, he did not know any kung fu and was about to call the police when a scene that he could not believe reappeared.

The young man’s foot flew up again, sending the man with the dagger flying in the same way, and his dagger somehow lodged in his own leg. Not to mention the fact that the man with the dagger flew right over the head of the man on the rubbish bin.

Then he saw the young man fly up with a whirlwind kick that sent two other youths, including the one who had tried to steal his money, flying with him. There were two clicks and no telling what the kicks had broken, only that the two thieves screamed in agony and were similarly kicked over the top of the bin, the four forming a pile that crushed it to the ground with a ‘bam’ sound.

The middle-aged man sucked in a cold breath, if he hadn’t seen Ye Mo’s actions with his own eyes, but on a video, he would have thought it was a computer composite, it was just like making a movie.

“Human scum.” Ye Mo dropped two words and walked away, only then did the people watching around react. Looking at the four thieves lying on the ground, they actually applauded one after another. These thieves couldn’t move anyway.

The four people also seemed to know that it wasn’t too good when the police came, and actually struggled to get up, and ignored the blood on their bodies as they walked out one by one with a*sistance.

“This friend please stay, thank you for earlier.” The middle-aged man caught up to the street and called out to Ye Mo, thanking him repeatedly.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, I didn’t help you on purpose either, it was this group of scum who took the initiative to provoke me.” After saying this, he once again turned around and was about to leave.

“This is how it is, my name is Zhuo Aiguo, I would like to invite you for a meal, I don’t know if you would like to, friend?” Seeing how skilled Ye Mo was, Zhuo Aiguo immediately got up in arms.

“Not interested.” Ye Mo was only staying in Xianshan City for one night time and would leave tomorrow. This man must have called him for dinner for something, and what was more important than him going to Guilin to find a place to cultivate.

Seeing that Ye Mo turned around and was about to leave, Zhuo Aiguo was a bit anxious and hurriedly followed him and said, “Here’s the deal, you just have to accompany me on a trip to Guilin, how much is the payment you say.”

In Zhuo Aiguo’s opinion, Ye Mo did not look like a rich man with his clothes, so it would be best if money was used to impress him. However, he didn’t know that if Ye Mo didn’t happen to be going to Guilin, with his current family money of over $50,000 on him, he wouldn’t be moved even if Zhuo Aiguo came up with a million dollars.

Guilin? Ye Mo stopped dead in his tracks, the place he wanted to go happened to be Guilin, if it was on his way and he had money to take, he wouldn’t mind, but if it was like that woman called Wen Dong, asking him to do that kind of dangerous thing, then it would be a no-brainer. Although he wasn’t afraid, he didn’t want to meet someone and be dragged off to be a hit man. Anyway, now that he had his ID card, he wasn’t afraid of not being able to buy a ticket.

“Alright, go talk.” Ye Mo thought to himself that he wouldn’t be able to leave tonight, so it was good to go and talk.

The two of them found a secluded cafe and sat down. Zhuo Aiguo opened the door and said, “Actually, I just have to go to Guilin temporarily for some urgent business, that is, to exchange a little something with a local snake in the town of Flowing Snake. It’s just that that place in Guilin is still a long way off, and it’s just too chaotic.

I was waiting here for someone to come and accompany me, but seeing that you, my friend, are so much more powerful than my people, if you are willing to accompany me on a trip to Guilin, you can ask for the reward yourself. Flowing snake is actually no longer part of Guilin, I have to get off the plane from Guilin Tianling airport and then I have to take a few hours bus ride to get to Flowing snake.

You know there is no problem flying directly from Ham Mountain to Guilin, but Flowing Serpent is near the border of several countries and is inhabited by a minority group. When I say law and order is chaotic, I actually mean there is no law and order.”

After saying that, Li Aiguo looked at Ye Mo expectantly, there was one thing he hadn’t said, that place was simply a place where bandits and outlaws from various countries gathered, and there were killings and fights almost every day.

Ye Mo frowned, he just knew about going to Guilin, he heard that Guilin was a border city and if he was discovered by the Song family, he could leave the country at any time. He hadn’t really heard of this place, according to this Zhuo Aiguo, the flowing snake was even closer to the border line, as for the chaos or lack of it, he didn’t even care about it.

After thinking for a while Ye Mo said: “It’s like this, actually I also want to go to Guilin, I go to Guilin just to find an opportunity to develop. But it’s also my first time going to Guilin, and I heard you say that Flowing Snake is closer to the border line, so I think there should be a better chance of development there. As for remuneration, I don’t need it, if you have a familiar place in Flowing Snake, just keep an eye out for me.”

When Zhuo Aiguo heard Ye Mo finish speaking, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Don’t ever go to the flowing snake to develop, if you are doing business or something you should stay in Guilin. I have familiar people in Guilin, and I have a property that I can’t use right now, so I can give it to you. I’m going to the Flowing Snake because I have no other choice, I would never go if I had a choice.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and said, “There is danger before there is opportunity, I have already decided to go to the Flowing Serpent.”

Seeing that Ye Mo’s mind was already made up, Zhuo Aiguo no longer advised each other, after all, Ye Mo was an expert. He then said, “No problem, I can still find a place in Flowing Snake.”

In his heart, Zhuo Aiguo understood that he had heard of this place, the Flowing Snake, and although it was very dark, as long as there was money to open up the way, he could still talk.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “The business I do is somewhat involved in blackness, the more remote the location the better.”

Zhuo Aiguo opened his mouth, but in the end he did not say anything. With his years of experience in the business world, of course he could see that Ye Mo was not the kind of person who was cunning and dark, but there was something about what he said that smelled like a gangster.