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DYM Chapter 431

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “I will take care of these matters, Second Brother, in the future, if you find such muddled fish in the water, it will all have one result, let them have no return.”

For those who came and went suddenly, Ye Mo certainly knew what was going on. It should be that his threat had been pa*sed back through those two guys from Hongwu Hall, now he didn’t need to worry about these people continuing to come and investigate, all he needed was to just find a time to collect the damages.

Seeing that Ye Mo had already taken care of this matter, Yu Miaotong put her heart down and turned to say, “Ye Dong, my idea is that if we can buy this piece of land from Flowing Snake, we won’t have so much trouble. In case we make the business bigger and Flowing Snake develops, I dog others will be red in the eyes.”

Although Yu Miaotong did not say who this other person was, Ye Mo was clear about it. He knew that what Yu Miaotong said was the truth, and although Luther and Vietnam were not moving now, it was hard to tell what would happen behind them.

“Sister Yu, when Sister Yuehua comes over, you guys immediately discuss to come up with a specific purchase proposal from the two countries that own the land of the flowing snake, and see what they say.” Ye Mo also thought that the land issue had to be resolved immediately, if this could not be resolved, it would always be a hidden problem in the Flowing Serpent.

Xu Ping, however, nodded cautiously and said, “Third brother, I actually think that once the Flowing Serpent can become our own land, we can completely set up another hidden sect. No, it’s to set up an open hidden sect so that all people will know how prosperous the Flowing Serpent is.”

Yu Miaotong said with a faint smile, “Second Brother Xu’s words are still limiting I think if one day we can establish the Flowing Serpent as a city similar to a country, what a great creation that would be. At that time, we will call this place ‘Luo Yue City’.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, if it was him alone, building a city, he wouldn’t even think about it. But now there were more and more people following him and the truth was that even if you were capable, you would still be bound by some rules of the world. It would indeed be a good thing if he could really build a city that was entirely his own.

But this place of the Flowing Serpent, Ye Mo felt that it was not suitable for building a city, the land here was too small, even if he could buy the land in Luther and Vietnam, it was still too small.

Another thing was that his cultivation level was too low and he hadn’t even completed his foundation building. To build a city was easy to say, but to do it was harder than climbing to heaven. Ye Mo had an even bigger plan in mind,” only his cultivation level was really too low.

If his cultivation level really reached a certain point, he would really be able to build up a city.

At that time, he could set up a defense formation in this city. Although the defense formation he could set up was rubbish in the cultivation world, it would have no problem dealing with the ordinary attacks here. Only Ye Mo also knew that the possibility of such a thing was almost zero, not to mention that it was impossible for him to build his foundation here, and even if he did, what would happen? Were there spirit stones here? Are there any formation materials?

Putting down the thoughts in his mind, Ye Mo and the others had just finalized some management details of the company when the phone rang in the conference room, Yu Miaotong picked up the phone and listened to a few words, her face immediately changed drastically.

“When Yang Jiu and Fang Nan and the others were checking out the flowing snake, Han Chai was injured and hurt badly. Little Fire said that the person who injured Han-chan was someone from inside the army, because there were many police officers who also came to Flowing Snake so Yang Jiu and Fang Nan didn’t let anyone do anything.” Yu Miaotong put down the phone and in a few words, she explained what had just happened.

Ye Mo immediately stood up “Sister Yu, you and Qing Xue will work out the company’s constitution, I’ll go check it out first, from now on, Qing Xue will be in full charge of the company’s affairs. Qingxue, I’ll leave this place to you, I’ll go out for a while.”

Ning Qingxue nodded and said, “You go ahead, I will take care of this place for you.”

When Ye Mo arrived at the place of the accident, Fang Nan and Yang Jiu and the others were already being held at gunpoint by more than twenty soldiers in camouflage uniforms. There were also a dozen police officers standing off to the side at the same time.

Everyone had a pistol in their hands and the atmosphere was very tense.

Han was lying on the ground with blood all over his legs, and next to him was a young man, but this one had obviously been shot in the heart and was dead.

“Ye ……”

“Old man ……”

As soon as Ye Mo arrived, Fang Nan and Yang Jiu immediately came out to greet him. Ye Mo nodded his head, looked coldly at the people with guns on all sides, pointed at the dead youth and Han Chai on the ground and asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Fang Nan immediately said, “These people claimed to be from the Border Battalion and wanted to storm into our company building to search it, so Yang Jiu and I stopped them. Who knew that these people were unreasonable and immediately shot Jianliang and wounded Han Jiu.”

“A few slaps and a shadowy voice said, “It’s not easy, at last there’s someone to talk to. One to stop and kill one, two to stop and kill a pair.”

Ye Mo coldly glanced at this man in camouflage uniform, the markings on his body surface that this man was a warrant officer, and a warrant officer first cla*s at that.

“You’re a bully, did you kill the man? And who gave you permission to kill people here?” Ye Mo said in a cold voice.

This warrant officer simultaneously looked Ye Mo up and down and said equally coldly, “Do I still need your permission to kill someone? If anyone else stops, I don’t mind killing them all. Don’t tell me that this is not my territory, and likewise I will say that this is not your territory either. I heard that the flowing snake whoever has the biggest fist has the right to be justified, now I have a bigger fist than you, er ……”

The warrant officer didn’t finish his words, he had a death grip on his neck, but the stream of blood he couldn’t choke anymore. He stared at Ye Mo in horror, he didn’t expect anyone to really dare to make a move on him, he just saw this man who spoke to him move his hand slightly.

“You dare to kill me ……” Although he tried to say a few words, he could only see his mouth moving.

“Flop ……” The warrant officer fell to the ground, still with his eyes wide open in disbelief that he had been killed.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “It looks like my fist is bigger than yours.”

“Click…” a few of the camouflage uniformed soldiers around already reacted and quickly raised their guns, about to shoot at Ye Mo.

“Poof ……,” several flashes of blood, the three who had raised their guns had all had their wrists cut off and their guns fell to the ground, these three also fell to the ground at once, their faces white.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the soldiers and policemen behind him who were already stunned, and said coldly, “The reason why I didn’t kill these three people is because I haven’t stated my rules yet. My rule is that if anyone dares to point a gun at me in front of me, I will not hesitate to kill. Also, in the future, if anyone dares to kill someone in private at Flowing Snake, then you will need to pay for your life just the same.”

No one saw how Ye Mo did it, and the scene fell silent. Looking at the three people who had inexplicably broken their wrists, the people behind them all involuntarily put down the guns in their hands. Even Yang Jiu and Fang Nan and the others froze, Ye Mo had dared to kill the officers directly. Although this was the Flowing Serpent, everyone was still of Chinese nationality after all.

This young man in front of him was too outrageous, he seemed to be able to kill people invisibly just by moving his hand, even if he had a hundred lives, they would not be enough for this man to kill.

A man of about thirty stepped forward and he said to the people behind him, “All of you, put your guns down ……”

In fact, there was no need for this man to say that those behind him had already put down the guns in their hands. The man finished speaking to the people behind him before he walked up to Ye Mo and said without being condescending, “We are from the border camp, my name is Li Dong. You are very powerful, you should be an ancient martial cultivator, right? But are you powerful, or are you from the Hidden Sect, so you can kill our officers? Even if you kill all of my people here, could it be that this district of the Flowing Serpent, which is a tiny bullet, can hold off our army?”

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “In that case, my men in the Flowing Serpent should be killed by you? When you guys shoot, shouldn’t we put our hands up and wait for you to kill them?”

“How can that be compared? We’re arresting people, it’s normal for us to miss and hurt people, and if we did have to shoot, would just one person have died? I reckon everyone here would have died, right? Besides, Lieutenant Liao just missed killing an ordinary man, but you actually killed a Chief Warrant Officer. Even if he made a mistake, it’s not your turn to kill someone.” Li Dong’s face turned red.

Ye Mo’s voice immediately turned cold, “Killing someone is called making a mistake? So you are inherently superior? I’m sorry, here in Flowing Serpent, you should put away your superiority act. Everyone is equal here. Whoever kills, pays. Get lost, you’re not welcome here, and if you keep nagging I’ll ask someone to ask you to leave.”

“You,…I don’t care who you are, even if you kill me now, I’ll say as usual that you killed the officer and it’s still a capital offence. We are here to arrest Guo Qi and Fang Wei, do you think the two fugitives are still here? I can go, but after I leave, it will be tanks and cannons that will come again.” Li Dong’s tone also became nonchalant, it could be seen that even though Ye Mo was powerful, he still did not put life and death in his mind.

Ye Mo sneered, “Get lost ……, go back and tell your officers that I will bring Guo Qi and Fang Wei over today. And that Qiu Zhifei, tell him to wash his neck clean. Whoever told Captain Lu that if there is any damage, even Han Zai Xing can’t protect him.”

“What? Chief Han?” After saying these words in shock, Li Dong immediately reacted, someone who could know Chief Han and even call him by his name, then this person must not be simple.

“Who the hell are you?” Li Dong’s tone was no longer as strong as it was a moment ago, killing a Chief Warrant Officer and still sounding so bad was the first time he had seen one.

“Go back and tell your officer that Ye Mo will definitely bring Guo Qi and Fang Wei to visit today, and ask him to find out the causes and consequences of this matter, or don’t blame me, Ye Mo, for not being polite.” Although Ye Mo admired Li Dong’s courage, he disliked his natural superiority.

He had come from the cultivation world, and people in the cultivation world immediately felt like they had to be superior to each other as long as their cultivation level was a little higher than the other person, just like this Li Dong’s approach.

“You, you are Ye Mo? The Yanjing’s Ye Teaching ……” Li Dong’s face immediately changed drastically, and for a moment he actually did not know what he should say.