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DYM Chapter 432

The people behind Li Dong all looked at him with surprise. How come they had never heard of him? Why would Captain Li treat this man with such an attitude?

However, although none of them knew who Ye Mo was, many of them guessed that Ye Mo was not ordinary. Although they hadn’t heard of Ye Mo, but Han was unknown to Chief Xing. And the fact that this young man in front of him called Han Zaixin by his name showed that he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Li Dong was shocked beyond belief, just because others didn’t know where Ye Mo came from, didn’t mean he didn’t know. Because he was a member of the Yanjing Li family, although he belonged to the side line, the Yanjing Li family had made it clear that Ye Mo was the first person they wanted to befriend. No matter if anyone dared to offend Ye Mo, they would immediately be expelled from the Li family.

When he thought of this, cold sweat came down on Li Dong’s back. Although he was not afraid of death, but to be driven out of the family, that was a disgrace. Although he had heard that Ye Mo was also expelled from the Ye family, but how could he, Li Dong, compare to Ye Mo?

Although he knew very little, he did know a thing or two about the demise of the Song family in Yanjing. He heard that back then, the Song family was the reason why they wanted to do away with Ye Mo, and even Song Shaowen wanted to forcibly marry Ye Mo’s fiancee, Ning Qingxue, which later annoyed Ye Mo. As a result, Song Shaowen has now turned into a pile of yellow earth, and the Song family has also gone up in smoke, while Ye Mo is still the same Ye Mo.

Lieutenant Liao was probably just as dead as Song Shaowen. When Song Qiming was inexplicably killed, even though everyone knew that it should be Ye Mo’s hand, but no one was seen to dare to do anything to Ye Mo. A mere warrant officer, let alone compared to Song Qiming, was not even as good as one of Song Shaowen’s arms, and could probably not even make a ripple when he was killed by Ye Mo. It was ridiculous that he was just saying that he wanted Ye Mo to pay for his life, and even to report it.

Now that I think about it, I was really too naive. Let alone what kind of person Ye Mo was, even if Ye Mo wasn’t that powerful, could the country’s army just fight over? The Flowing Serpent was not the land of China, if they really fought over it would be like declaring war directly on another country.

Not to mention that this was Ye Mo’s place, not only would Warrant Officer Liao’s death be in vain or that Qiu Zhifei would be finished. Even if the Qiu family is powerful, it is not as powerful as the Song family in its heyday.

This was no longer as simple as it appeared, this was the Qiu family provoking Ye Mo, it was a struggle between the Qiu family and Ye Mo now, if they stepped up again, they would only be cannon fodder.

“Senior Ye, I’m sorry I was only obeying the orders from above, I didn’t mean to offend you. Guo Qi and Fang Wei attacked and killed a colonel officer, this is not something I can decide” Li Dong was sweating coldly, but he knew that this was a fight between the gods and he had already been affected by the ripples. Since he had already offended Ye Mo, his mind was already spinning rapidly with thoughts on what to do.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Oh how come what I heard is different from what you said? I heard that that guy called Qiu Zhifei was pretending to be crazy by drinking and wanted to misbehave with Captain Lu. What about the colonel officer and the lieutenant next to Xu Shi who later volunteered to come forward to help? And forced Captain Lu to agree. It was Guo Qi who helped Lu Lin to kill the scum who insulted Team Lu only after she resisted, right?”

“What?” Li Dong immediately knew that both he and his teammates had been used, no wonder he had been transferred over specifically to capture Guo Qi. Every came because he was afraid that if the matter was stirred up, his Li family would only be able to help the Qiu family speak.

In this instant, Li Dong was as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a green-headed pale fly. He had long ignored what Ye Mo said about the crown, although he knew that Guo Qi must have intended to kill and was definitely not helping to resist. But this was already secondary, the main thing was that he was being used and still didn’t know it.

If Lieutenant Liao was dead, he was dead, and he was originally sent by the people who used him, but the three warriors whose wrists were cut by Ye Mo were his brothers. And this incident was entirely his responsibility. It would have been fine if he was used against others, but it was Ye Mo’s friends that he was dealing with.

Although what Ye Mo said was also one side of the story, compared to that, he believed Ye Mo more. That Qiu Zhifei’s words were a bit suspicious. Besides, with Ye Mo’s status and position, there was no need for him to lie about such a trivial matter. If he wanted to save Guo Qi and Fang Wei, he could just say that these were my men.

Some of the soldiers that Li Dong had brought over also felt that something was wrong, they had all heard Ye Mo’s words, which didn’t seem to be quite the same as what Lieutenant Liao had said when they received their mission. It was also true, Captain Lu, as one of the few female captains of the special warfare team, was still known to many people, how could she go and help someone else kill an officer?

“Senior Ye, I’m the b*****d this time, I shouldn’t have come out and arrested someone immediately without investigating. I have to save my brothers first, I will come back and apologise to you later.” Li Dong finished apologising to Ye Mo, and then ‘slapped, slapped himself twice.

After doing this, Li Dong immediately turned back and said, “Immediately take the three of them to the hospital for resuscitation, make sure to save their hands”

Of course Li Dong knew that he had an element of acting, but he was not willing to do so, since he had already offended Ye Mo, he also wanted to make the person who had used him eat a fly. Besides, this wasn’t exactly using Ye Mo, Tian Youneng, the son of a b*tch, really didn’t have good intentions.

Looking at the many soldiers who came fiercely and then left in even more of a hurry, Ye Mo sighed in his heart. If he was not Ye Mo, perhaps even if he knew he was wrong, Li Dong would not hesitate to arrest him, sometimes, this world is so helpless. Although Li Dong had some temperament, that kind of pride brought out by the sons of the family was not something Ye Mo liked. Moreover, Li Dong’s last two slaps were obviously for show, which made him look down on him a little.

But whether it was for show or not, Li Dong always had some dignity and remembered to save his men. Although Ye Mo could save their broken hands, but for someone pointing a gun at himself, Ye Mo would not do such a thing mouth anything, as long as it was done, he had to be responsible.

“Sorry, Brother Ye, we are the ones who brought you trouble.” Guo Qi and Fang Wei already knew that someone had come over to arrest them, and at this moment they also walked out. However, when they came out, Li Dong had already left with his men.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “This is trouble for you guys, but I really don’t take it as trouble, we will go to the side camp this afternoon”

Seemingly a little distracted, Guo Qi did not hear clearly what Ye Mo had just said, but hesitated for a moment and said, “Brother Ye, is Xiao Chi alright now?”

“Xiao Chi?” Ye Mo froze for a moment, not remembering who Xiao Chi was.

Fang Wei said in a hurry, “Master, Brother Guo is talking about Chi Wanqing, she left the army shortly after you left. She told Sister Lu that she was going to look for you, and hasn’t contacted us since, so ………….”

Ye Mo immediately understood, it looked like Guo Qi didn’t know much about himself and Ning Qingxue, he thought he had been with Ji Wanqing.

However, when Guo Qi asked this question, Ye Mo’s mind instantly showed Chi Wanqing’s clear face, Ye Mo had always treated her the same as he did Ye Ling, feeling as if she was his sister. But Ye Mo understood from the fact that she had gone to the desert with Ning Qingxue to look for him, that Chi Wanqing did not seem to have the same attitude towards herself as Ye Ling had towards herself.

Hearing from Qingxue that she had gone to England to study, she didn’t know how she was doing now. After a moment of being dazed, Ye Mo remembered that it was Guo Qi who was asking him, he could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile and said, “I only met with her once afterwards, I heard that she had gone to England, I don’t know what happened after that”

“Master, you said you were going to take me and Guo to the border camp? ” Fang Wei remembered what had just happened and although he knew that Ye Mo would not harm him and Guo Qi, he could not help but ask.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, after lunch, we’ll go over there, Mo Hai has a helicopter here, we’ll just take the helicopter over there then”

“Ah, really go, Master, but once we go, where will we be able to come back?” Fang Wei said worriedly, even though he knew that Ye Mo would not harm him, he still knew that he would definitely die if he went.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “If we don’t go, how can we save people?”

“Right, so it’s to save Lu’s …… not right, Master, even if we want to save Sister Lu, we should go secretly, so openly and honestly, and then go, is it not throwing ourselves into the net” Fang Wei responded.

“Whether or not it’s self-defeating, I must go” said Guo Qi, clenching his fist.

Fang Wei immediately said, “Brother Guo, of course I also go back, just if you go secretly, I think the grasp should be a little more, right.”

Yes, Guo Qi also looked at Ye Mo with some confusion, going to the border camp so openly was indeed no different from looking for death, ah.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “We’ll go openly and honestly, we’ll have lunch later and we’ll leave.

In fact, of the ten major military regions in China, six of them belong to the border camp, which is the abbreviation for the army stationed at the border. It’s only because there are few international wars now that the name “border battalion” has gradually become marginalized, but we’re all used to it and it’s carried over.

Guo Qi’s ‘Falcons, special warfare team, that is, belongs to the border battalion Xiang Yun military district under a special corps. Despite being in a time of peace, the special corps still had more combat missions than the ordinary corps, as was the case last time when Lu Lin and the others went on a mission around Vietnam.

Something like this form of special corps would be found in almost every military region. This kind of special legion was again a little different from the Flying Special Forces in Yanjing, or rather the requirements were not as strict as the Flying Special Forces.

The special corps that Guo Qi was in belonged to the 7th Special Corps, and there were eight special warfare teams underneath, and the ‘Falcons’ led by Lu Lin was only one of them.

Li Dong originally did not belong to the special warfare team, but he was temporarily deployed to help capture Guo Qi because he had killed an officer, but he did not expect that there would be so many other tricks.

Although he didn’t dare to do anything to Ye Mo, he deliberately saved his men first and then didn’t reflect Ye Mo’s situation back to him, in order to let the man who had shaded him be taught a lesson by Ye Mo as well.