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DYM Chapter 433

Because Li Dong did not greet him, Ye Mo’s helicopter could not land directly inside the military district, and could only land at a farther distance. Although a taxi was called to drive to the military area, Ye Mo’s few people were immediately stopped just as they arrived at the entrance of the military area.

When the taxi was stopped at the entrance of the military camp, Ye Mo was aware of it in his heart. Of course he knew that without papers, the taxi could not enter the important place of the military area, but at the same time, Ye Mo already understood that Li Dong had not conveyed his words back. Although he, Ye Mo, was not a big shot, Ye Mo believed that even the commander of the military district would not fail to buy him Ye Mo’s face. And now that he was blocked right at the door, it was obvious that Li Dong did not pa*s his words back, and his intentions were self-evident.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, this Li Dong was really not as rigid as he appeared. Or maybe he had a bit too much heart, but to use it on him, Ye Mo, he was blind and had misjudged the man.

The reason why Ye Mo asked Li Dong to pa*s the word back was because he didn’t want to make a big deal out of this matter. This kind of darkness was everywhere, he was not a saviour, and he had no desire to put an end to this kind of thing completely, he knew it was impossible. He had only come to save Lu Lin and then to get rid of Guo Qi and Fang Wei’s wanted notices.

Ye Mo got out of the car a little better, but with that Guo Qi and Fang Wei got out and were immediately recognised by the soldiers guarding the entrance. Just before the two soldiers raised the guns in their hands, Ye Mo had already handed over his papers. He was here to save people, not to go on a killing spree. The reaction of these soldiers on guard was normal, they didn’t know the inside story at all, and even if they did, they would only act according to orders.

The large steel seal appeared before the eyes of the two guard soldiers, the instructor of the special pointer ‘Flying Snow’, the words almost lit up the eyes of the two guards. These guard soldiers have gone through strict training, what people and what documents to the eyes can see. The instructor of China’s Special Forces ‘Flying Snow’ is the same as the chief instructor of China’s Special Forces. This is a brigadier general level rank, although not leading the army, but the position is placed in that place.

“Please come in, Chief.” The two soldiers immediately gave a military salute, they would not doubt Ye Mo’s identity in the slightest. Not to mention that the documents were genuine, even if they were fake, who would dare to forge them in the military district?


“Master, you ……” Fang Wei, who was already feeling nervous about Ye Mo entering the military zone openly and honestly, was even more amazed at this time. Guo Qi, like him, did not know what Ye Mo was from and that he was still the head.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “You guys just take me to your regiment’s headquarters, I’ll go and talk to your chief directly.”

Despite this, Ye Mo was grateful to Han Zaixin for giving him this somewhat false title, otherwise he would have had to make a move. Ye Mo didn’t quite want to make a move with these garrison soldiers, but he had his bottom line, and if they offended him, he was just as ruthless in his killing spree.

“It’s Guo Qi and Fang Wei ……” Ye Mo’s trio had just walked to the regimental headquarters of the special warfare team when someone immediately recognized the two men, immediately a soldier went back to report, and there were already people surrounding them with guns.

“It’s you, Instructor Ye ……,” an officer with the rank of major was walking out, but he happened to see Ye Mo. He had just finished saying this and immediately ran over in a hurry.

“You are Chen Hongzhe.” Ye Mo said indifferently, he knew this man, among the people he saved in the desert at first, there was this Chen Hongzhe, he was Li Fox’s teammate, somehow he came to the Xiang Yun military district, and even mixed up a major rank.

Seeming to know that Ye Mo was not too fond of him, Chen Hongzhe smiled awkwardly and said: “Because of the shortage of people in the Xiang Yun Military Region, I was transferred here to lead two detachments. I haven’t thanked …… the instructor for saving my life last time.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Forget it then, I’m here to find your leader, why haven’t you seen his people now?”

Seeing Guo Qi and Fang Wei behind Ye Mo, Chen Hongzhe immediately understood what was going on. Although he was selfish back in ‘Flying Fox’, it didn’t mean he was brainless.

Of course, as the deputy instructor of the Seventh Special Corps, he could not be clearer about Guo Qi’s matter, he just did not expect that Guo Qi and Fang Wei knew Ye Mo and had even laboured to bring him to the border camp. If this were to spread to Yanjing, it would definitely be a big deal.

He, like Li Dong, was someone who knew something about Ye Mo. If others didn’t know about Ye Mo, could he not know about him? Even if Admiral Han wanted to ask Ye Mo to do something, it would be difficult, let alone asking him to make a personal trip. Tian Younen was finished, this was the only thought Chen Hongzhe had.

“What do you want? Rebellion? Don’t disband yet.” Chen Hongzhe turned back to the soldiers who were rushing over with guns and roared.

If these soldiers hadn’t been Ye Mo and Chen Hongzhe talking, and Guo Qi and Fang Wei were also on the side, they might have fired long ago. Now that Chen Hongzhe had rebuked them so much, they immediately knew that something seemed wrong, but Chen Hongzhe was the instructor, so how could they dare to disobey, and immediately scattered away.

“Instructor, I’ll take you there, Headmaster Tian is at the training ground, because Instructor Xu Shi is here, so Headmaster Tian wants to accompany Headmaster Xu Shi to check out the training of the 7th Legion.” Chen Hongzhe replied with great care.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good, take me to meet that Tian now, just the kind of person he is can climb to the position of the head of the regiment, it doesn’t look easy.”

Ye Mo was not a rookie, he certainly understood that Qiu Zhifei dared to make a move against Lu Lin inside the barracks, there must be someone behind him to back him up. If this kind of thing happened in his own territory and its insider details were not even known to the regimental commander of a regiment, then this regimental commander could go eat sh*t. If this regimental commander knew that such a bad thing still happened, then the only reason was that this regimental commander was reversing black and white and confusing right and wrong.

As if he could see Ye Mo’s disdain, Chen Hongzhe however said to himself, “The name of the head of the regiment is Tian Youneng and his wife is called Qiu Ping, she should be a member of the Qiu family in Yanjing. I heard that he will soon be promoted another level.”

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on, it must be that this Qiu Ping had some relationship with that Qiu Zhifei. But there was something about Chen Hongzhe, although he was very selfish, he seemed much more lingering than Li Fox, no wonder he was promoted faster than Li Fox. It was simple for him to know he was here to help Guo Qi, but the implicit reminder of the energy behind Tian Youneng showed that he was very subtle in his thinking.

On top of that, he seemed to be just making the usual remarks, pleasing himself and not offending Tian Youneng much.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei, however, were frozen, even if they were stupid, they knew that Ye Mo’s origins were not ordinary. Chen Hongzhe was a man who had only been transferred to the 7th Special Forces Regiment as a deputy instructor, and such a person was in awe of Ye Mo, so it was clear that Ye Mo was indeed from an unusual background. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


The training grounds of the Seventh Special Corps are huge, and although many people were surprised to see Guo Qi and Fang Wei, they did not move forward when they saw Chen Hongzhe, who was carefully leading the way in front of them.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were already famous throughout the army because of what happened this time.

A burst of applause came, it turned out that someone in the middle was performing a sparring match, probably because of the wonderful performance, which led to the applause.

“Instructor Chen, you’ve come over ……” an officer came over and just said a word and immediately paused, he saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei behind Chen Hongzhe.

“Guo Qi, Fang Wei …… how dare you waltz into the military area, Yu Xiang, you immediately ……” another obese middle-aged man in his forties just turned around and saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei both, and immediately became furious. However, like the officer just now, he only stopped halfway through his sentence.

It wasn’t that he saw Ye Mo, he didn’t know Ye Mo. Rather, he saw Military Commander Li, Military Commander Li Qiancai. Of course this was not the main reason that made him stop in anger, the main reason was that instead of riding in a car, Military Commander Li came running all the way over, and the two guards behind him could not even keep up. The person to whom Army Commander Li was running turned out to be the young man who was with Guo Qi, and it seemed that Chen Hongzhe was also accompanying the young man.

The obese middle-aged man was of course Tian Youneng, the head of the special corps of the Xiang Yun military district, who, despite his inability, had been able to climb to this position mostly with the help of his wife’s mother’s family. A man who had climbed to the rank of colonel by reading people’s words and then by virtue of nepotism, how could he not see that Ye Mo was not simple? And at this moment, Guo Qi and Fang Wei were standing next to that young man, so it was clear that their relationship was not ordinary either.

Not to mention that Military Captain Li had already trotted to Ye Mo’s front, even when someone like Chen Hongzhe was nodding to Ye Mo, he felt that something was wrong. Chen Hongzhe wouldn’t use this kind of attitude even in front of him.

But what made Tian Youneng’s jaw drop even more was that Military Commander Li had deliberately run up to this young man to salute him, which almost made him fall flat on his face.

Tian Youneng rubbed his eyes, he almost thought his eyes had gone wrong. What kind of person could make the military commander Li salute? Even if the commander came, the military commander would just salute, and his expression would not be as respectful as it is now.

Tian Youneng suddenly felt bad instinctively. Before he connived at Qiu Zhifei’s actions against Lu Lin and Guo Qi, he had checked the information of these people. They were all people without any background, right? Why did Guo Qi call in such a big backstage as soon as this matter came up? It was certain that the young man and Guo Qi were not very close, just look at the way they kept walking together.

What kind of person Li Qiancai was, Tian Youneng couldn’t be clearer. The core talent of the Li family, although he was a military commander, but even if he was a higher ranking chief than him, he usually wouldn’t take a stand against him.

But now the military commander Li was actually treating that young man with such respect, and this young man seemed to be acting very calmly, what exactly was his origin? If he was here to investigate the matter of Lu Lin, then? The cold sweat on Tian Youneng’s back directly drenched his shirt when he thought about it. Where was this if? Just look at his relationship with Guo Qi, for sure he was here to investigate the matter of Lu Lin.

Why was it that even Chen Hongzhe knew a big man that he, Tian Youneng, did not know? At this moment, Tian Youneng just wanted to vomit blood. The only thought that came to mind was that this time it was over.