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DYM Chapter 434

Immediately after Tian Youneng flashed through the finished thought, he was thinking about how he should go about resolving this deadly situation. His mind turned quickly and he immediately thought of Xu Shi.

The Li family was a giant, but it was not as if no one was afraid of the Li family, Xu Shi was not afraid of the Li family. Xu Shi was a member of the ‘Heavenly Group’, he would definitely not fear the Li family, even Li Minyong, the head of the Li family, would have to give Xu Shi a few face when he saw him, and if he was Xu Shi’s master, he would even have to respect him.

If he moved Xu Shi to deal with that young man, even Li Qiancai would not be able to do anything. And Xu Shi was the one who had to deal with that young man because Guo Qi had killed one of the lieutenants Xu Shi had brought with him, which would be a slap in Xu Shi’s face.

Tian You Neng almost laughed when he thought of this, it had nothing to do with him at all, what was he afraid of? But these thoughts went round and round in Tian Youneng’s head in a flash. He couldn’t help but secretly applaud his own resourcefulness.

“The moment he reacted, he immediately jogged over and saluted Li Qiancai with a pinched smile.

Li Qiancai waved his hand with some impatience, stopping Tian Youneng’s words. He could know that Ye Mo was here, of course, because Li Dong had said so. Although Li Dong wanted to harm Tian Youneng a little, he did not dare to hide his clan uncle Li Qiancai, the military commander.

Li Qiancai was certainly not comparable to Li Dong, he knew so much more about Ye Mo than Li Dong, and Ye Mo’s energy might not be able to stop even the Li family. Last time Li Qiuyang met Ye Mo by chance and had a meal together, and was fortunate enough to do Ye Mo a favour, so he is now a key target of the Li family. This time, Li Qiancai met such a good opportunity, so of course he didn’t want to let it go. However, while he was talking to Ye Mo, this Tian Youneng turned out to be insensitive, which made him annoyed.

“Your name is Li Qiancai?” The latchkey Li Qiancai had already declared himself when he saw Ye Mo, and now Ye Mo deliberately asked out he was surprised but still cautiously answered yes.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I’ve seen you once.”

“Instructor Ye has met me?” Li Qiancai’s heart was suddenly shocked, he was sure that Ye Mo wouldn’t lie, but he was always in the army, how could Ye Mo have met him?

Although he was tempted to call Ye Mo Brother Ye, as Li Qiuyang usually did, or Senior Ye could also be called so that he could show more closeness, but he could only follow Ye Mo’s official instructor title.

Ye Mo smiled faintly: “A year ago, I attended an auction at the Qixia Temple in the Immeasurable Mountain, and I even consigned a few pills. When I was entering the venue, I saw two of your Li family …….”

“What?” Li Qiancai was instantly confused, Ye Mo’s words were like a stone shock that blew him out of shape.

Although the Li family belonged to the same five great families as the other families, only the Li family and the Zhang family had people from the Hidden Sect. The Zhang family only had one Zhang Zhihui, and this Zhang Zhihui would basically never stay in the Zhang family. So only the Li family is the number one family in China because they have a direct link with the Hidden Sect and many of their disciples are sent directly to the Hidden Sect for training.

It can be said that as one of the five great families, the Li family’s strength is far from being comparable to other families. Unless the Zhang family but if that mysterious old ancestor of the Zhang family is not at home, even the Zhang family is no match for the Li family.

The Li family had the strength of the Hidden Sect, but only a few people knew about it, and now Ye Mo had revealed it in one breath. The family’s friendship with the Hidden Sect was not unheard of, but it was generally not deep hou, and once it was deep hou, it would cause the state to be jealous. The fact that his family could even participate in the auction of the Hidden Sect showed how good the relationship was. The fact is that if Ye Mo knew that he and Li Qiumin went to the auction at Qixia Temple that day, it means that Ye Mo also went there, but why didn’t he see him?

He said he consigned pills for auction? Ah …… Li Qiancai immediately shook up could he be the man in black who sold the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and ended up taking the ‘Liu Qingluo’ from the Xia family? No could it definitely be him.

The first time Ye Mo took a look at Li Qiancai’s expression, he immediately knew that he recognized himself. What happened back then was no longer a secret, and there was no need for him to hide now with his strength. It was just that at the auction that day, he saw a man who looked somewhat like Li Qiuyang, and there was another person with a masked face next to that, so it looked like it was this Li Qiancai.

“You ……” Li Qiancai could no longer contain the ji in his heart “Face-residue pills, one is a billion or so, if Ye Mo is the one selling the ‘face-residue pills, he just needs to keep making If Ye Mo was the one who sold the ‘Face Residing Pills’, he could buy any country with the wealth he got from constantly making ‘Face Residing Pills’. The reason why Li Qiancai thought so was because he didn’t know how precious the herbs for the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ were, and even Ye Mo didn’t have much.

Ye Mo nodded his head without continuing to speak, but looked at Tian Youneng who was standing to the side with his ears pricked. He really admired this fatty, just now this fatty told Yu Xiang to come and arrest Guo Qi although he only said half of the words, but he still heard it clearly. Later, when this fat man came to salute Li Qiancai, he knew that he had indeed guessed correctly.

This man’s face changed extremely quickly, and if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s uncanny powers of observation, he wouldn’t have believed that he had to get angry and grab Guo Qi and Fang Wei just now. And at this moment, with Guo Qi and Fang Wei standing behind himself, this Tian You Neng acted as if he didn’t see them, and even wore a smile on his face. That smiling look was like a heart full of pleasure.

This was a talent, Ye Mo sighed in his heart, even he admired this Fatty Tian.

Seeing that Ye Mo and Li Qiancai’s conversation had come to an end, Tian Youneng hurriedly said once again, “Military Commander Li, I have prepared a welcome banquet in the military canteen to thank Military Commander Li for visiting my Seventh Special Army Corps for guidance. Please ask, Li, this Xian…”

After saying this, Tian Youneng respectfully asked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Li Qiancai to speak and waved his hand directly, “Are you called Tian Youneng? It’s still only two or three o’clock in the afternoon and you’re about to eat, no wonder you’ve grown so sturdy.”

Ye Mo’s words made Tian Youneng almost vomit blood, he was covered in fat, where did he have anything to do with being sturdy. However, although he hated to swallow Ye Mo in his heart, he still said with a smile on his face, “Where, where ……, it is indeed a little early to eat …….”

Ye Mo interrupted Tian Youneng’s words with the same nonchalance, “Since it’s a little early, go and invite Captain Lu Lin to come, I don’t have time to be inquisitive with you.”

Although Tian Youneng’s expression could not be seen as ugly, but a face rose a bit pig liver coloured, and the smiling he had just done was a bit forced. Even if Military Commander Li wanted someone, he wouldn’t be as big-hearted as Ye Mo was, this was simply a slap in the face. In the beginning, he personally issued the arrest for Lu Lin, but now this young man came and asked for the person directly without giving any reason at all, what was this if not a slap in the face? Even if you want someone, just give a reason so that he, Tian You, can look good, no matter what the reason is, he will say so it is so, I will let Lu Lin come over now. As for the things behind, he will report back, I can’t fight you, someone to fight you.

But this person is not even saying anything, directly asking for people, this is also a little too strong. And this young man didn’t even report his own family. Although Tian Youneng wanted to be angry, but he did not dare to be angry. How many people could let Li Qiancai treat them like this? He was no fool.

“Yes, yes, it’s just that Lu Lin’s matter is a bit serious, she has just been transferred out and is still on her way. May I ask if you are ……” Tian Youneng said carefully.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Then get her back immediately, I want to take her away, if a hair is missing, I want an arm from you, if a nail is missing you are prepared to pay for your life.”

“You …….” Although Tian Youneng was smooth, he could not help but be angry, he Tian Youneng was at least an officer of the rank of brigadier general immediately. This young man’s words were not a matter of not giving face, but too rampant.

Although Li Qiancai did not know what was going on, at this time, seeing Tian Youneng’s demeanor, he also jacked in and said, “Captain Tian, I think you’d better do as Instructor Ye said.”

“Oh, yes, as…” Tian Youneng opened his mouth, he did not expect that Military Commander Li would directly tell himself to listen to this young man without asking the reason for the matter. Who the hell was this young man? How is it that he is an instructor again?

“Yu Xiang, have someone take Lu Lin back to the camp immediately…”” Tian Youneng was so full of fire that he could only lash out at his men.

Seeing Yu Xiang leave, Tian Youneng then turned his head and said to Li Qiancai and Ye Mo with a smile once again, “Lu Lin can return in an hour at most, let’s go to the schoolyard first to see the training.”

Of course Tian Youneng had a good idea, Xu Shi had not returned yet, when Xu Shi returned the first place he would go would definitely be the training ground, so he would meet with Guo Qi.

Once Xu Shi came back and saw Guo Qi, he would be furious, and the young man would have to hold Xu Shi back, so he would have achieved his goal of sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight.

At this moment, however, he was glad that Guo Qi had fortunately killed Xu Shi’s lieutenant, otherwise, this ploy of his would not have worked. Although he belonged to the Qiu family, he would not have thought that the Qiu family would go against the Li family for an insignificant son-in-law like him, let alone this instructor Ye who had Li Qiancai in his sights.

Li Qiancai looked at Ye Mo, and of course he would take Ye Mo as his main priority. Although Ye Mo did not know what Tian Youneng’s intention was, but whatever Tian Youneng’s idea was, he, Ye Mo, would not care.

Tian Youneng personally led a group of people to the training ground and the crowd of onlookers moved aside. There were even people who had already recognised Military Commander Li Qiancai, they just didn’t know who the person beside him was.

But when the people around saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei, almost every one of them was petrified. This wanted notice was still posted, and now these two wanted guys were brought in by Captain Tian himself, who seemed to be somewhat respectful.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were already confused, they no longer dared to guess anything now and could only follow Ye Mo in silence. Although he didn’t know how powerful Ye Mo’s origins were, Guo Qi had already heard with his own ears that Tian You Neng had sent someone to fetch Lu Lin.

“Aren’t Guo Qi and Fang Wei wanted? What’s going on here?” Although most people didn’t say it out loud, there were still people who asked it in a puzzled whisper.

“What’s going on here? Captain Tian, why are these two wanted criminals allowed to enter the barracks openly and honestly?” Just because the other soldiers didn’t ask out, didn’t mean no one else did. A few people had just walked in when a clear, cold voice immediately asked. g