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DYM Chapter 435

When he heard this voice, Tian Youneng was not overwhelmed, but secretly surprised. Of course he knew who this cold voice was, he did not expect this woman who had not said a word for ten thousand years to meddle in his affairs, this was like a pillow falling from the sky when he was about to sleep.

Tian Younen muttered, his expression embarra*sed, unable to say a word. But the surprise inside him was far more than the embarra*sment on his face, he couldn’t wait for someone to jump out and pick a fight.

This woman was Xu Shi’s senior sister, Song Yingzhu. It was just that this woman and Xu Shi had never said a word since they came to the barracks, so although she was from the ‘Heavenly Group,’ Tian You Neng had never counted on her either. If it wasn’t for the fact that the ‘Heavenly Team, had the obligation to come to the barracks to guide them, Tian Youneng doubted that this woman would have come to the barracks, she was a completely irrelevant person who never spoke, despite her bland expression.

Xu Shi did not return, he did not expect Song Yingzhu to give him such a big surprise.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the woman who spoke, twenty-four or twenty-five years old. With such a cool tone, and her quiet and distant expression, coupled with her uncommon face, with her shoulder-length hair, and fair skin, this was a superb beauty.

Seeing Ye Mo looking over, the disgust in this woman’s eyes flickered, and in the blink of an eye, she regained her composure once again. She stared at Tian Youneng as if she was waiting for Tian Youneng’s answer.

At this moment, Tian Youneng could not wait for her to make a scene with Ye Mo, so how could he answer? He just stammered, as if he had a million words, but did not dare to say them like a little aggrieved daughter-in-law.

Although Ye Mo did not know who this woman was, he had long seen the flash of disgust and hatred in this woman’s eyes. He hadn’t been here long, but his temperament dictated that he had offended many people, but he didn’t take it to heart.

If you don’t have strength, you will be bullied to death even if you are obsequious. He didn’t care about offending people, what he cared about was whether he could eat them up. It is only a mediocre person who is not cynical or hated by others.

At this moment, when this woman said such words, it was obvious that she was having a problem with him, Ye Mo.

Ye Mo also said with a cold face: “Tian Youneng, Guo Qi and Fang Wei were wrongly accused of the incident, now you immediately report to the military ministry and place this wanted notice. Notify the real culprits up, I don’t think that the head of Tian would have failed to find out the real reason by now.”

Tian Youneng frowned at this guy who does he think he is, the commander-in-chief of the military district? He was talking like he was giving orders.

Seeing Tian Youneng’s hesitation and frown, Li Qiancai already knew that Ye Mo had come today because of Guo Qi and Fang Wei’s matter. Although he had heard Li Dong mention it slightly when he came, but because he had to see Ye Mo in a hurry, he hung up the phone without even finishing listening.

At this moment, seeing that the two sides seemed to have the intention of going at each other, Li Qiancai immediately stepped back and took out his phone to call Li Dong, he had to ask the reason urgently. Although he was a military commander a few ranks higher than Tian Youneng, but Tian Youneng was the head of the special corps, he did not have direct command authority. He said that Tian Youneng was under the direct command of Admiral Han Zaixin, but there were a large number of army and division commanders below Admiral Han, so there was no need for him to take command.

“What could it be that Captain Tian still wants to harbour people?” Ye Mo saw Tian Youneng’s unhappy face and his tone became increasingly icy…

“Humph, what do you mean by harboring someone? Guo Qi and Fang Wei killed officers privately in their barracks, should they be removed from the wanted list just because they have connections? If this means that everyone with backing and every high ranking officer can kill at will, then where is the law of the land?” The woman’s tone became colder and colder.

Ye Mo didn’t understand when he had offended this woman, but he knew that this woman was completely going to fight against him. He suddenly used his true essence and said loudly, “Qiu Zhifei used the wine to insult our ‘Falcon,’ special detachment leader Lu Lin was met with resistance from Lu Lin. But instead of helping Captain Lu, a battalion officer and a lieutenant who saw this scene helped Qiu Zhifei restrain Captain Lu. Just as Qiu Zhifei was about to commit bestiality, Guo Qi and Fang Wei happened to see that they had accidentally killed two officers in a confrontation with Qiu Zhifei in order to protect Lu Lin. Should Guo Qi and Fang Wei, who are innocent, be wanted just because the Qiu family is so powerful in Yanjing? Does everyone say that Guo Qi and Fang Wei should be wanted or not?”

Ye Mo made the matter clear in a few words and ran his true qi so that almost the entire military camp could hear him. The many unknown soldiers immediately understood what was going on, although there were still people who were wondering, but what kind of person Qiu Zhifei was, although he had only been here for a few days, everyone inside the barracks knew it well. And it happened in Lulin’s room again, this kind of thing is already very clear.

“It shouldn’t …… happen,” although many soldiers knew that it should have something to do with the head of Tian and didn’t dare to speak up, most of them were upset about this kind of thing. They are soldiers, defenders of the people and the country, and if they can’t even get a female officer inside the barracks to defend themselves, how can they talk about defending others?

By now Li Qiancai had asked the matter clearly and he came up and said sternly, “I have investigated this matter very clearly and what instructor Ye said just now is completely true. This kind of scum, not to mention killing two, or even more, is killed. Captain Tian, I order you to immediately cancel the wanted notices for Guo Qi and Fang Wei.”

With Li’s military commander speaking, more people echoed the sentiment; it was impossible for Li to lie on such a public occasion, which meant that Guo Qi and Fang Wei were really wrongly accused.

Although Tian You Neng knew that Li Qiancai did not have the authority to directly order him to do anything, but now that Li Qiancai had ordered it, he could not play dead. To blatantly say that Military Commander Li was not qualified to order him would be the stupidest move, because that would not only offend Military Commander Li, but also the Li family. But to just listen to orders like that was even more ungrateful to him.

“You say yes and yes? This is all your side of the story, and killing two senior officers and trying to justify it directly on the basis of your side of the story, you are treating military law too much like a child’s play.” Tian You could be afraid of Li Qiancai, but the woman was not, and remained cold and stern.

He no longer had the patience to continue to nag this fatty, if he wasn’t waiting for Lu Lin, he would have just taken Guo Qi and Fang Wei away. As for the revocation of the wanted notice, a phone call to Han Zaixin would suffice when the time came. He was only saying this because he didn’t want Guo Qi and Fang Wei to be misunderstood by his teammates and for these people to know what kind of person Tian Youneng was.

Now this woman was still nagging, but Ye Mo said blandly, “You’re right, if I say yes, I mean yes.”

Strong, unreasonably strong.

Song Yingzhu’s face turned white with anger, she wasn’t afraid of Ye Mo being reasonable, she was afraid of him not being reasonable. Even if she couldn’t move this man, even if she disgusted him, she was still quite comfortable.

“You’re very bullish, I, Xu Shi, would like to see what kind of bull dared to come inside the army and be bullish today.” A somewhat dark but cold voice came.

Xu Shi came, hearing this voice Tian You Neng but like listening to immortal music. Finally, someone had come to face this young man who didn’t know the sky was high, and the back was none of his business, he just had to add fuel to the fire.

Ye Mo took a look at the person who came, he was around forty years old, with a long face and very short hair. Although somewhat dark, he had some heroic aura, but his speech was somewhat feminine.

The first time Ye Mo heard Xu Shi was when he was at the second level of Qi training, when he saved Guo Qi and Chi Wanqing inside the primeval forest. At that time, he heard them say that Xu Shi was the number one expert, and he heard that he was at the early stage of Earth level cultivation.

According to his skills at that time, Ye Mo would not be able to defeat Xu Shi. However, two years had pa*sed and Ye Mo was already at the middle stage of Qi cultivation, while this Xu Shi was still at the early stage of Earth level cultivation.

“Not only does the person who killed me want to get away with it, but he still dares to be so arrogant, I, Xu Shi, have finally seen it.” Xu Shi’s voice remained grim and cold. Not to mention the fact that this young man in front of him was trying to harbour the person he, Xu Shi, wanted to kill, just because he had offended Senior Sister Song, he himself would not let him get away with it.

His own senior sister had never said much, but today she had even said so much, so it was clear how angry she was.

“Colonel Xu, Instructor Ye is my friend, and this matter Guo Qi and Fang Wei are indeed on the side of justice, I”…” li Qiancai was only halfway through his words when he was interrupted by Xu Shi.

Xu Shi coldly glanced at Li Qiancai and said categorically, “Li Junjun, right and wrong are only for the strongest. If Military Commander Li does not want to drag the Li family into this, he should not say more. I, Xu Shi, have said that even if the king of the heavens comes to kill my people, it won’t work. My ‘Heavenly Group,’ people don’t bully others, but even if someone wants to bully my ‘Heavenly Group,’ it won’t work. Not to mention Instructor Ye, humph, even if Instructor Hua came I wouldn’t treat him like an onion.”

Song Yingzhu hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. Xu Shi didn’t know Ye Mo, but she did, it was just that she and Ye Mo had a deep blood feud, so of course she didn’t want to let Ye Mo have a good time. Now Xu Shi provoked Ye Mo, although she knew that Xu Shi was not a match for Ye Mo, but even if she could not take revenge, she was willing to disgust Ye Mo a few times and provoke more enemies of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “The Heavenly Group? Is the Heavenly Group very powerful? Is it because that old guy from Tam Kok has itchy skin, looks like he didn’t teach a good lesson last time. In that case, it looks like I’ll have to make another trip back to Yanjing. Oh yes, I, Ye Mo, am the one who will bully your ‘Heavenly Group, what do you expect?”

Xu Shi’s eye brows raised, his heart was filled with anger, how dare he say such words, who was this guy who didn’t know the sky was high? How dare he call his own master old man Tanjiao? The first thing you need to do is to bully the ‘heavenly group’, you have seen those who are not afraid of death, but those who are so afraid of death he has not seen, in his eyes Ye Mo is already a dead man. Such a big boldness …… Well, no, ah, instructor Ye, still so young, could he be Ye Mo?”

Thinking of the word Ye Mo, Xu Shi’s body immediately went cold, didn’t he just say that he was Ye Mo? He remembered his master’s words, “Xu Shi, with your cultivation level, although you don’t dare to say that you can walk around horizontally, but there is no one who can help you anymore. Just remember, don’t go and offend that Ye Mo of the Ye family, if you offend him, I can’t save you.”