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DYM Chapter 436

If there was a happy person at the scene after hearing Ye Mo’s words, then that person was Tian Youneng. This young man was so arrogant that he dared to say such lifeless words to Xu Shi, he was dead.

Of course Tian Youneng knew clearly what kind of person Xu Shi was, even if the Li family’s family head came, he wouldn’t dare to say the same thing as Ye Mo. What kind of brain-damaged person is this? Is the ‘Heavenly Group’ something you can bully? If he knew what the ‘Heavenly Group’ was, he probably wouldn’t be able to say anything right now, or even cry. This young man said that his name was Ye Mo, but this name seemed somewhat familiar.

Xu Shi’s face turned blue for a while, he had vaguely heard people say that even Master Tanjiao was not a match for this young man. But he really couldn’t believe it, his master was an Innate cultivator, an Innate cultivator was not a match for a young man in his twenties, he Xu Shi really couldn’t believe it.

Unexpectedly, he had met Ye Mo, Xu Shi did not know for a while whether he should continue his peach war against Ye Mo or stop there. He had outstanding qualifications and was carefully trained by Tanjiao, and this was only when he stepped into the early stage of the earth level at around forty.

Even among the Hidden Sect, this was considered a genius among geniuses. But if he showed weakness to Ye Mo in front of so many soldiers, where could he put his face in the future?

When Tian Youneng saw Xu Shi’s face turn a little white, of course he would not think that this was because Xu Shi was afraid, but directly that he was angry with Ye Mo, at this point he knew that he should come out and show his attitude.

The reason why he, Tian Youneng, could climb to where he was today without any background, apart from the fact that he was good at using others, he was also good at standing in line.

A person who has the ability to not only use others to fight each other, but also to find the side that should stand in line as fast as possible, and then try to stand well, and to make his attitude clear. He, Tian Youneng, was this kind of capable person, now that he had successfully provoked the fight between Xu Shi and Ye Mo, and Ye Mo had even said such harsh words, this was the time for him to immediately stand in line.

Tian Youneng let out a cold laugh, the young man just couldn’t hold his breath, it was only a few words, and he was about to bully the ‘Heavenly Group, such lifeless words were said.

“Who are you and how old are you? This is the place where Military Commander Li and Instructor Xu are talking. Who told you to interrupt? Is Instructor Xu something you can say out loud? Young man, don’t be born of a mother and not raised by a mother, you won’t live long like this …….” Tian Youneng’s tone was harsh and sharp.

He knew that Ye Mo’s origin should not be simple, but the more shrill he was, the more he would cause this young man’s anger so that this young man would definitely continue to rage. And Xu Shi would definitely immediately speak out to stop it, so that the two would completely explode. Even if he was from an uncomplicated background, he would not be seen by Xu Shi. After Xu Shi had cleaned up this young man, he, Tian You, would be able to immediately take a stand in support of Xu Shi. And to say that the young man’s back might be against him, with Xu Shi’s arrogance, he would definitely cover him Tian You Neng and would not let him suffer.

As long as he befriended Xu Shi thoroughly, he believed that Li Qiancai would not go against Xu Shi because of this young man’s matter. Moreover, once he had made good friends with Xu Shi, the Qiu family would look at him in a different light. Not to mention that just now Li Qiancai was still telling him what to do, but when Xu Shi came, this Li Qiancai immediately changed his attitude, so we can see that Li Qiancai is afraid of Xu Shi.

Although it is a bit risky to offend this young man, there is no way to move up the ladder without experiencing risks. The risk of being rich is what Tian Youneng is feeling right now.

“Slap …….” Two crisp slaps hit Tian Youneng’s face, and before Tian Youneng could get confused, another big kick hit him in the chest.

Tian Youneng flew backwards for more than ten meters before he fell to the ground, spewing blood from his mouth, already breathing out more than he was breathing in.

Of course Ye Mo knew what Tian Youneng had in mind, but he was not going to continue to nag with such a villain. Although he didn’t kill Tian Youneng with this kick, Tian Youneng was already only half alive.

Tian Youneng was lying on the ground and one of the guards had already rushed over to help him up, he spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Ye Mo with a face full of disbelief. This man had dared to openly make a move against him inside the barracks, he wanted to have Ye Mo killed immediately, although he was still a regiment rank officer, this was still his mu of land.

However, he could not say a word. He could only hope that Xu Shi would do it quickly and kill Ye Mo.

But what made Tian Youneng even more disappointed was that Xu Shi didn’t immediately go up and make a move with Ye Mo just because of how he was beaten by him. Even the arrogant words he had just said were not his words in general, but instead he fell silent.

Tian Youneng’s heart sank, and he felt as if his plan this time was not quite right.

When the soldiers around saw Ye Mo strike and the person he hit was still Tian Youneng, although they had the intention to go forward, but it happened that both Instructor Xu and Military Commander Li were still there, and all these people still seemed to be talking to Ye Mo. For a while the scene all came to a standstill.

“Chen Hongzhe, contact General Han and tell him what’s going on over here. React up the matter of Guo Qi and Fang Wei’s wrongful conviction, and immediately remove the wanted notice.” Ye Mo looked back at Chen Hongzhe.

“Ah, yes, Instructor Ye.” Chen Hongzhe froze for a moment and immediately nodded his head in response. He didn’t wake up either, even if Ye Mo was strong he couldn’t directly make a move against a senior officer inside the barracks, this was still a handful here. But Ye Mo had strayed into making a move, Chen Hongzhe sighed, Tian Youneng had made a smart move, this time it was a smart move. He could be sure that Ye Mo didn’t have any trouble at all, while Tian Youneng’s matter was big.

“Ye Mo, even if you are the chief instructor of the Flying Word Special Pointer, isn’t this a bit too much of a bully?” Xu Shi held his breath and finally couldn’t help but speak out after Tian Youneng was kicked out.

Tian Youneng’s heart completely cooled down after hearing this. He didn’t know Ye Mo, but he had still heard of him occasionally, and he should be a powerful figure. Now that he had helped Xu Shi and was kicked like this by Ye Mo, while Xu Shi did not choose to make a move, but instead said something that did not hurt, he knew that he might have chosen the wrong direction this time. And then when he reacted to the fact that Ye Mo was the chief instructor of the Flying Word Special Pointer, his heart completely went cold.

He had not woken up in his head at this point, and if he had woken up to the fact that the General Han that Ye Mo was talking about was Han Zaixin, he probably would have felt even more desperate in his heart.

Ye Mo swept a glance at Xu Shi and didn’t answer his words, but said to Li Qiancai, “Li Junjun, that Qiu Zhifei matter, please help dispose of it.”

“Of course there is no secretary question, it is a shame for us to have such scum inside the army.” Li Qiancai was not afraid that Ye Mo would seek him out to do something, he was afraid that Ye Mo would not seek him out to do something.

Xu Shi’s face turned green and red for a while, but in the end, he still didn’t go up to find trouble with Ye Mo. He had always been a great admirer of his master, and even his master said that he couldn’t mess with Ye Mo, could he? If Ye Mo didn’t make a move against Tian Youneng, he might have even gone to challenge Ye Mo, but he saw Ye Mo’s move against Tian Youneng clearly, his hands were not merciless at all ah.

If Ye Mo was really as powerful as his master said, then he would definitely be in a bad way when he competed with him. Even though he didn’t believe that Ye Mo was really that powerful, he still didn’t want to try. Master wouldn’t lie to him, and in case Ye Mo laid a vicious hand on him, his life would be over.

Seeing that Xu Shi had finally held back his anger and didn’t even go forward to make a move under Ye Mo’s words like that. Song Yingzhu secretly shook her head in disappointment, this Xu Shi was really a bit too pushy. However, she could not make a move herself, she knew that with her cultivation level, she was not enough for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was also secretly in awe of Xu Shi’s endurance skills. Only this kind of person was the most dangerous, a person who moved like a gunpowder arsenal would not be much of a threat, even if they were powerful. If one was in the cultivation world, someone like Xu Shi was extremely dangerous, this kind of person had an impressive appearance but an extremely Yin voice and could endure all kinds of ridicule. Once a person like this catches a break, he will do everything he can to kill his opponent in the most brutal way possible.

If Xu Shi made a move, even if he didn’t kill him, Ye Mo intended to waste him. But if Xu Shi did not make a move, Ye Mo could not take the initiative to go up to him and beat him up. A hint of disappointment pa*sed through Ye Mo’s eyes, Xu Shi could endure and was smart, although he was arrogant, he was only arrogant to those who could be arrogant. This person, Xu Shi, was definitely not as arrogant as he appeared to be.

Although Ye Mo wanted to waste Xu Shi, he still had some appreciation in his heart. If it was him, he wouldn’t have gone up to provoke the other party knowing that he was going to be scrapped. Although he, Ye Mo, looked arrogant, it was in contrast to his strength.

Song Yingzhu, however, pounced on this hint of disappointment and was instantly shocked, could it be that Ye Mo wished for Xu Shi to make a move?

“Sister Lu is back.” Fang Wei had sharp eyes and was the first to see Lu Lin get down from atop a military jeep. Guo Qi had already rushed straight over, as long as Lu Lin was alright.

Ye Mo also saw that Lu Lin was fine and had not been tortured, and put his mind down and said goodbye to Li Qiancai. He had left Qiu Zhifei to Li Qiancai because he did not want to do anything to the Qiu family.

Although the Qiu family had twice committed crimes at his hands, none of them were caused by actively provoking him. It would be fine to deal with Qiu Zhifei, there was no need and he did not have the time to fight the Qiu family to the death.

The Qiu family was different from the Song family. The Song family wanted to put him to death at all times and was always preying on his loved ones, which was what made him move to kill.

He, Ye Mo, was not a saviour, there were too many of these big families’ fop young masters. As long as they didn’t offend him, who had the time to care if you were a dude or arrogant. It is the extermination of a Qiu family, and the Spring family, and the Summer family, and the Winter family …… such things can never be exterminated.

Seeing Ye Mo lead the three away from the barracks, accompanied by military commander Li Qian Nha, Xu Shi, however, secretly sighed in relief. For a moment, he hated to challenge Ye Mo immediately, even though he was the one who his master had named not to confront. But the very moment he wanted to make a move, he felt a hint of a killing machine, a killing machine coming from Ye Mo’s body.

Xu Shi looked at his senior sister Song Yingzhu if he had a meaningful look, she was never one to meddle in things, today she even took the initiative to clash with Ye Mo over Guo Qi’s matter, and even when she was about to make a move herself, she didn’t say anything at all, so it was evident that she was acting a bit abnormal today.