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DYM Chapter 447

It was still very early when Ye Mo returned to Hefeng, and Shi Xiu had also arrived in Hefeng in time this morning. He had already given Shi Xiu a copy of his things, and if Li Chunsheng could not grasp them, he would not wait for him.

Once Xiao Lei came over, he immediately asked Xiao Lei to make them public. If Li Chunsheng was late, he could only blame himself. There was no difference in essence between this stuff being investigated by Li Chunsheng and being reported by the media, but in reality the difference was very big.

If Li Chunsheng had been the first to bring this matter to light, he would have been immediately recognised for his abilities. And most people would think of him as a mayor who does practical things, but if he followed up because of the media coverage, the effect would be so much different.

However, Ye Mo felt it would be best if Li Chunsheng took Niu Zhengman down and immediately gave a live interview to reporters and then immediately broadcast it out live. It would be even better if the controlled Niu Zhengman could be interviewed on the spot. Only Ye Mo also knew that this was absolutely impossible.

Because Ye Mo’s phones were kept inside his storage ring after he used them, so Ning Qingxue and Yu Miaotong’s decision was unknown to Ye Mo for a while.

At this moment, Ye Mo was sitting at a snack bar near the ‘Wu Riverside Bar’ and ordered some breakfast. This place was only about four hundred meters away from the ‘Wu Riverside Bar, which was still within the range of his divine sense. If Xiao Lei came here, he would be able to know the first time.

Xiao Lei had just bought her air ticket and was in the waiting hall when she learned that Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was going to hold a press conference regarding the ‘Beauty Pill, matter. If it was something else, Xiao Lei would not hesitate to change her ticket to Guilin. But not today, it was Ye Mo who asked her out today. Although she knew that this press conference in Guilin was very important to her, Xiao Lei gave up without even thinking about it.

She couldn’t help but feel a little helpless in her heart, if only this press conference had been postponed for another day, she would have been able to get first-hand news materials. Moreover, she had planned to make another trip to the Snake to interview Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, but it looked like this matter would have to wait until after the press conference of Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

There were quite a few flights from Yanjing to He Feng, and Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long before he saw a very quietly dressed Xiao Lei walk into the ‘Wu Riverside Bar’.

It looked like she didn’t treat herself as a reporter today, and didn’t even bring some of the necessary interview stuff for a reporter. Ye Mo hurriedly stood up and walked towards the bar.

It was after eight in the morning and there were very few people in the bar. Just as Xiao Lei was standing at the entrance of the bar looking at the empty bar in confusion, she heard someone call her from behind, “Xiao Lei, this way.”

The moment she turned back and saw Ye Mo, Xiao Lei’s face immediately showed an expression of surprise. Although she knew that she had come to see Ye Mo today, she was still overjoyed to see Sun Ye Mo in her heart. She had wanted to ask Ye Mo out several times, but she didn’t even know Ye Mo’s phone number, let alone Ye Mo taking the initiative to ask her out today.

“Just because I came to see you today, it ended up costing me a big news yet.” Xiao Lei walked up to Ye Mo and said, as if she wanted to get some compensation from Ye Mo.

“It’s indeed not a small matter that can make big reporter Xiao call it big news. I wonder if I can reveal a thing or two.” Ye Mo felt that this time, meeting with Xiao Lei was much easier than the previous times, although Xiao Lei was very enthusiastic as always, however, she no longer had that look in her eyes that she showed at first, guess it was because she should know that she was already married.

Xiao Lei smiled faintly, “Of course, this morning I heard that the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ of the Flowing Serpent was going to hold a press conference to answer questions from reporters regarding the ‘Beauty Pill,’ a few days ago, and they also said they would have a satisfactory answer. Do you think this is considered news to me?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment and subconsciously said, “How come I don’t know about this.” In his heart, he immediately thought that this was probably Yu Miaotong’s idea, she definitely didn’t want the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, to have such a good time.

But this is good, plus Xiao Lei’s side of the report echoes a bit.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Seemingly Shou saw that Ye Mo’s smile was a bit odd, Xiao Lei stopped her topic.

“Because I am the chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, do you think this kind of thing should be known by me first before it is your turn to know.” Ye Mo said with a smile.

Xiao Lei gave Ye Mo a blank look, “Don’t tease, tell me, what’s the matter with finding me here today? You are my life-saver, one word and the little woman immediately rushed from Yanjing to River Paddle, how about that, I give a D*mn.”

Ye Mo however nodded, “Powerful, very powerful. But this is not the place to talk, let’s go and get a room, then I will give you what I have collected ……”

“What did you say? Get a room? ” Xiao Lei’s smile tightened up, she didn’t think Ye Mo was this kind of person, even if the two people weren’t even familiar with each other, to go to a room with herself, wasn’t that a bit outrageous? And even if she had a good feeling about Ye Mo, but he was already married. Besides, even if he wasn’t married, he couldn’t just offer to open a room like this when he wasn’t even very familiar with it, so that, what kind of status would he have in the future?

But Ye Mo was biased to say Zi like this.

Once Ye Mo took a look at Xiao Lei Zhou’s expression, he immediately knew that she had misunderstood, and quickly said: “I didn’t mean that, I want to open a room because there are things that are not good to talk about in a public place. Didn’t I tell you that I had collected some materials? I just want you to help expose these things.”

Xiao Lei blushed, she had thought of something, fortunately she didn’t say it, otherwise she would have been ashamed of herself.

“You are really there Mayor Niu’s ……” Xiao Lei subconsciously stopped talking, she knew this kind of thing should not be said out in the street because it was too big, the redness on Xiao Lei’s face turned away.

Ye Mo nodded and did not say anything.

Xiao Lei felt that Ye Mo should be telling the truth, at least she could not see that Ye Mo had a joking expression. Besides, she also thought that Ye Mo would not joke with her like that, not to mention making such jokes. She and Ye Mo weren’t good enough to joke around casually.

“Are you …… really the chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’?” Xiao Lei remembered what Ye Mo had just said and her expression froze, only now did she feel as if what Ye Mo had just said was also true.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, I am the chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ and I am looking for you this time because I want to ask you for a favor. Don’t worry, it won’t delay your news timeliness. In fact, the press conference that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, is going to hold is also because of the same mix of a video footage only.

One and a half hours later, inside a hotel room in He Feng, Xiao Lei had been completely shocked by Ye Mo’s gesture. Not only was the video footage Ye Mo had given her complete, but each and every segment was so sharp that even any one of the videos would create a huge sensation.

“This ……” Xiao Lei was completely speechless as she stared at the video footage inside her computer. Once this broke out, the entire He Feng and even He Dong province would be a huge earthquake.

Also what kind of person this Ye Mo really was, she no longer dared to imagine. I didn’t expect that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was actually his industry, and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was only a*sa*sinated on the first foot, and then he got the video footage that could kill the other party, he is a bit too powerful, right?

Seeing that Xiao Lei didn’t say anything, Ye Mo thought she didn’t dare to blast a mayor out directly on this mix, and took the initiative to say: “Actually, I didn’t know that our company’s President Yu had already held a press conference. If I knew that she had already done this, I wouldn’t have had to invite you over. I was just afraid that Guilin releasing this matter would not have as much impact as Yanjing.”

“I did this matter, I will now immediately notify the station to come to He Feng, I want to do a special report on this one matter.” Xiao Lei immediately realised how newsworthy this was, if their station was the first to stir up this kind of thing, or even broadcast it live, then their station’s reputation would immediately go up a notch.

“Only and…” after Xiao Lei finished, there was some hesitation again, for the news report about ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, backstabbing’ Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, she had no burden. But for the matter of Niu Zhengman, this kind of news was not something that could be reported casually. She had been inside the news industry for so long that she still knew some taboos.

Ye Mo had recently come into contact with some official matters, and once he saw Xiao Lei’s expression, he knew what she was worried about. Immediately, he said with a faint smile, “You can go ahead and report it, I reckon these things will be stirred up at the standing committee in Hefeng today. So you don’t have to worry about anything, no one will definitely dare to stand up and say anything nonsense. If you’re lucky, you might be able to interview some of Hefeng’s brains immediately after today’s standing committee. You can even broadcast it out live and use the evidence I’ve given you as fodder for the live broadcast for good measure.”

“Yeah, if that’s the mix, what else do I have to worry about.” Xiao Lei finished and looked at Ye Mo, of course she knew that since Ye Mo knew so well, it meant that he had already given a copy of these evidences to Niu Zhengman’s political opponents.

Seeing Xiao Lei’s excited look, Ye Mo said once again, “Someone should go to the Yuan family today to search their underground pharmaceutical base, so if your film crew comes in time, you can do another live broadcast.”

If Yuan Zhirong knew that provoking ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, the consequences would be like this, maybe if he was given another hundred chances, he would not choose to provoke ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”

Niu Zhengman was in a happy mood, he decided to corner Li Chunsheng at today’s standing committee, preferably by taking away his title of deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and then expelling him from He Feng. He wanted to let Li Chunsheng know that even though he had a backstage, He Feng was not something that anyone could come and go whenever they wanted.

Moreover, Niu Zhengman has another idea, that is, he does not want to be transferred away, he wants to go further in Hefeng, preferably to sit as the secretary of the municipal party committee.