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DYM Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

Ninghai University.

Yun Bing was a bit annoyed these few days, she paid special attention and hadn’t seen Ye Mo for a long time. It turned out that although Ye Mo didn’t go to cla*s often, he could still be seen often going to the library, but in the past few days, she hadn’t even seen a shadow.

Originally, she thought that if Ye Mo disappeared from sight, she could settle down and do what she wanted to do. But that day when Zheng Wen Qiao and that senior of hers were beaten into idiots, she always felt that she had something to do with it. She wanted to ask Ye Mo about it, but he actually had that kind of attitude and even had to throw himself into Ning Lake.

This b*****d, who had looked at her body, even she doubted if he had touched it with his hands, and now he was so arrogant to himself. Just thinking about these things made Yun Bing feel annoyed. Perhaps Ninghai was no longer suitable for her to continue to stay, and it was better to go back to Yanjing.

When she thought of leaving Ninghai, Yun Bing was actually relieved that she should have left long ago.

The first thing Yun Bing did when she returned to her place was not to cook a meal, but to pack her things. After her things were packed, she cleaned her room again.

Why was there an SD card in the room? Yun Bing picked up an 8G SD card that had been thrown away in the corner and was confused for a while, she never used SD cards herself, but she immediately remembered the camera that had been smashed to pieces. After Ye Mo left that day, she saw a broken camera in her room, but everything inside was broken, so she couldn’t figure it out and didn’t think about it further.

Now that she found a memory card, she immediately remembered that the card should have been from that camera. The camera had been shattered and no memory card had been found at the time, so it looked like the card must be this one, but she didn’t expect it to have been dropped in the corner. If I hadn’t tidied up the room today, I really wouldn’t have found it.

Yun Bing opened his laptop and inserted the SD card into it. There was only a video file inside, and Yun Bing opened it with the player, and the dialogue and screen immediately appeared on the screen.

“Young Qiao, I’ve started.” It was the voice of the senior who had given her the drink.

“Get started, and remember to film carefully when I f*ck this woman later. All the details have to be captured, especially the woman’s screams. I don’t believe she won’t compromise with this tape.” The screen showed up surprisingly was Zheng Wen Qiao.

Yun Bing was shaking with anger, and what made her even more furious was that her clothes were actually ripped off by herself. She immediately understood what this was all about. On the picture, her face was red, her eyes were lost, and the clothes on her chest had been pulled off by herself, so it was clear how powerful the drug was.

Just when Yun Bing was at a loss for words watching, the door to the room in the middle of the picture was kicked open and Ye Mo, who had his face covered, entered. Yun Bing was finally relieved to see this, she already vaguely understood somewhat what was going on.

“Friend, what do you want to do? If you’re just asking for money, we’re each on our own, and we can still let you have some fun after we’ve had our fun, this is a superb woman ……” said Zheng Wen Qiao on the screen while staring at Ye Mo defensively, while slowly trying to put on the clothes he hadn’t taken off yet.

“Scum ……” Ye Mo just said two words and started kicking at Zheng Wen Qiao.

The next image was very flickering and then she saw the figure of the senior and Ye Mo fighting together for what seemed like a very brief moment before the image came to an abrupt end. Behind it was a black screen, and there was nothing more.

Although there was nothing behind it, Yun Bing had guessed some of it. It should be that Ye Mo saw these two taking themselves captive, then followed them over, then cleaned up these two in their own home. The door to the room was kicked by Ye Mo, and he was trying to save himself. As for how Ye Mo lifted the medicine from her body in the end, Yun Bing did not know, but she knew that Ye Mo did not sexually a*sault herself.

No wonder both Zheng Wen Qiao and that senior had turned into idiots the next morning and had been made naked and left on top of the square. Sure enough, it was Ye Mo who did it.

Yun Bing suddenly stood up, so it was her fault for blaming him, it should have been him who saved her life, if it wasn’t Ye Mo, then what would have been the consequences? Yun Bing didn’t dare to imagine, maybe there would be no other way out for her but to commit suicide. This Zheng Wen Qiao was so poisonous-minded, just what had she offended him?

Yun Bing once again thought, now it was not about other people, but about Ye Mo, he had saved himself and she had actually returned the favour. Yun Bing suddenly felt groundless, if there was a white-eyed wolf, then she was that white-eyed wolf. She was a woman who was clear about her grudges, and since she was wrong, she should immediately find Ye Mo and apologise and thank him for saving her life.

But how could Ye Mo not tell the truth to himself? Yun Bing quickly understood that when Ye Mo wiped her face that day, she also only woke up for a while before she pa*sed out again, Ye Mo might not know that he woke up and found out about him yet, there was also the fact that this matter involved the vice mayor’s son, he was afraid that he would have a psychological burden or that he would end up being victimized if he usually exposed something.

Besides, with Ye Mo’s impression in his own eyes, is he the one who would believe him if he said it?

Thank you Ye Mo, Yun Bing suddenly felt that Ye Mo wasn’t that annoying anymore. One’s mindset changed and one’s view of a person immediately changed. Before tidying up the room, she still felt that Ye Mo was a most hateful and shameless person, and now she felt that he was actually somewhat handsome.

No, I must go and apologise to Ye Mo in front of him, he had saved his life. There are things that can’t be solved by death, this incident even if she killed herself, but what remains is still a piece of dirt.

Looking for Ye Mo? But she hasn’t seen him for a long time. Tomorrow, go to the cla*s and ask who else knows where Ye Mo lives.


In today’s English cla*s, what surprised the cla*s to the point of dropping their gla*ses was that the always cold and indifferent English teacher, Emotionless Ice, actually took the initiative to ask about Ye Mo.

Yun Bing did not leave after the cla*s, but stood on top of the podium and asked, “Ye Mo has not been here for a long time, do you guys know where he has gone? Or can any of you contact him?”

There was silence, a long silence.

Finally, when even Yun Bing was a bit at a loss for words, a student finally answered, “Ye Mo and Shi Xiu have the best relationship, but Shi Xiu hasn’t come for a long time either. But Su Mei, however, knows Ye Mo, I saw them talking in front of the library last time.”

After Yun Bing left, there was once again a buzz inside the cla*sroom. Not only did Ye Mo know a thousand beautiful women, but that beauty had even come to him several times. Now Emotionless Ice actually asked about him again, this Ye Mo was really divine.

Su Mei was a celebrity of Ning University and also a student of Yun Bing, so of course Yun Bing knew Su Mei.

Hearing Yun Bing ask herself about Ye Mo, Su Mei was first a little surprised, but immediately regained her dazed demeanor and instead said, “Teacher Yun, that kind of person like Ye Mo has a bad nature, there is no need for you to be angry with someone like him. It was my cousin who almost fell for his trick, this person is very good at disguising himself.”

Yun Bing froze for a moment, saying to herself that I was more than grateful to Ye Mo, why should I be angry with him? But she didn’t bother to refute Su Mei, after all, she was her opinion and she was her own, didn’t she originally hate Ye Mo to the core?

“Su Mei, actually I just want to find Ye Mo for some urgent matters.” Yun Bing said helplessly.

Something urgent? Seeing that Teacher Yun seemed to really have some urgent matters, Su Mei instantly thought of that day’s incident where Yun Bing was about to slap Ye Mo in the middle of his haste and anger. Subconsciously, she looked at Yun Bing’s abdomen, thinking, “Didn’t you say that Ye Mo was the one? Did he get it wrong too?

Of course Yun Bing couldn’t think of Su Mei’s nasty thoughts, but instead asked anxiously once again, “Do you know where Ye Mo is?”

Su Mei came back to her senses, shook her head and said, “I don’t know, but my cousin Su Jingwen might know, why don’t you ask her, Teacher Yun?”


Chapter 48

Su Jingwen stroked the bracelet in her hand, and she suddenly regretted a little, regretting giving three of the beads on the bracelet to Ning Qingxue. She felt that she should not have listened to Su Mei and changed her impression of Ye Mo. And even if she had witnessed that Yun Bing teacher saying something wrong about Ye Mo that day, did that necessarily mean it was Ye Mo’s fault? Maybe there was something wrong with this teacher too. Besides, even if Ye Mo was wrong, it had nothing to do with her, so why should she be affected?

If she had to do it again, she would rather trust Ye Mo. After all, Ye Mo was familiar to her, while this teacher was not familiar to herself in the slightest. After all, knowing people, the teacher who seemed so icy on the surface might not really be like that. Moreover, she believed that Ye Mo was not the way Yun Bing’s teacher and Su Mei said he was, there was no reason, it was entirely a feeling.

But the beads on the bracelet had already given three to Ning Qingxue, and it was no good for her to go and ask for them back; she could only blame Ning Qingxue for choosing the timing too unluckily. If she had waited a little longer for her meeting with Teacher Yun Bing to pa*s, even a day, she might have changed her mind.

Luckily she had only given three to Ning Qingxue, if she had given them all to her, she might have really regretted it, after all, this bracelet was a gift from Ye Mo, and although it was not worth much, it was the only one of her birthday gifts that was made by the person who gave it to her with their own hands.

She wanted to go and see Ye Mo, but she didn’t know where he was, even Ning Qingxue didn’t know, which meant that Li Mumei knew even less, but she still wanted to ask. Su Jingwen took out her phone and was about to make a call to ask Li Mumei if she had any news about where Ye Mo was when her phone rang. The call was actually from Yun Bing, and she could tell that her call must have been from Su Mei.

After arranging a place to meet, Yun Bing came quickly and met Su Jingwen in half an hour.

Hearing Yun Bing explain her intention, Su Jingwen was surprised and asked, “What, you want to see Ye Mo? Why? Last time I asked you about Ye Mo, you also said he was so and so’s ……”

Su Jingwen didn’t say the words that followed, but the meaning was obvious, since you said that about Ye Mo, why do you want to see him? But Su Jingwen was just reluctant to top Yun Bing face to face, after all, the two were not very familiar with each other, and although she wanted to see Ye Mo very much, it did not mean she was willing to take Yun Bing there.

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood him last time, I want to see him just to apologize to him.” Yun Bing was very dry and didn’t beat around the bush.

As expected, Su Jingwen understood as soon as she heard it, and she was relieved in her heart that she hadn’t misjudged Ye Mo. But it was even more uncomfortable to see someone like Yun Bing. Things weren’t even clear before saying this and that to others, this kind of woman was very annoying.

However, she had said bad things about Ye Mo, so it was only right for her and Ye Mo to go and apologise, besides, she herself wanted to meet Ye Mo.

Su Jingwen already knew after a very short phone call with Li Mu Mei that Ye Mo still had no news, meaning it was as if he had suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace.

“What, Ye Mo doesn’t know where he’s gone?” Yun Bing was disappointed, she even suspected that Su Jingwen didn’t want her to know where Ye Mo had gone because she hated her, but looking at Su Jingwen’s uncharacteristic expression, she knew that Su Jingwen wasn’t lying to her.

Ye Mo moved to the hotel where Zhuo Aiguo was staying for the 8am flight the next morning. He didn’t need to bother with the air tickets anymore, Zhuo Aiguo had already made the arrangements.

Two hours later, the plane stopped at Tianling Airport in Guilin City. It seemed that Zhuo Aiguo was more reliable than that Wen Dong. Wen Dong said that he would guarantee that nothing would happen to Ye Mo, but as a result, if Ye Mo was not already at the second level of Qi training and was more careful, he might have lost his life.

That woman’s life was lost, but he, Ye Mo, was wronged and innocent, and it was very uneconomical to lose his life for tens of thousands of dollars.

“Ye Mo, we are now at Guilin Airport, someone will come to pick us up if we go out. I mean to go directly to the flowing snake, so as not to stay in Guilin for one night and cause unnecessary things to come.” Zhuo Aiguo seemed to want to get things done immediately and leave this hellhole, not wanting to stay a moment longer, but this was exactly what Ye Mo had in mind, he didn’t want to waste his time on such trivial matters either.

The two of them had just left the airport when an Audi SUV drove over. The person driving the car was a somewhat mute looking young man, and when he saw Zhuo Aiguo, he called out to his boss with respect.

“This is the driver less than, also an employee of our company, although he has not practiced kung fu, but the flowing snake he has been there several times, relatively familiar with it.” Table Aiguo gave Ye Mo a casual introduction.

Ye Mo knew at a glance that this young man was just a bit fitter looking, and in line with what Zhuo Aiguo said, had not practiced kung fu himself.

Although this young driver did not talk much, the car was driven fast and steady. Two hours after leaving Guilin, the car came off the fairly good road, turned a corner and entered the rugged mountain road.

It took another two hours of driving before the mountain road gradually got better, but there had long been no village in sight around here, all deserted mountains and hills. Ye Mo didn’t know what Zhuo Aiguo wanted to do here, this place, indeed, was a bit deserted and remote, no wonder he needed to find someone to accompany him over.

However, he liked this place, after all, right now, in a sense, he was still on the run, and this kind of place was just right for him to cultivate and escape. A behemoth like the Song family was not something that the current Ye Mo could mess with yet.

The car went on for another ten minutes and entered a large valley in front of him. Just as the car entered the valley, Ye Mo heard a loud noise that seemed to come from the hill behind him on the side. When he opened the window and looked back, he actually saw that the incoming road had been artificially blocked.

Zhuo Aiguo and the driver obviously noticed this situation as well, Zhuo Aiguo’s face immediately turned ugly, but the driver, less than, looked normal and gave Zhuo Aiguo a look and said, “Boss, just give some money later, don’t worry, these people usually come for money.”

Zhuo Aiguo nodded, the driver drove the car out a hundred meters or so more, and sure enough the front was stopped, and it wasn’t just one of their cars that was stopped, there was another black Mercedes Benz SUV that was also stopped.

“Get out of the car, all of you.” A burly man dressed in a very strange way, holding a horn in his hand shouted at Ye Mo and their car. There were two other people beside him, carrying a ** in their hands. This gun was inferior to the AK rifle used by Wen Dong, I don’t know how far it was. Ye Mo even suspected that even if this gun was fired at him first, he could dodge it.

The Mercedes in front of him had already gotten out of two people, a tall man, and a tall woman. The man was relatively handsome and looked somewhat stout, and the clothes he was wearing were designer brands at first glance. Although Ye Mo did not study the brands of clothes, he knew many famous brands. But at this moment, the man’s face was a bit pale, as if this kind of thing happened to his head was quite beyond imagination.

The woman also looked back at Ye Mo’s Audi, and her face showed a strange expression. The woman looked but elegant, and her fitted jeans set off her long, slender thighs, and plump hips to be even more eye-catching. There were some faint traces of make-up on her face, and her snow-white neck revealed half of a silver-white necklace, which looked even more elegant.

Although her looks were not as pretty as Su Jingwen or Ning Qingxue, her long hair was draped down to match her temperament, which was even more unique. But this woman obviously and that handsome man two relationship is somewhat unusual, at this time she is close to the man’s back, face expression although nervous, but not as frightened as that man.

The third one is delivered.