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DYM Chapter 453

Although this was already the Hengduan Mountain Range and the Yuan Qi inside was better than outside, Ye Mo still decided to come back later to find out if there were any spiritual herbs. Now that he had finished his business, he desperately needed to go back to the Flowing Serpent to have a look.

By the time Ye Mo returned to Flowing Snake, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had already made a name for itself once more in the whole country. Not only was the matter of ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ framing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ exposed, but ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was also removed from the market overnight because of this matter.

This reminded all people of last year’s ‘Four Sheep Milk Powder’ incident, which also involved this company making money against its conscience for the sake of profits, and as a result, it was similarly kicked out of the market overnight and ended up in disrepute.

And what ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ did was even worse than that milk powder group. Not only did they victimise the people and frame ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, but their fist product ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’ was also robbed from Lu Ying Ying’s family by killing her grandfather and younger brother, which can be described as being extremely vicious. If it wasn’t for this incident, where the victim, Lu Ying Ying, broke the news on the spot, no one would have known that the Lu family’s history of making a fortune was so bloody.

This is not the worst, the worst is the Yuan family also intends to secretly develop infectious disease poison. The underground pharmaceutical base was broadcast out live and dozens of biologists and chemists imprisoned by the Yuan family were saved. The families of these people were even thought to be dead years ago, not realising that they had been captured by the Far Family to develop the poison.

If it had not been officially released that Yuan Zhirong had committed suicide in fear of his life, he would probably have been bitten to death by the angry public, one bite at a time.

The ‘Yuan Bei case’ in Hefeng was completely over. Although the Yuan family had been wiped out, the Yuan family still had a huge fortune here, a big piece of cake. Under immense pressure, the Yuan family’s property was not only partially confiscated, but the other part was still compensated to Lu Ying Ying and some other sufferers.

Lu Ying Ying, who received a huge amount of compensation, refused the distribution of the equity of ‘Far North House’ and took her property with her, far away from Hefeng. But she was an irrelevant person, no one knew and no one cared where she had gone.

In contrast to the destruction of the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical” has seen its reputation soar and its products are even more in demand than before.


When Ye Mo returned to Flowing Snake, Ning Qingxue had been waiting for him for a long time. As soon as the matter of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was over, Ning Qingxue was waiting for Ye Mo.

“I want to go back to Yuzhou for a visit.” Ning Qingxue was waiting for Ye Mo to come back because of this matter. After she was saved by Ye Mo from the sea, she had been running around because of the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter. Although it was only a mere few days, the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was now beginning to take on some specifications under her leadership.

“Is this the matter?” Ye Mo smiled faintly and stroked Ning Qingxue’s long hair.

“I want to go see dad and mum before returning to the Flowing Serpent to properly develop ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, in fact, I have the same thought in my heart as Sister Yu, I wonder if one day we can build our place into a city, a city that just belongs to us, without the interference of others, I like that. Although I know it’s not very realistic, it’s the ideal in the hearts of me and Sister Yu, and perhaps all the people of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.” Ning Qingxue had grown up in the family, and although she hadn’t participated in some of the conspiratorial struggles, she was no stranger to these things.

She hated this kind of life, and even hated the hooks and crooks in the shopping mall. But Yu Miaotong’s proposal, and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ gave her hope.

‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was not worried about selling at all, so there was no such thing as hooking up, and if the land here in Flowing Snake could really be bought, then maybe it was really possible to build a peach blossom-like paradise outside the world. The main thing was that she believed in Ye Mo, Ye Mo was an immortal cultivator, even if he couldn’t become a true immortal, but who was to say that building a city would definitely not work?

“Okay, I promise you.” Ye Mo grabbed Ning Qingxue’s hand, of course he knew how unlikely Ning Qingxue’s words were to come true, but he wanted to grant her this wish.

However, to fulfill Ning Qingxue’s wish, he had to have a strong cultivation. Without a strong cultivation level, with his current cultivation level, such things would just be a waste of words. On Earth, it was simply too difficult to increase one’s cultivation level. Even if he was the only cultivator here, it was still incredibly difficult. Moreover, the flowing snake was not a place where Ye Mo was satisfied. He didn’t say these words, he didn’t want to spoil Ning Qingxue’s fun.

“I’ll send you back tomorrow alright, at night ……” Before Ye Mo could finish his words, he was gagged by Ning Qingxue’s mouth.

Ning Qingxue felt her face was a little hot, she liked this feeling of kissing with Ye Mo.

It was only after a long time that Ning Qingxue gasped and lifted her somewhat flushed face and said, “I will go back by myself tomorrow, I may have to come and go over a lot in the future, and I am already at the peak of the first level of Qi training, I am capable of taking care of myself. You have a lot of things to do, you can’t just go to one place at a time and have you take me there.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, although he didn’t think it was troublesome for him to take Ning Qingxue to Yuzhou, but he respected Ning Qingxue’s opinion. With her ability, she did already have the ability to protect herself.

“Good, I’ll teach you how to send out fireball techniques tonight, and I also have ‘Qi cultivation pills’ here, so I’ll try to get you into the second level of Qi training tonight ……” Ye Mo said and took out a ‘Qi cultivation pellet’.

Ning Qingxue, however, put her arm around Ye Mo and said in a low voice, “Teach me these later, tonight, I’ll keep you company ……”


Ye Mo and Yin Zi sent Ning Qingxue to the plane before returning to the company. Silver could only stay in Yuzhou because she couldn’t be taken on the plane, and was taken care of by Ye Mo. Because Ning Qingxue had to accompany him last night, she also didn’t learn the fireball technique, so Ye Mo could only give her a few ‘Qi cultivation pills’ and all the fireball talismans he had on him, while adding a trace of Ning Qingxue’s divine sense inside each fireball talisman, which could be sent instantly.

Last night he and Ning Qingxue cuddled up together, but never crossed a step of the thunderbolt. Although Ye Mo knew that as long as he wanted to, Ning Qingxue would not have any refusal.

It was just that Ye Mo still wanted to at least find Luo Ying before he could be with Ning Qingxue. Back then, he had always followed behind his master Luo Ying in Luo Yue, and Luo Ying had saved him not once. Later on, Luo Ying had almost lost his life when he was stranded on Earth to save him.

He owed Luo Ying for two lifetimes, not to mention that Luo Ying had already stayed in his heart in the middle of the desert. Therefore, in Ye Mo’s heart Master Luo Ying’s status was the same as Ning Qingxue’s.

There was another point that Ye Mo didn’t say, he wanted to wait for the day when he had really built a city like the one that Light Snow said, and hold a grand wedding with Luo Ying and Susu. It was just that until such a thing was done, Ye Mo could only put it on his mind.

The day he didn’t find Luo Ying, Ye Mo would have a regret in his heart for a day there.

Of course Ning Qingxue knew what was in Ye Mo’s mind, she just hugged him and slept all night. Although the two did not do more than that, it was enough for Ning Qingxue. As long as she could be with Ye Mo, she was contented. If it wasn’t for the fact that she hadn’t seen her parents for a long time this time, and the fact that there were some problems with the ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ in Yuzhou, Ning Qingxue really didn’t want to leave Ye Mo.

So although Ning Qingxue left, there was still one thing in her heart that she hadn’t said, which was to come back from Yuzhou as soon as possible and keep company with Ye Mo.

Ning Qingxue returned to Yuzhou, but Ye Mo knew that in order to achieve those ideals that Ning Qingxue said, he had to keep improving his strength. Although he seemed like he wasn’t afraid of anyone now, once he actually fought a country or even a troop, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand that much fire.

Only by improving his own cultivation was the hard truth, not to mention that he was still not an invincible existence even in the Outer Hidden Sect, let alone the Inner Hidden Sect. Not to mention others, it was that monk Wudao, Ye Mo estimated that his cultivation level was not lower than his own. And who could be sure that the only one of those reclusive high rankers was Wudao?

It was to take a step back, he, Ye Mo, was not alone now, he had a family, a wife, companions and friends. When he fought with a nation, he would only suffer a loss. Even if he were to escape, those around him would definitely not survive.

Although he had never been to the Inner Hidden Sect, Ye Mo knew that there were definitely those in the Inner Hidden Sect who were more powerful than him, and maybe not just one or two. But that was the case, he still had to go, one for his own strength to improve, he had to go to the Inner Concealment Sect to look for some spiritual herbs.

The second was to go in search of revenge for the Taiyi Sect, which had almost killed Ning Qingxue, and with Ye Mo’s character, this kind of revenge would definitely not rest.

Therefore, in order not to let Ning Qingxue worry, Ye Mo did not tell her that he was planning to go to the Inner Hidden Sect, there was no need to tell her about such things. Telling her too much would only make her worry too much.

Before going to the Inner Concealment Sect, Ye Mo also wanted to visit the Qing Cliff Mountain in Sichuan, after all, that was where Zhang Zhihui had disappeared. Zhang Zhihui was also considered to be doing something for him, and with this cause, he had to make a trip. As for going to Hongwu Hall to get back those compensations, it was a secondary matter for Ye Mo.


The company’s affairs were now being handled by Yu Miaotong and Ning Qingxue and Zang Jia Yan, and the matter of the flowing snake was being handled by Void Yuehua with Yang Jiu, as well as Guo Qi, Lu Lin and Fang Nan, so Ye Mo didn’t bother to intervene.

Ye Mo stayed inside his room to refine his magic weapon for a day, he wanted to give each of the important people around him a defensive magic weapon before he left. Although ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was now famous, but since there was the first ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical’ there would be a second one, it was always good to be careful.

A day pa*sed in a flash, Ye Mo put away the pile of defensive magic weapons that had already been refined and breathed a sigh of relief. His cultivation level was still too low, back then he had refined weapons continuously for a month or two without anything, but now he felt tired after only one day of refining. Although it had something to do with the lack of spiritual energy here, the main thing was that his cultivation level was too low.

Ye Mo had just put away his magic weapon when he immediately felt someone enter his room.

Ye Mo’s heart flinched, who was entering his room? And he had only just found out, when did this kind of expert come from the Flowing Serpent?

“Who are you?” Ye Mo suddenly turned a few steps and looked at a figure standing in front of the window and asked in a cold voice.