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DYM Chapter 460

Ye Mo’s original intention was to discuss with Han Zaixin, once he helped Han Zaixin get the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’ then he would need Han Zaixin to help him get the land around the Flowing Snake done, but now Ye Mo has changed his mind. Since the plan was so sought after, why should he exchange it with Han Zaixin, he could just keep it for himself.

After leaving from Han Zaixin’s place, Ye Mo went straight to Ninghai, he wanted to bring his sister Tang Beiwei to the Flowing Serpent.

“Brother.” Tang Beiwei had just returned from outside, but saw Ye Mo standing at the entrance of the courtyard and immediately called out in surprise. She hadn’t seen Ye Mo for a long time and had come to Ninghai just to see her brother, and now she was of course very happy to see Ye Mo in her heart.

Ye Mo was just as happy when he saw that Tang Beiwei’s cultivation level was surprisingly at the middle Qi cultivation layer 2, he looked at the plastic bag Tang Beiwei was carrying in her hand and asked, “You went out to buy something?”

Tang Beiwei blushed and gave a hmph, but interjected and said, “Brother, go in and take a look, I’ve changed that flower bed a bit.”

Ye Mo followed Tang Beiwei into the courtyard, and sure enough the original flower bed had been enlarged by Tang Beiwei, and that ‘Silver Heart Gra*s, grew more and more vigorously, so it was clear that Tang Beiwei had put a lot of thought into it.

“Beiwei, you have transplanted the ‘Purple Heart Vine, too?! , Ye Mo immediately saw the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ that had sprouted next to it”

Tang Beiwei said with a smug smile, “Yes, look how it’s growing. Originally, I wanted to transplant the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, over here as well, only you said that the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, needed a formation, so I left it untouched.

Ye Mo couldn’t help but touch Tang Beiwei’s head and sighed, “It’s growing really well.”

“Brother, are you saying I’m growing well, or the gra*s I planted is growing well?” Tang Beiwei gave a narrow smile.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei hadn’t known each other for long, so he didn’t expect her to have such a side, so he had to rub his nose and say, “Both look good.”

After a pause, Ye Mo continued, “Beiwei, you should know that the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ of the Flowing Serpent, is my property, and I came here to bring you back to the Flowing Serpent. I’m not quite comfortable with you living here alone.”

Although he said this, Ye Mo was very happy in his heart. Since Tang Qin’s death, Tang Beiwei was very low, and now that she could pick herself up again, it meant that she had come out of her low point. This would only be good for her cultivation. If her mood was always at a low point, it wouldn’t do her cultivation any good. Although at first Tang Beiwei said she liked tranquillity, but a girl in her early twenties living with that group of old daoist nuns all day long, Ye Mo was likewise not very comfortable because it was a bit too depressing.

Luo Ying was a little better, she had been practicing the meditation technique, but Tang Beiwei was practicing what she had been taught.

As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, Tang Beiwei immediately shouted in surprise, “Brother” Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, it’s really yours, I guessed that company must have your shadow, I didn’t expect it to be true, now my brother will be rich.”

“You little money junkie, let’s go, let’s go to Flowing Snake together and let you count your money every day.” Ye Mo couldn’t help but touch Tang Beiwei’s hair again, with some pity in his heart.

To Ye Mo’s surprise, Tang Beiwei was silent for a while before she said, “Brother, you know that I like a quiet life. Originally, Jing Yi Gate was very nice and my mother was there, but I miss you at times, so I came out. This place is quiet and it’s where you used to live, so I like it here.”

“Silly girl, don’t follow the example of those boring Taoist nuns from the Jing Yi Sect, you’ll have to marry someone later. Besides, it’s a bit too cold for you to live here alone.” Ye Mo felt some changes in Tang Beiwei and was happy in his heart.

The corner of Tang Beiwei’s mouth curled up and she immediately muttered, “I’m not getting married, besides, I’m not alone here, Sister Jingwen has also moved over to live with me, as well as Sister Yun Bing and Ting Ting who also come over to play often.”

“Su Jingwen?” Ye Mo asked immediately after he finished, “Isn’t Su Jingwen’s home in Ninghai? Since her home is here, why did she move here? Where is she?”

“Sister Jingwen likes this place a lot, and since I’m a bit lonely living alone, she moved over here. A reporter came today to interview her, so …….” Before Tang Beiwei could say who was going to interview Su Jingwen, Su Jingwen had already come in with a bag on her back.

“Ah, Ye Mo, you, are back?” Su Jingwen looked dumbly at Ye Mo who was standing inside the courtyard talking to Tang Beiwei, saying just seven words in four sentences.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Jingwen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.” Su Jingwen always wanted to see Ye Mo, but when she really saw him, she found that she had nothing to say.

Tang Beidi watched and saw that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, and hurriedly moved a few chairs out.

“Sister Jingwen, what did the reporter visit you today?” Tang Beiwei broke the awkwardness and asked.

Su Jingwen finally slowed down and glanced at Ye Mo before saying, “That reporter Ye Mo also knows, it’s a friend of mine, called Xiao Lei. She came to Ninghai to actually interview my father, my father was not here, so she just asked me by the way. He was originally the governor of Xitong County, but was framed for something and said he had committed suicide. Later on, when the matter in Xitong County was found out, reporter Xiao wanted to help him do a feature story, so he came to interview my father and wanted to ask about my uncle.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that it was the Su County Governor who had been falsely accused by Niu Zhengman, not realising that he was also Su Jingwen’s uncle. From the way Su Jingwen looked at herself, Ye Mo knew that the things he had done, I guess Xiao Lei had told her.

After a few people talked for a while, Su Jingwen gradually let go a bit. Her tone of voice was also much more casual.

Tang Beiwei said about Ning Qingxue coming over to stay some time ago, and Ye Mo didn’t hide anything from them, telling them that now Ning Qingxue had gone to Flowing Snake and was now still in charge of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’.

“Ye Mo, the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, of the Flowing Snake is yours?” Su Jingwen said offhandedly, but after she finished she immediately understood, if ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, is not Ye Mo’s “Flying Taro Pharmaceutical, how could it win the bid? This was simply the obvious thing to do.

“I also watched the news about the Far North Pharmaceutical Group, those people are really shameless, they are actually doing something behind the scenes. I’ve seen the news. Sister Jingwen buys that ‘Beauty Pill’ at a high price.” Only when Tang Beiwei finished speaking did she realize that her words seemed a bit inappropriate. The price of the ‘Beauty Pill’ was so high, and the price of the ‘Beauty Pill’ was ridiculously high. She had eaten the ‘Face Preservation Pill’ and knew how unbelievable the ‘Face Preservation Pill’ was.

However, when Tang Beiwei thought about it, she was relieved that her brother’s company had to make so much money now, and although the price of the ‘Face Preservation Pill’ was a lot of money, it didn’t matter if she gave one to Sister Jingwen. The fact that Sister Jingwen likes her brother and is good to herself, Tang Beiwei can certainly see that. Brother had a sister Luo Ying and a sister-in-law Qingxue, there was just no place for Sister Jingwen. This, coupled with the fact that she and Su Jingwen had lived together for the longest time, made Tang Beiwei slightly favour Su Jingwen in her heart.

She didn’t know that the ‘Face Preservation Pill’ and the ‘Beauty Pill’ were not the same thing at all, and the value was even more incomparable. If Tang Beiwei knew that a ‘Face Preservation Pill’ was worth hundreds of millions of dollars or the lowest price, she probably wouldn’t have said that.

It was indeed true that the reason why the Face Preserving Pill could only be sold for 100 million was not that it was only worth 100 million, but that no one knew that it was worth billions or even tens of billions, or that no one believed it was worth that much.

Ye Mo was also a bit embarra*sed “The Face Preserving Pills, he did have quite a few, but these pills he was waiting for to appreciate in value? Last time, he took a few pills and let Mo Kang sell them. Once everyone knew about the value of the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ in a few years, then he definitely wouldn’t sell a single pill for only one or two hundred million.

Now that Tang Beiwei said off the top of her head that she would give a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ to Su Jingwen, it would be strange for Ye Mo not to be embarra*sed. If he didn’t send it, his sister had said it to his face, and if he did, given the relationship between Ye Mo and Su Jingwen, sending such a precious elixir was indeed a bit too much.

Ye Mo’s embarra*sed expression was certainly seen by Su Jingwen. She was a little gloomy in her heart, although she knew that the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ that Tang Beiwei said must be pricey, but even if it was even more pricey, Ye Mo’s current wealth shouldn’t care about it. What she was gloomy about wasn’t this ‘Face Preserving Pill’ but Ye Mo’s attitude.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately pounced on Su Jingwen’s expression, thinking that she had helped him in the beginning and was still considered a friend, he hastily took out a ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and handed it to Su Jingwen and said, “This is similar to the ‘Beauty Pill’, let me give you one. Oh, if Beiwei didn’t say it, I didn’t even think about it.”

Su Jingwen was surprised to receive the ‘Face Preservation Pill’, she didn’t care about the money for the ‘Face Preservation Pill’, Ye Mo was willing to give it to her, even though it was Tang Beiwei who said it, it also showed that Ye Mo was still a bit different to her.

When she held it in her hand, there was a faint fragrance, Su Jingwen immediately knew that this elixir could not be comparable to the ‘Beauty Pill’, maybe this elixir would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If she knew that this elixir was something that she could not necessarily buy even if she sold her company, perhaps she would not be so calm.

After just a slight hesitation, Ye Mo said, “Hurry up and eat it, the medicinal effect will be lost if you take this out and don’t eat it.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Su Jingwen did not hesitate to put the pill into her mouth, only what she did not expect was that the pill immediately melted in her mouth, and she could not feel the slightest residue.

A few moments later, Su Jingwen felt that something seemed to have changed inside her body, and the skin outside her body seemed to be oozing out something. Just as she was in awe, Tang Beiwei said, “This elixir will expel some impurities from your body after you eat it, Sister Jingwen, hurry up and take a shower.”

Seeing Su Jingwen run in woefully, Tang Beiwei then whispered to Ye Mo, “Brother, weren’t my words just now a bit reckless, this elixir is very expensive, right?”